Where There's a Will...  

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Start Zone: Vale of Mularn
Start Location:Haggerfel
Start NPC:
Related Zones:
  Vendo Caverns
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Quest begins in Haggerfel. There is an obvious chest in the town which if you click on it begins the quest. It is labeled as a level 30 quest.

You carefully open the battered old chest, revealing only a crumpled old sheet of paper in one of the container's dark corners. Curious, you take hold of the paper and slowly spread it out on the floor of the chest. The document identifies itself as the last will and testament of a dwarf named Dagnar, Riddlemaster of Haggerfel.

The will itself is embedded in the verses of a poem. From the text, it appears that Dagnar's family was not very fond of his riddles. Reading down the page, you discover that Dagnar's final riddle hides the location of his sons' inheritance. From the condition of the will, it appears the inheritance was never claimed.

Will you accept the Where There's a Will... quest?" [Level 30]

Deciding to take up Dagnar's challenge, you remove the document from the chest, fold it, and place it in your pack.

/use Dagnar's Will
Reading the will reveals:
During life ye hated me riddles,
In death ye'll hate me still,
For the only thing ye'll inherit,
Is the riddle in me will.
Listen closely, sons of mine,
Or nary a gold will ye see,
Travel ye to Muspelheim,
And find ye my clues three.

/interact Dagnar's Will
Travel to the northeast corner of Mularn and the entrance of Muspelheim. Look to the northeast from the zone entrance and you will see a bridge. Dagnar's riddle mentions that he placed a chest underneath the stone span.

In Muspelheim: loc=17323,31391,2831 dir=57
Follow the valley floor to the northeast.
You open the battered chest, revealing a yellowed, but neatly folded piece of paper containing the next riddle.

/use Dagnar's Second Riddle
Broken columns greet thee,
Within the bear-men's home,
Look ye for the second chest,
Where the spiders roam.

/interact Dagnar's Second Clue
Return to the Vale of Mularn and travel to the dungeon where the Vendo make their home. Search the corridors with the spiders for Dagnar's next chest.

In Vendo Caverns: loc=22523,24076,16561 dir=290
Down the only hallway you can go to the west, just past the first instance dungeon.
You open the battered chest, revealing another sheet of aged, meticulously folded paper containing the next riddle.

/use Dagnar's Third Riddle
/interact Dagnar's Third Riddle
Lost the screenshot of the text.
Paraphrased: Go to Uppland New Frontiers, head to the northwest from the entrance. You will come to a small area with two cabins surrounded by ice type creatures. The creatures that look like ice beings near one of the cabins are essentially surrounding the last chest. They conned aggressive and low green to 42.

In Uppland Gareth: loc=54854,9715,8088 dir=282
Paraphrased: It mentions seeing a glint of gold instead of the note you were expecting.

At level 42 the reward was:
You are awarded 146,800,640 experience!
You are awarded 13 gold!
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The Third Chest
# Oct 24 2007 at 2:35 AM Rating: Decent
When you leave Svaud Faste, head Northwest, but the cabins are located in the woods toward the Northeast corner of the map. The chest is on the outside of the cabin right where the Hailers are located.
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