Enchantment Mastery  

Classes: Enchanter
Buff (Dex/Qui) - Increases the target's Dexterity and Quickness, which will cause it to do more damage and be more effective in melee combat as well as cast spells faster.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time Damage Type Range
Craftiness 1Pet 2 +15 Dex/Qui 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Subtlety 5Pet 5 +21 Dex/Qui 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Cunning 9Pet 8 +25 Dex/Qui 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Slyness 13Pet 11 +30 Dex/Qui 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Trickiness 19Pet 15 +37 Dex/Qui 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Wiliness 25Pet 20 +45 Dex/Qui 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Guile 33Pet 27 +54 Dex/Qui 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Subdolosity 43Pet 36 +66 Dex/Qui 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Buff (Piercing Magic) - Effectiveness of the target's spells is increased. Against higher level opponents than the target, this should reduce the chance of a full resist. If used against lower level opponents, damage done will go up.
Name Level Target Duration Cast Time Damage Type Range
Beguiling Will 40Pet 20 min 3 sec Energy 1000
Insidious Will 50Pet 20 min 3 sec Energy 1000
Buff (Str/Cons) - Increases the target's Strength and Constitution, which will cause it to be able to carry more weight, as well as to both do more damage in melee combat and to be able to take more damage before dying.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time Damage Type Range
Strength of the Underhill 3Pet 3 +18 Str/Con 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Vigor of the Underhill 7Pet 6 +22 Str/Con 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Zest of the Underhill 12Pet 10 +28 Str/Con 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Power of the Underhill 18Pet 15 +36 Str/Con 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Vim of the Underhill 24Pet 19 +43 Str/Con 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Force of the Underhill 32Pet 26 +52 Str/Con 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Fury of the Underhill 42Pet 35 +64 Str/Con 20 min 3 sec Spirit 1000
Combat and Casting Speed buff (Pet-only)
Name Level Target Power Duration Range
Anger of the Underhill 36Pet 23 30 sec 2000
Wrath of the Underhill 46Pet 30 30 sec 2000
Damage Add (Group) - Target does more damage with every melee weapon hit. Cast upon the caster's group.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time Damage Type Range
Dazzling Arms 35Group 57 7.9 10 min 10s Body 1000
Radiant Arms 45Group 77 10 10 min 10s Body 1000
Damage Add (Pet-only)
Name Level Target Duration Cast Time Damage Range
Lustrous Arms 39Pet 20 min 3 sec 15.80 1000
Effulgent Arms 48Pet 20 min 3 sec 20.00 1000
Damage Add - Target does more damage with every melee weapon hit.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time Damage Damage Type Range
Twinkling Arms 4Realm 3 1.6 DPS 10 min 3 sec 1.00 Body 1000
Glossed Arms 8Realm 5 2.5 DPS 10 min 3 sec 2.00 Body 1000
Shining Arms 11Realm 7 3.1 DPS 10 min 3 sec 3.00 Body 1000
Shimmering Arms 15Realm 9 3.9 DPS 10 min 3 sec 3.00 Body 1000
Glowing Arms 20Realm 12 5.0 DPS 10 min 3 sec 5.00 Body 1000
Glittering Arms 26Realm 16 6.3 DPS 10 min 3 sec 6.00 Body 1000
Brilliant Arms 34Realm 21 7.9 DPS 10 min 3 sec 7.00 Body 1000
Splendorous Arms 44Realm 28 10.0 DPS 10 min 3 sec 10.00 Body 1000
Defensive Proc - Spell that adds a small chance for the target's armor to "proc", or cast a given spell when struck in melee combat.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time Damage Type Range
Enchanted Armor 29Pet 18 53 heal proc 20 min 3 sec Body 1500
Shimmering Armor 38Pet 24 90 heal proc 20 min 3 sec Body 1500
Splendorous Armor 49Pet 32 126 heal proc 20 min 3 sec Body 1500
Mesmerization Dampening buff
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time Range
Stir Focus 6Pet 10 10% Mez Dampening 20 min 4 sec 1000
Prompt Focus 17Pet 17 25% Mez Dampening 20 min 4 sec 1000
Stimulate Focus 27Pet 23 38% Mez Dampening 20 min 4 sec 1000
Provoke Focus 37Pet 29 52% Mez Dampening 20 min 4 sec 1000
Galvanize Focus 47Pet 35 65% Mez Dampening 20 min 4 sec 1000
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Best classes to me
# Aug 13 2002 at 12:45 PM Rating: Decent
The best Classes r the Chancers and the Ment cause the ment can heal and have good attack spells but the chancers can summon can enchat weapons and even do it for Cash =)=)=)=)=)=) atleast thats wat i do.O and the Druids r cool to
# Jul 12 2002 at 4:41 PM Rating: Default
I'm not sure how any of you guys play your enchanters, but I'll share my experience..

