Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Min Level:50
Max Level:50
Celestius is a Trials of Atlantis zone for those that have achieved Master Level 9.

You port to this zone via one of the following portals:
5k 34k - Oceanus Hesperos (Barrier Islands)
6k 50k - Oceanus Hesperos (Treasure Island)
10k 28k - Oceanus Hesperos (Small island south of Haven)
11k 18k - Oceanus Hesperos (Haven)
15k 14k - Oceanus Hesperos (Haven)
13k 45k - Oceanus Hesperos (Evaemos Island)
21k 30k - Oceanus Hesperos (Azaeirum Island)
6k 12k - Oceanus Anatole (Mestoria Island)
24k 10k - Oceanus Anatole (Mnesidium Island)
49k 42k - Oceanus Anatole (SW of Haven)
15k 30k - Oceanus Notos (Harpy Island)
21k 40k - Oceanus Notos (Desmona Island)
35k 5k - Oceanus Notos (Scheria Island)
27k 7k - Oceanus Notos
43k 13k - Oceanus Boreal (SW of Haven)
30k 50k - Oceanus Boreal (Mesos Island)
52k 12k - Oceanus Boreal (South of Dreamsphere Encounter)
23k 62k - Mesothelasa (Cleitos Island)
35k 35k - Mesothelasa (Mesonenos)
41k 30k - Ashen Isles (Just after bridge to ML7 dungeon)
4k 40k - Ashen Isles (Flask Island near Bridge to Chimera Fortress)
5k 30k - Typhon's Reach (Entrance)
7k 43k - Typhon's Reach (Maddening Scalar Encounter)
22k 54k - Typhon's Reach (SW of south bridge)
21k 16.5k - Stygian Delta
14k 56k - Stygian Delta (Sphinx that starts Aid the Mau Quest)
20k 22k - Stygian Delta (East of Setian Fort)
22k 53k - Land of Atum
20k 45k - Land of Atum
10k 10k - Land of Atum (Outside Necropolis)
46k 17k - Land of Atum (South of Fortress of Storms)

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Updated: Fri Mar 16 00:02:06 2007
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New Portal Location
# Jul 31 2004 at 10:37 PM Rating: Good
We just found the portal tonight at 21k 16.5k in Stygia.
Celestius _is_ an RvR zone.
# Jun 25 2004 at 5:54 PM Rating: Decent
There is only one Celestius zone per server: all realms, upon zoning in, drop into the same area. RvR is _quite_ possible.

There are five encounters here:

Sagittarious (if you can spell that, you're doing pretty good)

ML10 credit is granted only when Draco dies, so tactics such as having one realm wait until the first realm takes down the first four, etc, would most likely be expected.
Not a zone for RvR
# May 13 2004 at 1:55 AM Rating: Default
You cannot do RvR in Celestius, but rather it's the place for "ML 10" (which consists of 5 or 6 bossmobs, the last and final one being Draco).
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