Black Plague (Alb)  

Submitted by:Segro
Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Sister Elaydith
Related Zones:
  Camelot Hills
  Darkness Falls
Min Level:37
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Berenger Brennan
  Dartmoor Pony
  Gaevin Sebryn
  Keener Woedin
  Malroch the Cook
Related Items:
  Stoppered Wondrous Potion
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Quest begins with Sister Elaydith in Camelot, the dialog below picks up right before the acceptance of the quest:

Sister Elaydith says, "About sever days ago, one of the city guards became suddenly ill during the night and I was called to her bedside. The guard was crying and in severe pain. She said that her back felt like it was on fire. I rolled her on her side to look at her back and the smell of [rotthing flesh] filled the air."

Sister Elaydith says, "Her back was covered with black small oozing sores. I applied a salve to her back and hoped that would be the end of it. I could not have been more wrong. Two days later, she died. Since her death, eight more people have grown ill and two have died. If this plague continues, everyone in the city will be sick and dying in a matter of weeks. We have to stop it before it's too late. Will you help me ______?"

You have been given the Black plague quest.

Sister Elaydith says, "Good. I will need all the help I can get. I would like you to go meet with Berenger Brenner. He is the guardian of one of the latest people to show signs of the disease. I would like you to try and discover anything you can about the strange illness. I will try to make another potion to cure it while you are gone. May the light of Camelot shine upon you, ______."

Berenger Brennan says, "Greetings, noble one. You must have been sent by [Sister Elaydith]."

Berenger Brennan says, "Very well. I am watching over [Gaevin] ensuring sure he is well enough to tend to his duties."

Berenger Brennan says, "Aye. He has been feeling ill lately, yet he refuses to rest. I keep telling him that he needs to drink water and sleep. He is as stubborn as a mule and has never listened a day in his life. Every time I tell him to go rest, he just says I should mind my own business. He is in a lot of [pain] and I think he wants to see his brother, Keener, for something."

Berenger Brennan says, "Well I know you didn't come all this way just to chat with me. You should go speak with Gaevin now, while he is in a good mood. He normally doesn't chat much with strangers, especially ones with questions prying about his health."

Gaevin Sebryn says, "What are ye looking at?"
Gaevin Sebryn says, "Didn't your sire ever teach you not to stare?"

Gaevin Sebryn says, "Anyway, it's not important. I told the clerics everything I know about how I became sick. I went to bed one night feeling fine and I awoke the next morning with my back feeling like I had slept on a bed of hot coals. I haven't left the city in the past few weeks and I haven't been around sick people, at least none that looked [sick]."

Gaevin Sebryn says, "I have heard rumors spreading around the city about people falling ill, but the guards are keeping a tight lip if you ask them what is happening. I think the king is trying to keep this sickness a secret so people don't panic. Can I tell you my own [secret]?"

Gaevin Sebryn says, "I am really scared, ______. I am putting a brave face on so that the city guard, Berenger, doesn't lock me up. I don't think I will live to see the next full moon. Can you do me a [favor], ______?'

Gaevin Sebryn says, "I need a message delivered to my hometown so they know what is going on. If I die, I don't want them to think I left home because of them. I just needed to get out and see the world, [understand]?"

Gaevin Sebryn says, "I am sure you do. You seem the adventurous sort yourself. Now take this sealed letter to my brother, Keener, in Ludlow. He will make sure my parents get it. Tell him not to worry about me. He will know something is wrong when he gets my letter because I haven't tried to wrote to my parents in years. [Hopefully], the cleric will find a cure before you return."

Gaevin Sebryn says, "If not, I may not be hear to learn of any news you bring back. Now get out of here! I am tired of looking at your ugly mug."

(You receive a Sealed Letter for Keener from Gaevin Sebryn.)

Keener Woedin says, "This is a letter from Gaevin! I haven't heard from him in years. I hope nothing is wrong."

Keener Woedin reads the letter and lets out a shocked gasp.

Keener Woedin says, "Oh my! I can't believe this. Gaevin has come down with some sort of plague or something. He can't die! I must tell my parents immediately."

Keener Woedin scribbles down a note on a piece of paper.

Keener Woedin says, "Please do me this one [favor], ______."
Keener Woedin says, "Go back to Camelot and give this note to Gaevin. I realize that it must be quite the journey for you and you are not a messenger, but I must insist that you help me get that [message] to my brother."

You receive a Note for Gaevin from Keener Woedin!.

Keener Woedin says, "Gaevin may die before he finds out my parents don't hate him for leaving Ludlow. That is why it is so important to me to have him get my message. I have a few gold coins if you need them. Do you [need them] or [not]?"

You are awarded 13,836,044 experience!

Keener Woedin says, "Thank you, ______. I will put the coin to good use. It will help pay for my parents to travel to [Camelot City]."

Keener Woedin says, "Aye, you must get going. Thank you so much, ______. You shall be blessed for your deeds this day."

Gaevin Sebryn says, "Thank you for bringing me this note. I am glad my parents know I am sick, but I am not sure I remember your name, (Class). I haven't been [feeling] well lately at all."

You are awarded 6,918,022 experience!

Gaevin Sebryn says, "I can't lie down to sleep anymore. It causes so much pain if I touch the sores. I am getting sicker and I am so scared. A [strange man] came to visit me while you were gone."

