Class Type:Advanced
Parent Class:Mystic
Official Description

The Bonedancer is a Midgard pet caster who follows the Valkyn ancient pre-Norse god Bogdar. Bogdar has been accepted by the Norse gods when the Valkyn race became civilized and integrated with the Trolls, Kobolds, Dwarves, and human Norse. Bogdar is the Valkyn god of the dead - because Valkyn are staunch believers in reincarnation, Bogdar's job is to evaluate each dead soul and determine its next life. As the soul is reincarnated, its old body is discarded and eventually is returned to the Earth Mother through decomposition. Bogdar grants Bonedancers the power to re-animate the skeletal remains of discarded bodies as creatures that will obey commands.

The heart of this new class is that they are a pet caster who can summon more than one pet at a time, at higher levels. However, they control only one pet directly, the commander - all the other minions are controlled by the commander. If a commander is killed, all the minions are immediately released, hence it is imperative that the Bonedancer keep his commander alive. By extremely high levels, the Bonedancer can have up to three different minions under his commander's control (four pets total).

At low levels, they can summon only an undead commander, and act much like a normal pet class up until about level 15. From then on, they can mix and match several combinations of minions: archers, buffers, debuffers, nukers, and melee tanks in addition to their commander.

Please note that we are still testing the Bonedancer, and some of this information will probably change. Also please note that originally he was to control animal skeletons, however, since many of his pets can use weapons, we changed the class to use human skeletons.

Bonedancers start out as Mystics, and share the Mystic Darkness and Suppression base lines. Mystics become Bonedancers by joining the House of Bogdar. Kobolds, Trolls, and Valkyn can become Bonedancers. And yes, this means that Trolls can become Mystics, but their only choice at 5th level is to join the House of Bogdar.

Trainers and Locations:
Aegirhamn -- Teija
Bjarken -- Sirkka
Fort Atla -- Unn
Galplen -- Hrodny
Jordheim -- Igdis
Jordheim -- Skal
Hagall -- Nikula
Vindsaul Faste -- Arn

Levels and Titles:
Level 05 -- Initiate of Bogdar
Level 10 -- Bonegatherer
Level 15 -- Tribal Mystic
Level 20 -- Apprentice of Bogdar
Level 25 -- Bonesearcher
Level 30 -- Servant of Bogdar
Level 35 -- Tribal Elder
Level 40 -- Bonemage
Level 45 -- Fervant of Bogdar
Level 50 -- Tribal Cheiftan
Quests for Bonedancer
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Additional Info

Starting Stats:
Primary = PIE; Secondary = DEX; Tertiary = QUI
Kobold 50 50 70 70 60 60 60 60
Troll 100 70 35 35 60 60 60 60
Valkyn 55 45 65 75 60 60 60 60
Skill points acquired every level: 1 X current level
Epic Quest List:

Bonedancer, Spiritmaster and Warlock

Level Name
5 Stone of the Visindakona (Epic 1)
10 Dark Spy Revelation (Epic 2)
15 The Hunt for Nymvayas (Epic 3)
20 Svartalf Subterfuge (Epic 4)
25 Svartalf Suppression (Epic 5)
30 Finding Freyvid (Epic 6)
35 Visions of Red (Epic 7)
40 Ragnarok Now (Epic 8)
45 Let Sleeping Serpents Lie (Epic 9)
Realm Abilities for Bonedancer
Weapon Styles for Bonedancer


  Armor Crafting
  Armor: Cloth
  Bone Army
  Bone Guardians
  Bone Mystics
  Bone Warrior
  Weapon Smithing


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