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#1 Jul 20 2005 at 9:46 PM Rating: Excellent
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I thought it may be a good Idea to create a post listing all the features that we've gotten about our new Buddies thus far.
please add any info that I don't have yet posted, I'll be updating this as I discover new things;

The SE Blurb about the NPC

A new quest called ?The Fellowship Quest? has been added. Upon completion of this quest, the player will receive an item used to call an NPC.
-The NPC may not be called during NPC escort quests, but may be used along with beastmasters? pets, summoners? avatars, and dragoons? wyverns.
-The NPC may only be called in certain field areas.
-The NPC may fight monsters, gain experience, and level up with the player.
-A player fighting with an NPC fellow will receive only 70% of the usual experience points gained for solo battles.
-The NPC may be called only when there are less than six members in the player?s group. A party may contain a maximum of three NPC fellows, along with the three players who have called them.
-If the NPC?s level exceeds that of the player, its status will be adjusted to match the player?s level.
-The NPC?s equipment will occasionally change after fighting several battles.
-The NPC will leave if the player:
-temporarily logs out to PlayOnline
-logs out
-enters a different area
-is KO?d
-All NPCs in a party will leave if the party attempts to increase its total number of players and NPCs to seven.

How to obtain your NPC buddy

*Special thanks to Akiraorion of Valefor for the following walkthrough;

Quest Starter: Luto Mewrilah ~ Upper Jeuno : G8
Quest Name: Unlisted Qualities

Start by talking to Luto, she will tell you she is looking for a "special" mirror, you will get a list of names/races from what she has, this is the start of making your Fellowship Friend. Choose a Race/Gender and Name, Luto will ask you for "information" on this person, its your job to dig up the dirt. I started by talking to Red Ghost in Port Jeuno, Red Ghost asked me "Was this person's hair tied back", i answered no, the outcome would be the same i'm sure, he sent me to Lower Jeuno to find out more info.

In Lower Jeuno i found Kuah Dakonsa @H8, Kuah asked me "Was this person's hair parted at the bangs" (meaning parted in the middle), i replied yes, again, i don't think the outcome would be any different. Kuah sent me to Upper Jeuno to dig up more info.

Upper Jeuno was where i found Bheem @F5 near the Home Point, he asked the question "would their hair color happen to be my favorite color", i replied "Not Likely", Bheem proceeded to fill me in on the info that he had and said to stick around Jeuno because everyone always ends up coming back.

Return to Luto to finish the quest and get your reward of 1x Silver Ingot.

Zone and get ready for the next part.

Talking to Luto will now trigger the 2nd Quest "Girl in the Looking Glass", Laurana will explain that her daughter has gone missing and Luto will enlist your help to find her. If you remember from the cutscene you got with Bheem before, your Friend was talking with a little girl..coincidence? Talk to Bheem and he will explain that he heard your Friend talking about heading to Eldeime Necropolis, he also saw them speaking with a little girl, but he can tell you nothing else.

Proceed to G8 in Batallia Downs and zone into the Eldeime Necropolis, walk down a little ways past the stairs and you will see a ???. Upon examining the ??? you will see the following "you find a brown cap on the ground", you will get a short cutscene, then get interrupted promptly by an NM named "Namorodo", your Friend will assit you and upon defeating the NM will take the little girl back to Jeuno. Returning to Luto will wrap up the with a cutscene and the girl returning to her mother. This is where the Mirror in the story gets brought into play.

Luto will also be asking your Friend for help if she so desires it, etc. Oddly enough, this guest is "given" by Laurana the mother, still ties in though ^^; Zone and get ready for the last quest.

After talking to Luto again, she will inform you that a valuable that she has been seeking has been found, the Mirror that interests her is what she is after, but it could be dangerous so she wants you to be careful. This will trigger the quest "Mirror, Mirror". Your Friend's Mirror will tell you the item your searching for is "Somewhere Near San'doria". Gather up your things and head to Port San'doria, @H9 you talk to
Portaure inside the Cargo Room B, he will explain about Orc's taking his treasure before it even got near Jeuno and he will curse the mirror saying it is to blame.

After you finish with him, its time to head to Ghelsba Outpost, you will need LVL40 gear for whatever job you plan on doing the BCNM with. Once you zone into Ghelsba, head to the Hut Door @H-10 and examine it, the option Mirror, Mirror will be avaliable, click yes.


