Shrieking Cascade (Spell)

Spell Line:Ethereal Shriek
Power Cost:5
Cast Time:2.5 sec
Recast Delay:20 sec
Effect:29 (Body)
Last Modified:Thu Oct 27 01:47:32 2011
Damage (Bolt, AOE) -- Targets in an area around the caster take damage. Damage done is of the spell's given damage type. The spell is a "bolt" that can be blocked and takes a few seconds to travel to its targets, but has a longer range and does significan
Extra Info:
Per patch 1.109c (09/20/11):
The AoE Bolt line of spells in the Ethereal Shriek specialization line has had its range decreased from 1875 to 1000 units.

Per patch 1.110 (10.26.11):
The AoE bolt spells in the Ethereal Shriek Specialization Line have had their range adjusted up to 1875 units from 1000 units. Additionally, fall-off damage has been enabled for these bolts, so affected units farther away from the initial target will take less damage when these bolts hit

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