Dark Age of Camelot: Return to the Realms!

Dark Age of Camelot,  the classic MMORPG released in late 2001 is inviting players back for a seven day Realm vs Realm romp. DAoC has sported a subscription of $14.99 a month since release, and the game still has a healthy two thousand player subscription count 13 years after its release. To encourage former players to come back and try their luck, the team is offering seven days of free game time to anyone who has been inactive for more than 60 days. You can head to the account center to redeem your free game time and return to the realms today!

A New Chapter for Dark Age of Camelot

Talad Saad, Producer of Dark Age of Camelot, published an article on the official site introducing a new studio that was created to continue the development of DAoC.

Mythic Entertainment co-founder Rob Denton and a number of Mythic veterans (including two members of Camelot’s original team!) have formed a new game studio - Broadsword Online Games
Broadsword Online Games will partner with EA’s Mythic Entertainment to operate, support and develop Dark Age of Camelot on EA’s behalf.  Electronic Arts will continue to provide billing and account services through its Origin portal.   Broadsword and Electronic Arts will work closely together to ensure a bright future for Dark Age of Camelot.  For future inquiries and support, you can contact daoc@broadsword.com.

You can read the full notice on the official website.

Dark Age of Camelot Midwinter Festival Begins

The Midwinter Festival has come once again to the Realms! To participate in the festivities and challenges of the Midwinter Festival you'll have to visit the festival grounds. Several quests are available to you, as detailed below:

Halloween Event Round-ups

Halloween is just around the corner and the spookiest month of the year has brought a wide variety of events to our favorite games. Join us as we explore the details of these frightening events.

Dark Age of Camelot Celebrates 12 Years

On October 10, 2013 Mythic Entertainment celebrated the 12th anniversary of their realm versus realm MMO, Dark Age of Camelot. The producers and developers of the game recently took a look back on their history, filled with unique stories ranging from the game's early beginnings all the way through launch day. In the retrospective Mythic co-founder Rob Denton shared one of many intriguing facts, "DAOC was originally 'Darkness Falls 3D' - a three realm, PvP game based on the Darkness Falls text based MUD. Mark Jacobs, Mythic's President, developed the wonderful idea to use the popular myths around Arthurian, Norse and Celtic themes as the base story."

To Be a HelBound: Drum-horns of Camelot

The Kickstarter campaign may have ended, but the updates are still coming thick and fast for Camelot Unchained as Mark lifts the veil, or rather the mask on the latest class concept, the HelBound™. 

Camelot Unchained Says No to Handholding

A new dev blog from City State Entertainment revealed some interesting information and opinions, not only on the state of the MMO industry and the direction it's heading in, but also on the thinking behind Camelot Unchained.

This blog makes me happy, personally.