Game Update 1.111b Goes Live - 02/01

1.111b Goes Live

DAoC's live servers receive patch 1.111b:

Class Balance


Balance Changes

  • Doom Hammer no longer costs any endurance and once again has its 10 second disarm effect.


Balance Changes

  • Due to the changes to the Cone AoE Pulsing DDs all Valkyries have been given a forced respecialization.

Bug Fixes

  • Lower levels of the Valkyrie’s Cone AoE Pulsing DDs in the Odin’s Will specialization line can once again be cancelled properly.

World Changes



  • Belt of the Sun (Hibernia) – The Celtic Spear version of the Sun Weapon will now have strength instead of dexterity as an attribute bonus when equipped.



Bug Fixes

  • Astoissi’s Favor (All Realms) - Fixed an issue where Atlantean Glass was not being rewarded for this quest.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with player interaction distances.

  • Fixed an issue with multi-effect spells not firing correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where non-damaging spells removed snare effects.

  • Players will now reliably receive all buffs when handing in a token to the NPC buff merchants.


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