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Kynan (on guenivere), is a Cymeric born warrior who's father died fighting under Arthur. He has left his rural mountain homeland west of Camelot to seek his fortune by his arms and his wit as did his father did before him. He has successfully completed training based out of Pyrdwen keep. He now counts himelf as a member of the Defenders of Albion. Kynan travels the land with only his pike, and a passing compainion, seeking experience to perpare himself for the battles to come. He also does what he can to bring justice and right to the lands of Albion. Lothea (on Iseult), was the fourth son of a great Jarl. When his Father passed on to Valhalla his eldest brother decided to secure his inheritance by killing the second son. I left when before I was old enough to be a threat. I lived a meager existance for several years serving those who would give me a loaf of bread, but then one day my uncle came upon me. He gave a a sword and a sheild and a warm place to stay my winters with food and drink aplenty. He taught me how to become a warrior as was my birth right. I have since left his guardianship and made myself a scald with a powerfull voice and a strong arm, seeking fame and fortune of my own.