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you would be a toddler with a q-tip if CD and piercing werent very high
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It's stupid to go CD & Piercing... Considering that all the desired weapons after 29th (Cresent Reaver, Caustic slicer, & Pest Sickles) are all bladed weapons. If you don't max in bow, and don't want to RVR which needs the stealth, and don't want buffs, then sure... Be moron and go pierce. CD is ok, but I recommend staying with bow, and dumping a lot into path and stealth. Unless you plan on fighting water beetles forever...
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some of you people just need to realize this is a game, ditch your arrogant know it all crap, there are plently good piercing weapons after 30th, forsaken rapier, and CS rapier, i use blades and i can atleast name AFEW think if those that DO us piercing weapons. Besides if someone wants to go piercing fine who cares why are they a moron for choosing that path?

42nd ranger -- Guinevere
"guildless and proud so don't bother asking!"
my advice to rangers and would be's
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in my opinion i believe that bowage should be maxed, as it has been afore mentioned, besides, when they add the 2 other skills that we are supposed to get (long shot and volley) you might miss out. but i would have CD and piercing equal adn at lvl 50 should be like 25 or 27 (if your a celt probably blades, since the other two ranger types arent very strong, they should be using piercing cause they rely on dex more than blades) id bring path finding to around 25 - 27 since the improvements you get after 27 are pathetically small, and stealth not very high, id use it to creep around but i wouldnt want to try and sneak through groups of people, and once you fire anyways you cant stealth again for a bit.

my reasoning behind the cd and piercing at those lvls is that somtimes your gonna need to melee, and when that time comes around you will be the equivelent to a toddler stabbing at a enemy player with a q-tip, that and having higher CD means you should be CD-ing more often, (also weapon speed deal with that, if both of your weapons are at around the same speed logically they should both hit at the same time) but having a higher CD would increase the rate at which you do this, and piercing ( or blades ) because if you have a high skill in the weapon you are using you should miss or fumble less. and everyone should know about that, it has frustrated me. i miss that very last swing and i die, but i rely on my bow a wee bit more, since blues are dead before thay get to me and yellows are pretty close. not that im a lvl 50 though, only a 16, but ive thought it out and used some resources.

and one thing, if you are thinking about becoming a ranger, elves are the worst race to pick (even though im one)
when will that extra int come in handy, i dont know either.

well thats the end of my long spiel, and remember this is all in my very own humble opinion, build your char how YOU want to play
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Let's see if I can help
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Hi Folks! It's interesting to see posts of people that have no idea in the world what they're doing??? I even read one that said, "Rangers all end up the same in the end anyway..." HAHA

If you're starting a Ranger or planning on it, here's the skinny. I am a 27th lvl Ranger and I love my character! The recurve advice holds true... match the training every lvl until 30th. Some posts say Crit IX is the highest, but I'm pretty sure it goes to X. Don't know yet, I need to confirm with another guildie.

As for the rest, here's my template:

Recurve = 27
Pathfinding = 25
Stealth = 7
Blades = 1
Piercing = 1
Celtic Dual = 4

I've obviously gone for the highest buff factor strictly for solo. The 4 in Celtic is for Misty Gloom & Blinding Rain. At 25th lvl you'll get Evade III and of course the dodge becomes a factor, so I unleash a Blinding Rain after every evade. Any other melee attacks are constant Misty Glooms!

After 30th I plan on every point going into Stealth and Pathfinding. So how does it work?

My Crit does approx 280 Max and over 120 for every addition shot.

Blues = Dead without question, a long way out!
Yellows = Usually die 2 or 3 paces out...
Oranges = Solo easily, but I need to wip out the Sword of the Keeper & the Earthen Defender.

I have hot keyed both swords as 3 and 4, and then Misty Gloom as 5. If I see the interrupt, then I hit 3,4,5 and I instantly start with a Gloom. Just keep nailing the 5 over and over until they're dead or you run out of endurance. If I get an evade, then I hit 6 (hot keyed Blinding Rain) to get the bleed damage.

