Preemptive Strike  

Submitted by:Goingbald
Start Zone: Myrkwood Forest
Start Location:Galplen
Start NPC:Crelam
Min Level:27
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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  Dark Hound
  Mora Dancer
  Shrieking Willow
  Spirit of Fasolt
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DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Crelam can be found in Galplen, Myrkwood Forest @ loc=44375,24353,4744 dir=60

Crelam says, "You there! (Class)! Yes, you! There's no time to waste! If you have any love for your homeland, then your help is needed immediately with a vitally important [mission]."

Crelam says, "Well, what do you say? Will you be a loyal servant of Midgard and earn great honor for your House, or a treacherous, sniveling coward who deserves to be dumped in the sea, legs clamped in irons?"

Will you defend your realm against the uprising? [Level 27]
You have been given the Preemptive Strike quest.

[Step #1] Speak to Crelam in Galplen to learn what you must do to help [protect] the realm.

Crelam says, "I knew I could count on you not to turn coward and abandon your realm in its time of need. With our forces spread thin trying to aid the Valkyn in Aegir and half of the realm off prospecting for shiny artifacts in the Atlantean lands, there are barely enough of us left to [protect] Midgard."

Crelam says, "If you think our enemies here at home aren't looking for a way to take advantage of the situation, you'd be gravely mistaken. In fact, the Werewolves right here in Myrkwood are probably plotting an [uprising] as we speak."

Crelam says, "We've been observing them for some time now, in fact. They've been sending couriers out in the dead of night, and we think they're trying to secretly communicate with some person or faction that would benefit from our overthrow. No doubt the Werewolves would seize such an opportunity to expand their [power] in this region, and beyond."

Crelam says, "Our agents suspect that the Werewolf sentry known as Fasolt is the one who passes these secret dispatches to the couriers, who set out from Askheim under the cover of darkness. Fasolt guards the gates of the Werewolf fortress in the area - you can find him in his [watchtower] outside the fortress' front gate."

Crelam says, "Head southwest to Gna Faste. There's a road near the town that goes west. That will take you to the Werewolf Fort, and to Fasolt's guard tower. Deal with Fasolt, and bring me any documents he might beholding. It's time to do something about this growling threat, before it's too late! Also, beweare his guards! In fact, you might want to bring a friend or two along with you - it could be a tough fight."

[Step #2] Slay Fasolt, He can be found in the watchtower that guards the Werewolf Fort in Askheim. Follow the road west from Gna Faste to find it.

Fasolt says, "Raawwrrr! Guards! Protect me!"
You find an Encrypted Dispatch on Fasolt's corpse and place it in your backpack. Your quest journal has been updated.
You receive the Encrypted Dispatch from Fasolt!

Spirit of Fasolt says, "Vile creature! Your name shall resound through the ranks of werewolves everywhere! You shall not know a moment's peace when they catch your scent! Pray to your pathetic gods and goddesses for a quick death when the pack catches you!"

[Step #3] Take the Encrypted Dispatch you recovered from Fasolt to Crelam in Galplen.

Crelam says, "Did you find anything interesting on Fasolt's corpse? If so, hand it to me now."

Crelam says, "This looks like some kind of letter, but this writing isn't like anything I've seen before. In fact, these markings almost resemble magic runes. This form of magical encryption is usually reserved for only the most [secretive] of matters."

Crelam says, "I can't do anything with this, but I know who can. Seek out Enchantress Halldis in the Gna Faste guard tower, and let her know I sent you. She should be able to come up with a way to decipher this letter. When she's translated it, bring this dispatch back to me, and we'll see what those Werewolves are up to!"

[Step #4] Take the Encrypted Dispatch to Halldis the Enchantress in the Gna Faste guard tower to see if she can translate it.

Halldis says, "Hm - this is a strange set of runes, and not something I recognize. However, I'm sure we can coax this little document to give up its secrets, with the right spell. Will you help me craft the [charm] I'll need to translate these runes?"

Halldis says, "Let's see - for this char I'll first need some astral residue, such as that which is left behind when you slay a mora dancer. Also, you'll need to acquire the black root of a shrieking willow. Lastly, I'll need a dark hound's ear, so that we may hear the magical whisperings of the runes and translate them into a language that Crelam will [understand]."

