Classes: Cleric
Damage - Target takes damage. Damage done is of the spell's given damage type.
Name Level Target Power Cast Time Damage Damage Type Range
Minor Smite 5Enemy 4 2.6 sec 21.00 Spirit 1500
Lesser Smite 7Enemy 5 2.6 sec 28.00 Spirit 1500
Smite 9Enemy 7 2.6 sec 35.00 Spirit 1500
Major Smite 13Enemy 9 2.6 sec 49.00 Spirit 1500
Greater Smite 16Enemy 11 2.6 sec 60.00 Spirit 1500
Minor Judgement 21Enemy 15 2.6 sec 77.00 Spirit 1500
Lesser Judgement 27Enemy 19 2.6 sec 97.00 Spirit 1500
Judgement 34Enemy 24 2.6 sec 124.00 Spirit 1500
Greater Judgement 42Enemy 30 2.6 sec 152.00 Spirit 1500
Supreme Judgement 50Enemy 37 2.6 sec 179.00 Spirit 1500
Stun - Target is stunned and cannot move or take any other action for the duration of the spell.
Name Level Target Power Duration Cast Time Damage Type Range
Stunning Flash 6Enemy 4 3s 2.5s Spirit 1500
Stunning Flare 15Enemy 9 5s 2.5s Spirit 1500
Stunning Glare 26Enemy 16 6s 2.5s Spirit 1500
Stunning Halo 36Enemy 23 8s 2.5s Spirit 1350
Stunning Aura 46Enemy 30 9s 2.5s Spirit 1500
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# Feb 27 2004 at 4:12 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
I play a rej cleric and have to say that rej spec is awesome. I have about 5 different heal spells I rotate from. My biggest heal lands for about 900ish without a crit. Realm rank points have been spent as follows: Aug Acuity II, Serenity II, MCL, Etereal Bond, Mastery of Healing I, Raging Power, and Wild Healing II. I am lvl 48 right now, play on Galahad and my chars name is Puritian. I love the cleric class and will be happy to answer any questions. Tips ... just beef up your Piety, always heal vs. smite if you want groups, and use your small heals before the big ones to keep the agro down. Smite clerics personally **** me off because if you want to do damage play a frigin wizard and stop getting groups killed. The only thing smite is good for is the Stun that you can cast and that is a base line spell anyways. I have seen smite clerics thrown the hell outta groups for scouts whenever they start smiting in battle. Make sure you guys get Rej to atleast 40 btw for your 100% rez; that rez = great RPS also. Good luck and have fun guys. peace
# Oct 05 2002 at 7:36 AM Rating: Default
hey guys let me know i just realy started after they nerfed the smite cleric. are they still powerfull abviously there not as powerfull but what changes were made exactally and is it even worth it to continue playing a smite cleric if i plan on totaly destroying others? .. if thats still posible .. let me have some feedback please. :)
# Sep 22 2002 at 6:28 AM Rating: Default
i hav just made a cleric coz they always smite me 2 peices wiv my main (lvl 44.5 Large wepeon champion) and so i hav a full specced smiting cleric and he rulz can kill yellows b4 they reach me and oranges if they dont resist ne of my smites

