Classes: Paladin
Advanced Resistance (Chant) - Everyone in the caster's group gains an addition to the given THREE damage types.
Name Level Target Effect Duration Recast Delay Damage Type Range
Soul Ward 25Group 5 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Body/Spirit/Energy 1500
Elemental Ward 27Group 5 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Heat/Cold/Matter 1500
Soul Shield 44Group 10 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Body/Spirit/Energy 1500
Elemental Shield 46Group 10 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Heat/Cold/Matter 1500
Buff (Ablative Armor) - Adds to the target's hit points temporarily (which are used to absorb damage, up to 25% of each individual hit) .
Name Level Target Effect Duration Recast Delay Range
Barrier of Faith 30Group Magical Ablative 60 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Barrier of Virtue 40Group Magical Ablative 90 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Barrier of Temperance 50Group Magical Ablative 120 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Buff (Combat Speed, Group) - Increases the caster's group's combat speed for a short duration, which will cause all members to be considerably more effective in melee combat.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Recast Delay Range
Celerity 18Group 6 24% 5 sec/pulse 8s 350
Enhanced Celerity 26Group 8 28% 5 sec/pulse 8s 350
Amplified Celerity 32Group 12 31% 5 sec/pulse 8s 350
Pure Celerity 44Group 15 37% 5 sec/pulse 8s 350
Buff (Strength) - Increases the target's Strength, which will cause it to be able to carry more weight, do more damage and be more effective in melee combat.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time
Righteous Strength 3Self 3 17 20 min 3 sec
Righteous Potency 7Self 6 20 20 min 3 sec
Righteous Power 14Self 11 26 20 min 3 sec
Virtuous Strength 20Self 16 31 20 min 3 sec
Virtuous Potency 30Self 25 39 20 min 3 sec
Virtuous Power 41Self 33 47 20 min 3 sec
Virtuous Might 50Self 43 55 20 min 3 sec
Damage Add (Chant) - Everyone in the caster's group has the given amount of damage added to each melee swing.
Name Level Target Duration Recast Delay Damage Damage Type Range
Battle Fervor 3Group 6 sec/pulse 8s 1.40 DPS Body 1500
Greater Battle Fervor 7Group 6 sec/pulse 8s 2.20 DPS Body 1500
Battle Vigor 10Group 6 sec/pulse 8s 2.80 DPS Body 1500
Greater Battle Vigor 15Group 6 sec/pulse 8s 3.80 DPS Body 1500
Battle Fury 21Group 6 sec/pulse 8s 5.00 DPS Body 1500
Greater Battle Fury 28Group 6 sec/pulse 8s 6.40 DPS Body 1500
Battle Zeal 36Group 6 sec/pulse 8s 8.00 DPS Body 1500
Greater Battle Zeal 46Group 6 sec/pulse 8s 10.00 DPS Body 1500
Fatigue Regeneration (Chant, Group) - Everyone in the caster's group gains an increase to their rate of fatigue regeneration, allowing them to sprint farther or use more melee combat styles.
Name Level Target Effect Duration Damage Type Range
Chant of Endurance 2Group 1 5 sec/pulse Body 2000
Chant of Stamina 12Group 2 5 sec/pulse Body 2000
Chant of Persistence 22Group 3 5 sec/pulse Body 2000
Chant of Resilience 32Group 4 5 sec/pulse Body 2000
Chant of Perseverance 42Group 5 5 sec/pulse Body 2000
Heal (Chant) - Everyone in the caster's group is healed a small amount of damage every second.
Name Level Target Effect Recast Delay Range
Minor Refreshment 2Group 3 8s 1500
Lesser Refreshment 5Group 5 8s 1500
Refreshment 8Group 8 8s 1500
Major Refreshment 12Group 11 8s 1500
Greater Refreshment 16Group 14 8s 1500
Crusader's Refreshment 20Group 17 8s 1500
Saint's Refreshment 26Group 22 8s 1500
Angel's Refreshment 35Group 29 8s 1500
Archangel's Refreshment 45Group 37 8s 1500
Resistance (Chant) - Everyone in the caster's group gains an addition to the given damage type.
Name Level Target Effect Duration Recast Delay Damage Type Range
Body Ward 25Group 10 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Body 1500
Mind Ward 26Group 10 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Spirit 1500
Energy Ward 27Group 10 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Energy 1500
Heat Ward 28Group 10 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Heat 1500
Cold Ward 29Group 10 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Cold 1500