First.. my enchanter is not my main character. I plan to get RPs just to improve my buffs, and I plan to have 44 enchantments, 26 light. Run buffs are baseline, finally, so you don't need to train mana for that, and since I'm not a hard hitter I don't see the point of getting a level 20 something PBAOE. If anything I may as well be able to nuke - somewhat - and maybe make RPs.

Pet's are slow, even with buffs. They don't double attack in any way shape or form, and as of yet my pet (I'm level 31 enchanter) doesn't parry, block, pull agro (like protect skill for hero), or anything like that. It just swings, once, every 3 or 4 seconds roughly. Without Enchantments the pet would take forever and a day to kill something since even with the level 26 damage add it takes my pet a good 8 swings to kill a high level green, I can only imagine what would happen if you try to solo oranges a lot and all you have is 25 light with 6 enchantments or something. I don't see it working very well, but some of you play your enchanters like an eldritch that has a pet, and I have no doubt you level one way or another or whatever, but I can say this; even with my nukes hitting from 75-110 damage on yellows, if I nuke too soon, or even too much (2-3 nukes within say 10-15 seconds), I still pull agro.

I've found it's easiest, thus far in my experience, to just simply let the pet tank. What else seems cool is when you get bored and go into Spraggon's Den or some place similar and hang out for an hour or two buffing people, they'll usually talk to you at least a little.

Some people are very self-centered and selfish, but a lot of people will remember you and help you or your alternates later. For example, if you have a nightshade and you see the level 34 warden with his 4 friends standing around looking for group members - they might be nice and allow a nightshade - but they're deffinitely more prone to do so if you say "Hi, remember me? I power leveled you the other night"

It's really a ************** approach and is hit or miss, but believe me, some people just LOVE me..
RE: hehe..
# Jun 20 2005 at 4:07 AM Rating: Decent
hey man/woman trust me chanters are anything but slow when properly lvl the main reason most spec mana is for the pets focus shield true u cant move or anything while its up but u can kill like 3-4+ yellows as u get higher in lvls chanters are nothing to snuff ur nose at properly spec lvled and used a chanter can go toe to toe with almost any other class

help hints from ur friendly neighbor hood chanter speced chantress
# Jun 22 2002 at 11:03 AM Rating: Default
Im a chanter and i have to wait a few days to go back on the game because my pops need to get paid but well any way want to check out the spells for like summoning and stuff.An are thee any spells that ur weapon is chanted for like ever =)