Halldis says, "Behind this tower is a road leading west. Follow it until you are within sight of the Werewolf Fort, then turn south, you'll find the entrancing dirges and shrieking willows. The dark hounds roam the woods to the east of that lake. Return to me when you have all three of these items."

[Step #5] Kill a mora dancer and collect some astral residue. They haunt the southern shore of the lake to the south of the Werewolf Fort in Askeim.

You recover some astral essence from the corpse of the mora dancer. Your quest journal has been updated.
You receive the Astral Essence from the mora dancer!

[Step #6] Kill a shrieking willow to collect a black root. You can find the willows near the entrancing dirges along the lakeshore.

You pry a black root from the corpse of the shrieking willow. Your quest journal has been updated.
You receive the Black Root from the shrieking willow!

[Step #7] Kill a dark hound and cut its ear off. The dark hounds roam the woods east of the lake which is south of the Werewolf fort.

You cut the ear from the corpse of the dark hound. Your quest hournal has been updated.
You receive the Dark Hound's Ear from the dark hound!

[Step #8] Return to Enchantress Halldis in the Gna Faste guard tower with the spell components you obtained.

Halldis says, "Welcome back! I see you have the ingredients I asked for - give them to me now, please, and I'll create the charm that we need. First, hand me the astral essence."

Halldis says, "Good - this is just right. Now give me the black root you pried from the shrieking willow."

[Step #9] Give Halldis the Black Root.

Halldis says, "Perfect - now hand me the dark hound's ear."

[Step #10] Give Halldis the Dark Hound's Ear.

Halldis says, "Well done. Now, let's see what secrets this letter has to share!"

Halldis says, "I have deciphered the magical writings. You may take this document back to Crelam - I'm sure he'll find it interesting."

You receive the Deciphered Dispatch from Halldis!

[Step #12] Return to Crelam in Galplen and hand him the Deciphered Dispatch.

Crelam says, "Ah, you've returned with the deciphered message, eh? I don't know what took you so long but, here, hand it over – I'm very eager to see what it says!"

Crelam says, "What?? This cannot be possible! The Werewolves are sending out pleas for peace with their old nemesis, the Arachites? No doubt they intend to declare a truce, so that they can band together to attack us! Even the most bitter enemies can sometimes learn to cooperate when there is enough to be [gained]."

Crelam says, "We have to prevent these peace talks from reaching fruition, (Name), and I know just how to do it. I have here a handy little magical necklace I used to wear when I was sent to spy on the enemy realms. If you wear it and conjure the image of a creature in your mind, it will cast a glamour upon you that will make you appear in the [likeness] of that creature. There are just a few charges left before the charm fades and the necklace crumbles into dust, so you should do everything in your power to accomplish this mission in one or two attempts!"

Crelam says, "Assemble a large raiding party, then put on this necklace and travel to the Werewolf fort at Askheim. As soon as you enter the fort, use the necklace to transform yourself and your party into the likenesses of Arachites. Once this has been done, assassinate Baron Falwur, who you will find in his house in the fort. Bring me back Baron Falwur's signet ring as proof that you have completed the mission, and I'll reward you at that time."

You receive the Crelam's Necklace from Crelam!

[Step #13] Assemble a raiding party to assassinate Baron Falwur. Enter the Askheim werewolf fort and USE the necklace Crelam gave you to transform your party into Arachites.

As you pry Baron Fulwar's signet ring from his finger, Crelam's necklace crumbles into dust
You receive the Fulwar's Signet Ring from Baron Falwur!

[Step #14] Return to Crelam with Falwur's signet ring and collect your reward.

Crelam says, "Ah! The (Class) returns! Is the deed, done? Yes? Hand me the ring, and let's see your proof!"

Crelam says, "Excellent! Your actions will surely destroy any hope of peace between the Werewolves and the Arachites, and keep us all safe from such a lethal alliance. You have done your realm a great service this day. Please take these rewards, but know that the real reward is the honor you have earned for your house!"

You receive the Sunscorch Cloak from Crelam!
You are awarded 9,908,424 experience!
(can't remember which level I was for this amount)
You are awarded 80 silver!

  Sunscorch Cloak (Bd, He, Ru, Sh, Sp, Wa)
  Sunscorch Cloak (Hu,Sb,Sa,Wa,Ma,Be,Va)
  Sunscorch Cloak (Th,Sk)


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