Earth Ward 30Group 10 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Matter 1500
Body Shield 44Group 20 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Body 1500
Mind Shield 45Group 20 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Spirit 1500
Energy Shield 46Group 20 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Energy 1500
Heat Shield 47Group 20 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Heat 1500
Cold Shield 48Group 20 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Cold 1500
Earth Shield 49Group 20 5 sec/pulse 8s Resist Matter 1500
Resurrection - Brings target back to life, and restores a portion of their health and power, and eliminates the exp penalty and con loss they would have suffered were they to have /released. (Note that con loss still applies when res'd on a PvP server.)
Name Level Target Cast Time Recast Delay Range
Revive 30Corpse 4 sec 1500
Reincarnate 35Corpse 5 min 1500
Shield (AF) - Adds to the recipient's Armor Factor (AF), resulting in better protection against some forms of attack. It acts in addition to any armor the target is wearing.
Name Level Target Power Effect Duration Cast Time
Aura of Protection 1Self 3 14 af 20 min 4 sec
Aura of Deflection 6Self 6 19 af 20 min 4 sec
Aura of Safety 11Self 9 24 af 20 min 4 sec
Aura of Defense 17Self 12 30 af 20 min 4 sec
Aura of Indestructability 24Self 17 37 af 20 min 4 sec
Aura of Invincibility 33Self 23 46 af 20 min 4 sec
Aura of Salvation 43Self 30 56 af 20 min 4 sec
Shield (Chant) - Everyone in the caster's group gains an addition to their armor factor (AF).
Name Level Target Effect Duration Recast Delay Range
Crusader's Ward 4Group 24 af 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Crusader's Shield 9Group 33 af 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Crusader's Guard 13Group 40 af 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Crusader's Barrier 18Group 51 af 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Crusader's Defense 23Group 61 af 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Crusader's Shelter 29Group 75 af 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Crusader's Protection 38Group 99 af 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Crusader's Mantle 48Group 127 af 6 sec/pulse 8s 1500
Taunt - Attracts the attention of a creature. Can be used for "pulling" targets from a distance, "peeling off" a target that is attacking a friend, or interrupting enemy casters.
Name Level Target Effect Recast Delay Damage Type Range
Provoke 5Enemy 5 20s Body 1500
Aggravate 15Enemy 17 20s Body 1500
Enrage 30Enemy 38 20s Body 1500
Infuriate 40Enemy 55 20s Body 1500
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2h pally.
# May 28 2003 at 9:51 AM Rating: Default
first off i would like to point out that armsman do not make better tanks then pallys they usally do but if u know how to make a good pally and a good armsman u can test which 1 lasts longer against purples, but thats my defensive pally that i was mainly talking about i recently started a 2h pally now lvl 15 and im wondering how to spec i know chants-46 but what should 2h be? and parry too?
# May 07 2003 at 2:35 PM Rating: Default
Alright im going to tell you all how to twist easy and quick.
1) put your DMG chant on your quick bar, lets put it on slot 2 (i use slot one for quick sprint)
2) put your sheild chant on slot 3
4) put your heal on slot 4
5) when you twist you basically hit them all at the same time, you hit 2,3,4 in succsession.
Here ill tell it in nother way, hit two, then then three, then four in a row in under 1 second. That will bring up all the chants. You will only see the sheild and dmg chants but the heal is there to. You can test it out on greens or even grays to make sure your its working.
6) to twist again, just wait tell they all come back after the delay (your chants will run out before the cast delay is over) and repeat step 5. Its real easy and is very good. Im only lvl 14 and i can solo orange con with twisting loosing only about 1/3 life, then i go fight a blue to heal the rest.
Oh and for all those people who think the heal chant works while your not fighting, your wrong. Its a battle heal.
Just to help all you younger or older pally's