Gaevin Sebryn says, "He was dressed in long robes and said he was Marquis Sabonach. That man did not look like a noble at all. He whispered some strange words in my ear and said I would be [ok]."

Gaevin Sebryn says, "He lied. I even feel worse than yesterday. My body hurts too much for me to try lying down again. I don't know what I am going to do. I hope the Healer has a cure for me soon. Could you ask Berenger if he has heard anything yet? I know Berenger thiks I have lost my mind but I am fooling him. Tehe haha."

Berenger Brennan says, "Welcome back, ______. It was truly good of you to bring that letter for poor Gaevin. I fear his sickness is starting to overcome him. He has been talking about a strange man coming to see him and babbling stuff about [demons]."

Berenger Brennan says, "He tried to cut me in half with a sword until I pinned him against the wall. I felt so bad because I know the sores on his back hurt so much, but it was the only way to keep him from [killing me]."

Berenger Brennan says, "I have heard stories of other sick people killing Clerics because they were so sick they thought the Cleric was a demon. You need to go back to Sister Elaydith that Gaevin's time is near. I don't think he will live much longer without a cure."

Berenger Brennan says, "Hmm, my back itches. You should get going, _______."

Sister Elaydith says, "Praise the Church, you have returned! There have been more people coming down with the plague. Luckly, I have found a way to figure out who is [sick] and who isn't. This potion gives me the ability to see who is sick. I was just about to drink some more before you came in."

Sister Elaydith says, "Oh no! You have the early markings of the disease. We have to get you a potion to keep you healthy while we find a [cure]."

Sister Elaydith says, "There is only one thing that seems to do any good and I have run out of it. I need you to quickly go into Dartmoor and find a creature called a Dartmoor Pony. I need you to bring me the horse fungus that comes from that creature so I can use it to cast a special cure spell on you. Go quickly before you start showing signs of the illness."

Go to Dartmoor and kill a Dartmoor Pony for the horse fungus once you have accoplished this return to Sister Elaydith.

Sister Elaydith says, " You are very lucky, _______. I could see the sickness growing in your body while you were standing there."

Sister Elaydith says, "At least you are well for now. We need to do something about Gaevin. I forgot to ask. Did you find out anything [new] from him?"

Sister Elaydith says, "Ah, he mention the [Marquis Sabonach]?"

Sister Elaydith says, "This is not the first time I have heard that name. Others have whispered it to me. I have [learned] where it comes from."

Sister Elaydith says, "Sabonach is the name of a demon that lives in an underground fortress called Darkness Falls. Legends say that the Marquis lives in the darkest depths of that hellish place. The entrance can be found in our relic keeps, but the mythical gate only opens when our forces have conqured more lands than the other realms. Otherwise, the entrance remains closed. There are rumors of another gateway very close to Camelot City, which may be used in a suprise attack against us. That place is pure evil, ______, but I fear you will need to go there and find a [cure] for the disease."

Sister Elaydith says, "It seems many things have been amiss here in Camelot. An [ambassador] named Mannam has brought word of an evil plot to destroy all of [Albion]."

Sister Elaydith says, "He informed the king that Sir Bors is planning some sort of an assassination against the Crown. He also said that the demon named Marquis [Sabonach] was spreading the disease that is afflicting Camelot City"

Sister Elaydith says, "I did some research of my own and found the name of another creature in Darkness Falls that may hold the cure. There is a creature called Malroch. He is said to be the cook of Darkness Falls. He cooks up recipes made from the fruit of immortality. If you could bring me just one of his sealed wondrous potions, I am sure I could come up with a cure for the [disease]. You could keep any extra potions you find for yourself."

Sister Elaydith says, "He might be our only chance, ______, If not, I am sure that Camelot City will soon fall to this horrible disease and after that, all of Albion. You must find the way into Darkness Falls before it is too late."

Go into Darkness Falls and kill Malroch the Cook, once you have accoplished this return to Sister Elaydith.

Sister Elaydith says, "You have returned and not a moment too soon. Do you have the Stoppered Wondrous Potion?"

Sister Elaydith says, "Thank you, ______. You have saved all of Albion from this disease! Hopefully, you will never need to go into that [hellish] place ever again."

Sister Elaydith says, "This one potion should be more than enough. You can keep the other potion for yourself. It's a very powerful potion, so use it when in dire straights. I must begin to cure the other stricken people. You have earned a friend for life, ______. I shall remember your name if I am ever in need of help again."

You are awarded 13,836,044 experience!
You have finished the Black plague quest.

  Unstoppered Wondrous Potion (Alb)

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with wich version
# Sep 08 2003 at 1:56 PM Rating: Decent
I'm using 1.62 Euro version and this quest doesnt appair , in wich version it is
no, its not
# Sep 01 2003 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
that potion is NOT rechargeble, used it once for a test, then it disappeared from my inventory. It is a BS quest not worth neither the effort nor the time! :(
# Aug 21 2003 at 7:56 AM Rating: Decent
The Potion is rechageable so not complete BS m8
# Aug 05 2003 at 5:38 PM Rating: Default
Lol, fun quest, BS reward though, 1 shot heal potion, Mythic stop wasting our time!
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