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Hero class guide

Version 2.0

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  1. Legends of Camelot
  2. Feedback on this guide
  3. Introduction to the best tank!
  4. Level 1-50 and beyond! The short story.
    1. Selecting a race
    2. The first five levels
    3. Kill tasks
    4. Level 6-12
    5. Level 12-50
    6. What to do when you are lvl 50?
  5. Monsters to hunt
    1. How high level monsters can you kill?
    2. Mob listing sorted on monster level
  6. Your choice of weapons
    1. Your choice of weapons
    2. Shield
    3. Blades
    4. Blunt
    5. Pierce
    6. Celtic Spear
    7. Large weapon
    8. Bow
    9. Where should you put your training points
  7. The hero skills explained
    1. Sprint
    2. Parry
    3. Shield block
    4. Shield attack
    5. Evade
    6. Guard
    7. Protect
    8. Intercept
    9. Engage
    10. Spirit of the hunt
  8. Important commands explained
    1. /Macro
    2. /Stick or /Follow
    3. /Assist
    4. /Face
    5. /Who
    6. /Send
    7. /Advice
  9. Weapon styles
    1. Blades
    2. Blunt
    3. Celtic Spears
    4. Large weapons
    5. Piercing
    6. Shields
  10. Your equipment
    1. Basics
    2. Con colour
    3. Quality
    4. Condition and durability
    5. Special properties
    6. Armour
    7. Epic armour
    8. Other uber drops
  11. Fighting strategies
    1. Solo fighting
    2. Preparing for a group fight
    3. Pulling mobs
    4. Pulling aggro
    5. Crowd control groups
    6. AoE and PBAoE groups
    7. Fighting epic mobs
    8. Camping the healers
    9. Nice groups for a tank
  12. RvR Combat
    1. Realm skills
    2. RvR strategies
    3. Realm abilities
  13. Hotkeys and macros
  14. Links
    1. Other hero guides:
    2. Quest help
    3. Class related forums:
    4. Mob, class and style description:
    5. Realm ability configurators:
  15. Thanks to:
  16. Disclaimer

1. Legends of Camelot

This guide was produced by the guild Legends of Camelot, Excalibur server, Hibernia realm. Our goal is to create a tightly knit (most important), experienced, and raid capable guild - without losing sight of two important things - being friendly and having fun. If you are interested in reading more about Legends of Camelot or perhaps even sending us an application to join the guild please visit

2. Feedback on this guide

We are interested in feedback on this guide to keep it accurate and valuable. If you find errors or have valuable additions you are welcome to mail them to Instigator or

3. Introduction to the best tank!

This is my personal view on the hero class of Hibernia. You may take my advice or not, that is up to you. Just remember that this guide reflects my view on the hero. I believe that this guide will give you a versatile hero that does well in both PvE and RvR. In my opinion the Hero is the best tank class and a great asset in any group. Heroes are not very very suitable for soloing mobs and there are other classes that will let you get rp’s faster.

Early in the game other people might not appreciate the shield tank very much. You won't do much damage and other tank classes do more damage ( blademasters, 2H wielders , Nightshades ) but I assure you that later in the game you’ll be much sought after and appreciated. After level 30 and especially after level 40 any group really needs 1-2 shield heroes to get safe experience.

That means that your best asset is your defence. If you play defence well you’ll get loved in any group. Your job is to take pain, not primarily to deal it. There are other ways to play the hero, i.e. the pure offensive one but in my mind these are limited both in RvR and especially in PvE.

The hero’s role in a group is to pull aggro and take the pain from the mobs while the rest of the group kills the mobs and supports you. Sure you’ll do some damage as well but it's not your main task in a group. You have done your job well if the rest of the group lives. You have failed if the healers/nukers in your group should perish. As the strongest tank class it’s also your job to look after other tanking classes that could need a hand from time to time. You should be prepared to stay and take your death while the rest of the group runs for safety when things go wrong. This will give you lots of friends and credit. This all demands that you primarily spec in defence skills. You can choose to spec more offensively in the higher lvls to better suit you in RvR.