Regalliss Guinevere
Heal Chants For you
# Oct 14 2002 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
Ok guys, hopefully I can shed some light onto you guys about pally's and twisting chants and such. Ill even tell you how i set up my hotkey bar..

1) Side Slash
2)Side Slash follow up
3) Amythyst Slash
4)Shield Stun Style, whatever your best is, usually set it if 1v1 to stun after a block, so I use BASH..
5) Heal
6)Greater Battle Zeal
7) Stamina Regeneration

Ok guys, here is how to double pump your chants, or whatever you are wanting to call it.. You Will Want to Go battle Zeal first, After battle zeal is on, Go ahead and rotate to your heal, That Will give you 1-2 more Swings with battle zeal in effect while your heal chant is on.. Now here is the fun part, Personally I watch the action bar to see when i heal. Now Soon as you hit
5) Your heal will pop on, 6 seconds later you will see, "You heal so and so in group for 45 pts) Soon as you see that, Press 5 again, that cancels out the spell, then Immidiatly press 5 again, so it activates it, That double pumps it, so you Get Healed for 45 (Wait 6 Seconds) Healed for 45 pts again, (Cancel Immediatly with 5) hit 5 one last time and Viola, Double Pumped your heal..
Now people have their own ideas at what to put chants to, some say dont go over 30, personally, I say goto 48.. Reason Being.. Your group Armor Buffs are UBER LEET OWNAGE buffs. At lvl 48 you get (Crusaders Mantle) Now this chant, is the SHIAT!! I have grouped with one person with 48 chants, and it was a unique experience.. That 200+ Armor rating HIGHLY Effects Purple Mobs, Well least Diamond mobs where we grouped at.. As We pulled away with this armor chant on, I watched as the Con Purple Mobs Swung on us AGAIN, And AGAIN, AND AGAIN, MISSING and Getting blocked the whole time.. We pulled 2 Nightmares and a Centurion Crawler in DF with nobody in group over lvl 48, NONE of us, got hit 1 time.. And the other pulls we made, we would average getting hit 1-2 times AT MOST!! So Dont get wrong idea about chants, I dont have my chants at the lvl they at for the damage buff, I got it for Heal, and Armor, But damage is nice to have =)

Now to the issue of people saying Paladins are not a main tank.. To you all I have to say is STFU!! rofl.. True, 7 months ago when armsman would beat the living **** outta a paladin, I would have agreed, but now adays, please.. I Have been Out Tanking lvl 46-50 Armsman Polearmers/Slashers/ Whatever you can muster since I was lvl 41.. Being able to pull the aggro in a HIGH LVL group is much more important then doing more damage.. Say We are doing a tree group in lyonesse, lvl 50-60ish mobs. And our Group only has 1 healer, we pull the Trees, the Wizard fails on root so tree goes and smacks the **** outta wizard, Cleric/friar is Forced to heal, That draws the Majority of Aggro from the Tree, so that means, This CON PURPLE mob is on our ONLY Cleric.. BAM NO PROBLEM, Immidiate Infuriate!! BAM Heal Chant (You heal Group for 45 hitpoints) Thats group, EVERYONE! Tank Gets the Aggro..

Now A template I suggest.. For youngsters, and people of higher lvls wondering why im so UBER =)

Slash 44: With items at lvl 50, can be 56ish slash..
Shield 42: You Get a LONG Duration Stun, oh ya baby, This ****** lasts 9 Seconds, Thats 9 seconds of stun in RvR, So Stun, Smack Smack, Stun..
Chants 46-48: Depends on if you want that Armor buff for the high mobs i was talkin about earlier. With 46 you will have, Best Damage Chant, Best Infuriate Chant, Best Heal Chant, And Most of the Best Resistance Line Buffs..

IMPORTANT: For 1h Weaponers..Guys and gals.. Spend a Little Time Doin some RvR around lvl 35-40.. Go get Realm Rank 2.. With Realm Rank 2, you can goto your trainer, And Get up to Mastery of Blocking 2! Now this is Bad azz.. You can gaurd your groupers soo much better, as well as yourself.. On average i block about 60-90% of con yellows attacks, and 20-40 percent of Con Purple Attacks, so it does make a difference..

Well Hope this has helped some of you in finding your supreme power.. Let me know some feedback if you like or not..

Mamu Chunkywhale: 46 Paladin.. Igraine
RE: Heal Chants For you
# Apr 07 2003 at 7:02 PM Rating: Decent

I salute my fellow Pally below from Igraine. I, am also a Paladin, lvl 50, from Igraine.

I agree with most of what he says below except for the fact that he should point out that he is a “Defensive” Paladin. Defensive Pallys are great, my first Pally was a defensive one, but I only went 30 (Rez) in chants so I could have the points necessary to max Slash (ammy/ Diamond slash combo at 50 is arguably the best all around style in the game), get 42 Shield for the awesome Slam, stun and get a reasonable amount of Parry at 25. This worked pretty well for general leveling and PvE. Sword and Board Pallies are good for this, solo or group support. With the arrival of the Endurance chant, we were the most popular melee class.