Suicidal Tendencies Champion lvl 44 prydwen
Viseth Cleric lvl 8
# Sep 19 2002 at 7:14 PM Rating: Default
Ok... Everyone seems to be talking about how roxxor smite clerics are but does anyone play a healing cleric? Why dosent someone say soemthing about them?
smiter...a dying breed
# Aug 25 2002 at 10:02 PM Rating: Default
i am a smite cleric i made my cleric AFTER the nerfing of smite plz dont tell me im gimped. (i cant even use 2handed weapons:( and the pbaoe mez is 5 minutes reuse timer)i can smite for 1/2 of what a wizard can(i think)(not bolt) i hate being a CCer and a healer soooooo here i am at lvl 20(a lil low but you see where im goin)
enh :7
i like being gimped and i am very happy with my life as a cleric and not a "heal me you no-offense monkey" kinda character i can solo yellow(!) with my new armor and people like to whine so i give em a reason
ty for your time and the 100 posts about me being a gimp that i will soon get
have fun healing, ill be a-smitin
Onos of gawaine
RE: smiter...a dying breed
# Sep 18 2002 at 10:35 AM Rating: Default
I don't think people realize just how deadly a smite cleric is. I have a level 12 smiter and I'm doing more damage pound fer pound in a battle than most regular casters. I can target a yellow cast Greater holy anger a couple times, when he gets clser a drive evil, and by then he's got less than a quarter life if not dead. And then I whip out my trusty hammer of smite to finish the job. Now that I have heavenly bolt of anger or wutever it is I can kill large groups of blues. So all the people who think smiters are useless now will have another thing comin when it comes time for battle grounds. Look out midguard. Your about to get a taste of your own medicine. Maybe the lack of smiters is why midguard is wipeing the floor with albion. Lord knows albion has no stategy in battlegrounds. At least on the nimue server. Anyway thanks for listening to me vent, and good journies
RE: smiter...a dying breed
# Sep 18 2002 at 10:35 AM Rating: Default
I don't think people realize just how deadly a smite cleric is. I have a level 12 smiter and I'm doing more damage pound fer pound in a battle than most regular casters. I can target a yellow cast Greater holy anger a couple times, when he gets clser a drive evil, and by then he's got less than a quarter life if not dead. And then I whip out my trusty hammer of smite to finish the job. Now that I have heavenly bolt of anger or wutever it is I can kill large groups of blues. So all the people who think smiters are useless now will have another thing comin when it comes time for battle grounds. Look out midguard. Your about to get a taste of your own medicine. Maybe the lack of smiters is why midguard is wipeing the floor with albion. Lord knows albion has no stategy in battlegrounds. At least on the nimue server. Anyway thanks for listening to me vent, and good journies
Help w/ Smite
# Jun 16 2002 at 11:25 AM Rating: Default
The only options I have to train are Enhancement and Rejuv, there's no Smite. Did I do something wrong? I'm playing a Highlander Cleric I have Lesser Smite as one of my current spells. Someone please let me know. Oh BTW I'm 5th level Cleric.
#Anonymous, Posted: May 12 2002 at 3:40 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) SMITE CLERICS SHOULD BRUN IN HELL
#Anonymous, Posted: Jun 05 2002 at 1:08 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Hmmm, BRUN. Isn't that an old DOS command?
Not possible
# Apr 14 2002 at 4:18 PM Rating: Default
If you already have 23 Rejuv and 7 enhance the best you can do is take smite to 48. Not enough points to go any higher
# Mar 28 2002 at 8:28 PM Rating: Default
I have a smitecleric 22rej,7enh,35smt at lvl 42. Just wondering if 23rej,7enh,50smt at lvl 50 is possible..... Each time i count if its possible, but i am not sure. Read somewhere that it must be possible. Can someone help me out on this?

Btw: smiting is a livesaving in Albion, in all various ways. From healing to AE in multiple hard mobs, u cant beat the fun of a well balanced cleric. I cant say enough to start a cleric, the most fun, the most wanted, the most ruling char at Albion. And one thing more: rejuve is nice but i manage as good as a rej-cleric in PvE and PvP in party, although i never can make some 'full' heals. Nevermind, i never had any complain on this. As long as u let ur party live... So start out ur own wanted cleric and have fun. Like i have....
RE: possible?
# Apr 03 2002 at 4:49 PM Rating: Default
Yes it is possible.........
RE: possible?
# Apr 03 2002 at 4:52 PM Rating: Default
Sorry about prior post...Not possible..Take smite to 48.
#Anonymous, Posted: Apr 01 2002 at 11:32 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
RE: possible?
# Apr 01 2002 at 11:27 PM Rating: Decent
I'm sorry, I guess it's not possible, you can only go up to 48 smite. Go to It allows you to build your characters spec points. Very cool.