Until patch 1.52 hits us in Europe you have the option of going full defence as long as you pass lvl 40 before the patch day for 1.52. Then you can respec to a perfect RvR hero later!

4. Level 1-50 and beyond! The short story.

Selecting a race

As a hero you can choose between playing a Celt or a Firbolg. In short the Firbolg is slightly better in RvR as the higher strength makes you hit harder and you are also able to carry more battering ram parts for taking keeps. In PvE the Celt is superior as the higher dex makes you hit/taunt more often and dex/quickness lets you evade blows more often. You can't really go wrong with either but I prefer the Celt. If your main goal is RvR and offensive play you should probably choose Firbolg and add 10 pts to Str instead of Quickness. When you rise in lvl the Str, Con and Dex will rise automatically.

Celt: STR=60 DEX=60+10=70 CON=60+10=70 QUI=60+10=70

Firbolg: STR=90 DEX=40+10=50 CON=60+10=70 QUI=40+10=50

To these I would suggest adding 10 points to Con, Dex and Qui. Str isn't really needed as it will rise fast when you lvl and youll find lots of +Str items. Quickness lets you attack faster and evade more often. Both are important for a hero and the quickness won't rise when you lvl.

You shall also select a size for your hero! Of course you are a big brute that stands there like a rock protecting the group! Despite this some people choose to play a small sized hero which gives you some benefits in cramped dungeons and makes you a bit harder to spot in RvR.

The first five levels

You start out playing a guardian. Run out from town and start killing mobs that con blue to you. You should very quickly rise to lvl 5 like this. You can train your weapon skills at the guardian trainer. When you hit lvl 5 you can go to Tir Na Nog or Howth ( see maps in link section below ) and visit the Hero trainer talk to him and tell him you want to be a hero. Your other options are to become a Blademaster ( wrong! ) or a Champion ( also wrong ).

Kill tasks

After lvl 2 you can help exping with doing kill tasks. You get the same number of kill tasks as your level and these earn you money and about 50% of the exp needed for a lvl + the exp from killing the mob. You get kill tasks from named guards around the towns. Select a guard and type "/say task" and he can give you a task to kill a certain mob near the town. He will indicate in which direction you should seek the mob. This direction is often not the closest mobs and it helps a lot to have Kirstena's maps printed to find the mobs quickly!

Not all guards give you kill tasks every lvl and noone will give you a task after lvl 20. If you got a kill task from a guard then you can visit the same guard in 4 lvls again as they cycle ( see the table below). You have to experiment on where in the cycle you are as this is random. If you find out that you are in cycle 3 when you are lvl 6, then you can visit a guard in the cycle 3 column on lvl 6, 10, 14, 18. Visit guards in the cycle 4 column on lvls 7,11,15 and 19.

Town Name Description 1 2 3 4
Ardee Sentinel Moya Lurikeen sentinel standing by the well - - -
Tethra Lurikeen standing inside the SE building - - -
Howth Sentinel Beacon Celt sentinel standing outside wall - - -
Mag Mell Sentinel Maitias Elven sentinel standing by the northern tower - - -
Meara Green firbolg standing by the southern tower - - -
Fagan Elf standing inside the main building - - -
Mardagh Guardian Firbolg guardian standing by the tower - - -
Tir na mBeo Guardian Ornora Elven guardian standing inside the NE building - - -
Guardian Andraste Elven guardian standing by the well - - -
Tower, south of Ardagh Sentinel Doireann Celt sentinel standing by the tower - - -
Tower, NW of Tir na Nog Guard Dooley Lurikeen guard standing by the tower - - -
Sentinel Rhiona Elven sentinel standing by the tower - - -
Connla Sentinel Glynis Elven sentinel roaming around the town - - -

Thanks to: Kirstena's Dark Age of Camelot Atlas ( ), you have access to maps displaying where all the mobs are that you need for the kill tasks:


Lough Derg

Silvermine Mountains

Shannon Estuary

Bri Leith

Level 6-12

These levels are suitable for kill tasks. This lets you lvl fast and quite safely. Don't turn any grouping offers down though as that will give you valuable experience and give you a chance of making friends your lvl.