Once at 50 things change. You are not 50 long before you realize something is missing. Up until this point you win most mob battles like you win most duels; attrition. You do, comparatively, pretty lame melee damage compared to other classes, while wearing the enemy down with your superior defense and almost inexhaustible endurance. This takes time. Time is exactly what you haven’t got in RvR.

If you go into RvR at 50 thinkin you are going to go toe to toe with other tanks and slug it out – your mistaken. While this might happen, rarely, most battles are over before you can twist 2 or 3 times. Contrary to most lower level belief we do not target opposing Tanks, we target opposing Casters. Any chance your group has of winning is based upon how fast you can kill the Casters. It is quite common to run right past and through opposing tanks in our mutual effort to get to and neutralize the Casters.

Talking to higher level pallies for a moment; we know that RvR battles make a defensive setup almost useless. Unless you personally like being an S&S Pally, then go right ahead and make yourself happy, but the golden rule of RvR is damage! As fast as possible. It is over almost before it begins, how much damage can you do and quickly? Our Chant? Yes they are useful, but not as useful in RvR where lvl 50’s shower each other with far superior buffs way above our chant capability. Our Battle damage add is useful, but way less then a Wizzys damage buff, our Shield chant is useful but much less then a clerics, etc. Refreshment? No time. The finest of all RA abilities available to Pallies may be FH. Certainly everyone respects that, an instant group heal. Get it as fast as possible at 50.

So what do we do? We don’t need to level, and except for looting for badly needed cash and quests, we don’t care about leveling experiences within the Realm. Well first of all I looked around. Most pallies coming to 50 are Sword and Board it’s true. As I have said before and written elsewhere, have you ever noticed that every NPC Pally in the game is 2H? 2H is also available to Armsmen, but why would they when they have Polearm, the most damaging melee force in our Realm? No I think 2H is specifically for Paladins, the same 2H that all out trainers are sporting. While you could certainly argue for S&S for leveling in Realm, once your done with leveling and given the requirements of RvR – go 2H.

Look at the sense it makes; as a S&S Pally you are starved for points between all your abilities. As a 2H pally you can finally (if like me and many others you didn’t) raise your Chants to 46 (me) or even 48 should you choose so and still have enough left to be very effective. Everyone knows that with items and equipment you can easily raise almost any attribute beyond 50. Especially in these days of SC. You only train in the actual ability to get its styles, not its benefits which are obtained by being that lvl. (fighting stlyes, shield, parry etc.)
Remember, your lvl in base damage style (slash, Crush, Thrust) sets your minimum damage. Your lvl in your specialty style (2H, Pole, LB, Crit etc.) sets your % of chance to do maximum damage.

Damage? Ha! 2H does approx. 3 times the damage of 1H Pally. There are regular reports of 2H Pallys who, if their Style damage coupled with their weapon procc and crit damage all hit together get 500 damage with one stroke!

Don’t change yet, try this little experiment; We all have spare spec points when reaching 50. Use a couple only to get the first base 2H style (Half Moon at lvl 2). The run up to the Pennines , S of Berks and kill Ash, for Ash’s one time drop. This gives you a great 2H weapon to experiment with (you’ll keep it). Next go hit some Ylws, then some Blues, keep a small record of the damage using your normal weapon. Ok, so set up another Q bar for the 2H, weapon damage procc and chants etc (more room on bar too, 1 will do). Then hit those same mobs again? If, like many of us, you have obtained a range of 2H weapons in your travels from Dsoldiers, AC etc. you can have some fun comparing. I used the brigands in Dartmoor for this, nice easy camp for chain pulls.

Tell you what you’ll find out, without the use of some super SC weapon, you’ll find you do as much damage AND sometimes more with 2H are you are doing with your massively trained 1H. This is the most basic 2H style and its damage is CAPPED by Mythic as a starter style! Mythic has constantly stated that you only need ¾ training in an ability to get full use from it giving you even more spec points to use. My ideal 2H spec? 39Slash (52 with items) 39 2H (Doubler last very useful style, 50 with items) 46 Chants and 25 Parry (34 with items). Although a fiend of mine prefers 44Slash, 442H. Make the choice you prefer.

There’s a lot more, Pallys can be as complicated as you wish to make them and definatley the most complicated melee class along with Infils, but I’ve bored ya enough.

