This is an epic zone, meant to be traversed by large groups of high level players only.

Per the 1.101 Release Notes 02.24.10:
Certain zones are now flagged as Epic Zones. These zones now relocate anyone logged out for more than 30 minutes to a safe spot typically located at the start of the zone, except for the main Realm Dragon zones. The locations for these Epic Zones place you safely outside the Faction towns, near the bindstones.
Per this note, Dartmoor is now considered an Epic Zone.

78 creatures found in Dartmoor

Name Level Range Type Attack Type
Picture Included Agidad 52 - 56 Giant Crush
Picture Included Borimo 52 - 56 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Brac 45 - 47 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Braen 48 - 50 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Brannoc 47 - 52 Humanoid Crush
No Picture Included Cadwallon Madoc 55 - 55 NPC N/A
No Picture Included Clud 49 - 54 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Clywd 51 - 56 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Dannen 50 - 50 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Dartmoor Pony 34 - 36 Animal Crush
No Picture Included Draconic Ancilla 50 - 50 Drake Unknown
Picture Included Drakoran Steward (Alb) 60 - 60 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Dyronith 55 - 55 Dragon Unknown
No Picture Included Earl Bran Huntington 50 - 50 Humanoid Unknown
Picture Included Elia 50 - 50 NPC Crush
No Picture Included Elinkueth 55 - 55 Dragon Unknown
No Picture Included Field Marshall Deborah Ardgall 50 - 50 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Galand 47 - 51 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Golestandt 80 - 80 Dragon Unknown
No Picture Included Granite Giant 36 - 44 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Giant Caller 55 - 55 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Granite Giant Clubber 50 - 50 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Granite Giant Earthmagi 65 - 65 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Giant Elder 62 - 64 Giant Crush
Picture Included Granite Giant Emissary 60 - 60 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Granite Giant Gatherer 42 - 46 Giant Crush
Picture Included Granite Giant Guardian 60 - 60 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Giant Herdsman 39 - 46 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Giant Oracle 62 - 64 Giant Crush
Picture Included Granite Giant Outlooker 51 - 55 Giant Crush
Picture Included Granite Giant Pounder 51 - 58 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Giant Reinforcer 65 - 65 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Giant Stonebreaker 49 - 51 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Granite Giant Stonecaller 45 - 52 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Giant Stonelord 51 - 61 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Giant Stonemender 65 - 65 Giant Crush
Picture Included Granite Giant Stoneshaper 48 - 53 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Granite Knocker 47 - 47 Humanoid Thrust
Picture Included Granite Shardling 48 - 50 Animal Crush
No Picture Included Greenhorn Poacher 25 - 31 Humanoid Thrust
No Picture Included Grimbuld 51 - 54 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Grimspound Guard 55 - 55 Humanoid Crush
Picture Included Grogotos 55 - 55 Humanoid Crush
Picture Included Kan 50 - 50 Smith Crush
No Picture Included Kaq 52 - 55 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Kaz 52 - 52 NPC Crush
No Picture Included Keh 49 - 51 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Kek 50 - 50 Enchanter Crush
Picture Included Kel 50 - 50 Merchant Crush
No Picture Included Kez 52 - 53 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Kol 50 - 50 Vault Keeper Crush
Picture Included Kon 50 - 50 Recharger Crush
No Picture Included Kor 47 - 49 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Koz 55 - 55 NPC N/A
No Picture Included Kul 47 - 52 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Kuz 50 - 50 Merchant Crush
Picture Included Kyl 55 - 55 NPC Crush
Picture Included Kyr 50 - 50 Healer Crush
No Picture Included Lamont 50 - 50 NPC N/A
Picture Included Legil 52 - 59 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Los Ortiz 50 - 50 NPC N/A
Picture Included Moran the Mighty 73 - 73 Giant Unknown
Picture Included Nix (Alb) 50 - 50 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Nodin 49 - 53 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Ofa 55 - 55 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Penn 49 - 51 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Pladimon 51 - 52 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Preniceth 55 - 55 Dragon Unknown
No Picture Included Prenniceth 55 - 55 Dragon Unknown
No Picture Included Runicaath 55 - 55 Dragon Unknown
Picture Included Ruthless Brigand 39 - 47 Humanoid Slash
No Picture Included Stone Dragon Spawn 55 - 60 Animal Unknown
Picture Included Stonecrush Demolisher 51 - 55 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Stonecrush Excavator 45 - 52 Giant Crush
Picture Included Stonecrush Rockgrinder 48 - 52 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Tegbuk 47 - 52 Giant Crush
No Picture Included Tolukin 52 - 56 Giant Unknown
No Picture Included Trahern (Alb) 51 - 52 Giant Unknown
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# May 08 2003 at 10:38 PM Rating: Default
Hello, I'm Saulith from the guild Vis Maior of the Merlin server. Our guild has fervently been farming glowies from the Dartmoor giants for the past few days... I must say that this database if VERY unupdated on what it really contains.. There are quite a few named mobs missing, and ALOT of items left out, or without pictures. I will be glad to take screen shots of what we have gotten so far though, and add it to here. So look for alot of updates. We have been there for 2 days now, and gotten many drops.

