Undead Infestation  

Start Zone: Isle of Glass
Start Location:Caifelle
Start NPC:Eafa Thatcher
Shrouded Isle expansion Required
Related Zones:
Min Level:30
Max Level:50
Grants XP:Yes
Grants Coin:Yes
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Related NPCs:
  Kennard Jameson
  Toby Keeler
Last Updated:Sat May 14 03:36:41 2011
DISCLAIMER: Your Steps and Tasks may be different

write-up by: Rojer of Igraine
1) Speak with Eafa Thatcher to commence the quest.
2) Go to Kennard Jameson, the stable master in Caer Gothwaite and /say Reabus.
3) Go to Hanna in the kitchen in Caer Gothwaite and /say Reabus.
4) Take a looooong horse ride to Caer Diogel.
5) Meb is up on the battlements immediately to your left as you enter the castle.
6) Take an equally long horse ride back to Caer Gothwaite.
7) When you enter the kitchen again, Meb will appear next to Hanna.
8) Go to Anniogel and give the note to the stable master, Toby Keeler.
9) Return to Meb and give him the hair and parchment.

Level 31 Reaver received 2 gold and 1,651,404 experience plus the Necklace of Inner Strength and Diseased Cloak of Winter

Quest Dialog submitted by Rojer of Igraine:

[Step #1]Approach Eafa Thatcher in Caifelle, in the central hut and speak to him.

Eafa Thatcher says, "Hello there friend. Welcome to the Isle of Glass. I am Eafa Thatcher, local to these parts. Well, maybe not a true local, in the honest sense of the word, but a local now nonetheless. A [misplaced] local, if you will."

Eafa Thatcher says, "Yes. I came out here for adventure, wealth and most importantly, new scenery! But what I got were a bunch of [undead nuisances] instead."

Eafa Thatcher says, "What? You haven't seen them? Come now, friend! They are all over the beautiful apple orchards here. You surely can't have [missed them], did you? Hrm..."

Eafa Thatcher says, "Well, even if you did, I know you wouldn't want the undead roaming around your orchards, now would you? I didn't think so. Hey! Maybe you and I could work out some sort of [arrangement]. You help me and I'll help you."

Eafa Thatcher says, "The other locals and I don't want those undead around, but we certainly can't take care of it by ourselves. You have the look of a stalwart defender of Albion. I'll bet that you could help [us] with the undead problem."

Eafa Thatcher says, "I'm sure, in exchange, I could get the other merchants to come up with some money, and maybe a magical item for you. What do you say? Will you [do it]?"

Accept the mission.

Eafa Thatcher says, "Great! I knew you'd help us out. Now listen, here's what [must be done]."

Eafa Thatcher says, "We had been in negotiations with a man called Reabus Drakehide who was going to deliver the information we had to a necromancer in Fort Gwyntell. But Reabus disappeared with our money and our information. We need that [information]."

Eafa Thatcher says, "Reabus was headed to Fort Gwyntell the last we heard, but that was nigh onto a week ago, and a messenger we sent there brought back word that he never made it. His horse was found roaming the hills halfway to [Caer Gothwaite]."

Eafa Thatcher says, "We aren't sure why he decided to go straight there instead of to Wearyall, but he must have had a good reason. He mentioned something about a person called Meb, but we don't know who that is. Here, take this coin and purchase a ticket to Caer Gothwaite. When you get there, speak with the Stable Master, Kennard Jameson. He will know if there is anyone name Meb frequents Gothwaite or not."

[Step #2] Take a horse to Caer Gothwaite, or if you want run there and save yourself 5 silver. You will find Kennard Jameson, the Stable Master, inside Caer Gothwaite, by the main gate.

Speak to Kennard Jameson and /say Reabus

Kennard Jameson says, "Ah, yes, Reabus Drakehide, I've heard of him. He used to come around here a lot, but he kind of disappeared about a week ago, if I remember correctly. You must be here from [Eafa Thatcher] aren't you?"

Kennard Jameson says, "I figured as much. He's been trying to talk adventurers like you into getting rid of the undead around here for ages. Hehe. He still hasn't succeeded. You'd think he'd [stop trying] by now."

Kennard Jameson says, "Well, I know it isn't a noble thing to do, to give up, but he's met with a lot of failures in this undertaking. It is rather monumental. Still, if there's anything I can do to help, I will. Now, we were [talking] about Reabus, right?"

