Tarnished Tradeskill Tools (Alb)  

Start Zone: Camelot
Start NPC:Crafting Trainer
Related Quests:
  Worn Tradeskill Tools (Alb)
  700 AC/WC/Tailoring Tradeskill Quest (Alb)
Related Zones:
  Black Mountains North
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
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Related NPCs:
  Seysild Aldar
Related Items:
  Parchment containing Instructions
Last Updated:Fri Jun 11 02:05:55 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

To do this quest you will need to have a crafting skill trained to 600 or higher.

This quest will start with any of the crafter trainers in any zone. The dialog below is from the Weapon Crafter Trainer in Isle of Glass. (It has been mentioned that fletchers must travel to Camelot to do this quest)

Grayson Sanion says, "Greetings apprentice. Have you returned to seek some [advanced training]?"

Grayson Sanion says, "First, do you know the [secrets] to successful crafting?"

Grayson Sanion says, "I suppose you don't. No worries. Not all are as skilled as I am. Do you wish to learn what it takes to become a skilled crafter?"

You have been given the Tarnished Tradeskill Tools quest.

Grayson Sanion says, "Please take this cart of ore to Seysild Aldar in Cornwall Station. Once you have done this, return to me. Be sure not to lose the component that he gives you."

You receive a Cart of Ore from Grayson Sanion!

Travel to Cornwall Station, inside the inn, in the back near the fireplace, you will find Seysild Aldar. Hand him the Cart of Ore.

Seysild Aldar says, "You have finally arrived with my shipment. It certainly took you long enough. Here, just as your master and I agreed. Take this."

You receive a Parchment containing Instructions from Seysild Aldar!

Head back to your crafting trainer that you started this quest with and see what else he wants you to do.

Grayson Sanion says, "I hope your trip to Cornwall Station went well. I have another delivery for you. Take these bolts of cloth to Guyon in Snowdonia Station. Be sure to hold on to the item that Guyon gives you."

You receive a Bolts of Cloth from Grayson Sanion!

Find your way to Snowdonia Station. You will find Guyon around back of the building standing behind the horsemaster. Hand him the Bolts of Cloth.

Guyon says, "Thank you for being so prompt with the delivery. Here is the agreed upon payment that your master requested."

You receive a Rune Inscribed Hide from Guyon!

Yep, more horse riding. Head back to your trainer for the next step.

Grayson Sanion says, "You return. Here, take this Glowing Substance. It comes from a stone I had retrieved from the ring of standing stones. Follow the instructions you received, and USE the Substance to infuse the Rune Inscribed Hide. When you have done that, hand me the finished project."

You receive a Glowing Substance from Grayson Sanion!

To Use an item just place the item on your hotbar and click on it the same time you hit the Use Item key on your keyboard (whatever you have it bound to, it is just like using a water breathing potion)

You attempt to use the Glowing Substance.
The Glowing Substance doesn't seem to do anything.
You receive a Infused Hide from the Glowing Substance!

Grayson Sanion says, "Splendid! You have done an amazing job! Now as to your reward. Which would you like? Would you like to craft [faster], craft [smarter], or craft [better]?"

Grayson Sanion says, "Here, take this. It will help you make better quality items."
You receive a Tarnished Weapon Etching Tool from Grayson Sanion!
You have finished the Tarnished Tradeskill Tools quest.

Faster: +10 STR, Bonus to speed of crafting: 13% (60 charges)
Tarnished Needle - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Tarnished Gem Chisel - Spellcrafter
Tarnished Herbcutting Knife - Alchamist
Tarnished Weaponcrafting Hammer - Weaponcrafter

Smarter: +10 STR, Bonus to frequency of crafting skill gain: 6% (13 charges)
Tarnished Skinning Knife - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Tarnished Gem Hammer - Spellcrafter
Tarnished Pestle - Alchamist
Tarnished Weaponsmith's Knife - Weaponcrafter
Tarnished Arrowhead Chisel -- Fletcher

Better: +10 STR, Bonus to minimum quality of crafted items: 1% (6 charges)
Tarnished Pair of Scissors - Tailor/Armorcrafter
Tarnished Gem File - Spellcrafter
Tarnished Stirring Rod - Alchamist
Tarnished Weapon Etching Tool - Weaponcrafter

  Tarnished Weapon Etching Tool
  Tarnished Weaponsmith's Knife
  Tarnished Weaponcrafting Hammer
  Tarnished Needle
  Tarnished Skinning Knife
  Tarnished Pair of Scissors
  Tarnished Gem Chisel
  Tarnished Gem Hammer
  Tarnished Gem File
  Tarnished Herbcutting Knife
  Tarnished Pestle
  Tarnished Stirring Rod
  Tarnished Arrowhead Chisel

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Goth Harbor masters?
# Aug 25 2004 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
Taled to fletching master in goth harbor and he wouldnt give me the quest. I had to port to cammy to get it from the master there. I dont know if this is a bug or not but it didnt work for me
Goth Harbor masters?
# Aug 25 2004 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
Taled to fletching master in goth harbor and he wouldnt give me the quest. I had to port to cammy to get it from the master there. I dont know if this is a bug or not but it didnt work for me
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