A Daughter's Journey (Alb)  

Submitted by:Calylin of Vigilis Nocturnis on Guinevere
Start Zone: Ruins of Atlantis
Start NPC:Verica
Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Min Level:24
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Nackal's Henchman
Last Updated:Sat Sep 13 02:11:08 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

If you play on Mordred or Gaharis, this is the version of the quest you will follow.

You will find Verica at loc= 45549, 12951

Verica says, "Greetings traveler, welcome to the Ruins of Atlantis. I am Verica, Infiltrator in training. You have traveled very far to get to where you stand now. Have you journeyed here to become a hero as all others have?"

Verica says, "I have seen many travel great distances to attempt these trials that we know so little of, but I have seen only a few return. My father is one of the aspiring heroes who has yet to come home."

Verica says, "It seems like ages ago that he told me he was going to venture into those treacherous lands to pursue his dream of becoming a hero. He left shortly after telling me, despite the great risk and my pleading with him not to go. I have not heard from him or had any word of him since he left."

Verica says, "I plan to travel into Atlantis myself to search for him. It is necessary that I learn of his fate for my peace of mind. I was going to wait until I became a seasoned rogue, as it is much too dangerous for an apprentice such as myself, but I recently learned of something that may help me."

Verica says, "I was told of a tale of a strange belt which grants the wearer limited invisibility. With my maturing skills the belt would be ideal to allow somewhat safe travel into Atlantis. I am unable to fetch this item myself though as my father charged jeniece with my supervision, so she never lets me out of her sight."

Verica says, "If you obtained the belt for me though, I would be able to sneak away, and then venture into Atlantis in search of my father. I truly miss my father, and I must learn of his whereabouts. Would ou please assist me?"

[Will you aid Verica in obtaining the belt? (Level 24)]

Verica says, "Thank you so much! I may be able to learn something of my father's trip into Atlantis with your help. I will be able to set out on my journey once I have the belt."

Verica says, "An old man named Orvyn, who used to be the captain of a fleet of ships destined for Atlantis, told me of this belt. He was very adventurous in his youth, and he will tell his tales to anyone who cares to listen."

Verica says, "Speak with Orvyn, he can be found near the dock. I am sure someone of his expertise will have a map that can aid you in this search. He may also have an idea of the last known whereabouts of this belt."

[Step #2] Seek out Orvyn and tell him that you are seeking the [belt of invisibility]. He can be found down by the dock.

Orvyn is located at 42156, 11819

Orvyn says, "Good day to you, traveler. Would you care to hear some tales of the high seas?"

Orvyn says, "Ah, you are a treasure hunter of sorts. I have seen many things in my time, and heard much lore in my travels that can aid those like you. I may have some stories, maps, and bits of advice that may assist you in the search for this strange item."

Orvyn says, "The story goes that there was an Atlantean spell crafter who made a belt to grant complete invisibility to the wearer to aid him in the trials. The belt was defective though, as it only worked for very short periods of time and it would not work if the wearer was engaged in combat. He was unable to make the repairs to make it function as he envisioned it, so he tossed it out as junk in frustration."

Orvyn says, "It was then discovered many years later by an explorer, who knew this was not an ordinary item. He wanted to study the belt and unlock any magic it held, so he packed it into a treasure chest, broke the key into three pieces, and hid the pieces of the key oh his ship to avoid anyone stealing his loot. He then set out for Atlantis for more exploring."

Orvyn says, "A terrible fate befell him and his crew that day though, as there was a treacherous storm, and his ship crashed into one of the nearby islands. The treasure chest was lost, and the three pieces of the key scattered throughout the Ruins of Atlantis."

Orvyn says, "It is rumored that the crew and two of the key pieces were devoured by the malicious barracudas Filch and Gorger, which have menaced the local waters for many years. They saw the shiny objects descending into the ocean depts. And thought they were food, so one snatched one piece of the key up, while the other swallowed the other piece of the key."

Orvyn says, "The third piece of the key is said to be buried amidst some submerged ruins not far form where Filch and Gorger roam. The treasure chest supposedly washed ashore on one of the small islands not far form here."

Orvyn says, "You will definitely need a map to find your way around. Oh yes, and before I forget I have one other bit of information to share with you."

Orvyn says, "There has been a migration of urchins into Atlantis. They are greedy little creatures, and steal everything they can get their claws on. We managed to run them off the main island here, but they now lurk on the surrounding island. There is one named Nackal, who has proven to be especially meddlesome."

Orvyn says, "His urchin explorers learned the story of this belt that you seek, and they informed him of this legend. He has been trying to find it ever since. He thinks it will help him travel deper into Atlantis to steal riches from unwitting travelers attempting the trials."

