Solving the Argument  

Submitted by:Fengr Skaifgrei
Start Zone: Aegir's Landing
Start Location:Dyrfjall
Start NPC:Skorri
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Min Level:10
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
(Average from 7 ratings)
Related NPCs:
  Biting Insect
  Mammoth Calf
  Morvalt Ungdom
Last Updated:Tue Nov 30 03:22:13 2010
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

Skorri gives you 4 kill tasks then return for your reward. Tasks will vary.

::: Quest started by asking a bartender in Aegirhamn about adventure. Said that I should go see Skorri in Dyrfjell. I did' :::

Skorri says, "I give up! These two are [driving me crazy]!"

Skorri says, "You don't know what's going on, do you? I believe you may be the only one in all of Aegir who hasn't heard the bickering that has been going on between these two. I would have had both of them dragged to Iarnvidur's Lair and left there if Stonelock Stonefist would have allowed it. Instead I have to listen to them [accuse one] another of horrible things!"

Skorri sighs unhappily, looking at Olvaerr and then at Ailsa. Olvaerr and Ailsa glare at each other.

Skorri says, "Olvaerr here is one of Ota Yrling's Kobolds, who came over with Longbeard and his dwarves. He claims that Ailsa stole something of his. And Ailsa, one of Catla's followers claims that Olvaerr stole a totem she was taking to Catla Gardasdottir, I've been trying to reason with them but they both so stubborn that neither will listen to me when I say that perhaps they simply [lost their belongings]."

Olvaerr says," I didn't lose my belongings, Skorri! Ailsa stole it! I know she did!"

Ailsa says, "No, I didn't! Why would I want some smelly old cloak? But I know you stole the item I had for my mistress, Catla. You saw how special it was and you stole it for Ota and that grouchy old Longbeard! Give it back!"

Olvaerr says, "How can I give back something I never had? you stole my cloak! Give it back right now and perhaps I won't tell Longbeard and Ota about the treachery of Catla Gardasdottir's people!"

Ailsa says,"You thickheaded excuse for a Kobold! You probably lost that rotten old cloak in some drinking game with Longbeard's dwarves, I would never wear something that hideous!"

Olvaerr says, "You pathetic excuse for a Norsewoman, you call ME thickheaded? Your head is so thick we could cut it off and put it on the border between Albion and us! It would take then years to get through it! only one as stupid as you would believe that a Kobold like myself would want your stupid totem!"

Ailsa says,"You foolish little Kobold! You are playing with fore, insulting me like that! Perhaps a taste of a few Raven Bolts in the right place would teach you to respect those better than you!"

Skorri says. "ENOUGH! Both of you be quiet this instant or I will have you dragged to Delling Crater and thrown in headfirst! Do you see what I have been dealing with? Stonelock, King Goran's brother, put me in charge of leading two groups up into Gripklosa Mountains and unfortunately these two are the leaders of those two groups. neither will budge until they [get back] their missing items and King Goran and Stonelock ill both string me up unless I get them there."

Skorri lowers his voice so only you can hear him.

Skorri says, "Niddogh, right? Well Niddogh, I was talking to Kaisa and she says she saw both objects before they were lost and knows how to recreate them. Kaisa can't go get the materials because she's been feeling sick lately and I can't leave these two alone for two seconds or they would tear each other apart. If there was someone to [go out and gather] the necessary items."

Will you help Skorri end the argument between Ailsa and Olvaerr by replacing their lost items?

You have been given the Solving the Argument quest.

Step #1: Go speak with Kaisa. She can be found in the small hut near Tjasse Vindrson in Dyrfjell.

Kaisa says, "Come in, come in, Hunter. If I'm not mistaken, Skorri sent you to me. I could hear Ailsa and Olvaerr all the way over here. They have been fighting for days and poor Skorri has been close to tears, which is saying something, him being a troll. They have surely tested his patience. I am just glad that I saw both objects before those two addle-brains [lost them]."

Kaisa says, "Yes, they lost them. A few days ago Ailsa went out with the totem tied to her belt and didn't come back with it. I'm sure she lost it when she was out studying the Morvaltar for Catla. As for Olvaerr, Ailsa might be right in hat he lost it in a drinking game [with the dwarves]."

Kaisa says, "He took a horse to Aegirhamn on the same say that Ailsa went out and he returned the next morning, reeking for ale and groaning about his head. I didn't see the cloak anywhere. It was the same day they both started accusing the other of stealing. I'm just glad I saw both items before they lost them Poor Skorri only has a certain amount of time [to meet Stonelock] up in Gripklosa mountains and if he can't get those two groups moving, Stonelock will be furious."