Level 12-50

At about lvl 12 it starts to take a loooong time for each kill task as the guards will send you all over Hibernia to find the mobs to kill. Try to team up with other in your lvl range. If they are within 1-2 lvls you should all get nice experience. Try to go for mixed groups where you have a few of every class. In a working 8ppl group you should be able to take on purple mobs with no problem. If you don't get a group you can always go solo. You should be able to solo most yellow con mobs.

See the list in next chapter for ideas on what to hunt!

What to do when you are lvl 50?

Here are some tips on what you can occupy yourself with as lvl 50:

4. Monsters to hunt

How high level monsters can you kill?

If you solo you should go for monsters about your level or lower. This is strongly dependant on your attack bonus and the monster's bonus against your armour. If you choose a monster that has a big bonus against your armour you’ll die faster of course. Try to select monsters that give you a bonus for your attack type, and have a negative bonus against your armour type. The best you can solo is something that gives you +15 attack bonus and the monster –15 bonus against your armour type.

If you are in a full group of 8, with everyone about the same level and a nice mix of classes, you could follow this table to determine a suitable level monster to hunt:

Main tank's level Mob level
-10 5 levels higher
11-20 8 levels higher
21-30 12 levels higher
31-40 15 levels higher
41+ 15-20 levels higher

Mob listing sorted on monster level

Level: is the monster's level

Aggro: explains if the monster will aggro you.

Attack Speed: indicates how fast the monster's attacks are.

Social: explains if these monsters can act as a group. Call value means that the monster can call for help from its friends if attacked.

Your attack bonus: for crush/slash/thrust gives the bonus that your weapon does against this monster. The higher number the more damage you will do to the monster.

Their bonus against: Scale/Studded/Leather gives the monsters bonus against your armour. If this is a high number you'll get hurt more when the mob hits you.

