Dodens Gruva

It is on the hill immediately east of Glenlock Faste, in Jamtland Mtns., between Fensalir and Glenlock. It is visible from the side of Glenlock.
Loc in Jamtland Mountains: 62k, 48k

As of the release of the New Frontiers expansion this zone no longer exists.
This section will remain for the Euro DAoC players, once New Frontiers is released there this section will be deleted.

17 creatures found in Dodens Gruva

Name Level Range Type Attack Type
Picture Included Aros the Spiritmaster 72 - 72 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Aros the Spiritmater 50 - 60 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Cavernous Yeti 52 - 60 Magical Unknown
No Picture Included Decayed Dire Wolf 51 - 61 Undead Unknown
Picture Included Gudlaugr 61 - 64 Animal Unknown
No Picture Included Ice Wolf 42 - 49 Animal Unknown
Picture Included Icebound Moribund 49 - 54 Undead Unknown
Picture Included Innocent 35 - 43 Undead Unknown
Picture Included Jarl Ormarr 55 - 64 Humanoid Unknown
Picture Included Mistress of Runes 55 - 60 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Pained Spirit 41 - 49 Undead Unknown
No Picture Included Phantom Huscarl 59 - 65 Monster Unknown
No Picture Included Plasma Huscarl 0 - 0 Monster Unknown
No Picture Included Snow Vendo 52 - 55 Humanoid Unknown
Picture Included Thane Dyggve 61 - 66 Humanoid Unknown
No Picture Included Undead Guard 47 - 52 Undead Unknown
No Picture Included Widow Claw 40 - 44 Monster Unknown
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# Jul 28 2003 at 8:38 PM Rating: Default
Well, this mob list needs a major update. Half the mobs you have, which aren't even half the mobs in the place itself, don't even have levels.
# Oct 02 2002 at 9:43 AM Rating: Default
Mobs at entrance blue and yellow (inocents) to lvl 44, ( and the best thing they made me remember them is they now how to buff u a disease buff ( duration 40 mins) and called Leprosy :P.... and they are alll neutral, once u going a bit deeper u will find some orange and red cons spirit like human mobs with a long name.... neutral also... the decay wolf, are aggro... and con red to purple to 44...

Main point in this dungeon is... once u click f6... u are lag attacked... ok... 2nd floor looks like Df but is kinda dark there
RE: mobs
# Jul 27 2003 at 4:02 PM Rating: Decent
That "second floor" is a different dungeon.
Good xp
# Sep 25 2002 at 9:22 PM Rating: Default
Realm dungeon. All mobs baf on agro it seems. They get high level (60+) VERY quick. The phantom huscarls give 44mil xp max at 46. Great, great xp.
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