Ty ppl who answer
Enchanter Spec
# May 27 2002 at 12:17 AM Rating: Default
Hi, I've played two enchanters now over 40 and have had fun soloing, in groups and in RvR.
Each character has a role to play and the enchanter is the soloing master. You can level fast and help out those around you to level quickly through buffs and power leveling. Base level spells give you enough damage to kill a few albs and mids and your pet is a great disruption to them. My pet will hunt them down without end and has killed his fair share with me sitting a safe distance away.
If you want hard hitting damage, become an eldritch, if you want to level fast and comfortably solo, then choice enchanter. But it's true what they say, Enchanters are not Eldritchs and it is not their role to be the primary nuker. Learn how and when to use your underhill, when to cast and of course, when to run.
RE: Enchanter Spec
# May 27 2002 at 12:39 AM Rating: Default
I see one key reason to become an Enchanter. That is to level quickly. I levelled to 24 in no time at all. If you put enough into your pet (15 for me ATM) then soloing is a breeze. Base level spells are enough to help finish mobs off and mana (lvl 15) is cool as it gives you a good speed spell and a substantial PBAOE to use when grouped. Lvl 7 is all you need in light as it gives you a handy debuff to pull with if you need to, although you can use the base lvl mez.
I believe a good mix of mana and pet will see you through. Then you can help the young ones in your guild to level while still having plenty of time find your niche in RvR as you'll be there quicker than most.
enchanters rawk all
# May 22 2002 at 1:20 PM Rating: Default
draka is closest on the subject, but i say why waste nukes. I solo high orange no problem and reds with some mana drain at lvl 31 with 20 enchant and the rest in mana. I dont use the worthless mana line damage buff but the resist debufs are great. If i hafta nuke to finish sumthin off its great to know that its already debuffed against my nukes, while with light spec they still resist all the time. But to be honest i dont even nuke unless its red to me. Just let your pet tank it to 3/4 of its health and then you can start healing your pet. if you hafta heal before its at 3/4's then you're probbably gonna hafta run so whatch your end ppl casting takes endurance. When medding cancel your effervescence because having active decreases how much mana you regen a tick, also with my method i hardly ever have to med mroe than 2 minutes every 10-15 kills, partly because i put the 3 realm skill points i had inot mystic crystal lore (1/4 man instant regen usable once every five minutes). I solo'd from 30-31 in 2 hours this way. ;) not bad if i do say so myself. btw ive been able to solo pooks since lvl 27 :).

ozmodan 31 chanter isaelt
ozmodious 7 ranger isaelt
ryujin 9 warden isaelt
nyzeth 11 bard isaelt
ryujin 10 cleric galahad
ozmodan 11 cabalist galahad
ozmodious 11 misntral galahad
nyzeth 9 theurgist galahad
nyzeth 11 shamen merlin
ozmodan 8 runemaster merlin
ozmodious 7 hunter merlin
ozmodorn 7 thane merlin
(seein what i want for pvp=)
pet aggro
# Apr 29 2002 at 11:32 AM Rating: Default
it does suck when your pet hits mob for 3/4 damage and you hit it once and it aggros on you and you have to run....whats the point in that?
RE: pet aggro
# May 07 2002 at 8:28 PM Rating: Default
It's all about timing. Let pet hit for about 1/4 of mob's health. Range Fire. Let pet hit for another 1/8 of mob's health. Range Fire. At this point Mob should be half dead. Let pet hit 1 more time, then unload, with whatever fire you want.

The only reason this won't work is if you get a string of resists. Watch yer End, silly, prepare to run. And keep that 'useless' 5 sec stun ready. Don't waste a quickcast either. If you're workin high orngs, and miss yer timing, yer gonna run.

Debuffing is for group battles. Mob or RvR...

Mana is so much less a Power hog. Let tanks hit all mobs in a pull then get close, and whammo. PBAoE.

My only complaint with the Enchanter class is the drain from light spells. :P

-25 Enchantress
# Apr 18 2002 at 4:34 AM Rating: Default
Let me say this, the pet buffs they list here are TOTALLY off. for example the 32nd spec buff force of the underhill or what not, it is really a +35ish buff not +78.. to get a general idea of what the buffs actually are, divide the number they list by 2 and you will have a rough estimate.

Maenar of the Black Company
37th lvl enchanter at arms
# Mar 29 2002 at 3:01 PM Rating: Default
I must say that the Arms buff is awesome. With my old Hero, I could go from barely soloing blues to soloing yellows easy. And with my new Enchanter, people will run to find me just so that I can buff them. One person gave me 2 gold pieces. Another gave me an awesome purple staff. All there is left to say is that... Enchanters RULE.
erm give me advice?
# Mar 24 2002 at 6:25 AM Rating: Default
i just started an enchanter and i dun really know what spec too put into at first i was thinking of empowering, due to the pbae uberness , but now after i saw wat these buffs will do, i really cant make up my mind anymore, pls give me advice
Arms spells
# Mar 10 2002 at 7:26 AM Rating: Default
Wow this Arms line of spells is incredible.... Just buff a newbie with it and he will love you forever *G*

RE: Arms spells
# Mar 15 2002 at 4:01 PM Rating: Default
Hi fellow chanters! Lvl 42 chanter on Kay here. I have my enchanment spec at 42 and was wondering if anyone knew if they were gonna add anything to the spec line past 44? Cause I dont want to get to 44 then put my points unto something else if there is more to come )) let me know..

