Dark Age of Camelot - The Sequel?

With pride comes power. With power comes control. With control comes pride. Or so goes the introduction to a new teaser trailer posted by City State Entertainment.

Saturday, September the 29th, 2012

Updated Midgard Items: Skoll's RemainsFeallan Steeple of the MindfulArcanium Lightning Etched Gloves (Mid)

Updated Midgard Mobs: Skoll

Updated Hibernia Quests: In Defense of a Kingdom (Hib)

Monday, July the 2nd, 2012

Updated Midgard Items: Ring of Essential Conflict (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Items: Ring of Essential Conflict (Hib)
Updated All Items: Ancient Giant Blood

Updated All Mobs: Drevaul

Monday, June the 25th, 2012

Updated Midgard Quests: Leave No Stone Unturned

Friday, June the 22nd 2012

Monday March 19, 2012

Friday March 16, 2012