The Lost Wing  

Type:Instanced Dungeon
Catacombs expansion Required
Min Level:35
Max Level:40

Bordering Zones:

Links and Maps:

Updated: Tue Dec 12 07:07:39 2006
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# Oct 15 2005 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
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Just killed him with my sorc and bot, he dropped a

Slimed Friar Staff
16.2 dps 3.3 speed
Staff 3
Dex 16
Reactionary Style Damage Bonus 5%
Evade 5%

And it also has a lifedrain proc on it that 58 body with 100% return.
Final Encounter
# May 19 2005 at 2:38 AM Rating: Decent
The main mob at the end, Nitaleg, is not directly attackable, but he WILL attack you if he gets close enough, and he hits hard. He'll start chasing the first person he aggros around the room while spawning lil OJ con Pieces of Nitaleg. (They were OJ con to a L36 with our group of six, with members ranging from L35-L40. YMMV.) You have to kill the pieces (which damages Nitaleg) faster than Nitaleg heals himself-- which is quite fast. The person who aggros Nitaleg should just kite him around the edges of the room (he never seems to deaggro the first person he notices) while the rest stand around in the center and pull and kill Pieces of Nitaleg as they spawn off the main mob.

The pieces are very easy to kill, thankfully, having maybe 250hp each, but they drop gold and earn xp like regular mobs..! All of us got several bubs in that ~20 minute encounter, and 100+ gold.

The only hitch was that when we killed the last Piece, which killed Nitaleg, there was no loot dropped. Perhaps the last Piece was killed by a dmg shield? /shrug
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