Then beyond FH, forget blocking and other slow defenses – get MOA, Master of Arms ya! Swing that geart high damage weapon like it’s a dagger and wipe your enemies. Beyond saving 3.5 plat for your Armor, 1plt for your weapon – your ready to go! Assist your group and be a real force for Albion.

GL all, I wish you well.

Graywandir, lvl 50
The Lion-Hearted
Albion, Igraine

# Oct 11 2002 at 6:42 PM Rating: Default
So basicly twisting is hitting the quick button for each of your chants right after another and you somehow get the benefit of all 3? i'm confused..
twisting chants
# Oct 03 2002 at 8:35 AM Rating: Default
can anyone give me an explanation on twisting chants? i just started a paladin
RE: twisting chants
# Oct 06 2002 at 9:58 AM Rating: Default

My pally is 35 and I really enjoy him. Am still learning. Twisting means you do one chant and then switch to another. You have to be carefull if you twist too much you will use up endurance. At low levels I use shield or plus damage and then switched to heal. Using a heal chant in combat will draw aggro-nice when you have caster in group that needs protection. At 35 and soloing I use plus damage, then heal then inc. endurance. Play with the chants on green mobs till you see what works best and have fun
# Aug 27 2002 at 1:08 PM Rating: Default
HAs anyone ever twisted all the chants. I was jsut wondering. I know you really only need to twist the 3 main, but I was thinking what happens in RvR where you so happen to meet a lot of casters. I was wondering if it was possible with all 9 chants or are there people who have several different types of twisting methods for different casters.
lev 50
# Aug 27 2002 at 12:08 AM Rating: Default
Is there really a point ot going to lev 50 in this skill.
RE: lev 50
# Sep 11 2002 at 11:17 PM Rating: Default
nope lol no point at all. I am only gonna take chants to 45 but some take it to 46 just for the dmg chant. there is really no point in taking it over 46 though
Friendly advice for new Paladins
# Aug 22 2002 at 6:43 AM Rating: Default
Hello all I thought i would clear up the speculation about paladins and chants for all you young paladins.

Chants will not run together unless you "Twist". So dont try to use your heal, battle, or shield chant together because they wont work. USE ONE AT A TIME. If you try to use more than one you will get one only and the others will stop after six seconds. Bear in mind that every new chant you use takes endurance.

If you want to know how to twist....ask a paladin who is a reasonably high level to teach you as it is too long to say here. Twisting allows you to fight enemies you usually couldnt, so learn it as quickly as possible. Twisting eats your endurance but continues after you have used all your endurance. I use it after i have used my endurance on special attacks. This is personal find your own way by experimenting.

I hope this helps you all remember if youre in a guild ask them for help, thats what theyre there for.

Good Luck and i hope this helps

Angof Kernewek(42nd Season Paladin)
Justicar of the Church of Albion
Knight of the Order of the Knights Templar

Paladins 101
# Aug 21 2002 at 3:36 PM Rating: Default
My quick advise?

Get Rez by maxing chants till 30 - then forget it. We will never be as good at damage as the great Armsman (mine takes reds np...) but here is our chance to catch up a little. We are, after all, 3rd tank behind Arms and Mercs.

A great all around char, NEVER underestimate "parry" as a skill you should build up, better than shield in many cases. Always put "guard" on your fellow tank so you can block for each other and always keep your "taunt" (enrage etc) on your fighting quickbar to immediatley pull aggro back from clerics and casters.

If you dont need to "twist" if buffed then make sure you run "battle" at least consistantly, its (too small) damage add can make all the difference.

Lastly dont be afraid to run! Yes we are trained as meat shields to lvl 30, but if the cleric goes down - leg it! Your the only rezzer left and the salvation of the group or an hours XP goes up in smoke. You have to think a little differently past that point. Remember you the thinking mans tank, although I dont want to take anything away from the great Armsmen out there who take their group protection and MA duties seriously....:)

Theres more, but I'm borin ya now...:0

Lastly, for the geniuses out there... Songs are words connected - Chants are words said individually at a pace that often resembles ryme, but isnt! Paladins dont Sing! They chant!