P.S. I ver mucch agree with you, a well-balenced cleric can be one of the coolest classes in Albion :D
Cleric Stun
# Mar 25 2002 at 11:16 PM Rating: Default
Why do we have that useless stun anyway???
its useless for combat cus of its low duration, and its casting time is too long, so it can usually not, for example, save a player by stopping the mob they are running from.
RE: Cleric Stun
# Apr 27 2002 at 11:02 PM Rating: Default
Dude, have you never RvR? Stun is what everybody hates. My stun at lvl 46 stops them for 8 secs... that's 8 seconds for casters and tanks to beat the living crap out of stunned guy. Midgard on Merlin knows this... they use their mez, then their range insta ae stun and destroy us. Used in PvE, you stop damage for however long the stun lasts. As a cleric, your first move should be stunning the mob that the tanks are on. At least it's one or two less hits on the tanks.

46 Cleric
RE: Cleric Stun
# Apr 14 2002 at 10:36 AM Rating: Default
are you crazy, stun is great :). nuke, stun, nuke again and blues and yellows are half dead. as you lvl the stuns last longer. cleric is a totally fun character to play.
RE: Cleric Stun
# Apr 07 2002 at 9:14 PM Rating: Decent
useless?? hardly! my stun at level 33 lasts long enough for me to get in 3 smites before the enemy can do anything! in RvR it means any foolish archer or assassin that tries to attack me has just enough time to write up a quick will.
RE: Cleric Stun
# Apr 04 2002 at 4:48 PM Rating: Default
I agree with you 100%. I never use the cleric stuns. The AE mez, of course, but not the stun.
you guys need help
# Mar 16 2002 at 1:48 AM Rating: Default
This web page is old or wrong.
RE: you guys need help
# Mar 25 2002 at 11:11 PM Rating: Default
I would also very much like to tell people that the spec 6 "drive evil" and all the better versions have a much lesser recast time than can cast it every 20 SECONDS; not every 20 MINUTES!
RE: you guys need help
# Mar 20 2002 at 12:06 AM Rating: Default
Old, I am assuming. I just had noticed that the spec16 Greater Holy Rage spell is not listed. Came here to look up what was listed for the spec20 AE Heavenly Blast spell, then went to compare it to G. Holy Rage... <8^)

Not overly suprising, tho. Allakhazam IS more EQ oriented, and what with Mythic changing spells, names, effects, abilities, etc, etc, etc, I do not blame Allakhazam for not updating until Mythic at least quits acting like DAoC is still in Beta.

