Realm: Hibernia
Type: Humanoid
Gives Master Level Exp
Minimum Level: 75
Maximum Level: 75
Known Habitats:
Known Loot:
Last Updated: Sat Mar 19 01:44:52 2011
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Killed him
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You have to kill that mob or you can't go to Myrdraxxis, you will be ported back when you try to go through the entrance!
Killed Anurigunda with ml9 ench, menta and druid. You can only attack Anurigunda where he usually stands and in about 700 range.
So at first you have to kill some of the purple mobs(while doing this be carefull because one guard, that you have killed before entering the room, will respawn in about 5 min after being killed and enter frequently the room + add you), now you can go down and attack Anurigunda. The purple mobs seem to have a respawntime of 5-15 mins, but don't add if you are not too near.
Anurigunda casts a weak fire-gtaoe(250 radius?) that ticks every 2 sec for about 60 sec, the gtaoe-damage is no problem but it interrupts casts! A ench will loose the dmgshield(recast impossible) and you have to leave the spellarea. At 40% he yelled for help and the nearest 3 purple mobs added on my pet. At 20-30% he yelled again which resulted in 1 more add. May be its better to clean the room at first( so you don't get adds if he yells for help), but for a ml9 ench it takes to long.. the respawn is faster.

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