Tarnished Tradeskill Tools (Mid)  

Submitted by:mascagni
Start Zone: Jordheim
Start NPC:Crafting Trainer
Related Quests:
  Worn Tradeskill Tools (Mid)
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
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Related NPCs:
Last Updated:Sat Jan 26 05:16:42 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

To do this quest you will need to have a crafting skill trained higher than 600.
This quest will start with any of the crafter trainers in any zone.

1) Speak with your tradeskill master in Jordheim to start the quest.
2) Deliver the Cart of Ore to Ulwatyl in Gna Faste.
3) Return to your tradeskill master and see if there is anything else that needs to be done.
4) Deliver the Bolts of Cloth to Frikk in Haggerfel.
5) Return to your tradeskill master and see if there is anything else that needs to be done.
6) /USE the Glowing Substance while carrying the other two items you received while on your deliveries.
7) Hand the infused hide to your trade master to receive your reward.

"Splendid! You have done an amazing job! Now as to your reward. Which would you like? Would you like to craft [faster], craft [smarter], or craft [better]?"

Faster: +10 STR, Bonus to speed of crafting: 13% (60 charges)
Tarnished Needle - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Tarnished Gem Chisel - Spellcrafter
Tarnished Herbcutting Knife - Alchamist
Tarnished Weaponcrafting Hammer - Weaponcrafter

Smarter: +10 STR, Bonus to frequency of crafting skill gain: 6% (13 charges)
Tarnished Skinning Knife - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Tarnished Gem Hammer - Spellcrafter
Tarnished Pestle - Alchamist
Tarnished Weaponsmith's Knife - Weaponcrafter
Tarnished Arrowhead Chisel - Fletcher

Better: +10 STR, Bonus to minimum quality of crafted items: 1% (6 charges)
Tarnished Pair of Scissors - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Tarnished Gem File - Spellcrafter
Tarnished Stirring Rod - Alchamist
Tarnished Weapon Etching Tool - Weaponcrafter

  Tarnished Weapon Etching Tool
  Tarnished Weaponsmith's Knife
  Tarnished Weaponcrafting Hammer
  Tarnished Needle
  Tarnished Skinning Knife
  Tarnished Pair of Scissors
  Tarnished Gem Chisel
  Tarnished Gem Hammer
  Tarnished Gem File
  Tarnished Herbcutting Knife
  Tarnished Pestle
  Tarnished Stirring Rod
  Tarnished Arrowhead Chisel

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Not so bad
# Apr 04 2005 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
Compared to 1st tradeskill quest this one is a breeze
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