Nevertheless, Allakhazam still has decent info in general, as far as I am concerned...
reason why clerics are so friggin cool in DAOC...
# Mar 09 2002 at 10:17 PM Rating: Default
Anyone ever play Magestorm by Mythic(a pretty old FPS magic-based multiplayer team game)? Cleric was the nastiest class in that game... I guess Mythic loves their clerics...
RE: reason why clerics are so friggin cool in DAOC...
# Mar 14 2002 at 1:06 PM Rating: Default
I loved that game actually. :P
# Feb 25 2002 at 11:27 PM Rating: Default
Why oh why does the Energy Buff have to be at 27!
god damnit, 1 spec level away !!!!!!!!!
# Feb 26 2002 at 1:31 PM Rating: Default
Blasphemy will not gain you your spec point any quicker..
# Mar 03 2002 at 10:41 PM Rating: Default
Why is that Blasphemy ?
# Mar 19 2002 at 11:59 PM Rating: Default
*Chuckle* I am assuming because you are an agent of God as a Cleric, and saying "god dammit" would be rather bad for one whom is supposed to be his representative...
# Apr 24 2002 at 10:53 AM Rating: Default
# Jan 22 2004 at 12:40 PM Rating: Excellent
OR, as a messenger of the divine, you may simply be issuing a commang. Like: "God, Damn IT!" And then point at something and WHALAH! IT be damned! Kinda the point of a Smite Cleric I would say. :-)
Spell Effects Bug
# Feb 25 2002 at 11:05 AM Rating: Default
I am unable to see spell effects for the Holy Rage and Holy Wrath spell line (spec 16 and 21), nor are others around me able to see my spell effects. Is this a gamewide problem? Any other smite clerics notice this?
RE: Spell Effects Bug
# Feb 27 2002 at 1:36 PM Rating: Default
Have the same problem with the spell effects. I appealed and Mythic told me it's a gamewide problem. Hope they fix it soon, it's a real shame !
Balancing Smite and Rejuv
# Feb 20 2002 at 3:47 PM Rating: Default
Smite 23/rejuv 14/Enhance 7 at lev 29
(not counting item adds).
I play a balanced smite cleric in healer disguise.
I can heal reasonably well, and will fill the role
when a group needs it. Normally, I heal most
of the time when in a dungeon group, unless
there are 2 plus other healers, in which
case I unlimber the smiting power. Soloing
undead and elem types is very ez for yellows,
but oranges might make me use my instant,
slowing things down.
Full smite might make oranges more solo
doable, I would admit. But with the medium
heals that rejuv gives at 14, I'm usually
quite able to keep peeps breathing.
A full-spec rejuv could do it with less power,
but much of the time people are double-healing
or over-healing anyway, so bigger heal spells
don't always mean less downtime.
I would not suggest peeps go all smite,
because it is so ez for a decent healer to get
a group, and dungeon groups are where the items
are, and barrows is a hard place to solo until
you are quite hi lev. I find long bouts of
soloing dull.
Finally, having a good level of smite/
solo experience will teach you exactly how
to play your cleric in RvR. If you wait until
lev 40 to learn how to mez and smite and stun,
you will not be as natural at it when the nukes
are flying in Emain. Many people die because
they aren't quite sure how to handle
their characters in RvR.
For all these reasons, I'm taking a middle
path and plan to get rejuv to lev 23 at least
for the instant free group heal and two target
free heals. Some enhance (7) will really up your
solo ability for cheap amount of points, and
makes groups like u more. The rest goes to
smite, so u can really unload AE death on
those poor bastards knocking on keep doors...

-Zorachus of Iseult
# Feb 13 2002 at 11:42 PM Rating: Default
I just want to say some stuff about smite, Ive im a lvl 41 cleric fully smite i wish to get to 50 smite and put the left over in rej.
let me point out a smite cleric life
Some people say because we are smtie we wont get "group friendliness" well i must say that i get invited alot in groups yes i heal less then a true rej cleric but look at this thsi way at higher lvl even before u rarely see a group without 2 cleric and i must say even if i dont heal as well as a fully rej cleric i can certainly fill the role of secondary healer
radius mez is as usefull to replace a sorceress in time of need. the nuke do less damage then wizzy on none undead/spirit/cruidic mobs (witch i may had consist about 50 % of the mobs out there)
but vs those wizzy cant even come close to our damage range
someone added on a post that at lvl 41 smite damage is caped at 255 damage well he made a msitake because if u are fully spec in smite ur cap is about 455 at lvl 41 :) same as a wizzy
(ur cap get higher each time u get a new spec line nuke btw) annyway ...this is corected
ive done alot of rvr i agree smite are not invincible in rvr ..they are good ..very good when u get close... and ur worst enemy is mez :)
i love to see tank coming on me thinking they could have an easy kill ...then at they greatess suprise they find themself mezed for 30 sec ...i just get back a litle stun smite stun smite stun smite then remez all and run if im alonne
vs archer u can win only if u find them and mez them before ur dead wich is sometime difficult :)
in large scale combat u can do pretty well u hang behind tank and do aoe on the enemy party wich is very destructive and a good source of Rp :)
if u get in a face off (stuck when people fight long range because they dont wanna agro the guard from the port for exemple) u sit back heal and rez cuz u cant get close enought to let lose a spell since ur range is less then a wizard class
but 1 thing about a smite its that its always fun to play and u can do alot of thing and if u dont feel like grouping u can find a nice spot of red undead and solo them nice solo xp
all and all cleric do alot of things they are quite usefull in anny rvr and in anny group because they can adapt easyly to new situation ..
i dont say that smite is better then rej or ench .. but if ur a kind player and like to heal and rez but still want to pack a punch smite is the way for u... so that make a smite cleric a very valuable class good grouper and excelent rvr'er
hope that help some of u .. i surely dont regret being a full smite cuz i get alot of group and got alot of rp

