Uncle Thulin  

Submitted by:Gastmorgath Runyaglin
Start Zone: Dales of Devwy
Start Location:Fort Gwyntell
Start NPC:Achae Smith
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Related Zones:
  Avalon Isle
  Isle of Glass
Min Level:25
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Apple Fly
  Drakoran Mage
  Elyn Badam
  Forged Servant
  Gracien Adamson
  Wearyall Tree
Related Items:
  Thulin's Remains
  Apple Fly Wings
  Golden Orb
  Wearyall Hill Tree Bark
  Wax Sealed Note
  Metal Bits
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Achae Smith says, "Greetings to you this fine day friend. I am Achae Smith. Over there is my daughter Aelbfeld Smith. My husband is the hard working man, but I sometimes regret coming [out here]."

Achae Smith says, "Oh, I know he meant well, thinking we could have a better life and all, that it would be less crowded than Camelot, which mind you, it is, but still..."

Achae Smith says, "I guess I'm just sad is all. You see, my uncle, Thulin, went missing just a few days ago. I think one of Cabalist Meical's automotons got him, but I have no proof. Do you not know of [Cabalist Meical]?."

Achae Smith says, "I don't know the whole story, but I can share with you what I know. Not so long ago, a great cabalist by the name of Meical came here to Devwy. No one knows his reasons for coming, but some say it was to [shun] society."

Achae Smith says, "In order to survive here, he built automated constructs of varying types and sizes. The more he was away from civilization, the more mad he went. Eventually, he lost his mind completely. That is when his creations [turned] on him."

Achae Smith says, "Oh yes. They killed him and then left their prison to roam around the hills and valleys of Devwy. They will harm anyone in their path. That is why I am [concerned] for my uncle's safety."

Achae Smith says, "My uncle left a few days ago to make a trip to Wearyall Hill to trade for some supplies we desperately needed. The caravan has not returned yet, and our guards found some pieces of [shredded clothing] in the woods a days travel from here."

Achae Smith says, "I went out exploring fir a little bit yesterday where the guards had found the shredded bits and discovered [this] as well."

Achae Smith says, "It's a chunk of metal from what I believe is a [forged servant]."

Achae Smith says, "A forged servant is a very aggressive construct of Meical's, forged from the very same metal used to make anvils. If a forged servant did take my uncle, there's no telling what they might have [done] to him!"

Achae Smith says, "Please froend, will you help me out and [search] for my uncle?"

Will you help Achae find her uncle?
You have been given the Uncle Thulin quest.

Achae Smith says, "Oh! You will! Excellent! Thank you so much! I am very worried for my Thulin's safety, and I would hope you find him alive, but if you don't, please bring his [remains] back to me."

Achae Smith says, "We can give him a proper burial through the Church of Albion if we had his remains. Oh, but I do so hope for the best. Gracien Adamson is our local scholar around here. You should speak with him about Meical's creatures."

[Step #1] Speak with Gracien Adamson about the [forged servant]. He is located in Fort Gwyntell.

Gracien Adamson says, "Yes? What can I do for you? Or are you here to waste my time?"

Gracien Adamson says, "Oh yes... I am quite familiar with that creature, well, with most of the cabalist's former servants, I must say. But what interest do you have in the forged servant? You haven't, by chance, been talking to [Achae Smith], have you?"

Gracien Adamson says, "Yes... I heard about her uncle's strange disappearance. And then her finding of that metal. It's hardly what I'd call evidence, as you can find pieces of forged servants just about everywhere. Still, if she wants me to talk with you, I see [no harm]."

Gracien Adamson says, "The forged servants are constructs made out of a dense steel, the same you'd find in an anvil. You'll sometimes hear them referred to as [anvil monsters], but I don't know how common that name is."

Gracien Adamson says, "I'm sure you know that they were made by Meical in order to serve him. Make no mistake, friend. These creatures are pure evil, a menace to us and any who come upon them. I'll tell you [what], though."

Gracien Adamson says, "I know and alchemist who could determine if a forged servant really did make off with Achae's uncle. All you need is to get that piece of metal her and then come back to me. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll give it to you."

[Step #2] Return to Achae in Fort Gwyntell and get the [metal bit] from her.

Achae Smith says, "Oh, you're back. Did you talk with Gracien? What did he have to say?"

Achae Smith says, "You need the metal bit I found? Well, alright. Gracien does know best I suppose. Here you are. I hope it helps to find my uncle! Please hurry froend! I want him home, safe and sound."

(You receive a metal bits from Achae Smith!)
[Step #3] Show the metal bit to Gracien.

Gracien Adamson says, "Yes, those do look like pieces from a forged servant, but without scribibg, it's nearly impossible to tell. Alright then, here is what you're going to do]."

Gracien Adamson says, "Take the metal bits with you to Wearyall Hill. There you will find a woman named Elyn Badam. She is a friend of mine, the alchemist I spoke of earlier. Give her this note. She should help you out after that. Good luck friend."

