Body Type Info Sheet

Body indicates the Monster's skin (or whatever...). For example, a Black Lion is a "Furry Animal" ("FA"). Common sense would suggest that a "furry animal" is vulnerable to fire but resistant to cold. Some creatures wear armor, in which case the armor is also listed, after a slash. For example, a Moor Boogey has "Tr/Ch", which means it has a troll-like skin, protected by chain armor.

The body types are:
BU Bony Undead
Ch Chain
Cl Cloth
DV Darkness / Void
EA Elemental Air
EE Elemental Earth
EF Elemental Fire
EI Elemental Ice
EW Elemental Water
FM Feeble-Minded
FU Fleshy Undead
FA Furry Animal
IU Incorporeal Undead
Lr Leather
LE Light Energy
ME Magical Energy
Pl Plate
Rp Reptile (Scaled)
Sh Shell (Chitin)
Soft Soft
St Studded Leather
TP Tree / Plant
Tr Troll-Like