Sack of Grain -- Kill Task  

Start Zone: Cornwall
Start Location:Cornwall Station
Start NPC:Pethos
Type:Kill Task
Related Zones:
Min Level:32
Max Level:38
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:No
Related NPCs:
Related Items:
  Sack of Grain (Alb)
Last Updated:Tue Jan 20 22:23:16 2009
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Pethos, the stablemaster at Cornwall Station, wants his grain back. Find the Farmers in Lyonese and retreive the Stolen Grain, return for 2,621,440 xp, or sell for 28s 32c.

Kill task dialog:

Pethos says.''Good day, Ulrych. If you are interested in renting a horse, purchase a ticket, then hand it to me. But if you have a [few minutes], I could really use your help.''

Pethos says,''Not too far from here in Lyonesse you'll find a band of farmers. They stole the grain I was planning on feeding my horses this winter. It's too late to send for another shipment, and I'm afraid my horses will starve this winter if I don't get it back.''

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