Siege Craft  

Classes: All
Per patch 1.87:
- Characters can now skill up completely in any tradeskill. The system of primary and secondary tradeskills (where secondary tradeskills were capped according to the current skill amount the primary tradeskill) has been removed.

- Tradeskills no longer have class restrictions. A character can choose any tradeskill.

- Characters can now have multiple tradeskills. To pick up a tradeskill a character does not have, speak to the tradeskill trainer. Please note that there is no limit to the amount of tradeskills a character can have. Your character can now choose and skill up in all of them.

  • Siege Crafting information
  • Siegecraft HOWTO: A Guide To Pointing and Shooting Jan. 02, 2002 (updated)
  • Celer's Siege Weapon Workshop updated for Patch 1.60

  • Recipes for Siege Craft

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