Update Notes: Tuesday January 30, 2018

  • Damage over time spells on players throughout the entire encounter should now scale depending on tier of the boss. Lower tier bosses will gain less damage against an unflagged players and it will increase as the tiers increase.
  • Enhance: Elegy at Death's Door will now grant 15% additional health and power per tier.
  • Enhance: Elegy of Awakening will now grant 10% additional health and power per tier.
  • Purchasing Rune's from Amarat the Procurer will no longer require completing the Legacy of Power achievement once you have obtained the account unlock to purchase a specific rune.
  • Archaic Round Shield is now properly named Archaic Buckler. Additionally, it may now be used by scouts.
  • The Warden's Aegis now has era-appropriate stats.
  • Updated Fallen Dynasty items to use era-appropriate stats.



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