800 AC Tradeskill Quest (Hib)  

Submitted by:Dese
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start NPC:Tegvan
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  Lough Derg
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
  Mercenary Iuskedaro
Last Updated:Sun Jan 20 05:23:02 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

This quest takes about 10-15 minutes if you use a bard or bring a bard bot along for speed. It has quite a bit of running around, but if you make the two items in advance you can run it a couple of times and save yourself some time and money in your crafting endeavours. The two items you will need are chitin tacuil gauntlets and a chitin tacuil helm. Both must be 96% quality or higher.

Start the quest with Tegvan in TNN. Tegvan is at roughly 21k 24k in Tir Na Nog.

Tegvan says, "Hello (your name). I would like to offer you the oppotunity to proceed with your training, but only if you are ready to do so. You can choose training for the [junior] level, the [journeyman] level, the [senior] level or the [master] level. What is your choice?


Tegvan says, "I have some [errands] that require your unique talents."

Tegvan says, "Oh yes. It's nothing too hard, nor anything trivial. I'm sure you'll find it be fitting for you. Will you [do them] now for me?"

Will you aid those in need? [Level 10]
You have been given the Hib - 800 AC quest.

Tegan says, "Ah, good. There is an old friend of mine, Mercenary Iuskedaro in Ardee. He is in need of your services. Find him and see what it is he needs."

[Step #1] Find Mercenary Iuskedaro in the tavern in Ardee. See what he needs.

(Port out of TNN using the north exit. Ardee is East of the TNN exit. Mercenary Iuskedaro is in Felemu's Tavern in Ardee at roughly 54k 51k Connacht.)

Mercenary Iuskedaro says, "Greetings my friend. Are you here from [Tegvan]?"

Mercenary Iuskedaro says, "I see. Excellent. Then he has surely told you of my need for a [skilled armorcrafted] such as yourself?"

Mercenary Iuskedaro says, "I have several friends that are in need of a few new pieces of chitin tacuil armor. The first one is Goulc'hen in Druim Ligen. His gauntlets are nearly worn through and I must continue my [duties] here in Ardee and can not assist him."

Mercenary Iuskedaro says, "There are many aspects of my job that require my full attention, however, I can not just leave my friends with broken armor, can I? Of course not. My other friend, Josson, is in Mag Mell. He is in need of a chitin tacuil helm."

Mercenary Iuskedaro says, "I trust you have everything in order? If so, please depart at once for Druim Ligen."

[Step #2] Find Goulc'hen in Druim Ligen. He is in need of a new pair of chitin tacuil gauntlets. To complete this assignment, you will need to turn in an UNSTACKED 96% quality or higher item.
(Goulc'hen can be found at roughly 47k 3k Druim Ligen on the Connacht side.)

Goulc'hen says, "Ah, hello there (your name). What can I do for you this day?"

(Give him the chitin tacuil gauntlets, 96% quality or higher.)

Goulc'hen says, "Why thank you (your name). I know these will come in handy. No pun intended. Haha! Good luck on your future journeys."

[Step #3] Find Josson in Mag Mell. He is in need of a new chitin tacuil helm. To complete this assignment, you will need to turn in an UNSTACKED 96% quality or higher item.

(Josson can be found at roughly 27k 8k in Mag Mell in Lough Derg.)

Josson says, "Hello there friend. What can I do for you today?"

(Give Josson the chitin tacuil helm, 96% quality or higher.)

Josson says, "Ah! A new helm! Just what I needed. Thanks (your name). I shall be victorious in battle now, thanks to you! Good luck! I'm off to defend the realm!"

[Step #4] Return to Mercenary Iuskedaro in Ardee. Be sure to tell him his friends were [very appreciative] of the gifts.

(Mercenary Iuskedaro is in Felemu's Tavern in Ardee at roughly 54k 51k Connacht.)

Mercenary Iuskedaro says, "You've returned. How fared your travels? Did my friends have anything to say?"

/say very appreciative

Mercenary Iuskedaro says, "Ah! Good, I knew they would be. Thank you for helping them, and myself, out. Tegvan sent me a letter while you were out and stated that when you were done with your duties here to return to him at once. Thank you again (your name)!"

[Step #5] Return to Tegvan in Tir Na Nog.

(Tegvan is at roughly 21k 24k in Tir Na Nog.)

Tegvan says, "Ah! You've returned (your name). You must have completed luskedaro's tasks, or you wouldn't have gotten my message. I'm very pleased with your selflessness. Now it is time for you to pick a [gift].

Tegvan says, "There are items within this world that can assist you in making [better] items, or help you craft [faster], or even make you a [smarter] crafter. I have in my possession these items. It is now time for you to choose one."


Tegan says, "To make better items as an armorcrafter, you will need to use a Well-made Armor Etching Tool. Is this the item you [desire]?"

You receive the Well-made Armor Etching Tool from Tegvan!
You complete Hib - 800 AC Quest.

Well-made Armor Etching Tool -- better

  Well-made Armorsmith's Knife
  Well-made Armor Etching Tool
  Well-made Armorcrafting Hammer


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