Sputins Legacy

Type: Active
Re-use: 15 min.
Free to Healer at RR5.

Healer can insta-cast a resurrect buff on themselves. Buff lasts 30 seconds. If the healer dies while buff is up, they have the option to /resurrect themselves anytime within 10 minutes after death with 10% H/E/P. The healer must wait 10 seconds before /resurrecting themselves

Per patch 1.90 (09.05.07)
- Healer's RR5 ability, Sputin's Legacy, has been changed. Before, you would fire the buff and it would grant you the ability to self-resurrect if you died while the buff was active. It has been changed to allow the user to cheat death instead. Now, when the buff is fired, if the Healer takes enough damage to die while the buff is active, it will heal for a random amount and the Healer will not die.

- The Healer RR5 ability, Sputin's Legacy, will now proc a 5 second spell and damage immunity in addition to its Cheat Death functionality. This will fire either when the spell expires, or when the healer receives a deathblow while the spell is active.
Classes that can use Sputins Legacy

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