Lost Maps  

Submitted by:Habalton Marksane
Start Zone: Aegir's Landing
Start Location:Aegirhamn
Start NPC:Sinna Redtoes
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Related Zones:
  Gripklosa Mountains
  Munin Sound
Min Level:27
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(Average from 6 ratings)
Related NPCs:
  Keirstyn Alfevson
Last Updated:Sun Apr 18 00:43:53 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Sinna loc is 40806 43240 in Aegir's Landing.

Sinna looks up from the map she is drawing and glares at you.

Sinna Redtoes says, "What do you want? I've got [no more maps] to steal, so you can just keep on walking before I call the guards to come get you out of here!"

Sinna grabs your pack and searches through it quickly.

Sinna Redtoes says, "Hrmph, no more maps in there and that's lucky for you!
Someone crept in here while I was sleeping and stole two maps that belong to Longbeard. He put them in my care until he our forces came back from helping Stonelock fight the Morvltar. They are due back any day and the maps I had the Valkyn draw me are gone. I think I know [who did it] but I'm not completely sure."

Sinna Redtoes says, "I caught a glimpse of their clothes as they ran our with the maps. I believe they were members of the Grenlock Clan. I would go talk to the Grenlock Clan about it but I must try to recreate both those maps. The Valkyn who drew them went out with Stonelock and won't return until the rest of our group comes back. I need someone who will [track down these thieves] and retrieve my maps."

Dialog box: Will you help Sinna by tracking down the map thieves?

You have been given the Lost Maps quest.

Sinna Redtoes says, "Go then to Keirstyn Alfevson. She is much more reasonable person to deal with then that Karle. All he can think about is claiming land for his precious clan. Tell her Sinna Redtoes sent you and see what she has to say. I will reward you well if you can retrieve both maps."

[Step #1] Seek out Keirstyn Alfevson. When she asks, tell her [Sinna Redtoes] sent you.

Keirstyn Alfevson loc is 43542 42283 in Aegir's Landing.

Keirstyn Alfevson says, "Yes, what might I do for you?"

You say, "Sinna Redtoes sent me."

Keirstyn Alfevson says, "Oh dear, I feared it would come to this. I have heard that Sinna Redtoes had some maps stolen and that she thinks some of the Grenlock Clan was responsible. I'm not surprised that she sent someone here to speak with me. I'm sad to say I think [she is correct]."

Keirstyn Alfevson says, "A few days ago I awoke to find that four members of
the Clan had disappeared. At first I figured that my brother Karle had sent
them into the wild lands, since their packs were gone. When I heard later that day that Sinna Redtoes had seen Grenlock Clan members around her packs, I began to wonder. I went to Karle and he denied sending the four on any kind of mission. It was then that I [remembered something]."

Keirstyn Alfevson says, "That evening at dinner, before the four disappeared, I heard one of the men, Modolf, mention the town of Knarr in Munin Sound. I think I heard one of the missing women mention the word 'treasure' but I cannot be sure. Ever since I learned of the theft, I have been trying to track down the four without luck. I know Sinna sent you here to get the maps back. I cannot give you maps I do not have, but I can give you this. Use it to get to Knarr quickly and ask around the town to see if anyone has seen or heard of Modolf. I wish you luck."

You receive a ticket to Knarr from Keirstyn Alfevson!

[Step #2] Use the horse ticket to travel to Knarr in Munin Sound. Ask around town to see if anyone has heard or seen of [Modolf].

When you get to Knarr, talk to Heikki. He is right next to the stablemaster. Heikki loc is 7256 54337.

Heikki says, "Hail. Might I do something for you?"

[Step #3] Talk with Heikki about Modolf.

Heikki says, "Modolf? If you're looking for him, I'm sorry to say you won't
have much luck. He's gone. I was on watch the night he came through here so I remember him. A few nights ago he came into Knarr all in a big rush, demanding I give him a boat. Well, I told him I wouldn't give him one but that I would sell him one. He argued and stomped around telling me that no one said no to Modolf, but I stood my ground. I paid good gold for that boat and wasn't going to just give it away! He finally relented and handed over a pouch of gold. I took him to [my little boat]."

Heikki says, "As he got into the boat I wondered if I had done the right thing selling him the boat. He had no clue what he was doing. Can you believe a Norseman who doesn't know how to handle a boat? I showed him how to row it properly and then he headed out northeast across the water and followed the coastline until I lost sight of him. I figured that was the last I'd see of him or my little boat but [I was wrong]."