Morlan 42chanter
# Feb 11 2002 at 7:43 PM Rating: Default

to the discussion about pets that are too weak:

i am a 21 chanter now, and my pet can solo an orange with 1 heal...if reds dont aggro that fast one me, i can do them also (with much mana loss).

and much heros/rangers/... would really love me to
run behind them and only put the arms spells on them...

21 chanter
# Jan 12 2002 at 5:59 AM Rating: Default
Besides the Arms buffs tests have shown that the other 2 buffs in this line actually do Nothing! It's really the arms buff that would be any reason to spec in this line... for now that is until Mythic realizes this problem and addresses it. The pet should be much stronger if the other 2 buffs worked you would notice it attacking quicker and hitting more often even on higher level cons. As well as having the Con buff it's life would be noticeably different it would have to be able to take more hits than without the buff which it can't.

But dont dismiss this line as to when they do fix it expect to see the pet much stronger than it currently is. So you should still put some points into here at least up to 15 just so that if/when they fix it you're pet wont be gimped again from mis specing.
RE: Buffs
# Jan 27 2002 at 7:54 AM Rating: Default
are you nuts??? try this one.. use the two buffs and nothing else on yur pet, then send him on a yellow and leave him alone. see how well he does, probably kill a yellow solo or darn close.. now send in an unbuffed pet, and watch it and you die because your pet didn't live for more than 2 seconds. You know how i know when my pets' buffs wore off? because he starts getting tore up by yellow cons really quickly.
oh yeah... and since the patch that allowed you to cast that dmg shield in way of the sun on others, you no longer need the silly purple aura of echoing series for your pet, because you can use the regular blue icon dmg shield on your pet instead :) and you won't have to sit stationary anymore either
RE: Buffs
# Jul 24 2002 at 7:24 AM Rating: Default
hmmmm, well, thats true, but the purple one deals massive damage compared to the standard one as far as i am concerned... or maybe i just thought so, but i am rather sure... it's a good way to produce aggro against several mobs beating on ur pet, so don't dismiss the aura of echoing this easily.
Re: Spells not pets
# Dec 22 2001 at 5:53 PM Rating: Default
I think you have enchanters confused with Eldriches. Elds are supposed to deal massive DD, Bolt and AoE damage. The enchanter's strength IS his pet.

And yes, since an Eld can wipe out a group in RvR (AE) then I think my pet should be equally fearsome.

Dunno why you posted about Rangers is this forum, I suppose your point is that nerfs are good. You're entitled to your opinion on that one.
RE: Re: Spells not pets
# Feb 20 2002 at 1:08 AM Rating: Default
Who has them confused? Light spec enchanters get the exact same spells as Eld, Mana spec get the exact same PBAE with a lower cast time. Bolts are broken, the difference is Light range debuff versus a pet basically.

There are tradeoffs with many specs. You choose enchantment mastery or druid pet spec you choose a soloing spec. Mana/light enchanters are equally deadly as eldritchs, if not more with new zealots.
RE: Re: Spells not pets
# Apr 09 2002 at 3:50 PM Rating: Default
Yeah, you could do this but I wouldn't. Your heals do better if your spec in enchantmets, to help keep your pet alive, which is great for solo'ing oranges. Also the arms buff for power leveling friends or just simply giving the tanks in a group more damage is nice too.