lol - good luck all! and kill more Hibs!
# Aug 09 2002 at 6:17 AM Rating: Default
I have a lvl 11 pally and i don't have access to the thaunt list. But my songabillity is already lvl 10.
Can somebody help me with this problem?
# Jun 16 2002 at 11:09 PM Rating: Default
My casts are now 6, but i have only the first 4 =/ ??
chants and 2 handed and slash oh my!
# Jun 07 2002 at 1:17 AM Rating: Default
max chants? max 2handed? how close to your lvl do yall keep slash (or crush or pierce)? just hoping 4 a lil advice thx all

laerick gawaine
Chants summed up
# Jun 04 2002 at 6:04 PM Rating: Default
Chants are the defining thing about a paladin, so it best to use them when u can.
No matter what anyone says a paladin IS NOT a PURE tank.. you are a secondary tank.
Although regen chant is great for soloing its not advised in a group unless u are main tank, it make u an aggro magnet and believe me when ur in ur 40`s and have an armsman or more than one in the group, u`ll want the armsmen to keep the aggro NOT you.
The battle line and AF line of chants are awesome in a group provided you keep your chants high, otherwise buffs provided by elemantalists (theurs and wizzies) and cleric AF buffs are rather taken .
Paladins are an awesome class and out of all the classes i`ve played on albion i always go back to my pally.
Keep at it, go 2 hand if ur wanting the dmg or 1 hand if u want to go defensive, and remember ur a tank with a rezz at 30 (provided u keep chants capped till 30)

Agarason Ghoulbane
41st Lvl Paladin of the Excalibur server
# May 15 2002 at 1:46 PM Rating: Default
I must say i played pallies and armsmen and my amrsmen is same lvl as pally now (30). im in Barrows and i can solo and with my chants and with my chants i grab all aggro from casters and alsoam worth alot more toward the gorup, i am very satisfied.(this char is this the most i ve played ever.
answers here
# Apr 30 2002 at 7:51 PM Rating: Default
no ive tested it you can twist all 3 at once and you get all 3 bonuses, but you have to end with heal song to get all 3, and if timed correctly you get double heal =) and yes the heal song works when not in battle it just odesnt have the message you are healing, oh and btw the reason there is no icon for the heal is because it can be stacked with other pallies' heal chants
read patches next time
# Apr 03 2002 at 6:38 PM Rating: Default
ok these are chants for rvr if you read the patch notes youd know this they are skills to boost bonuses
# Mar 26 2002 at 1:02 PM Rating: Default
Yeah me too I recieved another at Lvl 28 wtf do they do?
Pally Resists?
# Mar 13 2002 at 6:02 PM Rating: Default
When reaching lvl26 in my chant skill, I received a mind and body resist. What do i do with this? When do I use it? And while using it, will it cancel anyother chant that I use?
Thanks for your response
RE: Pally Resists?
# Sep 24 2002 at 3:08 PM Rating: Default
Resists boost your resists. For example mind boosts your resistance against spirit. So you would use this to help against mezz. Then say if you are at a Dragon raid, use heat resist to boost against heat damage. That is what the resists are for.

Kyros Dragoon
Heal Chant
# Feb 28 2002 at 4:58 PM Rating: Default
heal chant heals 1hp per level of your chanting skill. Though its rescently been updated (today) havent got a chance to see the increase in healing it does... doesnt stack with other pallies heal auras though =-(
# Feb 26 2002 at 3:57 PM Rating: Default
25 Paladin Song of Minor Regeneration Health of each in Group buffed 7 every cycle. Lute

low lvl chants
# Dec 30 2001 at 4:42 PM Rating: Default
oh yeah and btw how long do the chants last?? i start one, it flashes for 6 seconds and then dissapears,
RE: low lvl chants
# Mar 27 2002 at 2:30 AM Rating: Default
For some reason the heal chant doesn't have an icon. Don't worry, it's still going strong. I almost always use this one alone to maintain the agro on me, and if i don't die or zone, it will stay on for hours. As for the low level guy that said his group wasn't getting the heal chant....they have to look at the upper text box to see it's effect, not look for an icon.
RE: low lvl chants
# Sep 20 2002 at 9:02 AM Rating: Default
The heal chant doesnt have an icon because it is stackable. i.e. 8 paladins in agorup could all run heal chant and they all will work together rather than exclusive of each other.

Thus there is no icon so you dont see 8 cups at the top of the screen.

Angof Kernewek
Order of the Knights Templar
low lvl chants
# Dec 30 2001 at 4:40 PM Rating: Default
**I havent bothered to sign up for an ***
****account on the message boards yet**
Ive been playign a paladin and have gotten to lvl 6. I have battle fevour and minor refreshment but when i try to use minor refresh on my group it only does it to me even though they are standing right beside me.. this can be annyoying when your fighting a battle and your friend is gettign his *** kicked by a Nain Dwarf, (con purple for me still), I tried doing it when they were standing ON my character but still nothing.. It heals me but not my comrades..

