Pictish Settler (Alb)  

Realm: Albion
Type: Humanoid
- lvl 21-22, seen in and around loc= 50k, 25k Camp. Forest, NE of Caer Ulfwych.
- lvl 28, seen in and around loc= 2181, 19737 Camp. Forest, along the river bank on the Camp. Forest, Avalon Marsh border.
- lvls 40-45, seen in and around loc= 39567, 22702 Avalon Marsh, near Outland Wharf
- lvl 43-45, seen in and around loc= 16431, 43019 Avalon Marsh, South of Caer Witrin
- lvls 50, seen in and around loc=49361,30150 Cornwall, south of Cornwall Station.
- lvl 55, seen in and around loc= 36k, 41k Black Mtns South, on top of hill between Ludlow and Humberton.
Attack Type: Thrust
Aggro Chance: Medium
Social Type: Social
Minimum Level: 21
Maximum Level: 52
Known Habitats:
   Black Mountains South
   Avalon Marsh
   Campacorentin Forest
Known Loot:
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