Celestius is a Trials of Atlantis zone for those that have achieved Master Level 9.

You port to this zone via one of the following portals:
5k 34k - Oceanus Hesperos (Barrier Islands)
6k 50k - Oceanus Hesperos (Treasure Island)
10k 28k - Oceanus Hesperos (Small island south of Haven)
11k 18k - Oceanus Hesperos (Haven)
15k 14k - Oceanus Hesperos (Haven)
13k 45k - Oceanus Hesperos (Evaemos Island)
21k 30k - Oceanus Hesperos (Azaeirum Island)
6k 12k - Oceanus Anatole (Mestoria Island)
24k 10k - Oceanus Anatole (Mnesidium Island)
49k 42k - Oceanus Anatole (SW of Haven)
15k 30k - Oceanus Notos (Harpy Island)
21k 40k - Oceanus Notos (Desmona Island)
35k 5k - Oceanus Notos (Scheria Island)
27k 7k - Oceanus Notos
43k 13k - Oceanus Boreal (SW of Haven)
30k 50k - Oceanus Boreal (Mesos Island)
52k 12k - Oceanus Boreal (South of Dreamsphere Encounter)
23k 62k - Mesothelasa (Cleitos Island)
35k 35k - Mesothelasa (Mesonenos)
41k 30k - Ashen Isles (Just after bridge to ML7 dungeon)
4k 40k - Ashen Isles (Flask Island near Bridge to Chimera Fortress)
5k 30k - Typhon's Reach (Entrance)
7k 43k - Typhon's Reach (Maddening Scalar Encounter)
22k 54k - Typhon's Reach (SW of south bridge)
21k 16.5k - Stygian Delta
14k 56k - Stygian Delta (Sphinx that starts Aid the Mau Quest)
20k 22k - Stygian Delta (East of Setian Fort)
22k 53k - Land of Atum
20k 45k - Land of Atum
10k 10k - Land of Atum (Outside Necropolis)
46k 17k - Land of Atum (South of Fortress of Storms)

6 creatures found in Celestius

Name Level Range Type Attack Type
No Picture Included Centaurious 80 - 80 Magical Unknown
No Picture Included Centaurus 75 - 75 Humanoid Unknown
Picture Included Draco 80 - 80 Magical Unknown
No Picture Included Leo 80 - 80 Magical Unknown
Picture Included Sagittarius 93 - 93 Magical Unknown
Picture Included Scorpious 80 - 80 Magical Unknown
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Loc ml10
# Mar 07 2007 at 11:30 AM Rating: Decent
New loc in Notos 27k 7k
Additional Information
# May 15 2004 at 9:41 PM Rating: Decent
For additional information on Celestius and ML10, www.visionofsages.net/toa/Celestius.html is a good resource.
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