Heikki says, "I wasn't on watch the next night, so I decided to do a little
hunting before sunset. I went up the coast past the Shalklan camp and what
did I find on shore? Modolf's pack, soaked with water and my little boat,
upside down, with a big hole in it! I know I had sold the boat, but I was still upset. I began to drag the boat back to here when I realized that I hadn't seen Modolf anywhere, just his pack. I went back and search for him
but I couldn?t find him anywhere. But that time the sun had set and that is
[not a good time] to be far from home."

Heikki says, "Many people have drowned out in that part of the land. I think
the mist menaces that roam around there confuse people and they end up capsizing their boats. At night the spirits of those drowning victims come out and haunt the land. If Modolf did drown, that's where you'll find his spirit. That's all the help I can give you. I wish you luck in finding him."

[Step #4] Follow the east coast around past the Shalklan settlement until
you find the mist menaces. At night, the drowning victims roam the land
north of that part of the coast. Look for Modolf there and obtain the map
from him.

Go find Modolf at around 35k, 21k in Munin Sound. He spawns sometime around 10:00 PM. He cons blue/green to a 34 healer. You need to go inland from the shore just a bit, not right at the edge of the water.

As you start attacking him:
Modolf says, "You will not get my map! Never!"

You receive Modolf's map from Modolf!

As you tuck Modolf's map into your pack, you notice that there is some writing on the back of the map.

=== Note on Modolf: even if you aren't doing the quest, kill Modolf if you see him. I've killed him 2 times now and received 3 different axes from him. ===

[Step #5] The map has some writing on it. Perhaps you should use the map and
see what it says. To read the map, use it.

You attempt to use Modolf's map.

As you read the note written on the back of the map, you find a horse route
ticket tucked inside.

You receive a ticket to Bjarkan from Modolf's map!

The Modolf's map reads, "Bjarken. Meet Merja while L. and I. Search. Soon. Bring map. Use ticket. Do not get caught by Karle or Keirstyn!"

[Step #6] Use the horse ticket to travel from Knarr to Bjarken to meet Merja. Talk to her when you arrive.

Merja loc is 10388 54602 in Bjarkan(Gripklosa Mountains).

Merja says, "Yes, what might I? where did you get that map you carry? I know
that map! It is not yours and I know because I helped to steal it? I know where it came from. How did you come to have it? Did you steal it like a thief in the night? Tell me!"

[Step #7a] Tell Merja that [Modolf drowned and I got the map].

[Step #7b] Talk with Merja about why they stole the maps.

Merja says, "I knew something like this would happen. It was such a bad idea to steal those maps. Yes, we stole them! I knew it was wrong but Modolf,
Loden, and Idette convinced me to go along with them. I tried to talk Modolf
into letting me go with him to Knarr and helping with the boat, but he insisted he could handle it himself. He sent me here to wait while he, Idette, and Loden all went off in search of the treasure. I think we will all [pay the price] for stealing from the dwarves."

Merja says, "Then you must find Loden and Idette. I would go seek them myself, but I still have a shred of hope that they will return here. If they do I will get the maps from them and hold them until your return. The people here say they saw Loden and Idette heading kind of east from here, through a valley and then they turned north. How far they got, I don't know, but that's where you should start searching. I'm sure they won't give up the map halves easily, so be careful. You may even want to take some friends with you. Come back to me when you have both halves and I will reassemble the map for you."

[Step #8a] Retrieve both halves of the map. Loden has one half and Idette
has the other. You may get either one first. They were last seen heading
east through a valley near Bjarken, then north.

Go find both Idette and Loden at about 21k,47k during the night time.
Idette was a skeleton and conned blue to a 35 healer. Loden was an undead and conned green to a 35 healer.

Loden loc is 22646 48203 in Gripklosa mountains. Time was 9h 2m 17s, he was already spawned when I showed up. Con green to level 32. Respawn every 10 mins or so.

Idette loc is 20393 46501 in Gripklosa Mountains. time was 9h 2m 17s, he was already spawned when I showed up. Con blue/yellow to level 32. Respawn every 15 mins or so.

As Idette dies:
Idette says, "Loden! We are under attack! Flee if you can!"

===FYI: Loden doesn't listen ===

You receive Idette's map half form Idette!

[Step #8b] Get the other half of the map from Loden. He was last seen
heading east through a valley near Bjarken, then north.

You receive Loden's map half from Loden!

Loden says, "No! Now I shall never find the treasure before the dwarves!"

[Step #9} Return to Merja in Bjarken.