Make sure you're wearing armor with Dex & Quick bonuses... Much more important than AF. At 27th I'm maxed at 209 Dex and my quickness is only 178. I use the Sibrian Recurve from Glory quest and have Thrall's Recurve waiting until it cons orange.

The Stealth issue is rather simple. With a 10 Stealth (Buffed from items), I still get tripped over in the broad daylight. At 11 Stealth you're suppose to get detect, but besides that the higher it goes, the faster you can run while stealthed and you will stay stealthed while preparing a Crit shot.

Bottom line... Make your character how you want it to be. It's a game for fun, so have tons of it!!! Good Luck and Happy hunting...

<Crimson Death>
27th Lvl Ranger
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i would say dont putt that much in Path.... you will get buffs from the druid/wardens/bards in your group !!
RE: Let's see if I can help
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dude i agree with ur template for ranger but i think in some cases the type of mob has a great impact on whether or not u can solo em.

blue=ded after 3 shots max
yelo=ded after all shots (i can get 4 off at max range) and melee
orange=nearly ded after all shots and melee but if ur weak u will prolly die.

lvl 25 ranger merlin
use of skills
# Jan 24 2002 at 5:27 PM Rating: Default
Hi! I am a lvl 6 Ranger and i want to know what "stealth and pathfinding" are good for? what do they do and how can i use them?

RE: use of skills
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Stealth is good for hiding from monsters and players. Higher stealth less likely detected and the closer a target has to be to you to get a detection roll.

Pathfinding is your buff spells and run spells. Nice utility spells in making you a stronger archer/meleer by increasing your stats and it gives you a nice runaway spell.
RE: use of skills
# Jan 27 2002 at 1:15 AM Rating: Default
Oh and stealth really isnt that useful at lower levels. I'd wait till getting into pvp (levels 25+) before putting much in stealth.
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# Feb 07 2002 at 4:49 PM Rating: Default
i wouldn't wait past level 15 at latest or you will be WAY behind the power curve---by 30 you want your stealth near max and if you start at 25 it wont even get close unless you drop everything else including recurve
Quick question
# Jan 21 2002 at 10:33 AM Rating: Default
I am new to the ranger class and I just got my bows and trained it up. My question is, when entering combat and after you have fired your bow a couple of times how do you quickly switch to your melee weapons?
RE: Quick question
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Drag your weapon slots to your hotkey bar. Kinda a pain in the **** changing since you'll need to use 3 hot slots. 1 for your bow, 1 for your right hand weapon, 1 for your left hand weapon.
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ok... is there a difference in anything bewtween a recurve and great recurve? i know theres a slight damage difference and a delay difference... but i dont really see any distance differenace at all. just asking really
RE: Bows
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Your observations and mine appear to be the same.. the kind of bow only changes the damage output and speed while arrow type changes diffrence and accuracy (and damage blunt bodkin and broadhead.. duh) If you want range stick to flight type arrows ( I actually use rough flights even though i missmore often do to the loss of acuracy I think it also effects damage slightly).

Speed to a kill Ok this is bassed off of blue and yellow Curms near Mag Mell-

Oaken Great Recurve- Dead at a stones throw.
Oaken Short Recurve- A little closer bit still far.

Oaken Great Recurve- Dead at feet or a few paces away Sometimes a few melee hits.
Oaken short Recurve- Dead at feet or a little father off or a few melee hits (more than great Recurve bow).

needless to say both boys are good and I have not tried any with the Reg Recurve. I hope this Info helps


P.S. also if you want my observations on Melee from skill 10 up to 14 ( i did not raise it after 10 to see what happened ) just drop me an email or reply asking for info.
RE: Bows
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Yeah I have had many interesting debates on this.

With a great bow your crits are higher each arrow does more damage but you get 1 or 2 less arrows off. In a perfect run where you hit everything it seems that the great bow is a little better off IMO. But if you miss a hit with a great bow it is much more dire than if you miss one hit with a shortbow. Also, arguably with your shortbow you get lower damage secondary critical hits, but you have 1 or 2 less arrows meaning fewer rolls to get a critical hit.