p.s sorry for my english this is only my secondary language
#Anonymous, Posted: Feb 12 2002 at 10:47 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) You can do every combinations you want, every template, every every
RE: Mythic really sucks
# Feb 13 2002 at 3:12 PM Rating: Default
Well, beyond the fact that you are too irrational to type, I am curious if you have even played a Shaman to see how they stack up to a cleric. Don't get my wrong, Shaman is a nice class if you have a full group coddling you. There is no class in this game as flexible as a Cleric, and that flexablity makes up for raw power twice over. The thing is the shaman has very little raw power advantage on the cleric. The long range bolt, AE dot, damage shield, and whatever else you want to toss on the pile hardly make up for the Clerical instants and DD lines. If you think instant AE mez isn't huge then you have been playing the wrong role in RvR. Strap on your damage add buff and charge into the mass, beat a guy to death drop the AE damage when the mez breaks. No one has seen you cast at this point and the people unfamiliar with Albion will still think you are a tank and not a prime target. Maybe if you are feeling saucy you can weasel out of the pile and start casting but why draw the extra attention? Try to tell me instant no mana heals aren't huge. Shamen dont get that. Everything a Shaman has takes time and in RvR he who takes the least time to release his toys will almost assuredly be the victor. I hated my Shaman. He could heal and blast and buff and dot and draw tons of agro and eventually die. Lets look at this from anecdotal PvE. In a 2 man team with a Shaman and a Skald we could fight an orange and be totally sapped with minutes of downtime. The other night I was teamed with a Minstrel. We would pull 2 oranges at a time with 30 seconds downtime in between. At one point 3 more oranges spawned on us as we finished on 2 of them. With one insta heal and a quick mez we scampered away and were back in action 30 seconds later. If you think your Cleric sucks then go play a Shaman and see how your survivablity drops. Every class has their strengths and weaknesses, and The Cleric has very many strengths and very few weaknesses. I should not discount style in all of this. If Blast, buff, and heal and leave crowd control to someone else is more your style then maybe limiting your options is a better choice. I personally would rather have all of the tools at my disposal.

Oh and as for the "That is why mythic really realy really sucks......." There has NEVER been an online game as balanced and smooth as DAoC right from the gates. I tip my hat to the Mythic development team.
RE: Mythic really sucks
# Feb 18 2002 at 11:02 AM Rating: Default
Firstly, muthic does not suck=). they had to make the shaman better(yea, better) cuz they dont have any mez spells, only a poor root spell , and some of albions classes are also unbalanced vs midgaards. I think that shamans are better cuz of their many buffs (dmg shield) combined with bolt magic and poison =). Poison is REALLY good!

RE: Mythic really sucks
# Feb 18 2002 at 11:02 AM Rating: Default
Firstly, muthic does not suck=). they had to make the shaman better(yea, better) cuz they dont have any mez spells, only a poor root spell , and some of albions classes are also unbalanced vs midgaards. I think that shamans are better cuz of their many buffs (dmg shield) combined with bolt magic and poison =). Poison is REALLY good!