"He who laughs last thinks the slowest"

RE: low lvl chants
# Jan 18 2002 at 12:27 PM Rating: Default
The Minor Refreshment chant is working during fight only, afaik and I am a lvl 9 pally :)


RE: low lvl chants
# Feb 02 2002 at 10:01 AM Rating: Default
The Minor Refreshment chant is working all the Time. I have tested it: When you are not in battle you just don't get the Massege that you have healed your self that's all ;)
RE: low lvl chants
# Jun 03 2003 at 7:18 PM Rating: Default
no, your wrong enough noob pally talk refreshment only works in battle, and it does heal ur comrades eathor your comrades were full life or.... ur lieng thats all there is to it
Stats are ALL WRONG...
# Dec 18 2001 at 8:21 PM Rating: Default
Only one I've noticed though is Refreshment... Greater Refreshment is doing 17, not 14... Evidentally, these are just "guesses" by whoever did this stuff. Not to mention that song is a misprint... ... I'd help if they checked this stuff at least ONCE..
RE: Stats are ALL WRONG...
# Jan 23 2002 at 3:32 PM Rating: Default
The numbers posted up here are base numbers. If it says it heals 14, depending on your skill in chants, it will heal more than 14 because you have a bonus for spec points.
# Dec 13 2001 at 7:52 PM Rating: Default
Umm yeah paladin is a holy warrior, btw, and he's part of a church...soooo when he "chants" he's praying to god. Chanting is something monks do in monestaries and such, its a divine buff. He chants to god to find the strength or whatever, and he is able to bless his group with his pressence. so, in effect, he does sing, but its a prayer to god.
-kinda funny im atheist and a 21 pally eh?
-MaaD Mardigan
RE: chanting
# Sep 24 2002 at 5:09 PM Rating: Default
Paladins do not sing, they chant, there is a difference.
Twisting chants
# Dec 13 2001 at 7:49 PM Rating: Default
LoL. Chants are the best thingi n the world. Think of it this way. Whenever you cast healing chant once, it automatically heals for whatever ammount your level permits...sometimes its more, sometimes its less...then thhink of this. It takes about 6.5 seconds for the little flashy thing to dissappear, signaling that u can cast it again... SOOO what you do is, set up ALL THREE chants in ur hotkey bar...with heal at the end of hte series. Then, whenever u take dammage, hit all three in a rapid sucession. When the little cup finally dissappears. LIke i was saying, since it only takes 6.5 secs to dissappear...u get the initial lets say 14 heal, then the 14 heal for the HoT funciton of healing chant, THEN when u disable and REABLE it you get ANOTHER 14...
the way it works out, on average, you get about three heals each 7 or so seconds, counting time itl take for you to press buttons. i can solo yellows and oranges at level 21 to an easy extent. and sicne i have parry and shield, if u block just once, it gives you a coloassul advantage over the mob...i usually end fights with yellows with FULL health. try it some time. im on bedevere, name is Maad Mardigan. msg me or something.
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Here's just a reminder to all of you pallies to keep chants at your cap.

One time when I was in Barrows in my low 30's we were hunting vigilant souls. With my combat styles on my 1hs I was adding about 5-10(at best)ish dammage and a small to-hit bonus. My battle chant added about 17 per hit. I thought it was a good idea to start twisting and let the higher lvl pallies hold agro with regular regen and combat styles.

So the moral of the story is: Our AF chants give WAY more af than the clerics' af spells, do it; our battle chants give much more dammage on higher lvl con purple mobs, and more dmg on red and oranges(and they now stack at 1/2 effectiveness with the elementalist earth dmg buff) do it; and regen kindof helps out the main healer(especialy when you have 1 or 2 other higher lvl pallies on regen too) do it. Twisting chants in high lvl groups is rocking.

If by chance you can't find a group, I at lvl 39 can solo yellows with no loss of HP and consume 0 Endurance(of course i chain fight with 0 end anyways using no styles). I do this by twisting all chants, and if i get lasy i'll just twist battle chant and regen.

Well, I hope to hit lvl 40 tonight. this is just my 2 cp and don't forget to be safe
RE: Twisting chants
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Cool name ;)

Is it like bards in EQ twisting songs?

Sorry to use an EQ example but I was curious.
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