Merja says, "You have just confirmed my fears. Loden and Idette died in the
avalanche, didn't they? It saddens me to hear that. When I have the courage
I will return to the Clan and let them know of my wrongdoing and the deaths
of the other clan members. But for now, give me a piece of the map so that I
can put it back together and begin to make it up to the dwarves of Longbeard's group."

[Step #10] Give Merja one half of the map.

Merja says, "Now the other piece please."

[Step #11] Give Merja the other half of the map.

Merja says, "There it is done. Please return this map to Sinna Redtoes, for
we should have never stolen it from her. I will come in time to make my apologies to her and accept any punishment she may have for me. Please, take this to help you get back to her quickly. The quicker the maps are returned to her, the sooner I can begin to face what lies ahead of me. Go now and be well."

You receive a ticket to Aegirhamn from Merja!

You receive Merja's map from Mejra!

[Step #12] Use the horse ticket and return to Sinna in Aegirhamn.

Sinna Redtoes says, "You've been gone a while. What news do you have for me?
Any maps?"

[Step #13] Give Sinna Redtoes the map from Modolf.

Well, well, this is one of my lost maps. Were members of the Grenlock Clan to blame? Actually, if you have the other map, I don't really care who stole them. Do you have it?"

[Step #14] Give Sinna Redtoes the map from Merja.

Sinna Redtoes says, "It looks almost as if it was torn at some point, but I
can see it is whole, and that is all that matters. I am just thankful to have these maps back. I will keep them in a safer place this time. I know many seek the same lost treasures we do, and Longbeard would not be happy if someone else found them! Now since you served the dwarves so well, I shall
dig into my own store of treasures and [offer you a prize].?

[Step #15] Choose your reward from Sinna Redtoes.

Sinna Redtoes says, "I have a Fiery Garnet [belt], a Spirited Amber
[necklace], a Luminous Citrine [pin], a Terrence Adventureine [choker], a Chilly Sodalite [earring], and a Potent Amethyst [gem]. I can tell you about each one if you wish, of you may [choose now]."

Sinna Redtoes says, "The Firey Garnet belt was made by my grandfather and
will aid in resisting fire as well as add to you strength and dexterity.
Would you like the [Fiery Garnet] belt or would you like to hear [about the others]?"

Sinna Redtoes says, "The Spirited Amber necklace is very nice. Wearing it
will make you dexterous and quick, as well as help you resist those that attack your mind. Do you choose the [Spirited Amber] necklace or would you like to hear [about the others]?"

Sinna Redtoes says, "The Luminous Citrine pin is a rare creation of my own. When you are it, people will find you more charming and you will find yourself stronger. And it shall help you resist your enemies should they attack you with spells of light. Would you like the [Luminous Citrine] pin or would you like to hear [about the others]?"

Sinna Redtoes says, "The Terrene Aventurine choker was created by my mother before I came here to Aegir. It will protect you from those that try to attack you with earth spells, and will make you heartier as well as more pious. Do you wish to have the [Terrene Aventurine] choker or would you like to hear [about the others]?"

Sinna Redtoes says, "Ah, quite an earring it is! It is made from sodalite, a fine blue stone. While making you feel more pious, it will alsom make you feel dexterous. And it will definite come in handy if you should be ambushed by those Albions with their cold spells. Do you choose the [Chilly Sodalite] earring or would you like to hear [about the others]?"

Sinna Redtoes says, "The Potent Amethyst is a rare gem my grandmother found while she was a child and she has passed it down to my mother and now it has come to me. I hate to part with it, but I will if you desire it. While you wear it, it will make you strong and hearty, and help to defend you from the spells of those Hibernian casters. Would you like to have the [Potent
gem or would you like to hear [about the others]?"

Sinna Redtoes says, "Are you sure of your choice? Once you choose, you cannot change your mind. I can [tell you about them] again or you can choose the [Potent Amethyst] gem."

Sinna Redtoes says, "Here is your Potent Amethyst gem. I shall sing your praises tonight as I raise a horn of ale with Longbeard. May the House of Eir always watch over you."

You are awarded XX,XXX,XXX experience!
You are awarded 2 gold and some silver!
You have finished the Lost Maps quest.

You receive a Potent Amethyst gem from Sinna Redtoes!

lvl 27 received 7,266,177 exp

Fiery Garnet belt
Spirited Amber necklace
Luminous Citrine pin
Terrene Aventurine Choker
Chilly Sodalite earring
Potent Amethyst gem

=== Side Note: Go talk to Longbeard after you finish the quest, and he says:

Longbeard says, "Ah, you are the one that Sinna Redtoes spoke of. You helped recover the maps that pesky Grenlock Clan stole. You are a friend of Longbeard now. I salute you!"

