Classes: Spiritmaster
Bladeturn - A "bubble" that absorbs the damage of a single melee hit. Assassin critical strikes and attacks by very high level creatures will ignore a bladeturn bubble.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time Damage Damage Type
Protecting Spirit 19Self 8% Bladeturn 20 min 4 sec 5.00 Spirit
De-mesmerize (Pet-only)
Name Level Target Power Cast Time Range
Awaken Spirit 16Pet 6 2 sec 1000
Heal (Pet) - Casts a healing spell which only affects the caster's pet.
Name Level Target Power Effect Cast Time Damage Type Range
Renew Spirit 6Pet 4 36 3 sec Spirit 2000
Recover Spirit 8Pet 5 46 3 sec Spirit 2000
Refresh Spirit 11Pet 7 61 3 sec Spirit 2000
Reconstitute Spirit 15Pet 9 81 3 sec Spirit 2000
Replenish Spirit 21Pet 13 111 3 sec Spirit 2000
Rejuvenate Spirit 28Pet 17 146 3 sec Spirit 2000
Restore Spirit 35Pet 22 181 3 sec Spirit 2000
Regenerate Spirit 44Pet 28 226 3 sec Spirit 2000
Summon Spirit Thrall - Summons a "pet", or servant that the caster commands to fight and die for it. The pet will be 88% of the caster's level. With each upgrade, spirit thralls gain additional abilities (they also inherit abilities earlier pets received)
Name Level Target Power Duration Cast Time Damage Type
Summon Spirit Fighter 1Self 25% Until Destroyed 6 sec Spirit
Summon Spirit Soldier 7Self 25% Until Destroyed 6 sec Spirit
Summon Spirit Swordsman 12Self 25% Until Destroyed 6 sec Spirit
Summon Spirit Warrior 20Self 25% Until Destroyed 6 sec Spirit
Summon Spirit Champion 32Self 25% Until Destroyed 6 sec Spirit
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summoning sm
# May 14 2003 at 6:14 AM Rating: Default
levling cant be easyer with a sm trained in summoning. all u need in ur group is 2 or 3 healer and rest caster with ae. u dont need tanks because no 1 gets aggro with the dmg shield on the pet.. its the same like hibernia enchanter skilled on manamagic. i tested it in a 2men group me summoner and 1 healer and we killed 2-3 red or 2 purple at once at places where other groups higher lvl needed 8men group.
i dont know who this char is played in rvr but summoning sm + healer is the ultimate lvl machine.
# Sep 19 2002 at 3:17 PM Rating: Default
Don't believe everything you hear 50/50 Dark/Summoning rocks pve and rvr. Can solo chain yellows, oranges and solo low reds.
level up points
# Mar 24 2002 at 6:23 PM Rating: Default
what is a good place to put your points or should i split them
RE: level up points
# Apr 05 2002 at 7:14 PM Rating: Default
Do yourself a favor and play a class other than sm. If you insist on playing one DO NOT waste a point on summoning. Go darkness heavy for rvr, or maybe split spec with suppression.
pet lvl
# Mar 17 2002 at 10:07 PM Rating: Default
what lvl will your pet always be i've heard from 2/3 to 7/8 what is it someone help a little
summoning..... is there a difference.
# Feb 19 2002 at 11:59 AM Rating: Default
hi there, what i really want to know is, if there are 2 sm, and they are both lvl 40 and one specializes in summoning and the other sm trains a little. say one have summoning to 35 and the other has it to 13.... I hope u can tell a difference between them fighting say in rvr or in a battle against a npc.... need some info on that one.. plz
RE: summoning..... is there a difference.
# Oct 15 2002 at 1:39 PM Rating: Default
you idiot your dumb
# Feb 08 2002 at 10:12 PM Rating: Default
dont the pets proc a bladeturn for themselves? a buddy of mine said they did.
RE: bladeturn?
# Feb 10 2002 at 12:35 PM Rating: Default
Well the Champs now proc stun, bladeturn, a cold dd and a drain life type, major improvement.
AE Proc
# Jan 02 2002 at 2:59 AM Rating: Default
OK, what moron gave our pets an ae proc? Talk about a massive liability in dungeons.. Mythic needs to get thier head out o their **** and make it target only stun Bigtime
RE: AE Proc
# Jan 02 2002 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
22 posts
Just a small point about the AoE stun-proc.

When you get the Spirit Champion all the pets do this I believe.
I know for a fact that for Spirit Warriors only the Dwarf pets have the proc. I've never seen a Troll, Norse or Kobold Warrior do the proc.

RE: AE Proc
# Jan 29 2002 at 3:23 AM Rating: Default
I will second above for confirmation sake.All Champs sadly will do this.Same for the part bout dorf pets.
RE: AE Proc
# Feb 10 2002 at 12:31 PM Rating: Default
OK as of recent patch the stun seems to be target only. Thank you Mythic for getting this right finally.BTW the new cumulative procs rock, the Champs put on quite a show now). I know that Alb wasn't too happy with it last night.
RE: AE Proc
# Feb 11 2002 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
22 posts
The AoE stun is now a thing of history.
The stun the pet now gets (starting with the Spirit Soldier) is a target only thing.
It looks like a mez, but is actually a stun.

Level 19 Protect Spirit
# Dec 19 2001 at 3:11 PM Rating: Default
This is wrong.... at level 19 you recieve the spell Protect Spirit. It's a 1-hit protect shield, just like the Runemasters Runic Fend. It however doesn't protect against Backstabs. Takes 8% of your power, and you can only cast it on yourself. Lasts for 10 Minutes.

Dacken Rahl
33 Master of Spirits
<Odin's Fury>
Percival Server
# Nov 14 2001 at 5:47 PM Rating: Decent
Anybody have stats on spirit Champ? Please lemme know if you can help :')
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