Ok put too much thought into this.
Ranger Abilities
# Jan 10 2002 at 3:39 PM Rating: Default
Max your bow of course. ( personally use a red bow because of the added dmg.)

I am going for 50 PF and 30 Stealth, why? because I can get realm pionts and items to boost my stealth past 30 but if you do that for PF you don't get any more spells.

Right now I'm a lvl 20 Ranger, without having my buffs on a yellow gale brings me to around 1/2 life. With my buffs it doesn't make it to me. I did 10 Gales with and 10 gales without buffs and it seemed that the buffs added around 20-30 more dmg on crit shot and 10-15 on a normal shot.

I WANT to have high stealth but I think the buffs will help more. 40 PF 40 Stealth would be good but, I deceided to go 50 PF because I can use items to bring up my stealth.

Let me say this: THIS ISN'T HOW YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR RANGER! This is my opinion on what would make my ranger the best ranger she can be. (females have a slimmer model and if your going lukriden why not go all the way small :))
So this isn't a post about what you should make your Ranger, but some people asked for opinions on what others think is important. Stealth is important, but your don't stealthed most of the time. I see it as a useful tool, and a tool that does show as much direct benifit from 30-50 as PF does 30-50. Plus stealth can be boosted with items and realm ranks. shows that there are 10 crits spanning 30 lvls GREAT tool for working out a charather plan. Even does half lvls after lvl 40.
RE: Ranger Abilities
# Jan 27 2002 at 1:26 AM Rating: Default
I like your absurdly high PF. Doing the same tho many Frown upon it. You might be able to go down to 48 in PF to free some points if you dont mind losing the last str buff.
RE: Ranger Abilities
# Jan 27 2002 at 1:25 AM Rating: Default
Oh, and DAOC builder is incorrect. Max crit level is 9 and you get it at level 27. I know this from my character and have confirmed.
RE: Ranger Abilities
# Jan 27 2002 at 1:23 AM Rating: Default
Why Max bow of course? No new critcal levels beyond 27. From what I understand damage is capped each level so that having greater than your level (with item/rvr buffs) is no benefit.
RE: Ranger Abilities
# Feb 20 2002 at 11:40 AM Rating: Default
I think there is somthing you are all missing about bow skill. OF COURSE YOU NEED TO MAX IT OUT! For one damage is directly proportional to your skill. The higher your skill the more damage you do. This is why dex is so important to a ranger. Dex actually increases our bow skill. Get a dex buff from a high lvl caster some time and check your bow skill out. Second and nearly as important is the fact that how often you miss is directly proportional to your skill as well. Im sure many of you know that if you miss a crit your often in deep crap. Oh and to back up what some others have said there is only crit shot IX and you get it at 27. I am lvl 37 and do not have X. As for my opinions on race... lurikeen is only choice IMHO (unfortunatly when i made mine I made an Elf, which is second best choice) Lurikeen have the two most important things to an archer Dex and Quick. Also they make awesome stealthers because they are so darn small. Thats my two cents
weirdo stats on bows
# Jan 09 2002 at 3:35 AM Rating: Default
I am playing European beta now, great bows have exactly same stats as some small bows (speed and dmg both). :)

The great ones usually just cost only 30x the amount of the small bows. The stats lie or beta is somehow bugged? :o
RE: weirdo stats on bows
# Jan 17 2002 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
More than likely bugged. There should be speed and damage differences between each type of bow made out of the same kind of materials (such as between elm short, regular, and great recurve).
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At 12 most blues die before reaching me and Yellows take a little melee. this is using flight broad head arrows. All my Equipment is store bought, so I am not getting the full effect (so I have read)


Great Elm Recurve
Flight and Reg Braod Heads
Orange armour

One thing I have noticed is diffrent levels withing color flags (con as DAoC peeps like to call it) therecan be a hard to kill yellow and an easy to kill yellow. this all just depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the target.

ok now for a question. I have kept my Bow skill even with my lvl and have put some skill into CD If i stop now and focus on my main 3 Bow Steath and PF will i be able to save my Ranger or is it screwed?

RE: Brate
# Jun 02 2002 at 4:01 AM Rating: Default
I'm currently level 17.