Kennard Jameson says, "Reabus used to like to hang around one of the kitchen servants, a girl named Hanna. She was pleasing to the eyes, I suppose, but she was beneath his station. Not sure what he saw in her, but maybe you could talk with her first."

[Step #3] You will find Hanna in the kitchen, which is next to the main hall in Caer Gothwaite (the one with the Vault Keeper in).

Speak to Hanna and /say Reabus

Hanna says, "Oh, my poor Reabus! I don't know what's happened to him! I saw him as he headed out to speak to Eafa Thatcher, but that was over a week ago. I [miss] him so much!"

Hanna says, "I know they found his horse halfway here, but I almost wish they had found him too, whether he was dead or alive. At least then I'd know. I know what you're thinking, how could a kitchen girl love a [soldier]?"

Hanna says, "Reabus has always been so kind to me, ever since we were both children. As the years went on, we both kept in touch, from the time he went in for training as an Armsman, to when he was part of [Constantine's army]."

Hanna says, "I would get a letter from him every month, telling me of the war that was raging between Albion and Midgard and Hibernia. Sometimes it was too gruesome for me to read, but I always [replied] to his letters."

Hanna says, "Finally, his last letter to me said he was going to be stationed in Caer Gothwaite for limited duty. So, I left Campacorentin Forest and came here. I knew we would finally [be together]."

Hanna says, "He said being only a part-time soldier made it possible for him to earn extra money on the side, helping local merchants with their caravans and helping others with problems. That's when he heard of [Eafa]."

Hanna says, "Eafa has been trying to get rid of the undead for a while now and Reabus knew he could do the job. He kissed me goodbye and left for Caifelle. That was the last I saw of him. He told me that if his old friend [Meb] showed up, to get him a room."

Hanna says, "Meb was his second in command during the time he served in the army. He had sent Meb a letter asking him to come and help him, but he said he couldn't wait for a reply. Me is a [sorcerer], capable of many things. Reabus knew he could help out."

Hanna says, "But I haven't seen Meb. In fact, there hasn't even been a reply from Reabus's letter to him over a month ago. I know Meb lives in Caer Diogel, for whatever that's worth. I'm so sad, I hope I get to see Reabus again!"

[Step #4] Take a horse ride to Caer Diogel. It's a long distance, so it's a good chance to go and make a cup of tea ;) You will find Meb up on the battlements immediately to your left as you enter the castle.

Meb says, "Wha...? Reabus has vanished? Oh! This is all my fault. Curse these attacks. I was unable to get to Caer Gothwaite because we had come under attack by a band of orcs, and travel was [prohibited]."

Meb says, "Captain Denholm thought it would be best if those who could defend the Caer remain here. I send word to Reabus, but it must not have reached him in time."

Meb says, "Well, if he truly is missing, then I will aid you in your efforts to find him. I don't care what Captain Denholm says, I shall leave this place. Return to Hanna in Caer Gothwaite. I shall meet you there shortly."

[Step #5] Take an equally long horse ride back to Caer Gothwaite and when you enter the kitchen again, Meb will appear next to Hanna.

Meb says, "Hanna and I have already spoken and she has given me as much information as possible. I see only one way to solve this mystery. First, you must travel to [Anniogel]."

Meb says, "Hanna tells me Reabus's mount, Darkfoot, is still there. There may be some clue to his disappearance. Give this note to Toby Keller, the Stable Master there. He will help you."

[Step #6] Go to Anniogel either by foot, or take a horse and jump off when you are near Anniogel, and give the note to the stable master, Toby Keeler, who can be found on the far side of Anniogel, near the Bindstone.

Toby Keeler says, "Yes, Darkfoot is still here. I took off his saddle, bridle, the whole thing. All I found was this piece of parchment and some weird looking hair. You can have them, as I have no use for them, but what do you think this [means]?"

Toby Keeler says, "Well, whatever it means, I really hope you find Reabus. He was a good tipper."

[Step #7] Return to Meb and give him the hair and parchment in that order.

Meb says, "I can not discern what has happened to Reabus with just these pieces. I believe the hair belongs to a thrawn ogre, but I have [not known them] to harm passers-by, especially those on horseback."