Orvyn says, "I have heard reports that he has finally found the treasure chest with the belt in it, but his explorers have had no luck in finding the three bits of the key."

Orvyn says, "You should be wary of these creatures if you come across them. You should take a couple of friends with you on this journey to be on the safe side…..Now, I was going to give you something....Oh yes, I remember, the map."

Orvyn says, "Hold on one moment while I look for the correct map. Do you have another moment to spare while I search or are you in a hurry? I certainly have more tales to share if you have time."

Orvyn says, "Well, I won't detain you with my rambling any longer. I was a brave adventurer like you in my day, and I know you are ready to be on your way. Here is a local map that I charted. You may take your leave now, friend. Safe journeys to you."

You receive Orvyn's Dusty Old map from Orvyn!

[Step #3] USE the map to locate the ruins where the first piece of the key is buried.

You unroll the map gingerly as it is well worn with age. The map displays a drawing of what appears to be some Submerged Ruins to the west, northwest of the boat dock in the Ruins of Atlantis. There is also an archway that appears to be broken in the center, and there is an X on the seafloor under the arch.

[Step #4] SEARCH the area under the broken archway to obtain the first piece of the key. USE the map again if you get lost.

  • The Submerged Ruins are located at 29920, 7798 – you need to be at the bottom of the sea-floor before you /search. There are barracuda here which are aggressive and con yellow-red to level 24. They can be pulled one at a time.

  • [Step #5] USE the map to locate Filch and Gorger.

    The map shows a sketch of a kelp forest to the southwest of the Submerged Ruins. Inside the kep there is an X which says Filch and Gorger. The Submerged Ruins are to the west, northwest of the dock in the Ruins of Atlantis.

    [Step #6] Kill Filch and Gorger to obtain the last two pieces of the key. If you get lost USE the map again.

  • Filch and Gorger are located at 26682, 8722 and conned orange to level 24. They can be pulled one at a time

  • [Step #8] USE the Main Piece of the Broken Key to repair the key.

    [Step #9] USE the map to find the location of the treasure chest.

    There is a drawing of an island to the southwest of the Submerged Ruins. There is a picture of a tree on the island with an X under it. The Submerged Ruins are to the west, northwest of the dock in the Ruins of Atlantis."

    [Step #10] Find the treasure chest and open it. It can be found on the north eastern part of the island that is located southwest of the Submerged Ruins.

  • The treasure chest is located at 19895, 7812. Upon opening it, Nackal appears and steals the belt from under you.

  • [Step #11] Nackal has stolen the belt and disappeared. Go speak with Orvyn again to see if he knows where you can find Nackal so that you can retrieve the belt.

    Orvyn says, "What a pleasure it is to see you again! I knew that you would be back to hear more exciting stories of my life. You should have a seat, as this will take a while. My tales are never in short supply. Now, where do I begin..."

    [Step #12] Tell Orvyn that Nackal has [stolen the belt].

    Orvyn says, "Oh no! I had a feeling that he was waiting for some treasure hunter to come along to steal the belt right out from under them. What a shame. He will be lurking on one of the islands a short distance away from us, hiding amongst his henchmen. If you are going to pursue him you will need another map. Be cautious of Nackal and his henchmen."

    [Step #13] Continue speaking with Orvyn.

    Orvyn says, "You will never be able to defeat him to get the belt back while his henchmen are alive. You should be very careful, and take a couple of friends with you on this risky trip."

    Orvyn says, "Here is a map of the island that I have seen Nackal lurking on. You will definitely need it for this trip, so please do not lose it. Good luck, traveler."

    [Step #14] Use the map to locate the island where Nackal has hidden himself. Do not lose the map, as you will not be able to find Nackal without it. Be sure to go to the location specified on the map.

    The map shows an island to the south, southeast of the boat dock. There is a little drawing of what looks to be a creature with claws on the center of the island. There is an X placed on the sketch of the island.

  • Nackal's island is located at 52848, 39329. You will know you are in the correct area when you get a message saying you have entered Nackal's Retreat. You need to kill his henchmen before you will be able to fight him. The henchmen con green to blue to level 24. Nackal cons red. There is another island (loc=31k,18k) to the southwest of the boat dock which also has Nackal’s Henchmen, it has been said that Nackal has been found there as well. Once you kill Nackal, you will receive the Belt of the Inutile from him.

  • [Step #16] Return to Verica in the Ruins of Atlantis.

    Verica says, "Were you able to find the belt?"

    [Step #17] Give Verica the Belt of the Inutile.

    You have finished the A Daughter's Journey quest.

    lvl 24 received 2,724,810 exp and 2 gold.