      Atck   Your attack bonus Their bonus against
Name Lvl Aggr Speed Social Crush Slash Thrust Scale Studded Leather
Grass Spirit 1 - 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 -15 -15 15
Large Frog 1 - 3.8 - -5 -5 -5 0 0 0
Water Beetle Larva 1 - 3.8 Social 15 0 -10 0 0 0
Minor Changeling 2 - 3.8 - -5 -5 -5 -15 -15 15
Skeletal Pawn 2 - 3.8 - 20 0 20 -15 -15 15
Skeletal Pawn 2 - 3.8 - 20 0 -15 -15 0 0
Lough Wolf Cadger 3 - 3.8 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Mud man 3 - 3.8 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Rat Boy 3 5 3.8 - -5 -5 -5 -15 0 15
Small Walking Rock 3 - 3.8 - 15 -10 10 0 10 15
Eirebug 5 - 3.9 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Lough Derg Pike 5 - 3.8 - -15 -15 15 -15 0 15
Water Beetle Collect. 5 - 3.8 Call 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Hill Toad 6 - 3.8 - -5 -5 -5 0 10 0
Water Beetle 7 - 3.8 Social 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Wind Ghoul 7 5 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 0 10 0
Lough Wolf 8 - 3.8 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Lunantishee 9 5 3.8 Call 0 0 0 -15 0 15
Badger 10 - 3.5 Social 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Curm. Harvester 10 70 3.7 Call 0 15 -15 -15 0 15
Empyrean Orb 10 - 3.8 - 0 0 0 15 -10 -15
Large Eirebug 10 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Curmudgeon Skinner 11 70 3.7 Call 0 15 -15 -15 0 15
Curmudgeon Trapper 12 70 3.7 Call 0 15 -15 -15 0 15
Fishing Bear Cub 12 - 3.7 Social 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Red Wolfhound 12 - 3.7 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Veil Wisp 12 - 3.8 - 0 0 0 15 -10 -15
Ghostly Siabra 13 80 3.8 - -15 -15 -10 -15 0 -15
Roane Companion 13 - 3.8 Call -5 -5 -5 -15 0 15
Siabra 13 60 3.5 Call 0 15 -15 -15 0 15
Empyrean Wisp 14 - 3.8 - 0 0 0 15 -10 -15
Fishing Bear Forager 14 - 3.8 Call 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Siabra Archer 14 60 3.5 Call 10 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Siabra Miner 14 10 3.8 Call 0 15 -15 15 -10 -15
Siabra Skirmisher 14 60 3.6 Call 10 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Bocan 15 70 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 0 10 0
Curmudgeon Poacher 15 70 3.7 Call 0 15 -15 15 -10 -15
Curm. Rockclimber 15 10 3.8 Call 0 15 -15 -15 0 15
Spectre 15 70 3.8 - -15 -15 15 0 10 15
Curmudgeon Scout 16 60 3.5 Call 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Siabra Chieftain 16 60 3.5 Call 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Siabra Footpad 16 80 3.7 Social 10 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Spectral Wickerman 16 80 3.7 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 0
Curmudgeon Fighter 17 70 3.6 Call 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Empyrean Watcher 17 - 3.7 Call 0 0 0 15 -10 -15
Faerie Beetle 17 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Gale 17 30 3.5 Social -10 -10 -10 -15 0 15
Deamhan Creig 18 10 3.8 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Large Red Wolfhound 18 - 3.7 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Parthanan 18 60 3.6 - 15 -10 -15 -15 0 15
Hill Hound 19 - 3.5 - 0 10 -10 15 -10 15
Siabra Ambusher 19 80 3.7 Social 0 15 -15 15 -10 -15
Siabra Piller 19 80 3.7 Call 10 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Fishing Bear 20 - 3.8 Call 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Large Luch 20 - 3.8 - 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Bird-Eating Frog 21 - 3.8 - -5 -5 -5 0 10 0
Faerie Drake 21 - 3.5 Social 0 -15 15 15 -10 -15
Faerie Horse 21 - 3.7 Call 0 10 10 0 10 0
Giant Beetle 21 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Vindictive Bocan 21 99 3.7 - -15 -15 -15 0 10 0
Faerie Steed 22 - 3.7 Call 0 10 10 0 10 0
Fog Phantom 22 - 3.7 - -15 -15 -15 0 10 0
Irewood Sapling 22 30 3.8 Social 0 20 -15 0 10 0