You can deffinitely spec light as primary instead, but I don't understand why? Just simply so you can have a pet be a emergency quasi-healer while yer nuking like a light eldritch or something? I really don't see the point of all that trouble.. hmm.. do whatever you want though.
Spells not Pets
# Nov 27 2001 at 4:38 PM Rating: Default
Those of you who disagree with Mystic balancing the Enchanter class need to look at this objectively. You are given 6 areas in which to specialize. Some of you dumped all your time and ability into making super-monster pets who were ridiculously over-powered. Do you honestly think that Mystic wanted one pet to be able to wipe out a whole enemy group in RvR? Seriously? If you do think so, you're nuts. The pets are there to protect you while you cast the spells that you should be specializing in. What group leader wouldn't want an Enchanter in his group that could do 163 DD (area effect) at level 26? And don't forget about the normal DD spells.

Also do you think Mystic wanted Rangers to be able to do 600 damage with a bow? That's why they fixed that, much like they fixed the bug with the pets. If you want to be an Enchanter, from now on you'll have to accept the role that Mystic wanted Enchanters to hold from the beginning - Supporter Personnel in RvR. Back up the tanks with your Damage spells, and use your pet for protection.

And this update wasn't STEALTH, just read the message boards where the developers post.
RE: Spells not Pets
# Apr 09 2002 at 3:54 PM Rating: Default
My level 41 Ranger's max crit shot with a Guardian Bow, 40+7 recurve, and 209 self buffed dex is 682.

By the way, Eldritches have *ranged* AE. Enchanters have POINT BLANK area of effect. You're likely dead after 1 cast, if you even cast once in rvr, and very unlikely to even make it to 40+ spec'd that way for pve purposes.

But okay..
RE: Spells not Pets
# Nov 29 2001 at 7:59 PM Rating: Default
LoL, one more thing... it's Mythic Entertainment.. not Mystic.. Might have been spelling.. but all those... It's Mythic.
RE: Spells not Pets
# Nov 29 2001 at 12:51 PM Rating: Default
What about hunting? Spells don't do enough damage to hunt with the pet as protection... I have to wait until the critter is over halfway dead (healing my pet 2-4 times) then hit it a few times with my spell and if it doesn't resist, I am usually fine.
RE: Spells not Pets
# Nov 29 2001 at 7:50 PM Rating: Default
Unless you mean killing blues.. which I cannot do without my pet's assistance.. and then the exp isn't worth it.
Area Spells
# Nov 19 2001 at 12:07 AM Rating: Default
Are they worth it?
RE: Area Spells
# Nov 23 2001 at 10:41 PM Rating: Default
Anybody know if putting points into light and using area spells works good?
Stealth Patch
# Nov 17 2001 at 4:36 PM Rating: Decent
I had to learn the hard way that Enchanters have been nerfed. There was a patch put in place on 11/15/01 (stealth) that basically reduced the power of an Enchanters pet so that it cannot even hit hard enough to hold aggro on a blue/yellow mob. So if you are an Enchanter that specializes in Enchantments (because most of these spells are focused on your pet), you are basically gimped until something is done to make up for the weakening of the Underhill. Here is the current discussion regarding the "fix":


RE: Stealth Patch
# Jul 12 2002 at 5:29 PM Rating: Default
Either this has been changed around a bunch since you posted, or you're out of your mind.

I have a 42 Ranger, 31 Enchanter w/ 28 enchantments, 30 Nightshade, and 25 Warden.

My enchanter can still solo reds most of the time, unless the pit misses too many times in the beginning. See, what happens is if your pet doesn't hit (swings & misses) they don't draw agro. A red con to you, will be even higher to your pet, which you can't forget. Because damage is so level based, this means your pet is getting whacked really hard. If you're not using the compatriot (lots of HPs), this is going to force you to heal your pet.

Now the PC healing the PC or NPC who has agro on a mob, even if it's very minute amount of agro, is going to draw agro then onto themselves. Right? So what happens if your underhill misses the first 7 or 8 swings? Usually doesn't happen, even vs reds, but it does sometimes happen.. just like you sometimes do insane damage, or don't get hit by a mob at all during a fight. When that happens, bad stuff is highly likely to occur.

Now, against yellows, blues, and even for the most part oranges, your pet should hold agro just fine. My pet kills oranges probably 60% of the time without needing a heal from me during the course of combat. I usually do something.. nuke..debuff.. something.. out of boredom, not necessity. Yellows drop pretty easy at level 31 still, blues .. even high blues.. I can take on in multiples, and greens I can, have, and still do sometimes take on 6 at a time. This isn't mana efficient so I try not to but I can do it if I feel like it or accidentally pull aggro on multiple.

