Dark Age of Camelot Blademaster Guide

Blade Guide by Melkio 42 Blade Merlin

Creation - Either race Celt or Firbolg it doesn't matter all that does is that you put your points into STR, you can pick between QUICK or DUR the last points really don't make that much of a difference.

Skills - I went with blades because the class name "Blade" what really counts is what you put your points into! most people say Celtic Dual and Blades then the last points go into parry....they are so wrong, Yes CD and Blades you do more damage, but the whole thing about Parry is at high levels you will parry and evade alot so you wont get hit as often, Works very well in RVR combat.

Group vs. Solo - As this class you are good in both, you can solo quite well you also play a big role in groups. When you solo you need a Bow to pull with. You pull the Monster with the bow soon as it comes up to you, whack it to death very simple. In groups you don't want to be the main tank you want to be the support for the main tank. Most of your fighting moves start on the side of the monster or back, so its best to start your chain of attacks in those positions.

RVR - Blademasters do quite will in RVR but you can still be killed. What killed me most is Archers, Pet classes and Mez classes, Its a close match but you can kill Tanks from Albion side but Midguard side don't think about it. Rouge classes are easy to kill because of the Armour they wear and the low hp they die fast same with Caster classes ( if you get close enough ) What you should do is bring a Mentalist.druid and Eldritch or Enc and you got yourself a nice RVR group.