Mountain Mephit 22 30 3.8 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Rock Clipper 22 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Rock Guardian 22 - 3.8 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Sett Youngling 22 - 3.8 Call 0 10 -15 -15 0 15
Water Badger 22 5 3.8 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Giant Ant 23 - 3.8 Call 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Gray Spectre 23 90 3.3 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Silvermine Badger 23 5 3.3 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Streaming Wisp 23 - 3.8 Social -10 -10 -5 -15 0 0
Empyrean Keeper 24 - 3.9 Call 0 0 0 0 10 0
Lesser Zephyr 24 - 3.4 - -10 -10 -10 -15 0 15
Siabra Assailer 24 80 3.7 Call 10 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Walking Rack 24 - 3.8 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Bog Pike 25 - 3.8 - 0 -15 15 -15 0 15
Fee Lion 26 30 3.5 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Greater Luch 26 - 3.8 - 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Ire Wolf 26 50 3.5 Social 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Juvenile Megafelid 26 - 3.7 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Luch Catcher 27 1 3.7 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Siabra Waylayer 27 80 3.6 Social 0 15 -15 15 -10 -15
Empyrean Sentinel 28 - 3.6 Social 0 0 0 -15 0 15
Mist Wraith 28 30 4.0 - -15 -15 -15 15 -10 -15
Phantom Wickeman 28 80 3.7 - -15 -15 -15 15 -10 -15
Vanisher 28 30 3.7 - 0 0 0 15 -10 -15
Fog Wraith 29 60 3.7 - -15 -15 -15 15 -10 -15
Sett Dweller 29 - 3.8 Call 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Squabbler 29 - 3.7 - 0 10 -10 15 -10 15
Irewood 30 80 3.8 Social 0 20 -15 0 10 0
Siabra Seeker 30 80 3.6 Call 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Gorge Rat 31 5 3.6 - 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Roan Stepper 31 - 4.0 - 0 10 10 0 10 0
Siabra Lookout 31 80 3.7 Call 10 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Torcan 31 - 3.8 - 0 10 -15 -15 0 0
Zephyr Wraith 31 60 3.3 - -15 -15 -15 15 -10 -15
Aughisky 32 50 3.8 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Curm. Ratoner 32 80 3.8 Call 0 15 -15 15 -10 -15
Far Liath 32 80 3.2 - -15 -15 -15 0 10 0
Greater Zephyr 32 1 3.7 Social -10 -10 -10 -15 0 15
Rage Wolf 32 80 3.5 Social 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Siabra Mireguard 32 80 3.6 Call 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Faerie Badger 33 - 3.8 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Luch Hunter 33 1 3.6 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Morghoul 33 60 4.0 Social -10 15 15 -15 0 15
Sett Protector 33 60 3.6 Social 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Cliff Beetle 34 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Cruach Imp 34 20 3.8 - 0 0 0 15 -10 -15
Evanescer 34 30 3.6 - 0 0 0 15 -10 -15
Pookha 34 50 3.7 - 0 10 10 0 10 0
Curmudgeon Wanter 35 80 3.8 Call 0 15 -15 15 -10 -15
Faeghoul 35 60 4.0 Social -10 15 15 -15 0 15
Morass Leech 35 10 3.8 - 0 -15 15 -15 0 15
Bog Creeper 36 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Deamhan Aeir 36 80 3.5 - -10 -10 -10 -15 0 15
Empyrean Guardian 36 - 3.5 Call 0 0 0 -15 0 15
Glow Worm 36 - 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 0 10 0
Larval Predator 36 - 3.8   15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Ollipheist 36 80 3.8 - 0 -15 15 -15 0 15
Shaft Rat 36 5 3.3 - 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Torc 36 - 3.8 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Rockbiter 37 - 3.6 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Sett Matron 37 - 3.7 Call 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Swamp Hopper 37 - 3.8 - -5 -5 10 0 10 15
Black Badger 38 - 3.6 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Cliff Hanger 38 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Empyrean Overseer 38 - 3.4 Call 0 0 0 -15 0 15
Fomorian Underling 38 70 3.8 Social 0 0 0 0 10 0
