Naois' Best Friend  

Start Zone: Connacht
Start NPC:Naois
Avg. Time:15min
Related Zones:
  Cliffs of Moher
Min Level:16
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(Average from 2 ratings)
Related NPCs:
  Fetch Abductor
  Guard Dooley
Related Items:
  Naois' Hooded Cloak
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Naois can be found right outside the North Gate of TirNaNog, loc=23477,52751,5200 dir=148 in Connacht.

Naois says, "Hail and well met, traveler. You certainly look like an adventuring sort. May I hire you for a mission? Well, it is actually more of a rescue... I should really fill you in on my misfortune before I try to solicit your services, even though it [pains] me to do so."

Naois says, "My name is Naois. I do apologize for being so bold in asking for your assistance, but I am so very [distressed] I just don't know what to do."

Naois says, "My friend Rodoc and I were traveling in the Cliffs of Moher when some horrid fetch creatures ambushed us and kidnapped her. It was so awful! There was nothing I could do but stand there helpless and watch as they dragged her [away]."

Naois says, "I dared not pursue them as I feared for my life, so I ran to fetch help. When I did finally make it back to town I was so distraught that none of the townsfolk could make any sense out of my sobs. They managed to calm me down after awhile, and we set out to search for Rodoc, but to no avail. We searched all night but failed to find the wicked fetch abductors who stole away with [Rodoc]."

Naois says, "Three eves have passed since then, and I have searched relentlessly, but I grow weary. Every attempt in finding my dear friend has been in vain. I refuse to give up the search though as I know she is still alive, and I know that she needs my help. Would you please aid me in my search for Rodoc? Please, I [implore] you."

Will you help Naois find Rodoc? [Level 16]
You have been given the Naois' Best Friend quest.

[Step #1] Speak with Naois.

Naois says, "Thank you so much! You will not be sorry, friend. You are providing a noble service to Rodoc and me as well. I have faith that you will find her and return her [safely]."

Naois says, "We were traveling near Connacht in the Cliffs of Moher when the dreadful [kidnapping] occurred."

Naois says, "You should search the areas along the path near there. I have heard rumors of some of the vile beasts setting up camp close to the border of Connacht and the Cliffs of Moher. My heart tells me it is they who took Rodoc. Unfortunately, I am at a loss as to where this camp is, but I do know of someone that [might]."

Naois says, "Guard Dooley guards the tower past Tir na Nog near the Cliffs of Moher. He is in charge of some of the patrols in that area. He has eyes and ears in many places. Ask him about fetch abductors, as he may know where their camp is. If he tells you where it is, please travel to the camp immediately to try to [find] Rodoc."

[Step #2] Talk to Naois about trying to find her friend.

Naois says, "You will need to be careful, as the fetch abductors are vicious; fortunately, there were only three present when they stole away with Rodoc. You should go alone when [hunting] for the camp."

Naois says, "Rodoc is mistrustful by nature, and I am sure that this incident has traumatized her. Take my [cloak]."

You receive a Naois' Hooded Cloak from Naois!

Naois says, "Be sure to have this item on you when you find Rodoc after defeating the fetch abductors. Do not lose the cloak. She will know that I sent you by you having this cloak. You will need to bring her back home as soon as you find her as I am sure that she will be disoriented and weak. Please go now as time is running out. I wish you the best on this journey."

[Step #3] Seek out Guard Dooley at the guardtower west, soutwest on the patch past the Tir na Nog North Gate. Ask him if he knows of a [fetch abductor camp] nearby.
  • Guard Dooley is located at the guardtower, loc=2294,57525,5200 dir=134 in Connacht. Target him and type /whisper fetch abductor camp.
You examine Guard Dooley. He is friendly and is a guard.

Guard Dooley says, "Greetings, Heroine. Are you just passing through or perhaps you are searching for some information?"

Guard Dooley says, "Aye, I thought you appeared to be in search of something. So Naois is still searching for Rodoc? She is very [determined]."

Guard Dooley says, "It was a terrible thing that happened when they kidnapped her friend. I have seen my share of some less than commendable matters going on in these parts [lately], indeed I have."

Guard Dooley says, "As a matter of fact, three of those dastardly fetch creatures tried to steal off with some of our wares just the other night. We caught them just before they had a chance to pillage anything and we [chased] them away."