Bow: 14
Path: 13
CD: 10
Stealth: 1
Pierce: 10

(the stats may be off some, but that's pretty close)

The Idea here is that:
a) I'm a Lurikeen Ranger, thus.. Piercing weapons > Blade due to my 125 Dex and Quickness (after buffs).
b) I rarely use "styles" save for taunting / detaunting simply because styles are too slow. I do MORE damage NOT doing styles simply because I attack so fast (high Dex/Quick + low Weapon Speed)
c) Pathfinding is an absolute must, at least for low-level Rangers. PF helps with buffs (Str buff is vital if you're a lurkeen). Combine the damage add buff + CD + fast attack speed and it adds up fast.

My plan to level 21 is to fully spec out Bow, with a few extra points that I have, I'll reach 21-bow at level 21 (Crit Shot).

Plan after this is to pour points into pathfinding every 5 levels or so (keep PF at about 1/2 my level.

Stealth doesn't come into play untill later levels and I'll probably pour a level or 2 of points (about 90-95 points) into it around level 23/24.

From there on in, it's basicly going to be:
1) Bow - 80% of level
2) Pathfinding - 40% of level
3) Stealth (eventually) - 70% of level

To any low-level people or people thinking about making a ranger: IMO a well-rounded Ranger will suit you just fine from levels 0-20 (and will probably do you better then level-specing something). The Ranger is a pretty versitle character in PvE, it's only when you hit RvR or PvP where you really need to consider your priorities.

Just my 2c. :)
Rangers in General
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There is Level IX which is the last one as I understand. and listen folks. in order to be happy with your Ranger's, sure you can get good info, but all rangers end up mostly the same in the end, Bows maxed , stealethed close to max, Piercing aznd blades pretty much equal, cause even tho daggers are faster, there are some darn nice swords out there which = in dmg and bonuses later on in levels. Just feel comfortable with your Ranger. At 36 I stopped all skills except Stealth, I now dimp all into it, intill i have it maxed that is. But this is my Ranger, so I know where i like my skills at, RvR for me stealth is my key. Yours may be different, who knows. Just play the Ranger you like to play, By level 25, u can actually decide where u want to start leaning hvy on , but I say 30, cause 30 is excellant RVR level
RE: Rangers in General
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what do u all mean by blades i understand that pericing is wit that small like dager but what is blades ????

lvl 7
galah server
Rangers in General
# Jan 07 2002 at 8:19 AM Rating: Default
There is Level IX which is the last one as I understand. and listen folks. in order to be happy with your Ranger's, sure you can get good info, but all rangers end up mostly the same in the end, Bows maxed , stealethed close to max, Piercing aznd blades pretty much equal, cause even tho daggers are faster, there are some darn nice swords out there which = in dmg and bonuses later on in levels. Just feel comfortable with your Ranger. At 36 I stopped all skills except Stealth, I now dimp all into it, intill i have it maxed that is. But this is my Ranger, so I know where i like my skills at, RvR for me stealth is my key. Yours may be different, who knows. Just play the Ranger you like to play, By level 25, u can actually decide where u want to start leaning hvy on , but I say 30, cause 30 is excellant RVR level
# Jan 06 2002 at 1:34 PM Rating: Default
I was wondering, I am level 11 and have 11 recurve, and I still only have crit shot level 1, is that bad or do I have to raise something else in order to get crit shot 2? :\
questions need help please
# Jan 02 2002 at 5:15 PM Rating: Default
hi all, i have a few question:

1) i am a level 8 ranger and i just got my crit hit II but i am using a recurved bow, and as i am reading down this page i here that people get bows for free, and would like to know where about do i get them from?

2) stealth is it worth it? i have 4 point on it so far but i dont see much use for it later in the game, do u think it will be useful?