RE: Mythic really sucks
# Feb 22 2002 at 3:07 AM Rating: Default
You must all be on some drugs, I don't know... but have you actually ever played a shaman? Hmm..? I have... ya... and have you ever typed /who shaman? Guess how many you'll get on a 2000 person server? In midgard: 50 Thanes: 140 Hunters: 137, ect. now... /who cleric Cleric: 137... Am I missing something, or are all these people wrong?
Smite Cleric
# Feb 09 2002 at 11:49 AM Rating: Default
my cleric is now lvl 32 with 29 in smite and 13 rejuv ( i wanted the insta heal and will continue extra points there to get next one at 23) I can solo any orange mob i come across, I can solo red mobs IF they are undead. I can also heal plenty good enough to keep a tank alive in a battle, although if I have to heal several people in a fight manna does get kind of low. I love this class and think it is a great class for RvR or for solo play. I would recomend anyone considering a smite cleric to go for it, they are a blast to play and easy to lvl

Avalyn Athelas
# Feb 01 2002 at 10:36 AM Rating: Default
I'm reju specced
at 50 lvl i'm configured like that:
40 reju
26 enhancement
25 smite

with the last patch finally my enhancement dex quick buff's let me cast quickly heal and NOW is possible heal ppl in rvr.
I can smite or heal 1/2 quickly then before.

Remember, at 50 lvl die is not faster then at 40 lvl.
U have time to spent well, for HEAL or mezz o smite (if your party are winning the match)...

Clerics was born for heal and assisting the party healt. And the Enhancement line is the best buff line in all the 3 realms.

DAoC is a party based game, Albion have the most pure classes in this game; The well configured party is required much more then the other realms.
Then much more pure Cleric can be in reju, better are the chance's if your party don't die in a moment of confusion.

And remember, the real game start wen u r lvl 50, with your guild vs realm enemies.
Not in solo, never in solo.

(sorry for my poor english)
Sssin Kerr
from Merlin
Smite clerics muohaha
# Jan 28 2002 at 6:41 PM Rating: Default

Smite clerics are by far the BEST 1 on 1 class in the game. I don't think we can be beat, 1 on 1 by any class.. period.

Everyone is starting archers.. but truthfully archers get rocked by clerics. Shadowblades get rocked by clerics. Stealth classes are fun and get some tactical advantage, but if they come out in the open, even con.. they are dead.

I'm lvl 41.5, with 38 smite, 14 rejuv, and 7 enhance (for the green stuff). And let me tell you its an awesome class to play. Going for a template of 48 smite, 23 rejuv, 7 enhance. Most optimized for RvR. Your highest level smite will do huge damage, with 2 instant heals, and all the good green buffs.. you will be invincible.

the trick is never run from a fight, always run close and MEZ! Here's how to deal with ppl. MEZ, run back, cast DD, stun, cast DD, cast DD. Go melee, drive evil. fight for awhile, when your close to dying, hit your insta heal. mez, stun.. and all the healing just makes a crazy combo. Even if you are jumped, run up mez. heal yourself a little (you have 30 seconds), remove disease/poison. then start your combat.
All Smite
# Jan 25 2002 at 7:47 PM Rating: Default
Wow, just read all that. Look, I am all smite, level 34 solo red, can solo two oranges, not 3 yellows, but 4 blues is no problem, the trick is as stated above. Get your 3 spells in before it hits you, then send the Drive Evil Line of spell on it, and usualy dead or close to it. As for RVR, it is unny as hell when I run up in battle and mezz all the tanks at one time, then heal my tank, then kill one solo, and usualy still have enough to heal and help with the rest. Insta heal is great for you that have it, but personally, I never let the opposition get me into a position to need it. Timing is everything, don't mezz till you have to. If done too soon, you ahve wasted it, throw a Drive Evil on them at least twice first, unless you need to heal.
Ernham Djinn
RE: All Smite
# Feb 15 2002 at 4:42 PM Rating: Default
I have a question about going all Smite. At low levels (5-10) can Clerics solo good being All Smite? Or do they have to get into groups? Thx.
Pure Smite
# Jan 13 2002 at 6:40 PM Rating: Default
I play in Percival and I'm a Pure smite cleric. Let me break it down.

I can solo anything undead thats red and lower. Reds are hard though, I would need to be not resisted all 3 smites to win.

Against anything else I can kill up to oranges without a problem.

You get a really good damage adder self only I sometimes hit harder then other classes at my level.

