Aching Curse (Spell)

Spell Line:Reaver Soulrending
Power Cost:19 + 16/pulse
Recast Delay:8
Duration:10 seconds/puls
Damage Type:Spirit
Source:Camelot Herald
Last Modified:Sat Dec 1 03:13:27 2007
Damage Debuff (Pulsing PBAOE Chant) - Target's damage (DPS) is lowered, causing them to do less damage in melee combat. Spell affects all enemies in the immediate radius of the caster.
Extra Info:
Only one chant can be active at a time; multiple chants can be "twisted", or activated and deactivated repeatedly overlapping in effect, but at the cost of draining the caster's endurance. This chant also uses the caster's power and will end when the caster is drained of power. Casting the chant again while it is running deactivates it.

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