For glowies, we have gotten 1 thruster, 1 staff, and 2 necro staffs. The Thruster has a beautiful red and blue flare, the staff is fully red from top to bottom, and the nec staff if black with a energy sparkle on it. My guilde also previously got a BEAUTIFUL flame glow sword. Its is one of the nicest i have seen so far. I will update with pictures so be lookin for it.

Saulith - 46 S/S Paladian of Merlin
Rockstorm - 40 Earth Wizard of Merlin
Necronnu - 19 Necromancer, fully Deathsight
# Jul 16 2003 at 7:31 AM Rating: Default
Well..a couple of patches ago, not sure exactly which one..wasn't at the top of my list to keep track of. Mythic updated Dartmoor. Now, myself and one or 2 of my guildies have been hitting it on a fairly regular basis, just for exp, and to see if anything interesting drops. Yes..the items are out of date because mythic did an entire revamp of the items to bring them up to standard with SI drops. They also redid the named mobs to make them more of a challange.

Use the maps though, they aren't that far out of date, and will give you a good idea of what is going on out there.
hehe a question :)
# Oct 09 2002 at 11:06 PM Rating: Default
does anyone have any nice INF,MINSIE,ARMS i am basically looking for thrust weapons,stealth items,and 2h slashers.... i am on the server merlin on albion, my name is sinaster minaster lvl 40th friar or contact me on ahbra lvl 50th wizard.....
# Sep 29 2002 at 12:20 AM Rating: Default
I've fought ponies with my guild for 10 levels, and I've never seen one aggro, baf or call for help. Don't know about the whole herdsman thing though. And of course we didn't have someone who ponies were grey to in our group, or else I wouldn't have been leveling.
# Aug 12 2002 at 5:55 AM Rating: Default
The last 2 days I levelled from 31 to 33 just doing Ponies together with a cleric and we did not
get adds during killing a real lot of them.
damn it u noobs!
# Aug 03 2002 at 1:44 AM Rating: Default
ponys dont baf!!!

