Cursed Tomb

It is the final resting place of dishonored warriors and kings of Midgard who deserted in the midst of battle, betrayed their comrades, let greed and vice get in the way of honor, or died in less-than-heroic circumstances, and whom the Midgard gods wouldn't allow into Valhalla for their misdeeds.

Loc to entrance in Gotar: 60k, 54k

28 creatures found in Cursed Tomb

Name Level Range Type Attack Type
Picture Included Bevard 23 - 26 Humanoid Slash
Picture Included Cave Crab 19 - 22 Insect Slash
Picture Included Cave Spider (NL) 13 - 14 Insect Unknown
Picture Included Corpse Crawler 21 - 25 Insect Slash
Picture Included Cursed Mora 23 - 28 Undead Slash
Picture Included Cursed Mora Dancer 25 - 28 Undead Slash
Picture Included Cursed Mora Weeper 24 - 25 Undead Slash
Picture Included Cursed Seidhr 8 - 8 Humanoid Unknown
Picture Included Cursed Spirit 19 - 23 Undead Crush
Picture Included Dishonored Hagbui 23 - 29 Undead Slash
Picture Included Draugr Commander 25 - 26 Humanoid Slash
Picture Included Draugr Hound 23 - 25 Animal Thrust
Picture Included Draugr Warrior 21 - 28 Humanoid Slash
No Picture Included Dread Lichess 26 - 26 Undead Unknown
Picture Included Dungeon Chitin 22 - 25 Insect Thrust
Picture Included Dungeon Crab 20 - 23 Insect Slash
Picture Included Haggert 25 - 28 Undead Slash
Picture Included Lost Spirit 19 - 19 Undead Unknown
Picture Included Mad Rat 22 - 24 Animal Thrust
Picture Included Poisonous Cave Spider 23 - 26 Insect Thrust
Picture Included Roaming Corpse 19 - 22 Undead Slash
Picture Included Rotting Corpse 24 - 26 Undead Slash
Picture Included Tomb Priestess 23 - 23 Undead Unknown
Picture Included Tomb Sentry 19 - 23 Undead Crush
Picture Included Trapped Thrall 19 - 23 Humanoid Crush
No Picture Included Troika 24 - 24 Humanoid Unknown
Picture Included Vengeful Ghoul 23 - 27 Undead Slash
Picture Included Way Keeper 19 - 21 Undead Crush
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Good place
# Dec 13 2003 at 1:27 AM Rating: Decent
This place is good if you are a /level charecter.
i got my skald to lvl 23 here soloing,i still go there when i need money,becouse i can get drops and salvage so instead of getting 10s for an axe i can get 1g for an axe,i recently got a 14.0 dps axe,and can usually solo reds in here:-)
I have explored to the right where you pass skeletal sentry or something like that,and went pretty deep to where a room looked kind of like there was an opening to go outside,and to the left past the mora's and if you do a couple runs back and forth of these routes you can bag a lot of exp.(I got 5 bubs lvl 26 while PL'ing for 1 run left and 1 run right)
Spiders,cursed mora's, and dishonered hagbui
# Dec 13 2003 at 1:21 AM Rating: Decent
Poisonous cave spiders are lvl 26 deeper down,cursed mora's sometimes pop lvl 26,and dishonerd hagbui also are max lvl 26 (They were all yellow at lvl 26)
Hunting the Cursed Tomb
# Apr 30 2003 at 2:54 PM Rating: Decent
Gettin' to the Tomb:
Get to Nalliten. If you're in Aegirhamn, just take the portal. Otherwise, cop a horse, and get riding. Once you're in Nalliten, proceed south of town to the bridge. Cross the bridge, and when your foot touches the opposite side, head southeast. The tomb is at the top of a very steep hill (plateau?) and looks like a standing stone formation (think one part of stonehenge). Walking under the stones will get you into the tomb. The location of the entrance is exactly 60000, 54000. (The listing at the top of the page says approximately. The difference is so small as to be moot.)

What to expect:
When you initially enter the first chamber, most of the mobs will not attack you. Below I list the monsters I encountered, and their level ranges in my encounters.

The initially non aggressive monsters you will find in the first chamber:
Trapped Thrall: (20) (Unbegotten Faction)
Roaming Corpse: (20-21) (Unbegotten Faction)
Cave Crab: (20-21) (No Faction)

There are three notable exceptions to the non-aggression policy above:
Draugr Warrior: (22) (Unknown Faction)
Tomb Sentry: (20-21) (No Faction?)
Corpse Crawlers: (20-22) (No Faction)

The last type is worthy of special note. Corpse crawlers will often appear (one or two) when you kill a roaming corpse. Since the corpse crawlers are often more powerful than the corpse you killed to earn them, attacking corpses solo is often a bad idea. It is also worth noting that I saw all of these creatures wandering through the first chamber. Some of them are aggressive, and care should be taken to prevent adds from wiping your party, should you hunt here. In addition, killing the thralls (or coprses) destroys your faction with the roaming corpses, so be careful that you don't find yourself becoming crawler bait indirectly.

What you'll earn:
XP is awesome for a solo, and the loot was unreal by comparison to the yellow morvalts near Aegirhamn. Highly worth the time to travel here, if you can get a group or don't mind the risk when soloing.

I never really got past the first room on this first trip. I could see several other chambers, and even pulled from them back to the first chamber on occasion, but the large number of mobs roaming the area made me wary of trying to penetrate any further on my own. If you plan to get into this dungeon to any degree, bring friends. The initial post that mentions crawlers hitting like a truck was correct - these things are vicious and should be fought with care.

