800 Fletching Tradeskill Quest (Hib)  

Submitted by:Friml
Start Zone: Tir na Nog
Start Location:Alainn Cuir
Start NPC:Arziqua
Related Zones:
  Lough Derg
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:No
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
Last Updated:Sun Apr 6 04:33:57 2008
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Quest starts with Arziqua the Fletchers Master in Tir naNog. He is under the mushroom (LOC: 21603,24534) near all the other tradeskill Masters near Alainn Cuir, the main building/palace in TNN.

Arziqua says, "Would you like to continue on in your training? You can choose training for the [junior] level, the [journeyman] level, the [senior] level or the [master] level."

Arziqua says, "I need you to help me. I have a [favor] to ask of you"

Arziqua says, "My shop is keeping me busier than usual, and I have something that needs to be delivered. Would you mind [delivering] it for me?"

You have been given the Hib - 800 Fletching quest.
You receive the wooden boards from Arziqua!

Arziqua says, "Great! Here, take these to Nyra in Mag Mell. She requested them, but I don't know why. Well, anyhow, hurry up."

Go to Nyra in Mag Mell (LOC: 29517,6246 Lough Derg) in the building E-NE from the bind stone.

Nyra says, "Uh... What are these for? Are you here from Arziqua? Oh no! I asked for her to make me a new bow! She must not have been able to hear me over the noise of the city. Wait, can you [make] me a new bow?"

Nyra says, "I need a stonewood heavy recurve bow. If you can make one for me, that would be great! Just hand it to me when you're done."

(Make a stonewood heavy recurve bow and give it to Nyra.)

Nyra says, "Ah! You're done! Thank you so much (your name). Now, be sure to tell Arziqua when you go back to Tir na Nog that you had to make me a bow. I want to make sure she properly rewards you for doing this for me. Thanks again!"

(Return to Arziqua)
(/s make Nyra a bow)

Arziqua says, "What? Ah, bah, I'm sorry about that. I could have SWORN she said she'd make her own, but no bother. For your hard work, I would like to reward you with a [gift]."

Arziqua says, "There are items within this world that can assist you in making [better] items, or help you craft [faster], or even make you a [smarter] crafter. I have in my possession these items. It is now time for you to choose one."

Depending on your choice above, you will get one of the following 3 options:

Arziqua says, "To make better items as a fletcher, you need to use a Well-made Planing Tool. Is this the item you [desire]?"

Arziqua says, "To make your items faster, you will need a Well-made Fletcher's Knife. Is this the item you [wish] for?"

Arziqua says, "To make your items stronger, you will need a Well-made Arrowhead Chisel. Is this the item you [want]?"

(I chose the smarter option)

Arziqua says, "Here you are then (Your Name), a Well-made Arrowhead Chisel. It will serve you well in the months to come. Good luck (Your Name). We will speak again soon."

You receive the Well-made Arrowhead Chisel from Arziqua!

Well-made Planing Tool
Well-made Fletcher's Knife
Well-made Arrowhead Chisel

  Well-made Arrowhead Chisel
  Well-made Fletcher's Knife
  Well-made Planing Tool


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