Guard Dooley says, "Of course they ran away down the path to the west. The cowardly beasts! They must have set up camp somewhere close by. You might be able to find Naois' friend or at least find something of his whereabouts in that [direction]. "

Guard Dooley says, "Aye, try searching the areas to the west, but ye take caution if you have plans of heading further past my tower. Dangerous creatures lurk about in our realm in these troubled times. Creatures formidable even to veterans of my stature."

[Step #4]Find the fetch camp and slay the fetch abductors. Head west by northwest down the path near the tower. Look to the southwest when you enter the Cliffs of Moher. The camp is off the path near a fallen tree or some stones..
  • You will find the camp near loc=55972,53179,5200 dir=222 Cliffs of Moher (there is a second camp of Fetch Abductor's at loc=50323,49963,5071 dir=253 Cliffs of Moher, these too work for the quest). There you will find 3 fetch abductors, all con'd gray to a lvl 18. Once there kill all 3 fetch abductors, upon their death Rodoc will spawn.
As the last of her captors are defeated, Rodoc creeps from out of hiding. Mistrust turning to caution, she looks at you anxiously, waiting for you to take her home to Naois.

[Step #5] Speak with Rodoc to get her to follow you back to Naois. Remember the only way you can earn her trust is by having Naois' Hooded Cloak. If she goes back to hiding kill the fetch abductors again.

You examine Rodoc. She is friendly.

[Step #6] Return to Naois as quickly as you can with Rodoc. If she will not follow you it is because you don't have Naois' Hooded Cloak and she doesn't trust you. Return to Naois to let her know what happened.

Naois cries out in delight as she sees Rodoc approaching. After some brief rejoicing she sends Rodoc into the city for some much needed rest.

[Step #7] Speak with Naois to let her know that Rodoc is [safe now].

Naois says, "Thank you so very much! I thought I would never see Rodoc again. She has been such a faithful companion to me considering I am an amateur Druid; I could not bear the thought of [losing her]."

[Step #8] Continue speaking with Naois.

Naois says, "I was worried about how I would reward you upon your return, but now I know just the perfect thing! I will give you a sturdy pair of boots, and one of the puppies from [Rodoc's litter]."

[Step #9] Continue speaking with Naois to recieve your reward.

Naois says, "The puppies are out playing right now, but I will give you a whistle that you can use whenever you want your [puppy] to come to you."

Naois says, "Thank you again for your service. I wish you well on your journeys with your new little friend."
You have finished the Naois' Best Friend quest.
You receive a Whistle from Naois!
You receive Boots of the Rescuer from Naois!
You are awarded 50 silver and some copper!
You are awarded 619,305 experience!
(exp reflects that of a lvl 30 completing the quest.)

lvl 22 received 619,305 experience and 25 silver.

Whistle -- everyone
Boots of the Rescuer -- Hero
Boots of the Shrewd --
Boots of the Empathic --
Boots of the Adept --
Boots of Charisma -- Bard
Boots of Sapience -- Bainsee
Boots of the Deft -- Blademaster
Boots of Mauler Might -- Mauler

  Boots of the Rescuer (Hib)
  Boots of the Shrewd
  Boots of the Empathic
  Boots of the Adept
  Boots of Charisma
  Boots of Sapience
  Boots of the Deft
  Boots of Mauler Might (Hib)

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Reward update
# Apr 04 2006 at 12:02 PM Rating: Good
boots of the deft - blademaster
Puppy growth?
# Oct 17 2004 at 5:50 PM Rating: Decent
do the puppies do anything or are they just cute?
My wife has one and it seemed bigger after we ran around a dungeon with it?
It looked to be biting the mobs also?
Can they be named?

FinnRaven - Warden
RE: Puppy growth?
# Oct 18 2004 at 7:55 AM Rating: Excellent
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Nope, afaik, puppies do not grow. Seems their main purpose it to look cute and emote cuteizms (nipping at the fly on its nose and whatnot). Basically great for roleplaying and entertainment value. No combat help. But cute none-the-less.

# Sep 01 2004 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
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This quest is easy and great fun. The puppies are a delight. Just wished they worked in housing.
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