Lvl 27 received 7,266,177 experience, 2 gold.

  Potent Amethyst Gem
  Fiery Garnet Belt
  Spirited Amber Necklace
  Luminous Citrine Pin
  Terrene Aventurine Choker
  Chilly Sodalite Earring

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Lost Maps
# Sep 17 2006 at 3:23 PM Rating: Decent
169 posts
This was a nice quest to do. Yeah there is some traveling involved, but the mobs that were along the way to the named ones also counted towards kill tasks, such as water cats, drowning victims, and morvalt landflykes.

Level 27 was awarded 7,266,177 experience, 2 gold, and the Fiery Garnet Belt.

Edited, Sep 17th 2006 at 7:25pm EDT by Edselx
ticket to ride
# Apr 17 2006 at 9:07 PM Rating: Decent
You can't use the new teleporter from 1.82 to complete the quest, only using the ticket will work.
ticket to ride
# Sep 27 2006 at 5:10 PM Rating: Decent
I was able to use the Stor Gothi teleporter to complete the quest.
Daytime spawn for Loden and Idette
# Aug 31 2005 at 12:36 PM Rating: Decent
The loc above is correct. They spawn during the day now and are in amongst a bunch of Undead Morvalt skeletons. Conned yellow to a 27 Thane.
Using the Map
# Sep 10 2003 at 8:04 PM Rating: Decent
The full and complete instructions for using the map:

Put it in the quickbar, select yourself as the target, press E, then press the slot number.
Chilly Sodalite Earring
# Jun 30 2003 at 5:18 PM Rating: Default
Chilly Sodalite Earring
Level 29 magic item
Piety: 6 points
Dexterity: 6 points
Cold: 4%
Hits: 6 points
# Jun 30 2003 at 4:49 PM Rating: Default
Try sticking the map on an empty quickbar slot, pressing your 'use' key (mine is E by default) and then pressing the quickbar number. Worked for me :-)
# Jun 27 2003 at 11:38 PM Rating: Default
Couldn't complete step 5. When I tried to use the map it says 'You attempt to use modolf's map. you can't fire or ready taht item'.
bugged for me
# Jun 21 2003 at 4:45 PM Rating: Default
I couldn't complete the quest, because when I tried to use Modolf's map, it would let me. So be forewarned it might not work for you either.
Terrene Adventurine Choker
# May 17 2003 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
Level 29
Constitution +6
Piety +6
Matter 4%
Hits +6
Sprited Amber Necklace
# Feb 07 2003 at 3:35 PM Rating: Decent
stats are:
Dexterity 6
Quickness 6
spirit 4
hits 6
lodon and idette
# Feb 07 2003 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
i just killed them both at 9 am so i dont think they are a night only spawn
Loc of the NPC
# Feb 03 2003 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
Sinna loc is 40806 43240 in Aegir's Landing.
Keirstyn Alfevson loc is 43542 42283 in Aegir's Landing.

Heikki loc is 7256 54337 in Knarr(Munin Sound).

Modolf loc is 35280, 21400 in Munin Sound. Time was 2h 13m 15s when he spawned. Con Green to level 32.

Merja loc is 10388 54602 in Bjarkan(Gripklosa Mountains).

Loden loc is 22646 48203 in Gripklosa mountains. Time was 9h 2m 17s, he was already spawned when I showed up. Con green to level 32. Respawn every 10 mins or so.

Idette loc is 20393 46501 in Gripklosa Mountains. time was 9h 2m 17s, he was already spawned when I showed up. Con blue/yellow to level 32. Respawn every 15 mins or so.

Luminous Citrine pin is a gem slot. Same Stats as the Potent Amethyst Gem. (01.01.03 date I did the quest). At level 32 I got little over 16mil exp or about 7/10s of a bubble.
Journal Quest Name
# Dec 21 2002 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
The quest name error has been corrected.

Also found Modolf at 35280, 21400. you need to go inland from the shore just a bit, not right at the edge of the water.

Drowning Victims appear as skellies.

I chose the Fiery Garnet Belt for Reward:
Strength: 6 pts
Dexterity: 6 pts
Heat: 4%
Hits: 6 pts

Agrissi BagOfFries - Bors

Edited, Mon Jan 6 03:45:58 2003
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