In terms of grouping - If you're near max enchantment spec with an enchanter, with a GOOD group - then your arms and reflect buffs are more than sufficient to contribute to a group. I don't want to write a book here, but you only need 5 or 6 core characters in an exp party, and you can sort of sacrifice 2-3 slots for characters who may or may not be as efficient to the exp group. In other words, when the needs are met within the first 6 character slots, then you always have room for 2 stealthers, or an enchanter, or second/third warden, etc. I don't want to delve too far into that aspect..but just to throw one example out there, imagine this; level 42 shield / blades hero, level 40 celtic spear / parry hero, two bards w/ their specs going towards chants (whatever that is, music?) so one can keep endurance up 100% of the time and the other can use power regen, figure then you could have a warden with pulsing bladeturn, a druid with regrow spec for main healer or even instead pickup another warden for dmg chant & another quasi tank who also has some healing ability... blah, blah, blah.. Any number of combinations.. Basically what I already started saying above would leave 2-3 slots available where you could easily drop a mentalist in, or enchanter.. or..well, any class, and not be hurt at all in terms of exp because you alraedy have a strong core, so you should be chaining purples at this point anyway.

The reason I first stated what characters I play is because I wanted to state from the perspective of having played more than one character that enchanters do solo PvE far and away much better than any other Hibernian player class. So long as a parties sort of "core requirements" are met, an enchanterment spec enchanter would be bored maybe, sure, but all they have to do is keep the arms buffs going and then that strong core will be operating like it has another 2 tanks in the group. Again this isn't the only way, but I'm not going to list all sorts of crap and how something can be beneficial. Once you get out of your DAOC diapers and have learned a bit you'll see all this sort of thing on your own anyway.

What else is really nice having high arms buffs to give to the tanks is the fact your contributing to the damage output without generating agro for yourself, and it's impossible for you to be at fault for ever breaking a mez. Well, if you're not nuking. Let's break it down in rough terms for a moment..

At level 26 with 26 enchantments & the 26 Enchantment Mastery arms buffs with a value of I believe 6.3/sec, I've known some Large Weapon users and Celtic Spear heros to get an additional dmg of around or close to 40 damage. This is only the 3rd best arms buff, by the way. Now a guy using a 2.5s sword or something may only get an add of 28-35, it'll probably be a few points less I'm pretty sure it's proportionate to the weapon, but whatever.. it'll still be pretty nice damage add. Point is let's say for a moment that you have a celtic spear hero, a sword & board champ, a blademaster, and.. I don't know... a ranger, in your exp group that comprises those who do physical melee damage (arrows count in this sense). Let's average the damage add to a flat 30dmg per hit. We've got 4 "melee" characters in this group. Let's just say each gets 1 attack per 3 seconds, just for simplicities sake.. 4 x 30 = 120 for every 3 seconds, on the average. For 0 agro, and 0 chance of accidentally aggroing something else with a PBAOE (mana elds) and compare this with the damage a level 26 full mana spec eldritch might be doing. Okay, so they'll do maybe double this, when not resisted, on a good hit. Which is noticeably different, but this is all from the arms buff. The enchanter is still sitting down. He can nuke for another 50dmg on average, or send in the pet, or whatever.. and remember I only counted 1 attack per person when in reality blademasters usually duel wield, shield users use their shields as weapons as well, and I think rangers pathfinding damage adds stack with enchanter's, or if the ranger enters melee they usually duel wield also so it'd be more like an average of 5.5 swings by 3 seconds, bumping the average damage gainged from the arms buffs to about 165. Now if you figure in +50 per cast, on average, from the weaker nukes from a non-nuke spec enchanter, let's say you cast twice per fight.. so +100 dmg. Now you're at 265, on average..roughly. This is on par with a full mana spec eldritch, and your pet is still sitting there. A "freebie emergency healer", extra tank, or whatever ya want to do. Could just go without too.