Meb says, "They were, at one time, allied with the Avalonians, but their help was shunned by the Avalonians when the Drakoran attacked Avalon. Though somewhat discouraged, they would not attack. This must be a [trick]."

Meb says, "Until I can discern more information from these scraps, I'm afraid our search is at a standstill."

Meb says, "I will stay here with Hanna and see what information can be gained from these pieces. Thank you friend. I'm sorry this couldn't have ended on a more positive note, but such is the way of the world, eh? I hope this coin and this item will be of use to you. Thank you again. Once I have some more information, we can find Reabus and punish those that would think to harm one of Albions' children..."

My level 31 Reaver received 2 gold and 1,651,404 experience plus the Necklace of Inner Strength and the Diseased Cloak of Winter.

lvl 30 received 1,651,404 exp

  Necklace of Inner Strength
  Diseased Cloak of Winter

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Watch out
# Jul 03 2005 at 8:30 AM Rating: Decent
Did this quest with my friend and we both brought a buffbot on the ride. At last step we were talking to Meb all 4 of us, gave him the items, only problem was my friend did it a little bit faster then me so here I am. 2 chars that can't finish this damn quest just bcse after my friend got his stuff Meb decided to port back to Caer Diogel and left me standing in Caer Gothwaite without any items left to hand him.

Left for Caer Diogel to talk to him, nothing happens of course. So if you're doing this quest with more then 1 player be sure to hand in the items at the same time so all get credit and rewards.
buggeh! in Exal/Albion
# Jun 05 2005 at 1:04 AM Rating: Decent
I talked to Meb and when i clicked him more he said I already talked with Hanna etc... and after steps, he never showed his face in Caer Gothwaite...
So I took horsie back to Caer Diogel and there he was...
Level 30 heretic got:
1g+ 2x 1,651,404exp from the items and ofc those items:)
Not a bad quest
# Mar 09 2004 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
I liked this quest for the rewards but the steps leading up to it's completion got rather boring 2/3 of the way through. Nice pieces though. Is it bad to lose Charisma as a Wizard?

Edited, Tue Mar 9 12:34:48 2004
Bugged Cloak
# Jun 21 2003 at 11:41 PM Rating: Default
The cloak has an interesting unique bugged pattern on it when viewing it in a non-si client :) It has two curving stripes which stretch from the collar down to the bottom. Interestingly, only these stripes appear to change colour when the cloak is dyed. I'm almost convinced the fact that it looks normal in SI is the bug, and it was intended to have this pattern in both clients...

Very nice reward which will be great for my inf all the way to 50.. In fact it's awesome for anyone but a minstrel really :)
germen server
# Jun 11 2003 at 8:02 PM Rating: Excellent
europ server lyonesses

quest is buggy when talking to Eafa Thatcher

theres marked [uns] you have to say [uns helfen]
Starting NPC
# May 09 2003 at 10:08 PM Rating: Default
The quest actually starts with Eafa Thatcher in Caifelle, who is found next to the smith. :)
Full Quest Walkthrough
# Apr 11 2003 at 11:48 PM Rating: Excellent
39 posts
1) Talk to Kennard Jameson (the stable master) in Caer Gothwaite about [Reabus].
2) Talk to Hanna in the kitchen in Caer Gothwaite about [Reabus].
3) Tell Meb (on the battlements) in Caer Diogel that [Reabus is missing].
4) Go back to Hannah in Caer Gothwaite and wait for Meb to get there.
5) Give a note to Toby Keeler (the stable master) in Annogiel.
6) Return to Caer Gothwaite and give Meb the hair and parchment (in that order) that Toby gave to you.

Talk to Meb, and he hands you both the cloak & necklace. Random cash & xp given along the way as well.
Doesn't sound bad to me
# Mar 14 2003 at 1:39 PM Rating: Decent
I'm a lvl 34 Minstrel and I think I would ride a horse all day for the added crush resistance of the necklace alone. Zuggs bracer with the 6% crush resistance made a huge difference on PvE for me to the fact of going to giving it all to solo yellows to being able to do oj dungers alone without a pet. I wonder if you were going to be in a situation where you needed the cold resistance if it wouldn't be good to do without the charisma for the resistance. Doesn't charisma only add to your power?
I haven't done this quest yet, but it does sound worthwhile. :)
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