Neverwinter: "Curse of Icewind Dale"

Explore the mysterious Black Ice in Neverwinter's third free content expansion.

Black Ice: Powerful. Valuable. Cursed.

Perfect World expands the world of Neverwinter once more with its third free content expansion, Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale. Going live on May 13th, Curse of Icewind Dale gives you a chance to explore the mystery behind the terrifying treasure. Module 3 features two new adventure zones, open world PvP, Black Ice harvesting, and a whole ton more.

Black Ice - Harvest/Shape: Players will be able to harvest Black Ice at varying speeds based on where they are harvesting it and what they are harvesting it with. With this new resource at hand, players will be utilizing a new profession in order to craft spectacular gear.

Black Ice - Gear: Unlike gear of old, Black Ice Gear will have unique properties that allow players to greatly increase their stats bonus, but only temporarily.

PvP Leaderboards & Matchmaking: The matchmaking system has undergone extensive revisions, and will now feature leaderboards so that you can climb the ranks to the most elite combatants in Neverwinter.

PvP Campaign: For the first time ever, Neverwinter will feature a PvP Campaign, which will have daily quests focused on slaying other players, or navigating through dangerous PvP areas for resources.

New Enemies: Yeti, crag cats, dire bears, the corrupted Hammerstone Clan of dwarves, the savage Bear Tribe of the Reghed Barbarians, and more.

Mercenary Contracts: There are two new factions being introduced that will serve as the basis of the conflict over Black Ice in Icewind Dale: the local council of Ten-Towners capitalizing on the black ice trade to grow their wealth, and the Arcane Brotherhood who seeks to unlock the mysteries behind the black ice. Each offer temporary contracts to adventurers to further their goals in Icewind Dale.

Post-60 Advancement: Once you hit 60, XP that you accumulate will start to provide you with rewards, rather than be lost in a void.

To learn more, check out the announcement page and the trailers below: 

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Looks really fun, I might hop back in when exams are done!
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