Realm: All
Type: Humanoid
Per 12.18.09 Hot Fix note:
Typhon: This monster will now drop Atlantean Glass at the same locations that his other loot drops. This is to prevent instances where the Atlantean Glass would occasionally drop in lava.
Aggro Chance: High
Minimum Level: 85
Maximum Level: 85
Known Habitats:
   Heart of Volcanus
Related Quests:
Known Loot:
Last Updated: Tue Mar 16 04:29:07 2010
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Typhon post v1.101
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Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.101 Release Notes
Epic Encounters
February 24, 2010
Trials of Atlantis World Notes
* Typhon: This monster will no longer stay within the lava for the duration of the encounter. New mechanics have been put in place to allow Typhon to travel on land, negating issues where his treasure could possibly drop in lava. Typhon now drops more Atlantean Glass due to these changes.

The facts:
Typhon is no longer soloable by an archer. He is a lot stronger, has more HP's and has a lot of new tricks. He now sinks into the lava and ports about the various pools much more frequently. He now shoots fireballs at people close enough to him, even toons out of line of sight. The fireballs explode with a high damage aoe that is capable of one-shotting cloth casters or poorly templated toons. He starts healing very quickly if no one attacks him for a short space of time. Once you get him down to about 20% health he will come out of the lava pit and start to walk to the central column at the back of the area. During this walk he is invulnerable to damage and will heal back to 100% health. Once he is standing on top of the pillar (in the normal drop point for the loot) he will once again be vulnerable and its a straight fight down.

As previously, you still need a caster to cast spells on the essence so that Typhon himself can be fought and damaged.
Have a tank stay at each pool (even the ones that Typhon isn't at) to start fighting with him as soon as he appears. This will prevent him healing while porting about the various pools. The rest of the bg can then close in on him, but make sure one tank stays at each of the other pools for when he ports again.
While archers cannot solo him, they can still do a lot of damage.
Be prepared to quickly rezz the archers/healers as they get one shot by Typhon.
Once he starts his walk to the centre you can prepare for the final zerg and call in your tanks from the various pools. He actually seems to be easier to damage at this stage than he was before.
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can also drop Star of Destiny
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