Next is a BCNM fight which can be entered with up to 3 other party members. You will be fighting "Carrion Dragon", he seems to have around 1,400HP from the DMG that I did. After taking him down 1/2 health, your Friend will appear and "help" you, finish the NM and watch the CS, your Friend will tell you the mirror is damaged and ask you what you should do, after saying that you should take it to Luto, you will be forced out of the BC. (also, don't let your Friend die, or its over for you ^^;)

When you return and speak with Luto, she will be happy you got the mirror, when she finds its cracked, she is kind of sad, but understands that it was to save your life. She says that in the meantime, she will keep the mirror out of harms way.

After the interlude with Luto, she will thank your Friend, the Glass of All Seeing will "show your face" to your friend and they will say that they knew there was something special about you. They will proceed to give you a RA/EX item called a "Signal Pearl" and explain that if you need their help, you can call on them. They will also explain, that if you ever need to meet in person, there is 4 "Rendezvous Points", one located in each city (Ru'Lude Gardens, North San'doria, Port Bastok and Windurst Waters)

This will Finish the quest: Mirror, Mirror
You receive the Title: Destined Fellow


Your Reward: The Signal Pearl

Signal Pearl Rare/Exclusive
[Ear] All Races
A magical Pearl that allows you to send a signal to your adventuring fellow. Unlike a linkpearl, it is worn on the ear.
Lvl.5 All jobs
<1/1 00:00:00/[20:00:00, 0:30]>

The earring is a Rare/Ex item that can be used once every 20 real life hours. It has unlimited recharges and a 30 second delay upon equipping.


Talking with your NPC: Rendezvous Points

Once you've aquired your NPC you can now access the Rendezvous Points scattered around the cities of the world. These points act as a "chat" feature with your buddy. You can't chat with your NPC once they've been summoned as that will cause them to leave, so you have to use these Points.

The Points are located as follows
Ru'Lude Gardens [G-10] - Just to the left as you enter the area
Northern San d'Oria [L-10]
Port Bastok [J-13] - in between Moghouse Archways
Windurst Waters [K-10] - by the rent-a-room thanks to DrakusLightwind

Once you examine the point it will show your friend standing in front of you wearing their current armor along with several options;

"Let's Chat" -> Currently the NPC just mentions about the Dragon and the Girl, I believe this option is meant to give players insight on "Player/NPC" quests.

"Tell me your level and Combat style" -> Pretty self explanitory. The NPC tells you it's current lvl and as of right now 'Sheild' is the only available combat style. Also this allows you to visually see the NPC currently equiped armor.

"Let's talk about combat signals" -> This option controls how your NPC communicates with you during battle. Inside there are 3 subsections;
"Signals for low health"
"Signals for low magic"
These 2 options instruct the NPC to tell you wether or not their HP/MP is low, I think it's in the best interest to keep these turned on as the NPC isn't actually "in" your party so you can't see their HP/MP bar without targetting them.

"Let's talk about jobs" -> Your NPC doesn't actually get 'jobs' be he/she refers to them as just combat styles. Mine says "There are so many jobs to choose from. Why don't you recommend a style of combat instead."

"Sheild Style" - The default style, basically acts like a tank voking the mob upon him/herself whenever possible.
"Attacker Style" - Tested this one and didn't really see any big difference between Sheild except no voking.
"Healer Style" - Currently my fav. The NPC melees, buffs, debuffs and cures. Kinda like your own little medical team with a sword ^^.

"Other Combat Concerns" - "Would you prefer that we kept up communication during battle?"
This option basically turns on/off all communication so that this NPC will not inform you of anything during combat, again, it's recommended you leave this on.


Using your NPC Buddy

Your NPC by default is a lvl 30 WAR, with the "Shield" strategy preset. The Shield strategy is much like a tank, he/she will voke the mob onto themselves to keep the pain heading their way as much as possible.
You don't need to isseu any commands, as the NPC will automatically engage upon the fight starting.


Losing your NPC buddy

With my first venture at using my new friend, I timed that she lasted 15 min. 30 sec. before stating that we had reached our quota.
I was confused as to why she had left and I headed to the nearest Rendezvous point to talk with her to find out why. I didn't find out why but I did notice that although her lvl hadn't changed, she was now wearing a new suit of armor.
Based on this I can assume that she had left because it was time for her new set of armor, but this will require more trial runs to verify.
I can only assume and hope at this point, that as time progresses the NPC will stay longer, either by way of lvl'ing up or completing some additional quests to come in the future.


