Pictish Healer (Mid)  

Realm: Midgard
Type: Humanoid
- lvl 21-22, seen in and around loc= 3261,6889 E. Svealand, up hill behind tower across from Audliten
- lvl 45 seen in and around loc=19308,18324 Gotar, south west from Ft. Atla
- lvl 52 seen in and around loc=58413,29637 East Svealand, south of Vasudheim
- lvl 55, seen in and around loc=58036,17705 West Svealand, south of Vindsaul Faste
Attack Type: Crush
Minimum Level: 21
Maximum Level: 55
Known Habitats:
   Svealand East
   Svealand West
Last Updated: Tue Mar 20 00:01:09 2012

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