800 WC Tradeskill Quest (Hib)  

Submitted by:Soulmaker of Lamork
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:Hendrika
Related Zones:
  Lough Derg
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Mercenary Iuskedaro
Last Updated:Sun Apr 6 04:57:33 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Talk to your Weaponsmiths Master (Hendrika in TNN) and select [master].

1) Hendrika sends you to talk to Fargan in mag mell.

2) Fagan (/loc 30, 8 in Lough Derg, Mag Mell):
Fagan says, "Ah, yes, hello there. You must be the one that Hendrika sent, aren't you? Well good. I am very busy and my niece's abduction has really strained me. I think the [siabra] took her." He hands you a note to take to luskedaro in ardee, head north to Connacht zone and to the town ardee.

3) Once in Ardee, go to the Felemu's Tavern and find Mercenary Iuskedaro, first person on the right of door when you enter, /loc 54, 51. Hand him the note. he sends you to Roane Maidens in Lough Derg to find Omorialee amoung them.

4) Omorialee is NW of parthanna Farm, along the shore, /loc 54,10. Omorialee is the 5th one south from when you start seeing roane maidens. Once you have found her your quest log will say, "Tell her [Fagan] is looking for her.". Its his NIECE, after Fagan didnt work I thought for a bit and Uncle Fagan. Now just /s uncle fagan, she gives you a note and your on the way back to Fagan in Mag Mell.

5) Hand the note you got from Omorialee and you get your reward! 1 of 3 items, better, faster and smarter. Quest done!

  Well-made Weapon Etching Tool
  Well-made Weaponcrafting Hammer
  Well-made Weaponsmith's Knife


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