no matter how many u freekin kill. the only way u will get ponys to aggro u is if u hit every damn one of them. they only aggro when u are killing a herdsman!
Bagel 46 arms lancelot
# Jul 19 2002 at 6:04 AM Rating: Default
Um... I've killed ponies from lvl 26-34. We sat in the river of ponies and killed them one after another. All the time I spent there, they never once called for help. Also, for u to have 170+ people on a raid to kill the dragon and u all got whiped... u guys must suck, no offense... the last dragon raid we had on lancelot, we had around 140 people and the dragon died in one min.
RE: Bagel 46 arms lancelot
# Jul 21 2002 at 2:34 PM Rating: Default
if they are grey to one person in your group they will not aggro. But believe me if the ponies are green or worse to everyone in your group than watch out.
RE: Bagel 46 arms lancelot
# Jul 14 2003 at 5:14 AM Rating: Decent
demi, you play like a smack tard
RE: Bagel 46 arms lancelot
# Jul 14 2003 at 5:14 AM Rating: Decent
demi, you play like a smack tard
RE: Bagel 46 arms lancelot
# Aug 14 2002 at 2:20 PM Rating: Default
Your posts are the most false I have ever read full of mis-information. Do you make all this up, or are you just playing some other game that resembles this in every way except for the game play or anything you comment on?
RE: Bagel 46 arms lancelot
# Sep 10 2002 at 1:07 PM Rating: Excellent
shut up, seriously I posted this info when this page was blank, I at least gave people some info. So yea, ponies don't baf, they call for help. Big deal. Point is you gotta be careful killing them. Same thing with the herdsmen, if they call for help, then don't be around a big pack of ponies (or other herdsmen). For the most part my other info is correct if not particularly precise. I can only give people a idea based on my level and my experiences. Its better than nothing, I don't see you posting any good information here. If you don't like the way I do things, then you try and do better, otherwise shut up.
RE: Bagel 46 arms lancelot
# Jul 27 2002 at 9:51 AM Rating: Default
so um... tell me how would i have gotten xp and lvled if the ponies were grey to someone in my group.
Ponies and Dragons, oh my
# Jul 03 2002 at 1:16 PM Rating: Good

First - the anonymous coward that mentioned that ponies don't aggro? One word: Moron. Go back and re-read. If you attack a pony and he CALLS FOR HELP the rest of the herd will eat you alive. Dittos for the Herdsmen. If you attack a Herdsman and he calls for help the ponies will, again, eat you alive.

And a note on the dragon. Participated in a 170+ person 40+ level raid and we got wiped. (Altho to our credit we had the dragon down to about 25% life left before it was all over) Those damn giants that hang out with the dragon are the biggest problem. The key to winning is to have LOTS AND LOTS of rez'rs ready to keep the tanks up and on the dragon and to have at least 3 or 4 groups tasked with the sole job of dealing with the giant lords that BAF to the dragon's defense.
# Jun 14 2002 at 9:02 PM Rating: Default
I have a total fascination with getting screenshots of high level creatures(i.e. level 50+). If anyone can help with that, please email me at McLarenElf11@hotmail.com
Thank you
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 13 2002 at 11:28 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) I took a group of 5 lvl 35-42 peeps all the way to archers on the other side of the stone quarry. We killed ever named giant on the way.works best if u don't group but fight as a group.make a chat group and plan out every thing
# May 29 2002 at 6:05 AM Rating: Default
went there last night with 20 or 30 lvl 38-49. got allt he way to the quary just passed the named giant, he didnt drop anything. over all we gto a hammer of eldspar, 2 sheer slicers, cloth armour, chian armour and a shield. finally we all died in the quary near those arccher things.
# May 28 2002 at 9:05 AM Rating: Default
Dartmoor Ponies-Green at 46
Don't attack these things unless your able to stop the call for help, there are tons of them and often if you kill one the entire pony population will aggro you.
Granite Giant-Green and Blue at 46
These hang out by the lake, pretty safe for solo killing.
Granite Giant Herdsman-Level 44-47
Evil evil evil. Like the ponies, if you wanna kill these better have a way to stop the aggro. Kill the herdsman and all ponies aggro you and usually any giants in the vacinity come as well.
Granite Giant Stormcaller-Level 45-48
Granite Giant Stoneshaper-Level 46-48
These two hang out in various circles a little deeper in, good to solo pull if your alone, more than 2 in the group and they will BAF. The stormcallers are casters.
Granite Giant Outlooker-Level 47-49
Mostly red to me at 46 but there is one purple guy that always spawns in the same spot, he is right before the Pounders.
Granite Giant Pounders-This is where it gets rough. These guys are mostly purple, some red. I am guessing levels 48-51. They hit hard and like outlookers, callers and shapers, will BAF and will BAF other giants of any type, so if your pulling from the Lord area and you can't handle the Lords, WATCH OUT!
Granite Giant Stonelord-The big daddies, these guys hit very hard and are all purple. Level 53-55 from what I can guess, perhaps even higher.
Ruthless Brigand-Level 42-47
Good good exp and easy to single pull solo or with a partner, they BAF like giants so keep that in mind if grouped.