AE Mez is extremely useful you will find that it works really well and lasts decently long. Recast time is 30 seconds.

I get a casting AE spell which is pretty useless I dont use it at all, but I have a instant AE DD which is really useful it does like twice my damage if smite is up to my level.

My level is 37, I plan on training 50 in smite and rejuv 23.

Also you could do 50 smite 20 enhance and 7 rejuv, but the instant heals are very useful RVR

I do about the same damage as most casters so whoever is saying we suck at damage spells, we dont.

I have yet to RVR I just been exping mostly. I reccomend smite to a cleric its awesome.

Oh in groups I can play main healer its not that big of a deal at all but heals are so random I usually end up OOP every fight. I think its a blast. Hope this helps!

RE: Pure Smite
# Feb 18 2002 at 11:37 AM Rating: Default
It does help =) i plan on taking 1/2 smite and 1/4 enchant and 1/4 rej. Is that wise?
claric duties
# Jan 12 2002 at 3:31 PM Rating: Default
i personally think clarics should stick with rejuve and enhance keep smite low, its not our job to be a wizard we are healers, sure when we go solo its nice to be able to pull but if you keep yer enhance high enough then you get hammer buffs that make up for the weak smite, and just face it a smite claric will NEVER blast for more dam than a wizard of the same lvl, maybe on undead. why? cuzz that is a wizard's job! they cast dd spells we heal
my 2gp
RE: claric duties
# Jan 30 2002 at 3:44 PM Rating: Default
You entitled to your opinion. I feel it is completely wrong and short sighted but still you are entitled to it. It is not the Cleric's "Job" to be anything except a fun class to play in a game. To the statement "Keep yer enhance high enough then you get hammer buffs that make up for the weak smite" I need to point out you are refering to the damage add buff that is also in the smite line not the enhance line. Are you sure you have played a Cleric or even really looked at the skill set? As for "Just face it a smite claric will NEVER blast for more dam than a wizard of the same lvl" in reality we DO (not "Maybe") hit for more with our DDs against undead, but you have played a cleric so you know this. Right? I do play a Smite Cleric. I have done the research and played the class so I know what I can and cannot do. No, I cannot nuke regular mobs as well as a Wizard. I can nuke 2/3 as well from range, then hit them with the point blank DD, then melee off the last 20% - 40% of the mobs HPs (Assuming yellow non-undead mob). I am not the Tank's walking bandaid no matter how loud the glory monger whines. Yes I can heal, and yes it is not as potent as if I had gone rejuve, but I am ok with that because I do not play the main healer in any party. Back up healer, sure, I can cover, but my main role is damage nuker. Why not play a Wizard if I want to be a nuker? That is easy.
1. Chain mail
2. Hit points
3. Instant AE mez
4. Buffs
5. Healing
6. Melee ability
7. Rez
8. Complete flexability

If you want to be a Healer that is fantastic. I dont have the stomach for sitting and waiting and healing and sitting over and over and over. I play this game to have fun, and party healer is stress and boredom to me. I get enough of that at work.

- My God is a vengeful God. He is a "Kill them all and sort them later" kind of God
RE: claric duties
# Mar 08 2002 at 12:55 PM Rating: Default
Thanks for the info. I am a lvl 26 Cler and am building towards a heavy smite with 23 juv by lvl 50. Can you tell me what you have foe specs at this point? Thanks much and for making your point so well also.

RE: claric duties
# Jan 31 2002 at 4:44 PM Rating: Default
Let me just let you know those instant cast items now have to be casting like a regular spell in rvr :)
RE: claric duties
# Feb 13 2002 at 4:59 PM Rating: Default
I do a lot of RvR and the instants are still instants so I am not sure what you are referring to.
# Jan 09 2002 at 11:31 PM Rating: Default
I would like to hear from one of you Clerics if you think you are overpowered in the smite.

you can do more damage than any wizard in the game (except the bolt spell, but thats irrelevant).

you can insta stun, insta AE mez too i believe...and you have very very high damage add to your weapon.
Heal, ressurection, wear chain armor...get good health, and in my opinion be not onle the best in RvR , but by far the best.