Gemclicker 38 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Phaeghoul 38 60 4.0 Social -10 15 15 -15 0 15
Siabra Raider 38 80 3.4 Call 10 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Tunnel Imp 38 30 3.6 - -15 -15 0 -15 0 -15
Grovewood 39 - 3.8 Call 0 20 -15 0 10 0
Silvermine Sentry 39 80 3.2 Social 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Curm. Puggard 40 80 3.8 Call 0 15 -15 15 -10 -15
Gemclicker Horder 40 - 3.8 - 15 0 -15 15 -10 15
Irewood Greenbark 40 30 3.8 Social 0 20 -15 0 10 0
Unseelie Mango 40 80 3.0 Call 10 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Bananach 41 80 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Bog Frog 41 - 3.8 - -5 -5 -5 0 10 0
Deamhan Hound 41 50 3.3 Social 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Megafelid 41 60 3.5 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Moss Monster 41 - 3.9 - 0 20 -15 0 10 0
Sett Matriarch 41 - 3.7 Call 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Speghoul 41 60 4.0 Social -10 15 10 -15 0 -15
White Boar 41 - 3.8 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Curm. Scrapper 42 80 3.7 Call 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Siabra Waterwalker 42 80 4.0 Call 0 15 -15 0 10 0
Unseelie Underviewer 42 80 3.5 Call 0 15 -15 -15 0 15
Empyrean Elder 43 - 3.9 Call 0 0 0 0 10 0
Blood Fishing Bear 44 80 3.3 - 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Umber Bear 44 - 3.7 - 0 10 10 0 10 0
Casolith 45 80 3.3 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Troglodyte 45 80 3.8 - 0 15 -15 0 10 15
Corybantic Skeleton 46 99 3.0 - 20 0 20 -15 0 15
Daughter of Medb 46 - 3.5 Call 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Bocanach 47 80 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Breaker Roane Companion 47 - 3.8 Call 0 -15 15 -15 0 15
Cruachan Warrior 47 - 3.5 Call 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Fomorian Cyclen 47 99 3.9 Call 0 0 0 0 10 0
Fuath 47 80 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Phantom Miner 47 80 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Silver Fleck. Skeleton 47 10 3.8 - 20 0 20 -15 0 15
Earthshaker 48 - 3.9 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Fomorian Gehk 48 99 4.0 Call 0 10 10 0 10 0
Fomorian Wolfbeast 48 80 3.8 Social 0 10 10 15 -10 -15
Lode Protector 48 80 4.2 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Unseelie Viewer 48 80 3.3 Call 0 -15 15 -15 0 15
Bloodletter 49 50 3.4 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Bog Crawler 49 - 3.8 - 15 0 -10 15 -10 -15
Granny 49 5 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Haunting Draft 49 80 3.0 - -10 -10 10 -15 0 -15
Lode Runner 49 80 4.2 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Unseelie Overman 49 80 3.3 Call 0 -15 15 -15 0 15
Weewere 49 20 3.0 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Vein Golem 49 - 4.3 - 15 -10 -15 0 10 0
Abysmal 50 80 2.9 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Far Dorocha 50 80 3.1 - 0 -15 15 15 -10 -15
Fomorian Goblern 50 99 4.1 Call 0 0 0 0 10 0
Unearthed Cave Bear 50 50 3.5 - 0 10 10 0 10 0
Fomorian Grencher 51 99 4.1 Call -10 15 15 0 10 0
Gan Ceanach 52 20 3.8 - 10 0 -10 -15 0 15
Levian-.Al 52 50 3.6 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Spectral Manslayer 52 99 3.5 - -15 -15 -15 15 -10 -15
Fomorian Grabeye 54 99 4.2 Call 0 0 0 0 10 0
Pooka 55 80 3.8 - 0 10 10 0 10 0
Cruiach Demon 56 80 3.5 Social -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Fomorian Annag 57 99 4.2 Call 0 0 0 0 10 0
Mindworm 58 20 3.8 - 0 -15 15 0 10 0
Finliath 59 99 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Grand Pooka 59 80 3.8 - 0 0 0 0 10 0
Giant Lusus 60 30 4.0 - -5 -5 -5 0 10 0
Levian 61 30 3.8 - 0 10 10 -15 0 15
Fomorian Gleaner 62 99 4.2 Call 15 0 -10 0 10 0
Wanshee 63 80 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 -15 0 15
Wraith Drake 65 50 3.8 - -15 -15 -15 15 -10 -15
Sum of bonuses         120 85 -600 -420 -145 390