3) the distance i shot it crap, i am using normal arrows ( the ones u get free lol - training in weapon making :) and i can get 1 crit hit in with 1 normal shot before it reached me, how can i do more damg or longer distance? ( dont say buy new arrowws for damg, i know that :)
RE: questions need help please
# Jan 14 2002 at 10:02 AM Rating: Default
i recommend investing some time and money in fletching, very usful and cheaper than buying the arrows all the time.
RE: questions need help please
# Jan 07 2002 at 7:52 AM Rating: Default
Get better arrows. They cost, but they are worth it. I prefer the longest, most accurate arrows. The longer it takes for them to get to me, the better. Really though, its an RP choice. If you think more is better, thats ok. Works just as well.
RE: questions need help please
# Jan 03 2002 at 11:10 AM Rating: Default
ok thx, i check and my bow lev is at 6 to nearly 3 lvl below me as i am about to get lvl 9, yet my stealth is at 4 and pathfindig at 5, my meele attack is at 5/6 because that is wat i mainly use since i can take 2/1 crit hit before they get to me and 1/4 of there life is down, but i'l get some arrows. but what skill should i train in? for sure it has to be bowing, then path or stealth?
RE: questions need help please
# Jan 03 2002 at 10:44 AM Rating: Decent
keep you Recurv bow skil maxed to your level at all times you must also get yer stelth up as well when you start RVR you can become a good sniper with stelth and i would recome getting for arrows

A) Footed flight boardhead
b) Footed broad head

at later levels when you can afford to buy then in bulk and i would inves as a ranger to get the fletching skill up as well

reason i choos broadhead is they do most damage i can useual solo an oranger / yello easaly and can kill them befor they are even 10 paces infront of me
RE: questions need help please
# Jan 03 2002 at 9:37 AM Rating: Default

If you want a decent bow you are going to have to pay for it or have nice friends. You can get arrows for free as you mentioned but they are free for a reason as well.. they are inferior.

Stealth will be very important when you want to RvR or if you want to do any dungeon crawling. It does help you get places but not crucial untill RvR.

I hate to say it but "buy new arrows". Damage isnt the only improvement you get from store bought arrows. Look at the stats and get the longest distance arrows you can afford.
# Dec 24 2001 at 2:42 PM Rating: Default
when possible always try and get your DEX maxed with items for the level, im a lvl 36 ranger and i can solo blues/yellows with no problem (i get bored so pull out my hand to hand weapons, Crescent Reaver + Rapier Of the Forsaken to break the monotony of stuff dying before it gets to me). but dex is our main stat it dictates how hard we hit and how fast our bow is, currently i run at 184 dex (/w buff) all the time solo and puts my crit at 4.6s and reg shot at 3.6s, usually when grouped dex is runnin round 242 my crit goes down to 3.9 and reg shot bout the same still. Right now i can solo pookas (basar area) with no difficulties... i truly believe in that stats are more important then af or armor, i am stiill wearing some green stuff just because of the stat bonuses happy huntin everyone
# Dec 30 2001 at 12:20 AM Rating: Default
At 23 my Ranger's DEX is 171 and Quickness is 164 (which is max Dex and Qui for level 23 btw) both self buffed. Crit shot is 4.4 sec and regular 3.4, indeed it is quickness that lowers delay.

I have 26 Recurve(+3 from the bow I use - Siabran Recurve from the Seeking Glory Quest), 20 Pathfinding, 13 Stealth (gotta build this soon I know..and +4 Stealth is from items already), 2 piercing and 2 Celtic Dual.

IMO a ranger does damage with their bow and training piercing and/or Celtic Dual is a waste of time. This has been confirmed somewhat by a level 43 Ranger in my guild who wishes they had back the points they *wasted* on these skills, their words not mine :)

1) Always wear Yellow or Orange Armor

2) Always use Yellow or Orange Weapons (Bow especially and yellow is better)

3) NEVER buy weapons or armor from a merchant, ALWAYS buy player made because the quality is MUCH better and it's usually cheaper also.

3a) If you buy from a merchant weapons are 85% quality. The DPS that is listed on the weapon is what the DPS *would be* if the weapon was 100% quality. Quality makes a HUGE difference, especially in bows.

3b) The same holds true for armors, the only exception here is that some dropped armors add stats and player made does not(yet). This will change when Spellcraft is put into the game. Anyways, player made armors add more AF than any dropped armors. Most dropped armor is 89% quality (or less) and as such does not add the AF that is listed for it. Quest armors (and weapons) are the best of all because they are usually 100% quality and usually have stat bonuses as well, so don't ignore quests.