NPC Attitudes

The personalities of our new companions seem to be quite varied. Ranging from stern and strict, to goofy and jovial. Here is a listing of which personalities have been discovered and to what Race/Sex/Style they apply.

 Race       Hairstyle    Haircolor      Attitude    
Mithra       Split Bangs     White         Noble          |  
Sayings;                                                  | 
Arrival - "Greetings, a fine day for adventuring.         | 
Departure - "I take my leave of you. Untill we meet again.| 
Hume(f)     Ponytail      Blonde                          | 
                                    Short and to          | 
Taru (m)   Tie'd back      Blue       the point           | 

NPC Tips

This section is a collection of user submitted tips and advice to get the most out of your buddy.

-Do not use your Signal Pearl while under the affect of paralyze or any other effect that can interupt your casting, as it may cause the casting to be interupted and you will have to wait the 20 hours to use the Pearl again, - submitted by Leebunch

-Do not Click on your NPC after summoning it, that will cause an immediate dismissal and you'll have to wait another 20 hours to recall him/her.

-TWICE A DAY NPC to accomplish this you have to drop your Signal Pearl and proceed to the nearest Rendezvous Point where your NPC will issue a new one. If you drop it more then once in a day you will have to wait untill server reset to get a new one. - Original posting Here

My Daily NPC Activity Tracker

I decided to make this section so I can account for anything I do and changes I notice as a result.

When I started with my NPC, she was wearing the full scale mail set.

---Call 1---

Lvl NPC summoned at: 5 THF
# of fights with NPC: 15
Exp aquired with NPC: 610
Time NPC stayed for: 15 min. 30 sec.
Rendezvous point changes: NPC now wearing Lizard set, still had scale gloves
Luto Check: N/A

---Call 2---

Lvl NPC summoned at: 6 THF
# of fights with NPC: 15
Exp aquired with NPC: 775
Time NPC stayed for: 12 min. 40 sec.
Rendezvous point changes: NPC now wearing set of Lizard gloves
Luto Check: N/A

---Call 3---

Lvl NPC summoned at: 7 THF
# of fights with NPC: 15
Exp aquired with NPC: 783
Time NPC stayed for: 13 min. 25 sec.
Rendezvous point changes: NPC now wearing Chain Mittens and Greaves. Also now have access to the new jobs, Attacker and Healer.
Luto Check: No Change

---Call 4---

Lvl NPC summoned at: 7 THF
# of fights with NPC: 15
Exp aquired with NPC: 618
Time NPC stayed for: 14 min. 17 sec.
Rendezvous point changes: Gloves have changed to what appear to be Scale gloves.
Luto Check: No Change

---Call 5---

Lvl NPC summoned at: 8 THF
# of fights with NPC: 3
Exp aquired with NPC: 209
Time NPC stayed for: 5 min. 03 sec.
Rendezvous point changes: Appears yo be wearing new leg armor, looks like Centurian.
Luto Check: No Change
*This marks the first time that my NPC has died ~_~ we were fighting tough liz's in the highlands and after the battle was over she cured me before falling down dead of the poison... *sniff* let's all say a prayer...

Well that's about all I have for the moment, I'm at work right now -_-; so I can't continue to gether more info untill later tonight, please feel free to contribute your own experience with your NPC and I'll add it in.

