Dark Age of Camelot Mithra Guide

Tomb of Mithra

Level appeal: Solo -> 8(risky, entrance only) - 19 (camping acolyte room)
Level appeal: Group -> 6(risky with only 6's) - 16 (camping acolyte room)

Types of Creatures

Commons include Skeletons (weak to crushing), Zombies (weak to slashing), Lizards (weak to piercing) and Spectrals (strong against all physical). This list is not wholly complete, but it's close.

Skeletons by strength:
-decaying spirits
--unfortunate pragmatics
--menacing presences
--spiteful wraiths
---Erisus. Spawns in the forgotten promise room, rarely. Event causes other odd respawns.
---chilled whispers
----eternal screams
------Favonius Facilus. Favonius spawns WITH Virilus, not instead of. It is possible to have both in the same room, with all their disciples.

Zombies by strength:
-decaying cadaver
--living entombed
---botched sacrifice

Spectrals by strength:
-haunting gloom
--undead miner
--devout follower
---sacrificed slave
---fallen guardsman
---forgotten promise
----tortured soul
----rotting tombraider
----undead poacher
----fallen paladin
----fallen cleric
-----doomed minion
------cursed believer
-------malevolent disciple

Lizards by strength:
NOTE: Aged and Rogue Bleeders (and possibly broodmothers) will not drop any of the normal mithra drops; instead dropping tails and skins. All are stackable and sell for pretty good coin for their level...about 40 silver for a stack of pristine skins.
-bleeder hatchlings
---bleeder broodmothers
----rogue bleeders
-----aged bleeders

-------Acolyte Nerita

Named Creatures (ordered by general level):

Erisus (13 to 14) - Skeleton that spawns in the forgotten promise room. When he does spawn, the entire room despawns and the respawns (or else respawns VERY QUICKLY), with all of the fallen guardsmen replaced with fallen paladins and clerics.
Anilius (14 to 16) - Skeleton that spawns in the hallway behind the original disciple room. When attacked he spawns 1-3 spiteful wraiths in the back of the disciple room that attack the party or soloer from behind.
Virilus (14 to 16) - Skeleton that spawns in the center of the original disciple room. He is linked with one of the disciples and will always spawn with at least one.
Favonius Facilus (15 or 16) - Skeleton that spawn in the center of the original disciple room, rarely. He comes with his own set of disciples and generally hits a bit harder than he really should.
Acolyte Nerita (16 or 17) - Human (charmable). Spawns in the new section of mithra. Down a long winding staircase, then on down another ramp. In a room with 4 static aged bleeders spawns and a variable fifth that can either be an aged bleeder or a bleeder broodmother and hatchlings. Does not hit hard at all and has his own set of loot drops.
Unknown -- There are rumors that there is another named spawn that occurs in the acolyte room rarely, mimicing the rare spawns for the crypt and promise rooms. If they're true to form, it would be a human creature lev 17-18 or so and with it's own set of special enhanced bleeders.

Favored Camp Spots
>From the entrance, proceed to the bottom of the stairs. All directions reference this as a starting point.

Low level pulling:
    Top of the first first ramp down on the right...provides access to the mobs in the mid hallways (5 spawns, 1 patroller) and the upper hallway (2 spawns).
    Top of the second ramp down on the right (end of the hall)...provides access to the upper hallway (2 spawns) and the entire length of a mid hallway (depending on range, up to 6 spawn with 1-3 patrollers).

Mid level pulling:
    Proceed to the end of the hall, turn right, down the ramp, stop at the intersection. Favored pulling place for low-mids. No spawns dierectly in the intersectionor to the left of where you entered the intersection. 5 spawns dead ahead, 3 off to the right. Patrollers do come through here every now and then (undead miners, sacrificed slaves). Max level creature pulled - 12.
    From the previous area, hang a left at the intersection and then another left, down some stairs to the lower level, hang a right at the corner and stop at the next corner. Good place for a small group. Can pull from around the corners or down the hallway. Occasional patrollers, though you are now in the domain of the bleeders. Watch for em.
    From the previous area, instead of stopping in that corner, head around it to the right, then a quick couple of left turns, sticking close to the left wall. You are now in the Promise room. Lots of mobs to pull, with no danger of patrollers except for the annoying occasional bleeder.
    From the intersection described in the first mid level spot, instead of turning left and ending up eventually at the promise room, head straight ahead, turning left at the end of the hall, then eventually heading down some stairs. This area is less densely populated with mobs but they are definitely of higher level than the others (up to cursed believers).
    From the corner described in the second medium pulling spot, instead of taking two quick lefts to the Promise room, take one left and head to the end of the hall. Your are near the other entrance to the promise room. A few higher end spawns back here and one patroller. But not too much for a mid group to handle well, just be careful of the bleeders.
    From the previous area, head around the corner to the 4 way intersection and take a right. Head down the right staircase and look for another staircase down from there again. This leads to a room that very rarely will catch ANY bleeders and static spawns 4 disciples far enough apart that they can be easily picked apart.

High level pulling:
    From the promise rooms described above, head out the other entrance. You are now in a 4 way intersection (used to be a corner). 3 spawns in the old hallway itself of mid-high caliber creatures, a couple patrollers every now and then. This is now perhaps one of the most dangerous areas in the dungeon, because it is possible to aggro the entire Acolyte room from here by engaging a bleeder (of any type). You won't see them immediately, but in about 20-30 seconds about 3-4 aged bleeders and the acolyte may come pouring in from the left, so camp here at your peril. The room straight ahead of you contains several static spawns of zombie-type creatures.
    From the corner described in the second medium pulling spot, instead of taking two quick lefts to the Promise room, take one left, then a right, then another left, then another right and stop before you enter the room. This is the crypt room or old disciple room. Three disciples spawn here along with Virilus, a skeleton. One of the three disciples is linked with Virilus, so watch to see which one moves with him before pulling, unless you're prepared for both. Patrollers down the hallway behind you will not bother you and you can pull them at your liesure, as well.

Roughest camp:
    From the first high level area, hang a left into the new part of Mithra and head down the circular stairs you'll see almost immediately. At the bottom of the stairs, keep heading straight and down the long ramp (you're a long way down by now. There is no bailing and hoping to get a rezzer away before dying this far in). Stop at the landing and turn right. The room you're looking into is the Acolyte room. By stepping in the doorway you're likely to aggro at least one of the aged bleeders inside, if not two, so be careful. Respawns are on 2-3 minute timers, depending on spawn location (acolyte is about a 10 minute timer). The Acolyte is at the end of the room off to the right of the entrance and is linked to the aged bleeder next to him. There is also an aged bleeder that will periodically spawn at the top of the ramp you just came down, to harass you from behind, or someone near the top of the stairs (see the first High pulling spot). If the bleeder aggros to the high pulling spot, don't be surprise
d to see the whole room run past you to follow the bleeder upstairs. The Acolyte has some nice drops that don't appear to drop off of anything else in the dungeon, so the room is worth a camp if you can hold it.