4) Always use Flight Broadhead arrows (footed if you can afford them).

With the above combinations at 23 I can still solo orange mobs (not all, certain types of mobs though, especially slower animal mobs that are weak to Arrows like bears, wolves and other mobs like tree types) a good percentage of the time, most yellows don't touch me and a blue is dead 20 paces from me. Sure I get misses and fumbles but thats what sprint and your run spell are for :)

It's all about having the right gear, weapons and ammo and selecting the appropriate mobs to kill. Hope this helps.
# Dec 27 2001 at 2:54 PM Rating: Default
Not flamin' here but get your facts straight. Dex in the equation = max dmg.
Quickness = delay

Quickness judges the delay of your bow. Dexterity is used for Dmg.

Don't believe me? Get a Celt and a Lurikeen. Put all of your points into Str or some other attribute. (Int, Emp) Get them to 5 and look at the difference in their delays. Celt will have about a 9.? delay while the Lurikeen will have a 8.? Don't remember the exact amount but I did experiment.
Killing Yellows
# Dec 24 2001 at 12:03 PM Rating: Decent
I have read several posts from various rangers talking about being, or not being, able to kill yellow con mobs as a ranger. I play a Hibbie ranger that is currently level 14 on the Kay server. The follow is my take on killing yellow con mobs.

There are several factors that a ranger must take into consideration.

1. Your bow: Short, regular or great recurve? The short recurve does considerably less damage, but it has an equitably greater rate of fire (about 1/3 faster) than a great recurve. The regular bow is sorta analogous to the "human" character variety... average at everything with no outstanding abilities or penalties. The great recurve? Slow, but hits *hard*. I personally favor the great recurve. Some people use two bows... the great recurve for that first crit shot and then rapidly switch to a short for the followup shots. Naturally, you should be sure to use a bow that cons yellow to oranger to you. If you let it get blue or worse, your damage output will be entirely insufficient for anything tougher than greens.

2. Your arrows: this is a no-brainer! Use flight broadheads (footed if you can afford it)! The vast majority of your enemies during PvE will not be of the armor wearing variety. You may want to consider the Bodkins for RvR later on... (Me, I'm going to stalk the thin-skinned, creamy center casters! :) ) Also, try to be at extreme range when taking that first crit shot (DOH!).

3. The intended target: The mob you attack can make a big difference. There are yellow con mobs that run *fast* and that have a *high* damage rate(anger sprites come to mind). What does this mean? It means you will be more likely to end up in melee with this guy than say, a fishing bear forager. Learn your enemy and attack those that run slowly and attack slowly! You'll live longer!

4. Your buffs: Train sufficiently in Pathfinding in order to have all the buffs. They *do* make a big difference. Both in long range killing and melee. That little extra magic damage each time you strike with your bow and stiletto(s) can make the difference between life and death in a close fight. Not to mention that extra attack or three you get because your quickness is buffed to 129, or all those misses the mob commits in melee because your dexterity is buffed to 125 or so!!!

5. Your armor: Always try to wear the best quality armor for your level. This means that it cons no less than yellow and no more than orange. Also, be aware that AF is *not* the only thing to consider when purchasing armor. The "absorption" percentage is also very important. Buy the armor with the highest absorption percentage you can afford for a given AF. You will be amazed at how much *less* damage you will take.

Naturally, after doing everything right, you will run into missed shots (crits and otherwise), fumbles and such. My best advice about this is: If you miss your crit on a tough yellow con mob, it's time to do your best "Jesse Owens" impression and RUN! You should be at full stamina and so USE it to fight again without that costly trip to the healer!

Thats my 2 coppers worth!
RE: Killing Yellows
# Mar 26 2002 at 9:47 AM Rating: Default
That is what I call great tips for rangers!

na fianna
excalibur / Europe
Ranger Skills
# Dec 20 2001 at 12:02 AM Rating: Default
I was wondering if puting most of my skills into Recurve Stealth and Pathfinding was a good idea
Also, should i become a fletcher?
Should i leave out meele stuff too?