Ghimet Corpseslaver, 20th BD, Guinevere
Keltoi Fogue?
# Oct 14 2002 at 8:56 AM Rating: Default
This dungeon looks identical to Albion's Keltoi Fogue. I have only been in the first 4 or 5 rooms but the layout is exact, even a copy of the Banisher ledge and level is about the same.
I went in at level 20 solo and scored 6 bubbles in 2 hours just in the first room. Great exp.
The level listed for Roaming Corpse is too low. They conned yellow and a single orange to lev 20.
Oh yeh, the first room is not aggro. Cave crabs and Trapped Thralls in first room were all yellow to lev 20. Killing the Thralls ruined faction with Roaming Corpses, which were also neutral. Cave Crabs had no faction hit. Easy, fast exp and great prices on the drops.
# Sep 29 2002 at 5:08 PM Rating: Default
what are some good places to level a 23 shammy to a level 35??
RE: hi
# Feb 20 2003 at 11:18 AM Rating: Good
279 posts
I would start in Vendo caverns then head to Varu to get the mid 30's. Both were excellent spots for my Healer.
# Jul 31 2002 at 3:38 AM Rating: Default
There a Dead Lichess also who spawns when you kill the named Mora, a named Hagbui, a named Rotting Corpse cant remember name, Draugr Commander now only spawns when tomb Priestess gets killed, and when you kill her, whole dungeon seems to swarm you, i REALLY love this dungeon, so awesome, when you get to know it, and yes, to those who said no money there? try again, all items they drop sell 10s+, and i get loads of items there also. It takes skill to hunt there yes, cause alot of mobs are aggro, but there are 3 nice safe spots, which allows you to do pulls... Dont dis dungeons, when you have no clue whats going on!... try it out:)
Dungeon doesn't suck guys.
# Jul 27 2002 at 1:21 PM Rating: Default
2 level 16 thanes and 1 level 7 healer. Thanes level thrice, helaer got 10 levels .. in about oh ... 6-8 hours. There are decent Item drops in here as well for use probably up to mid 20's.
#Anonymous, Posted: Sep 29 2002 at 5:12 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Dungeon***
RE: Dungeon doesn't suck guys.
# Sep 29 2002 at 5:11 PM Rating: Default
Which cungeon was it??
named things, and drops
# Jun 09 2002 at 6:33 AM Rating: Default
and there are drops in the dungeon now, 2h axes and named hagubi and few other mobs named.
all wrong
# Jun 09 2002 at 6:31 AM Rating: Default
apart from the first room and tomb priestess room everything cons yellow at 24/25
priestess was blue.. cant be lvl 29

17-25 dungeon, great loot for that level too, nearly all agro, dont go alone at 17ish
no wonder
# May 07 2002 at 11:43 AM Rating: Default
no wonder the dungeon is so under utilized. nobody knows how to hunt it. get 2-3 18th lvl tanks, 2 healers 15+ maybe a runie to nuke, and its excellent xp killing the poison spiders, then work to throne room.
corpse crawler
# Mar 03 2002 at 11:11 PM Rating: Default
These are not 18-19. I am 19 and these are at least 21 and up.
corpse crawlers
# Mar 03 2002 at 11:09 PM Rating: Default
#Anonymous, Posted: Jan 24 2002 at 11:17 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) This dungeon does suck. I went through at level 31 with a level 29 healer. Everything was pretty much grey/green to me in the lowest level, but the healer kept aggroing everything in site. Everything seems to swarm.
RE: Bad Dungeon
# Jun 27 2002 at 2:27 PM Rating: Default
geez i agree, i can go through nisse's with my 39, everything is gray, so it must be a sucky dungeon too!!
RE: Bad Dungeon
# Mar 27 2002 at 9:19 AM Rating: Default
LOL! Who SAID it was a high-level dungeon? duhh =D
no drops CAN be good some times
# Dec 11 2001 at 7:20 PM Rating: Default
it takes rougly 24 peices of loot to drop before you even get one the money is actually considerably better sometimes in dungeons where the loot isn't worth ****
# Nov 28 2001 at 1:47 AM Rating: Default
I would not even reccomend this dungeon for doing much more than the first couple of rooms. Not enough of a level range range there to make it worth it past there and the mobs swarm way too much in the lower parts.
No drops because...
# Nov 22 2001 at 7:29 AM Rating: Default
This Dungeon is not itemized for the genius who posted before me...duhh usually when you are only getting cash as drops that= not itemized... Use your head for a change before you post a flame that makes you look like an idiot in my eyes.. :P
#Anonymous, Posted: Dec 26 2001 at 8:21 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Oh one would want to look like an idiot in your eyes!!!! [sarcasm]
this dungeon sux
# Nov 21 2001 at 2:23 AM Rating: Default
the cursed tomb sux, me and 7 other lvl 24 friends conqured the place and the main mobs down in the bottom are undead called hagubi, they are lvl 24-25 and drop about 14-18silver and never drop any items.. wtf is the point of a dungeon full of crap that does'nt drop items? most of the other mobs are 20-23... good if your a full group of 20s or something i guess...
RE: this dungeon sux
# Apr 30 2003 at 10:18 AM Rating: Decent
My god - some ppl aren't particularly clever and we have a winner here.

Of course its no good to you at lvl 24 with 8 in your grp - its a dungeon for grps lvl 18+

Or can u not read ?

Edited, Wed Apr 30 10:40:38 2003
Mobs At Entrance
# Nov 20 2001 at 3:22 PM Rating: Default
Some Kind of Thrall: orange con, non-aggro

Corpse Crawlers: small spider-like things, red con, aggro

Tomb Sentry: skeletal mob, orange con, aggro]

Some Kind of Ghoul: orange con, non-aggro?

All /cons at 18th level.

Corpse Crawlers seem to swarm like crazy, hit like Mack trucks, move very quickly, quite dangerous at 18th lvl. I didn't it any further than the entrance room.
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