Whats the best about Dartmoor IMO is how drops work. Very differently than any other zone. Drops appear to be on a timer based on class. Giants drop armor specific to class and weapons. The armor seem to change hourly or so, like I was there one hour we got only scout armor drops (armor is all level 50 for the most part) and then later it was all paladin armor. Everytime I go here its always the same type dropped across the board but each time I go its different it seems. The weapons can drop at any time and are rarer. Same with the jewelry and shields. Whats really cool about this zone is there are about 7 named Giants I have killed. They will ALWAYS drop. Something. Not always the best in their drop pattern but always something. They range from yellow to me to red to me and beyond. There is apparently a named Lord thats harder than many epic mobs to kill. God only knows what he drops. Plus this was just on one SIDE of dartmoor. There could be as many as 20 named Giants. So loot is a very big part in this zone but the mobs are a tad harder than some others of their level. I can usually solo a yellow without much difficulty but the yellow to me giants in this zone prove difficult and on one occasionally I actually died from trying to solo one. Brigands are safer. Of course there is one other thing to mention about this zone. The dragon. Basically unless you have at least 3 full guilds with a ton of level 50s, stay the heck away. Hes harder than Legion. Since Illia hasn't got anything up for this place yet I figured I would try to give you guys a good picture of what its like for those who haven't been there but are considering a go at it. My suggestion is take a group. Unless your going for Brigands its a tough place to solo. Particularly at 45 or below.
Level 46 Armsman-Bedevere
RE: mobs
# Jul 02 2002 at 5:18 AM Rating: Default
ponies dont aggro you nOOb
RE: mobs
# Jul 11 2002 at 10:29 AM Rating: Default
you only make yourself look stupid when you post factually wrong insults like this. Ponies don't aggro but if you hit one then every pony in the zone will come down on you unless they are grey to you. But if they are green or higher to you then watch out. Same goes with a herdsman. If you kill a herdsmen then every pony in sight range will aggro you. Know what your talking about before you say anything.
RE: mobs
# May 26 2003 at 5:50 AM Rating: Default
hello, ponies won't aggro u if u hit one when they green.....the only time everyone of them comes at u is when the giant herdsman calls for help
RE: mobs
# Aug 21 2002 at 8:47 PM Rating: Default
I was in a exp group that was hunting ponies for 3-4 hours straight.

They NEVER BAFed or agroed. Maybe *once* one of em' brought a single friend, but more likely someone accidentally hit it.

*WONDERFUL* xp in a full 26-28 group.
RE: mobs
# Jul 11 2002 at 12:03 PM Rating: Default
Ok to toss you people a bone. I have killed ponies like it was going out of style. A pony does not call for help though I have seen them run from a group.. I didnt know that flight was even part of the AI till I saw this. Now to clear things up a bit ponies will baf only when you hit a heardsmen and they will baf 3 to a single heardsman (that was with a group of 4. When you kill the heardsmen kiss you *** good by because the whole fricken hill of ponies will come play socker with your heads.
RE: mobs
# Jul 21 2002 at 2:43 PM Rating: Default
thats odd because I have killed just ponies (not attacking any herdsmen and they still all come at me once I kill one. I am wondering if the AI is incomplete in some way because of all the varying reports. I can tell you for sure that they certainly do it to me a level 46 armsman however they neither BAF of herdsmen nor called for help when a group of us (some in the group were level 50) killed them. So I believe its gotta be related to the levels of the group as a whole, if they con grey to one person in the group your fine. However just to illustrate my point I was there a few days ago and a guy that was blue to me was soloing ponies right by the zone in, he killed one and like 6 more baffed at him. I had to help peel them off him. The main point I was tring to make is that Dartmoor is best for a group. If your gonna solo below level 50 in Dartmoor then do what I do and stick to the ruthless brigands. I haven't explored the quarry side much yet, but I believe if you continue down through the plain granite's you will come to stoneshapers and stronger ones. The main problem with soloing in the quarry is that there are so many wandering giants. Even if you stay up on the hillside, its hard to keep it to one on one battles. So its not a great place for solo experience, since you are either forced to go at a higher level to pick off the easier ones, or you run a risk of getting swarmed by blue or yellow con mobs and dying quickly. I had the best success at the brigand camp. Single pulling with a xbow. If you got a good group of 50ish people then nothing short of Mordan or Golestandt will bring you down easily.
RE: mobs
# Aug 02 2002 at 7:08 AM Rating: Default
hmmm I guess some people dont know how to do dartmoor:

ponies DONT arggo (click on a pony and if it says: 'you select the pony it is aggressive towards you' I'll give you $1mill)
IF you attack the herdsman and ponies are in the aoe of the herdsman's 'cry for help' they WILL aggro to you,

Therefore when we do dartmoor, we run down the valley with the herdsmen on us until we get into one of the alcoves on the side of the valley, only then do we take em down. this is the important point people miss. Stand in the middle of the valley and yeah I guess you will think that ponies aggro.........

so to correct the original statement: ponies don't aggro less you are teh stoopid :)
wich version do we need to get there ?
# Mar 29 2002 at 3:34 AM Rating: Default
actually in Europe we r starting the 1.45 (with lots of server down for the moment and many bugs also)..

can we go in DARTMOOR with thise Version or will we have to wait for another one ???

RE: wich version do we need to get there ?
# Mar 29 2002 at 5:31 AM Rating: Default
yep, u can go to dart with 1.45
I was wrong
# Mar 02 2002 at 7:41 PM Rating: Decent
Okay, I was wrong, he is killable, sue me.
# Feb 27 2002 at 11:30 AM Rating: Default
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Fine Steel Long Sword.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Robes of the Magus.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Heart of the North.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Cloth Cap.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Dark Crystal Mattock.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Magmas Imbued Helm.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops Dark Crystalline Gauntlets.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops Dark Crystalline Boots.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops Sturdy Crushed Gauntlets.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Lava Forged Sword.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Crush Born Sword.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Facimil.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Polished Granite Staff of Fire.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Polished Granite Staff of Cold.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Lava Imbued Vest.
[22:01:51] Golestandt drops a Granite Seer's Cap of the Mind.
RE: Golestandt
# Jun 20 2002 at 10:29 AM Rating: Decent
Where is golestandt and what level is he? (hope he's not the dragon and I look like a dumb ***)
where is dartmoor
# Feb 26 2002 at 7:34 AM Rating: Default
how i do to go in dartmoor ??
RE: where is dartmoor
# Jul 11 2002 at 12:13 PM Rating: Default
Wow thats a hella set of instructions. Let me lighten the load. Get a map goto catacombs head due south between hills and BAM ponies ponies everywhere. welcome to dartmoore please get your *** sling ready.
Dragon Pics
# Feb 19 2002 at 6:05 AM Rating: Decent
Get a few Pics of the Dragon at www.guildsonline.org under screenshots. 250+ dead in this one, BTW...
Here are picks of dragon!!!
# Feb 14 2002 at 8:44 PM Rating: Default
http://users.chartertn.net/neo/index1.htm Made posible By Neowind of Albion Crafters on Galahad who valiantly risked his life for a few snapshots:)

Cleric Talhadien
Albion Crafters
Golestandt=300+ lvl 40+ people DEAD!
# Feb 14 2002 at 8:27 PM Rating: Default
this may be a lil more specific to the previous post:) (btw, this was on Galahad)
# Feb 14 2002 at 3:22 PM Rating: Default
Cant some1 plzz go and get a pic of the dragon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
# Jul 07 2002 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent

3 pics of it here whiping out 250~
# Mar 23 2002 at 6:51 AM Rating: Default
there are a few pics at www.the-huns.com
Golestandt = Instant Death
# Feb 12 2002 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
That is all.
RE: Golestandt = Instant Death
# Feb 12 2002 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
You aint kidding brother :)
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