Thanks =)

RE: Ranger Skills
# Jan 04 2002 at 3:52 AM Rating: Default
Recurve should be maxed (ie ur lvl always), Celtic Dual second, Stealth 3rd, and Pathfinding 4th
RE: Ranger Skills
# Jan 04 2002 at 10:06 PM Rating: Default
Where did you get Celtic Dual being second? Rangers are not a melee class and will never be one. Celtic Dual does not affect the damage you do while dual wielding, it only gives you more styles.

The rest you have right. Recurve first, Sealth second, and Pathfinding third.

30th Ranger
RE: Ranger Skills
# Jan 14 2002 at 10:15 AM Rating: Default
well what ive HEARD is that its recurve first, pf second and stealth third. the reasons are that pf you would use most regularly but with stealth you would only use for high lvl RvR sniping.
Ranger Skills
# Dec 19 2001 at 3:57 PM Rating: Default
Should i put my skills into Recurve and crit more than the meeles?
RE: Ranger Skills
# Jan 14 2002 at 10:15 AM Rating: Default
of cource
bow+ownage= BOWNAGE
# Dec 18 2001 at 12:42 PM Rating: Default
rangers rock i have played one for about 3 hrs and got to lvl 6 and i can't wiate to smoke a group of middie on the tristan serve. . mmmmm i can taste it . . "where is he" . . . you have ben hit with a bow for 468damage "a trolls corpse lies on the ground 500 feet away from you" "where is he" "a kobold has just be waxed and it bleedin on the grass 600 feet infront of you. . . need i say more?
RE: bow+ownage= BOWNAGE
# Dec 18 2001 at 11:49 PM Rating: Default
Mythic is changing it so people can tell the direction the shot came from because the arrow sticks out of em for a minute, they can turn towards the archer.

Archers are way too powerful in RvR because of problems like this, and Mythic is toning em down a bit.

Don't expect your Bownage to last much longer, friend.
switching weap's fast
# Dec 18 2001 at 12:50 AM Rating: Default
im a lvl 14 ranger and i have run across a problem with using two pierces at once. when i hit the hotkey for my melee weapon after firing with my bow i cant get both melee weapons into my hands. i pull out one piercer but i have to manually put the other in the left hand slot? any ideas or is it just bugged? p.s. my ranger suprisingly deals out the most damage in melee situations while in groups. rangers rock with two weapons up close(just need a healer keepin you alive lol).

Kaalith Kincutter
lvl 14 ranger, Percival
RE: switching weap's fast
# Jan 02 2002 at 2:56 PM Rating: Default
i'm only a new lvl 6, so bear with me, but I had the same problem using a weapon and shield once the target had closed with me. I just dragged my shield onto my quickbar along with my weapon and hit both keys. maybe you can do the same with your second weapon.
RE: switching weap's fast
# Jan 14 2002 at 10:18 AM Rating: Default
same concept...just put the second weapon as a hot key and hit them both in melee
# Dec 12 2001 at 4:59 AM Rating: Default
I have a druid lvl 25 and its a good solo class but i heard some saying that rangers cant solo... I just wanner say GET YOUR FLETCHING tradeskill UP FAST i made a yellow bow dps 4.1 spd 4.0 but best of all was the Qualty 98% and i can only say IT ROX..... im killing yellow whit out problems now lvl FAST ;o) so the words here must be TRADESKILL UP FAST, you make ALOT better bows that way im using arrows Broadhead becurse i dont need the lathe and i bring som flight broadhead whit me.... GO GET EM TIGER.......