(You receive a Wax sealed not from Gracien Adamson!)
[Step #4] Take the note and metal bits with you to Wearyall Village. When you get there, seek out Elyn Badam and hand her the note.

Elyn Badam says, "And what might I be able to do for you today?"

Elyn Badam says, "Ah, my dear friend Gracien... I do wish he'd come here for a... visit. But, that's really not what you're here to discuss, is it? It says in this note that you have some metal bits for me to look at? Well, hand them to me."

You are awarded 520,160 experience!

Elyn Badam says, "Yes, I can discover if it was indeed the creature that took the woman's uncle. But I need for you to fetch me some ingredients in exchange for the information. Here is the [list] of what I will need."

Elyn Badam says, "First, I need a piece of bark from Brother Josef's tree. It's the large one on the hill over yonder, you can't miss it. Secondly, I need a Golden Orb from a Drakoran Mage. Lastly, I need a [pair of wings] from an apple fly."

Elyn Badam says, "I suggest you get the items sooner rather than later. The longer we wait, the harder it will be for me to garnish whatever information I can from this metal bit."

[Step #5] Search around the Wearyall Tree for a piece of its bark
( loc=17098,48616,4592 dir=266, click on the base of the tree and you will receive a Wearyall Hill Tree Bark form Wearyall Tree)

[Step #6] Find a Drakoran Mage and retrieve its Golden Orb
( Traveled to Isle of Glass, loc=4308,11317,3120 dir=95, and killed a Drakoran Mage, there a lot of them roaming near the tents there.)

[Step #7] Get a pair of apply fly wings from the apple flies near Wearyall Hill.

[Step #8] Return to Elyn in Wearyall Village when you have retrieved all the items.

Elyn Badam says, "Welcome back friend. I take it you were successful in retrieving the items I sent you after. If you were, please hand the Wearyall Tree Bark to me first."

You are awarded 520,160 experience!

Elyn Badam says, "Now, for the Drakoran Golden Orb please. This is an absolute must for my ritual."

You are awarded 520,160 experience!

Elyn Badam says, "Yes. Quite nice. And in excellent condition too. Now, for the apply fly wings. I hope they weren't too diffucult for you to obtain."

You are awarded 520,160 experience!

Elyn Badam says, "Most excellent. You have done well my friend, and I am please with what you have brought me. Now, if you will please wait, I will begin."

Elyn Badam says, " It's done my friend. I'm afraid that Thulin is no longer among the land of the living. A forged creature did take his life, along with several others. You should return to Achae Smith with this information."

[Step #9] Return to Devwy and tell Achae that her uncle is [deceased].

Achae Smith says, "Welcome back ______. Were you able to find out any information?"

Achae Smith says, "Well, I suppose I should have expected that, even though I held out hope that he was alright. Could I please ask [another favor] of you?"

Achae Smith says, "Will you please find Thulin's remains for me? I would like to have a proper burial for him. It would mean so much to me if you [would fo this] for me."

Achae Smith says, "Oh thank you friend. I am indebted to you. Please return to me when you find the remains."

[Step #10] Search for Thulin's remains amongst the forged creatures. They can be found north of the border of the Dales of Devwy and Avalon Isle.
(There is really no need to travel that far, there a quite a few Forged Servants right near the road leading into Fort Gwyntell, loc=55164,40520,5068 dir=287. When you kill the Forged Servants Thulin's remains will appear in your backpack.)

[Step #11] Return Thulin's Remains to Achae Smith in Devwy.

Achae Smith says, "Oh find, did you find Thulin's remains?"

Achae Smith says, "Well, I want to thank you friend, for helping my family out in this difficult time. Atleast now I can give him a proper burial. I have little to offer you in the way of rewards, but I may have something that will benifit you better than me."

Achae Smith says, "This was Thulin's most prized possession. He gave it to me before he left on his fatal trip, telling me it was time to pass it on to another. I know I can not put it to use, perhaps you can. Here is al littler coin as well. I know it isn't much, but perhaps it will aid you in your battles. Thank you again friend. Even though these are sad times, I am strenghtened by your courage and kind heartedness. Thank you."

You are awarded 1,040,320 experience!
You receive Thulin's Worn Ring from Achae Smith!
You are awarded 5 gold and some copper!
You have finished the Uncle Thulin quest.

  Thulin's Worn Ring

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Drakoran mage
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Drakoran Mage is in the northwest corner of Isle of Glass
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# Nov 19 2003 at 1:55 PM Rating: Decent
I found the Drac Mage LOL what can I say. It's the Dracs before you get to the apple trees. Then the /loc provided is correct.
Drac Mage
# Nov 19 2003 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
I have search via macro for this mob at the loc profided and have not found him or any of his buddies. There isn't a tent in sight of this /loc 4308, 11217. I have searched the tents and destoyed town. Can anyone give me a /loc of a Drac Mage? Is he anywhere by Wearyall??

Thanks :)
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# Aug 09 2003 at 12:33 AM Rating: Decent
Received this quest at 25 as a Merc.
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