    Cloak of Divinity -- Cleric, Heretic
    Cloak of Sagacity -- Theurgist
    Cloak of Deftness -- Reaver
    Cloak of the Faithful -- Friar
    Cloak of Harmony -- Minstrel
    Cloak of the Ethereal -- Necromancer
    Cloak of Vigor -- Armsman
    Cloak of the Esoteric -- Cabalist, Sorcerer
    Cloak of the Allegiant -- Paladin
    Cloak of Foresight -- Wizard
    Cloak of the Adept -- Hunter (Co-op)
    Cloak of the Adroit -- Scout
    Cloak of the Clandestine -- Infiltrator
    Cloak of the Stout -- Mercenary

      Cloak of Divinity
      Cloak of Sagacity
      Cloak of Deftness
      Cloak of the Faithful
      Cloak of Harmony
      Cloak of the Ethereal
      Cloak of Vigor
      Cloak of the Esoteric
      Cloak of the Allegiant
      Cloak of Foresight
      Cloak of the Adept
      Cloak of the Adroit
      Cloak of the Clandestine
      Cloak of the Stout

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    found him
    # Nov 02 2015 at 7:12 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    Found Nackal at 31k, 19k. nov 2nd 2015
    found him
    # Nov 02 2015 at 7:11 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    Found Nackal at 31k, 19k. nov 2nd 2015
    vampiir/hero loot
    # Aug 08 2005 at 12:02 AM Rating: Decent
    25 posts
    I just finished this quest with my vampiir
    The reward is called 'Cloak of the Mighty'
    says usable by vampiir or hero.
    Strength 9 pts
    Dex 9 pts
    Body 2%
    Cold 2%
    Hits 32
    Where is Nackal?
    # Mar 20 2005 at 3:50 PM Rating: Decent
    I have tried for 2 days now to find Nackal. I've killed all the henchmen in both the retreat and the camp, left the retreat and camp and come back, repeatedly, searched in both day and night, and he is nowhere to be found. Any suggestions?
    # Sep 18 2004 at 8:54 AM Rating: Excellent
    48 posts
    Mercenary's get:

    Cloak of the Stout:
    7 Strength
    7 Dex
    3% Thrust
    2% Body
    32 Hits
    # Aug 29 2004 at 7:24 PM Rating: Good
    Just did this quest as an infiltrator, got:

    Cloak of the Clandestine
    - Envenom: 2 pts
    - Stealth: 2 pts
    - Critical Strike: 2 pts
    - Energy: 4%
    - Body: 4%

    Cloak of Harmony
    # Mar 04 2004 at 5:58 PM Rating: Decent
    I've dropped the Minstrel's version of the Cloak:

    Lv 26

    Charisma: 9 pt
    Dexterity: 7 pt
    Cold: 4%
    Body 3%
    Instruments: 2 pt

    Cloak of Harmony
    # Feb 17 2008 at 10:01 PM Rating: Good
    87 posts
    Just wondering does anyone still look at these?
    Cloak of Harmony
    # Feb 17 2008 at 10:01 PM Rating: Good
    87 posts
    I just did this 2 min ago thanks it helped.
    Minstrel cloack
    # Mar 04 2004 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
    36 posts
    Mins cloack reward is:
    cloack of harmony
    Friar Reward
    # Mar 04 2004 at 2:13 AM Rating: Decent
    Quest reward for a Friar
    Cloak of the Faithful
    Str +9
    Crush 3%
    Body 3%
    Staff +2
    Parry +2

    Also 2,724,810xp @lvl 24 and 2gold and some copper

    Edited, Thu Mar 4 02:18:30 2004
    The Other island was the correct Island for me!
    # Mar 01 2004 at 4:28 AM Rating: Good
    It is stated in this description that the other island with Nackal's henchmen is not the correct island. Well, it was for me. I found Nackal on the first island directly southwest of the dock, there was some ruins on this island. I originally tried the island stated above to go to the one that will say "You have entered Nackal's Retreat" after clearing all his henchmen, not seeing him and waiting for awhile, I decided to try the other island, sure enough he was there. So if one island doesn't work for you try the other.

    I did this quest with my Reaver got a pretty decent cloak for it:

    Cloak of Deftness
    level 26 magic item
    Flex +2
    Con +7
    Body 3%
    Heat 3%
    Hits 28 points
    RE: The Other island was the correct Island for me!
    # Mar 03 2004 at 12:49 AM Rating: Decent
    What Gendail said is correct. The first two times I did the quest (on two different characters), I was sent Nackal's retreat. The third time, after submitting the write-up, I was helping a friend, she was sent to the island southwest of the dock. So it is necessary to read your map for Step 14 to determine which island Nackal is on.
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