Cheers ^^

Edited, Sun Jul 24 03:40:22 2005 by Rockmonix
#2 Jul 20 2005 at 9:52 PM Rating: Decent
208 posts
I picked Tarutaru F. Pakurara
I said yes to Red Ghost in Port Jueno, and No to Bhreem. I got the Taru with a large puffy strawberry blonde ponytail on the top of her head. I would call this face "1B" but I know people are using several different sources for their face numbers.
(the one I used is here I beleive this to be the same order as the character creation screen in FFXI)
If you could attempt to add a description of what answers will get you which NPC face I would be most greatful.
/bow and rate up!
#3 Jul 20 2005 at 9:53 PM Rating: Decent
good job!
#4 Jul 20 2005 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
Well, i just found out from my moms attempt to use her NPC that when you are paralyzed you have a high chance of failing to summon your partner. If you do fail YOUR TIMER WILL NOT RESET, in saying that i mean you have to wait another 20 hours and your partner will not show up. Seriously, if you are even considering calling him/her wait for all forms of paralyzation to wear off unless you have 24 hours of freetime.
#5 Jul 20 2005 at 10:09 PM Rating: Decent
252 posts
I am very curious to see if S-E changes the recall timer, I know they aren't giving us npc's so we can solo the entire game, but it would be fun to get 3 buddies together and just xp. I'm not saying that the 20 hour delay renderes the npc useless, but... ok maybe I am. I expected a bit more considering the work S-E put into creating these npc's for us. I expect to see quite a few changes, I don't think they meant for the companion to be as limited as it seems to be.
#6 Jul 20 2005 at 10:51 PM Rating: Decent
57 posts
I didn't know what I was doing for this quest, cause I didn't know I could keep it, I just followed a friend. Well I didn't get the NPC I wanted and was just wondering if there is a way to redo the quest??? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
#7 Jul 20 2005 at 11:13 PM Rating: Decent
5,339 posts
Good question. I've heard people redoing the quest but I don't know how that is done. I got only the first part of the quest done this morning (now 1160's prevent me from doing more) but of course I ended up picking the wrong face and instead of the happy elvaan female type I wanted (the one with the wavy hair) I ended up with Grumpilda McGrumpalot (the one with the straight hair and very mean look). I really wanna scrap this one and get a different NPC ; ;
-Ssubzero on Ragnarok
#8 Jul 20 2005 at 11:19 PM Rating: Good
612 posts
from what I understand there's a part after you beat the lvl 40 BCNM where you are given the option take the mirror back to Luto or not, if you elect to take the mirror back, quest done and you keep the NPC you have created, if you choose not too, I've heard that resets the quest and you have to redo the quest again, choosing a new NPC etc etc.
I haven't confirmed this unfortunatly but I'll try to find an answer asap.
#9 Jul 20 2005 at 11:19 PM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Ya, I would also like to know if it's possible to get a new NPC once you finish this quest. Also, does anyone know if SE will make some kind of mini-update to eventually give the NPC more functions so that it could be something other than a tank? Me, being a Galka, would like a smaller companion, but if the NPC is just a tank that wouldn't be very useful. Also, does anyone know if all the NPCs have the same stats even if they are different races or not?
#10 Jul 20 2005 at 11:42 PM Rating: Good
612 posts
I believe there's no doubt that there will be expansions/updates to the NPC. If you've checked the options from the Rendezvous Points, there's sections for notifying of low HP and low MP, now WAR don't have MP so why would they include that?
I have a feeling we'll be visiting Luto again for more NPC quests :)
#11 Jul 20 2005 at 11:47 PM Rating: Decent
431 posts
I think you can simply restart the quest after you have finished the quest the first time.
talk to the mithra again after you complete the quest, she'll erase your memories, and you can redo the quest.

(I did *not* give the mirror to lute after the bcnm, and I finished the quest and recieved the pearl.)

unless I really start liking the one I have, I'll probably redo the quest after the mad rush has ended. mine is grumpy when I call her.
#12 Jul 20 2005 at 11:51 PM Rating: Good
612 posts
(I did *not* give the mirror to lute after the bcnm, and I finished the quest and recieved the pearl.)

So you didn't give the mirror to Luto and you still got your NPC?
#13 Jul 21 2005 at 12:13 AM Rating: Excellent
431 posts

Liabelle asked if we should return the mirror to lute, I told her, I said "Girl, we're not giving that wavy armed mithra nuthin'! We're gonna hit the taverns and pick up those two Elvaan bards!"

Then we got wasted on mulsum and vampire juice, and she ran off with both of them! Damn ho...
#14 Jul 21 2005 at 12:36 AM Rating: Good
927 posts
Sorry if this has been asked already, but I did look and found nothing about it. A couple of friends and I were wondering as we waited in line for Namarodo...

Does the NM skeleton that spawns from the ??? in Eldieme Necropolis have a certain level? Or is it based on the person who clicked on it?

Can a party of people team up to defeat it?

If so does each person in the party have to click on the ??? seperate times to complete their individual quests?

#15 Jul 21 2005 at 12:54 AM Rating: Good
612 posts
Sorry if this has been asked already, but I did look and found nothing about it. A couple of friends and I were wondering as we waited in line for Namarodo...

Does the NM skeleton that spawns from the ??? in Eldieme Necropolis have a certain level? Or is it based on the person who clicked on it?

Can a party of people team up to defeat it?

If so does each person in the party have to click on the ??? seperate times to complete their individual quests?

There's been no specific anounced lvl announced for that NM, but he is very easy, I soloed him as my 42 SMN, without any difficulties.

