Classes: Necromancer
Damages the target. A portion of damage inflicted is used to heal the caster.
Name Level Target Power Damage Damage Type Range
Health Evacuation 1Enemy 2 5.00 Spirit 1500
Life Evacuation 4Enemy 3 17.00 Spirit 1500
Spirit Evacuation 8Enemy 5 33.00 Spirit 1500
Soul Evacuation 13Enemy 8 49.00 Spirit 1500
Vitality Theft 19Enemy 12 73.00 Spirit 1500
Theft of Vigor 25Enemy 15 92.00 Spirit 1500
Theft of Vim 32Enemy 20 116.00 Spirit 1500
Theft of Energy 40Enemy 25 143.00 Spirit 1500
Theft of Liveliness 50Enemy 33 179.00 Spirit 1500
Increases target's Dex.
Name Level Target Power
Servant of Death 3Self 2
Agent of Death 7Self 4
Bringer of Death 12Self 7
Servant of the Grave 18Self 10
Agent of the Grave 26Self 16
Bringer of the Grave 35Self 19
Death's Calling 45Self 24
Reduces the armor and AF of the target.
Name Level Target Power Range
Glimpse of Fate 2Enemy 2 1500
Glimpse of the Inevitable 5Enemy 4 1500
Glimpse of the Grave 9Enemy 6 1500
Glimpse of Death 14Enemy 9 1500
Visions of Fate 21Enemy 13 1500
Visions of the Inevitable 29Enemy 18 1500
Visions of the Grave 39Enemy 25 1500
Visions of Death 49Enemy 32 1500
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# May 13 2004 at 7:55 PM Rating: Decent
Serious soloing potential. Stay in the Caer G area and do the tasks. You will be leveling fast. Yellows with ease.
Aliia Theymademedoit
# May 16 2003 at 2:03 PM Rating: Default
I love my necro!! It kicks butt, to be sure. I suppose the one big problem is sometimes it decides (all by it's little ol' self) to go fight something that is going to get us both killed. Another thing is, these guys have the worst dress code of Albion!! I mean, come on fellas...give the poor suckers some good can almost see them
Good luck to all those who chose this character and remember to have fun!
# May 14 2003 at 8:40 AM Rating: Default
I think that necromancers are the best soloers in the game. I mean your main guy never gets hit unless your pet dies. But my pet usually doesn't die. One time i was in a group, and they accidently pulled all the bandits at a camp. While the friar was off helping the Palidans, and other fighters, i soloed a red all by myself, and i finished off the red before the other fighters were finished. If you want to be a soloer, and you want to be a good one, then be a Necromancer
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