Because im considering making a cleric, just to see how lame it really is, and how much i would want them to be nerfed from a clerics viewpoint.

my current view on it is to nerf the hell out of clerics because i have no idea what mythic were thinking when they made them this way.
RE: Overpowered
# Feb 12 2002 at 10:47 PM Rating: Default
If you're going to nurf the Clerics, you might as well nurf the Berserkers, the Skalds, and which is in progress, the Rangers. I mean, Clerics are just flexiable, as mentioned before, but Rangers were just plain sickeningly powerful. Enchanters are over-powered, too, but just from a soloing point of view. Most pet classes don't do as well as others in RvR.

16 Armsman
RE: Overpowered
# Jan 11 2002 at 11:53 PM Rating: Default
LOL cleric best in RvR.......I play a cleric and i am lvl 42 and play RvR extensivly and i can vouch that this is not the best class in RvR. Clerics are a good class but no better than many other great classes.

The last person that replied did a good job of laying it down the way it is. I will make a couple extra points:

1) bolt spells are not irrelivant they hit hard and have huge range plus you can have several bolt spells. In some classes like eldritches more than one bolt spell per magic line.

2)Compare a cleric to the other healer types and you will see that for example a midguard healer had huge mezzing abilities. There cast mezzes have large radiuses, long durations and more range that a clerics smite. Anyone that has played RvR nows how massivly effective ranges mezzes are in any situation. The mezzes are far more effective than a clerics smite ability. These classes get the same heals and enhancements that a cleric does plus some wepon techniques. If anything should be nerffed more its ranged mezzes.

What i would suggest to you is that you make a cleric and level him to 30+ and go out and do some serious RvR. Then come back and tell me if you think you they are overpowered
Not overpowered
# Jan 10 2002 at 3:44 PM Rating: Default
Not the most overpowered in RvR, just the most balanced. A smite spec cleric can do alot of things, but none of them really well.

Instant AoE mez is on a timer. It is also point blank, with a small radius. Very short duration compared to true CC classes.

Stun is short duration with high mana cost and short range. It's good to pull mobs...

Instant AoE damage is point blank, on a timer, small radius. Damage is pathetic.

AoE cast is short range. Pathetic damage, high mana cost, small radius, and 4 second cast.

DD damage is capped at 255 points (at 41), that is even on greys. A wizard can do over 400. Scouts upwards of 800. Also, higher mana cost for smites, shorter range, longer casting times (for spec cast). Anytime you see a cleric bragging about high damage from DD, it's almost *always* on undead.

Decent life and armor, but far from being a tank. Again, mediocre at best.

No fast cast ability. No weapon styles. No shield skills. No stealth. 1x spec points.

The only things a cleric does really well are heal and buff. The things they were created for. Smiters get a few more tricks, but sacrifice their healing abilities and party friendliness.

They are far from "the best" in rvr. If that was true, everyone would be playing smite clerics. Funny how I see way more people starting scouts than smiters... and everyone yells that scouts are gimped.

Quit your ******** and calling for nerfs and play the game. It is a game. Have fun.
Smite Damage
# Jan 09 2002 at 10:36 AM Rating: Default
My cleric is 35th level with a 29 smite skill.

I've found my damage cap with smite is approximately 2x the listed spell damage. For example with the level 21 holy wrath (97) dd I was maxing for 194 and in the low 190s on many occassions against undead. Even with the huge bonuses that come with these beasties I never exceeded 194.

My spec level 27 spell greater holy wrath (128) seems to be capped at 255 though. I've hit that number on numerous castings.

Even on mobs with no damage bonus for smite I've hit mobs in the 200 to 250 range, well in excess of a 50% bonus.
RE: Smite Damage
# Feb 06 2002 at 3:52 PM Rating: Default
That is because your ability in Smite is below your level.
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