Cathal Valley  

Min Level:45
Max Level:49
Introduced in patch 1.84 (06.21.06):
- A new battleground named "Cathal Valley" is being introduced with this version. This battleground is a brand new type of 'open field' battleground, empty of keeps and towers. It is for players who are levels 45-49, with realm ranks of up to 4L9 and the master levels of up to ML5.

- Each realm has sent out a contingent of guards to protect their portal keep in the new battleground of Cathal Valley.

- A basic monster population has been given to Cathal Valley. This population includes camps of monsters, which are able to be charmed by the appropriate classes.

- The gatehouse doors on top of the milegates in Cathal Valley are realm-specific and they do not open. These doors require the player to left-click on them in order to be ported in or out of the small room. These doors are, however, able to be destroyed by enemies. Once destroyed, they may be repaired by players, but they cannot be upgraded. These doors will also not auto-repair.

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Updated: Tue Dec 12 07:57:01 2006

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