I didn't do this as a pt so this is just an assumption but each individual person has to click the ??? to spawn their own skeleton, now since you're not sent to a separate feild like Ghelsba outpost, I don't see any reason why the whole PT wouldn't be able to gang up on 1 skeleton at a time. But each member would have to spawn their own to continue with their quest.
#16 Jul 21 2005 at 9:47 AM Rating: Decent
From what I witnessed standing in line, you can go to Eldieme Necropolis with a party of 3, if all 3 of you click the ??? you'll get 3 NPC's to battle with you in a party of 6. So, a party of 3 can complete the quest together, all at once. I watched a couple groups do this. It's important that the ENTIRE party click the ???.
#17 Jul 21 2005 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
26 posts
My buddy tried to get the quest but was unable to. Another one of my friends was with him and he got it. I know for a fact that my buddy has more jeuno fame than my friend but my friend has rank 5 as opposed to my buddy's rank 3. Can anyone confirm if rank and/or fame have an influence on attaining the quest?
#18 Jul 21 2005 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
106 posts
use the comments of the NPC's in jueno and to help u decide what look you want your NPC friend to have.

Mithra + Split Bangs, No bradied hair, Not tied in a bun, and my favorite color =

Edited, Thu Jul 21 13:31:40 2005 by iRocky

I'd like to add a tip, do not use ur NPC in a newb party in valkurm dunes where ur puller pulls when the rdm (who has no idea whats hes doing either) is low on health, pulls a gob, link, fight for a bit, runs away, hate on you (the blm >.>), npc pulls, bomb toss, goodbye. Oddly specific >.>

Edited, Thu Jul 21 19:56:13 2005 by iRocky
#19 Jul 21 2005 at 3:28 PM Rating: Good
612 posts
NPC Testing Day 2:

I'm still experimenting to find out exactly what determines the length of time the NPC stays for so here's todays stats, hopefully after a few trials we can start to find a pattern.

Lvl NPC summoned at: 6 THF
# of fights with NPC: 15
Exp aquired with NPC: 775
Time NPC stayed for: 12 min. 40 sec.
Rendezvous point changes: NPC was wearing new set of gloves

So just like my results yesterday it stayed for exactly the same amount of time and had a new set of armor when I checked the Rendezvous Point.

So far my theory is that the NPC stays for double your lvl (lvl 6 = 12 minutes) but this requires more trial runs to prove.
#20 Jul 21 2005 at 4:37 PM Rating: Decent
589 posts
Your NPC by default is a lvl 30 WAR, with the "Shield" strategy preset.

This isn't necessarily true. I was given the option (at the beginning of the quest) to choose between sword, shield, or healer.

#21 Jul 21 2005 at 4:52 PM Rating: Decent
Talk to Luto after the quest and say the 2nd option she says, then trade her the earring, she should allow you to redo the entire quest now.
#22 Jul 21 2005 at 4:58 PM Rating: Decent
2,746 posts
I believe that my npc might be a pld/war type, or something, due to the following screenshot: link

"The Wight is intimidated by Jugowa's presence." Jugowa being my galka, of course.
#23 Jul 21 2005 at 5:04 PM Rating: Decent
For all those that don't know.. DO NOT click on your NPC. It will make them leave.

My husband had the unfortunate situation of just getting her, trying to use her and clicked on her. It will not ask for confirmation, she'll just leave and it will start the 20 hour timer. >_<
#24 Jul 21 2005 at 5:04 PM Rating: Good
612 posts
This isn't necessarily true. I was given the option (at the beginning of the quest) to choose between sword, shield, or healer.

Do you remember who it was you spoke too that gave you the option? This is the first I've heard of anyone being given an option at the start.
#25 Jul 21 2005 at 7:11 PM Rating: Good
612 posts
I think I've figured out how to get your NPC it's new jobs, I've been reading over Alla for the last couple of hours and I've read some posts from people saying they've aquired their NPC next set of jobs.
The common thing is that they've all aquired them after summoning their NPC for the 3rd time. Tommorow will be my 3rd time summoning so I'll be confirming this tommorow hopefully and I'll add it to the guide.

Edited, Fri Jul 22 00:35:46 2005 by Rockmonix
#26 Jul 22 2005 at 7:41 AM Rating: Decent
No, if you quickly talk to them again they will say "oh, you want me to stay? I was ready for some more!"

There, my NPc now wears chainmail and also stayed out for 23 mins rather than 15, intriguing eh?
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