Kaisa says, "Stonelock is going to be leading an expedition into the wilds of Gripklosa to track down the truth of yet another rumor about the Troll Fathers. I told Skorri to just go himself and leave both groups here and let Catla and Longbeard get in trouble for not being able to control their people, but Skorri said Stonelock wouldn't look at it that was. I'd hate for Skorri to [get in trouble] since he's been so kind to check on me while I've been sick."

Kaisa says, "Well, if we want to keep Skorri out of trouble, we better get you going! Olvaerr's cloak is rather easy to reproduce. From what he was telling anyone who would listen, he killed a mammoth bull himself and sewed it with he sinew from a morvalt bagskytt. But I saw the cloak and know the pelt actually came from a mammoth calf. And I heard Alisa say she saw Olvaerr killing a morvalt ungdom shortly before he started wearing the cloak. I think you can handle getting the pelt and the sinew. Now for [Ailsa's totem].

Kaisa says, "This will be a bit more difficult. She took the eye of a biting insect and imbued it with the essence of a pyslings. I believe I can reproduce the process she used if you bring me those two things. I know it is a lot to get, but I know that Skorri will reward you well for saving him from those two. Do you [need directions] to the creatures or do you [know the way]?"

Kaisa says, "Which do you need directions to? the [mammoth] calves, the [morvalt] ungdom, the [pyslings], the biting [insects], or [all of them]?"

Kaisa says, "The mammoth calves do have a tendency to roam, but you can almost always find some just west of here, in the open area by the rocks. Take care, for the calves usually travel in pairs. Watch out for the young mammoths, they are more than you can handle at this point!"

Kaisa says, "For the morvalt ungdom, follow the road southwest as if you are going to Aegirhamn and cross the large stone bridge. Not far over the bridge you will find morvalt ungdom on both sides of the road."

Kaisa says, "The pyslings and found in many places, but I like one particular spot. From the guard tower near the large stone bridge, head due south. You'll cross over the road and enter a small valley between the hills. You should find some in there. Some are only there at night, but others are there all the time."

Kaisa says, "As for the biting insects, head south from the guard tower near the large stone bridge. Cross over the road and into a small valley between the hills. Once in the valley, follow it west until you reach the beach. The biting insects live along the coastline."

Step #2: Get a pelt from a mammoth calf. If you need directions to their location, speak with Kaisa in Dyrfjell. Be careful, the calves travel in pairs!

Step #3: Get a morvalt sinew from a morvalt ungdom. If you need directions to their location, speak with Kaisa in Dyrfjell.

Step #4: Get some essence from a pysling. If you need directions to their location, speak with Kaisa in Dyrfjell.

Step #5: Get an eye from a biting insect. If you need directions the location, speak with Kaisa in Dyrfjell.

Step #6: Return to Kaisa in Dyrfjell and speak with her.

Kaisa says, "Oh, Hunter, you should be thankful you were not here recently! Ails and Olvaerr got into another yelling match and Skorri was ready to drag them back to Muspelheim and drop them into the lava! I managed to get over there and calm them down. Poor Skorri! He's looking so tired from all this. Let us get these things made quickly, shall we? I need the pelt from the mammoth calf first."

Kaisa says, "Now give me the morvalt sinew an I shall quickly sew a cloak."

Kaisa takes out a bone needle and sews the morvalt sinew to the cloak.

Kaisa says, "There, that is done and it looks exactly the same as the one he had before. Good job Hunter! Now give me the essence from the pyslings."

Kaisa takes the essence and pours it into a small wooden bowl

Kaisa says, "Please give me the eye from the biting insect."

Kaisa places the eye in the bowl and then puts a few mysterious looking powders and liquids in. She then pulls the eye out of the gooey mess in the bowl.

Kaisa says, "That is done too. I was a little unsure of this one, but from what I overheard Ailsa saying, this is the same process she used. We'll see if it's acceptable to her or not. Here, take the cloak and the totem and go speak with Skorri. Hopefully he hasn't hurt Ailsa and Olvaerr yet!"

You receive a Olvaerr's cloak from Kaisa!
You receive a Ailsa's totem from Kaisa!

Step #7: Go and see Skorri again.

::: No sshot for this one, just from memory :::

Skorri says, "I hope for both my sanity and their health that you have found Alisa's and Olvaerr's missing items, Niddogh. Do I see [a cloak] in your pack there?"

Skorri says, "Look Olvaerr, this fine Hunter has found your cloak! Please Niddogh, give Olvaerr his cloak so that he will no longer think that Ailsa stole it from him. Perhaps he will even apologize to Alisa."

Step #8: Give Olvaerr's cloak to him in Dyrfjell

Olvaerr takes the cloak and inspects it.

Olvaerr says, "Hrmph. It appears that you have found my cloak, Hunter. I didn't think that dwarf would give it...I mean I didn't think anyone would ever find it! Ailsa, There I said it! Hopefully you have Ailsa's totem so she realizes I didn't take it!"

You are awarded 11,264 experience!
You are awarded 6 silver and some copper!