Miniman from KAY
# Dec 09 2001 at 7:25 AM Rating: Default
im lvl 17 ranger who tries to kill yellow parths.thing is , i die to 9 out of 10 parths..
my gear is
bright orange bow , no idea what kind
two dolomite stilletos -yellow
blue/yellow armor
RE: lvl 25 ranger@merlin
# Mar 04 2002 at 4:05 AM Rating: Default
dude first of all u need good arrows. id get footed broads as a minimum. second get an orange great recurve (player made preferably). third get orange armor-yellow armor and weapons. fourth parths are too slow for ur lvl, they give u disease and sometimes it can be risky. try curms or even ghostly siabras theyre ezier.

good hunting
Rangers Neved
# Dec 08 2001 at 5:09 AM Rating: Default
its kinda funny no one here has said anything about the rangers crit shot being nurfed
# Dec 07 2001 at 9:16 AM Rating: Default
I have a LvL 10 Ranger on Merlin and have armour wich is red to me.
Does that mean, that i cannot use it in full effect or what ??
RE: Armor-wearing
# Dec 09 2001 at 7:42 PM Rating: Decent
46 posts
i believe you will wear your armor out faster if it is higher lvl armor. keep and eye on its con and go to the smith frequently.
# Dec 06 2001 at 7:07 AM Rating: Default
I have solo'd my way to lvl 26 as of 10 minutes ago. I found that as a ranger i can level faster solo then in a group. Some days i make it without dieing once.. course now and then i have a real bad day, but solo is safer. Death to a solo'r is more painful though.

Yellows rarely make it close enough to hit me once. Now and then they go down in 3 shots. Blues never make it within 20 feet of me. Unless i miss crit shot and fumble, but since im not a melee'r i just take a short job and do a circle and crit the mob right when it stops chasing me. Rarely does that situation happen though.

here are my stats and gear:

str 51
con 55
(only 2 stats i modified on creation)

26 - recurve
16 - pathfinding
16 - stealth (didnt bother raising stealth till path was at 16)
10 piercing (for detaunt move)
1 blades
1 celtic dual (why do i need this if nothing can get close enough for me to use it when im level 50?)


Great Heartwood Recurve Bow
Flight Broadhead Arrows

the deal is... if you want to solo as a ranger, you MUST have flight broadheads! You shouldnt let anything get close enough to you to need your dagger. Anything that gets that close usually takes 1 hit from my dagger, because i want to save an arrow. Rangers kill with their bow, thats what makes us deadly... if something gets that close, run a bit turn around and fire your bow. if your using flight broadheads and a yellow makes it to you with 1/4th its life... you need to find a lower level yellow, or a yellow that isnt so resistant to that type of damage.

just remember -

how often will i need my dual wield at lvl 50?
I use my dagger maybe once for every 10 creatures i kill... if that...
# Dec 01 2001 at 10:57 AM Rating: Default
Okay ive Heard alot of stuff about what to do with skill points. Ive read so much stuff I wanna sort out the crap from the good stuff. Here is waht I have heard :

1. Skill points a added automatically (from thin air?) to you bow and stealth if you do not spend any points into these when you train at every so and so level.

I wanna know -

a) At What level are these awarded?
b) Does it subtract from the normal points given?
c) Does this also happen to pierce/blades etc

2. The Skills are very broad. People have alot of opionins. What I gather and can agree on is :

Bow skill must be maxed to 50.
Stealth must be minimum 16 to be useful.

So what i Need to know is :

a) what do the other skills do?
b) What do those skills rely on?
c) what advantages would you have in spec in one skill?
d) Does pierceing improve bow damage? (arrows pierce i.m.h.o. but maybe mythic thinks they dont.)

If anyone can answer these questions im sure you will help many many many rangers out there.


I do aim to use a Ranger for the following b.t.w.

RVR , Grouping and Solo... hehe

Can anyone Help me??


RE: Specialisation.
# Dec 21 2001 at 3:06 AM Rating: Decent
only 1 comment... arrows may pierce... if that kind of point/head, but entirely different from pierce skill which uses piercing types of melee weapons... not at all the same type of skill to use as a bow, where the skill is same, though the damage is different depending on head... broadheads cause slashing cutting damage.. ask a bow hunter... but, not so good against armor.. especially chain and plate designed to stop such.. hence the bodkin, or pointed arrow designed to pierce such armor, but not as damaging to the person wearing it as smaller wound and doesn't cut blood vessels most as much, so pierce skill should and does (to my knowledge) have nothing to do with damage you do with your bow
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