Point is, enchanters when used right are pretty smooth they're just a little disadvantaged in RvR in many aspects.. in my opinion.
# Nov 14 2001 at 3:56 PM Rating: Default
I am a lvl 30 Enchanter and I have 26 in Enchantment. My pet is a monster in RvR, he can wipe the floor up against a tank his level and i collect the RP's :)

Keep up that Enchantment friends, you will not be dissapointed
These spells rock to much.
# Nov 08 2001 at 10:47 AM Rating: Decent
I cannot see how an Enchanter would be able to solo, or reach their full potential in a group, without ALOT of skill in this spell line. For example, I primarily group with a Bard and a Nightshade. This leaves me (Seduce the Underhill Dependent) as main tank. My pet can easily maintain aggro of the mob, however, only when buffed with this line of spells (especially arms buff). I do not know how many times that the arms buff has faded off of my pet causing aggro on others in the group, or me when I heal my pet while soloing. These buffs allow me to play Healer to my pet, while the Nightshade deals damage, and the Bard mezz's adds, tanks, blurs, backup heals, or whatever it takes to keep the momentum of the group going. Even in groups where pet is not primary tank, the arms buffs make fights so much faster and easier. As far as I can tell, the level 15 buff alone adds 18-21 points per hit. On a side note, here is how I think I will dispurse my skills for maximum reward (please note of you think there is a better way):

Bedazzling - 36 (for 2nd best attack slow spell)
Empowering - 5 (for initial run speed buff)
Enchantments - 34 (for 2nd best arms buff)

With this disbursement I will have 1 points left over at 50, not including the new allocation points that are received at half levels between 40-50 now (I am not sure how many points are received), but I think I will allocate the majority of these additional points into Empowering.
# Nov 05 2001 at 10:23 PM Rating: Decent
I went from hoping i'll stay alive fighting greens at lvl 5 to soloing oranges at lvl 7. still soloing oranges at lvl 10. but got bored and started grouping which i usally supplied the tank for. I have a 10 druid and can't solo oranges with that char maybe others but tough doing yellows as it is. This is a fun char to start off with, although 1-5 is a little slower for magic casters, healers were the fastest do to little down time.
RE: solo
# Nov 06 2001 at 4:30 PM Rating: Default
I'm currently level 40, and i can still solo reds at my level. I don't do it often because it is not efficient when i could just jack 5 or 6 yellows to the same mana bar with less risk, more loot, more exp.

The enchantment line is necessary for a chanter. You HAVE to put at least some points into it or you will not enjoy your life very much. Without buffs, my pet cannot hit the broadside of a barn and deals damage like a daisy. Buffed, he can mess up an orange pretty bad. My current specs are 31 light, 5 mana, 21 enchantment. So you don't have to go heavy enchantment to succeed, but you better put something there.

I know a level 40 enchanter that is 100 percent enchantments, and he solos better than i do. His pet can kick the crap out of even red cons. He just stands there and heals.

Moral of the story is, you can't gimp your chanter. Whether you go mana/enchantments and fight with a pet and damage shield, light enchantments and let the pet tank while you nuke, or go full enchantments and just heal away while your pet hits em like a fast moving truck, your chanter will be fine as long as you dump some points into enchantments.
RE: solo
# Nov 06 2001 at 4:32 PM Rating: Default
BTW, the reply just above this is by me.

Ralnity Plainswalker, Lurikeen enchanter
Guild leader of Eternal Avatar
Lancelot Server

If you have any questions just toss me a tell.
RE: Friends Damage?
# Oct 28 2001 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
Put some points in Enchantment and tally those, the mastery spells are no determined buy level. These are determined by the total points you have trained in a paticular area.
Friends Damage?
# Oct 27 2001 at 8:55 PM Rating: Default
Im an enchanter and I dont have any of the arms spells to help friends buff... and im lvl 11
RE: Friends Damage?
# Apr 01 2002 at 2:09 AM Rating: Default
no arms? shame on you!
RE: Friends Damage?
# Feb 14 2002 at 7:17 AM Rating: Default
This means u have not trained in enchantments...
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