Step #9: Give Ailsa's totem to her in Dyrfjell.

Ailsa says, "Well would you look at that! The Kobold didn't steal it after all Perhaps I did drop it the other day when I was you watching the Morvaltar. I am sorry too, Olvaerr. And I am sorry, Skorri that we put you through this. I shall send word to my group to prepare for the trip to Gripklosa now. Niddogh, I think that Skorri has been stunned into silence. Perhaps you can break him out of it by speaking to him again."

You are awarded 11,264 experience!
You are awarded 6 silver and some copper!

Skorri says, "Well Niddogh, I am speechless. You have done it! They have apologized to each other I thin the world may be ending after all. Now if I can just keep the two groups from killing each other on the away up to Gripklosa, Stonelock will be pleased with me. I cannot thank you enough for helping me. After the last expedition I led, Stonelock [gave me something] for my good service. I have never used it, but I think it is time it got some use."

Skorri says, "According to Stonelock, this was made by the finest Troll craftspeople around. I hope you will use it as you explore this land. Perhaps one day we shall speak again and you can join in an expedition I am leading! May the house of Skadi watch over you, Niddogh!"

You receive a War-maker's Bow from Skorri!
You have finished the Solving the Argument quest.

::: This quest was done with my level 10 Hunter. Bow is an orange /con to level 10. I've done this quest with my Savage (Gaaths), and the text/quests is/are identical, and the reward was an orange /con as well. All grammar errors are not mine. :) Nice quest, /good/ rewards, have fun! 'Fengr Skaifgrei, < Scarab >, Guinevere. :::

A lvl 15 Healer reports that the experience received from this quest was 40k per each part of the quest that grants experience.

Hand of Peace Greave -- Savage
War-maker's Bow -- Hunter
War's End Axe -- Shadowblade
War's Reflection Mirror -- Skald
Peacemaker's Hammer -- Thane
Bonebreaker Staff -- Bonedancer
Gloves of Serenity -- Healer
War's Power Vest -- Runemaster
Peacemaker's Sword -- Valkyrie
Perizor's Concord -- Mauler

  Hand of Peace Greave
  War's End Axe
  War's Reflection Mirror
  Peacemaker's Hammer
  War-maker's Bow
  Bonebreaker Staff
  Gloves of Serenity
  War's Power Vest
  Peacemaker's Sword
  Perizor's Concord

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Mauler Reward
# Jan 07 2007 at 11:53 PM Rating: Excellent
344 posts
You can now have a reward for your mauler, not really useful though, the delve info for Perizor's Concord (image to come) :
* Strength : 3 pts
* Crush : 2%

Bonus to style damage : 3%
* Requirement : vs Humanoids, Magical, Giants, Dragons
SM Reward?
# Mar 18 2004 at 8:16 PM Rating: Decent
Anybody know if SMs get anything for this quest other than xp/coin?
Skald Reward
# Feb 25 2004 at 8:00 PM Rating: Decent
In addition to item u get 22k xp total and 12s.
Experience increased
# Aug 06 2003 at 8:27 AM Rating: Good
112 posts
I got about 40k experience for each part of the quest, doing it solo as a 15 healer. The gloves are blue (level 12) but the quest kills were all grey to blue.
Runemaster reward
# Jul 05 2003 at 8:09 PM Rating: Decent
My Runemaster got this reward for the quest:

War's Power Vest
12 Base Factor
Piety 3pts
Power 3pts
Matter 2%
Healer Reward
# Apr 18 2003 at 10:39 PM Rating: Decent
My healer(10) got this reward:

Gloves of Serenity
Studded Armor, AF 24
+3 Power
+3 Piety
+2% Energy Resist
100% Qua, 5% bonus

They were blue in color when worn.
Bonedancer Reward
# Apr 08 2003 at 10:39 AM Rating: Decent
My roommate's bonedancer got the following item for finishing the quest:

Bonebreaker Staff
4.8 dps 4.8 spd
4.3 wt
100% con, dur, and qua
5% bon

Power +3
Piety +3
Slash resist 2%

Focus Bonus - Bone Army: 12 lvls
Thane Reward
# Mar 19 2003 at 12:26 PM Rating: Decent
Completed this with a thane...reward is:

Peacemaker's Hammer
DPS 4.8, SPD 3.5
+2 Hammer
+3 Strength
+1% energy resist
Skald Reward
# Mar 18 2003 at 1:21 PM Rating: Decent
War's Reflection Mirror:
Charisma 4 pts
Strenght 3 pts
Spririt +2%
Body +2%

Easy done at lvl 10, nice XP too.
Shadowblade Reward
# Mar 12 2003 at 6:15 PM Rating: Default
My shadowblade got the following as a reward:

War End's Axe
4.8 dps
Left Axe +2
Dex +3
Body resist +1%
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