Arachite Vakt  

Realm: Midgard
Type: Insect
in Spindle (past the svarts turn right instead of left like normal and past 2 tunnelhosts will be a room with vakts).
Attack Type: Thrust
Body Type: Sh
Aggro Range: 80
Aggro Chance: High
Social Type: Social
Speed: 195
Attack Speed: 3.00
Minimum Level: 37
Maximum Level: 44
Known Habitats:
   Arachnid's Labyrinth
Related Quests:
Known Loot:
Raises Faction with:
  • Guardians of Midgard
  • Svartalfar
  • Varulv
  • Vendo
  • Lowers Faction with:
  • Arachite
  • Last Updated: Thu Mar 10 15:52:43 2011
    Picture of Arachite Vakt

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