If I get the energy I might add location to some of the monsters but that will be for another time. To find the monsters you can consult Kirstena's excellent maps:

6. Your choice of weapons

Your choice of weapons

In this chapter I'll discuss the different weapons you can choose from as a hero. For a detailed discussion about styles and style chains please see the chapter about weapon styles.


Yes, the shield is as much seen as a weapon as a tool for defence. You can use it to hurt and stun your enemies, often with great effect. Especially the lvl 42 long duration stun is very valuable for a tank! So valuable that even many 2H weapon users go for this skill. This skill is a must for a tank.


Blades is one of the three one handed weapons that suit a shield hero. Blades are well balanced, slower and harder hitting than pierce, but faster and weaker than blunt. Blade damage is based 100% on your strength i.e. the higher your Str the higher the damage you deal with your sword. For a hero this is good news as your Str will get very high over time. Monsters in general seem to be more resistant to blade attacks than to pierce or blunt, and blades don't get bonuses to invader scale or platemail. ( these things tend to change in each patch though ). One good thing about blades is that there seem to be many magical blades around and they look cool too! Perhaps this is why most 1H heroes go with blades. Blade is a very good choice for a shield tank.


Blunts are slower than blades and do more damage. Blunt styles are nice as they often stun the mobs. The blunt taunt is special as it gives a medium bonus to hit ( hitting is important to taunt well ). There are not many good magical blunt weapons around though. Blunt weapons are also very effective as many mobs seem to be weak against blunt attacks, and this goes for Albion platemail too. The drawback is that your shield attack is a blunt attack and you sacrifice the possibility of using 2 different attack styles if you go blunt ( blunt/pierce or blunt/slash ). Blunt damage is based on Str only.


This is a good skill for a shield-hero. Piercers are the fastest and weakest hitting weapon in the game. Attack styles for pierce often give large bonuses to defence ( most important ) they are also the fastest type of weapon which lets you taunt more often / use styles more often. Chainmail from Midgard and furry creatures are also weak against pierce attacks. Combined with your shield's blunt attacks you have a very strong combo! Damage for pierce is based on Str and Dex. This will be a disadvantage damagewise as your Str will rise faster than your Dex when you level. The sum of the weapon bonuses ( Im not sure that this is correct though ) indicates that pierce is not optimal to deal damage with.

Celtic Spear

Spears are big ugly unwieldy pointed sticks that you have to carry around in your hand when not in use. They are 2H weapons with damage based only on your Str. Being a 2 hander it's of low interest for a shield hero early in his career but it comes in handy at later lvls when you want to do some damage in RvR. According to the Prima DAoC guide CS has slightly better stats and ratios than any other class of weapon in the game ( exception is Albion polearms ) This means you'll do more dmg faster than with any other weapon. Drawback is that it makes thrust damage which yields penalties from nearly 2/3 of the Hibernian mobs ( i.e. most mobs are resistant to Spear attacks ). It works great against chainmail armor that Midgard tanks and Albion Mercs, Clerics and Minstrels wear ( 15% bonus ) and suffers only a small penalty ( -5% ) against Albion platemail. Therefore this is a great RvR weapon and a poor PvE one. If you follow my guide you should choose Celtic Spear as your RvR weapon of choice.

Large weapon

LW are slower and do less damage than Celtic Spears. The styles are a bit strange and hard to use ( many side positional styles etc ). The advantage is that they look very cool, you can wear them on your back, and you get 2 types of damage to choose from, blunt and slash, according to which type of LW you choose. The blades give bonuses to soft animals in PvE and leather/cloth wearers in the frontiers, the blunt gives bonus to Albion platemail ( +15%! ) and hard animals ( crabs , skeletons and stuff ). This would be important bonus if you chose LW as your main weapon for PvE. But you're not ( right? ) as you have your shield and blade. For RvR the Celtic Spear tends to be slightly better on average. I would therefore not recommend going LW. The level 50 Annihilation style LW is amazing though, giving lots of damage and a long stun that will let you get 2 free blows.


As a hero you are able to use a shortbow. This won't hurt the enemy but is very nice for pulling mobs. Always have a bow ready for when you have to do pulling duty in a group. Equip it with flight arrows if you can afford them, as they will give you the extra range you often need. Even if your not the main tank pulling the mobs you can use your bow to get aggro from the adds. This is very useful when you cant run to meet the mobs without risking to pull more mobs.

The bow is also very useful when the monsters you fight cast spells. You can use the bow to interrupt their casting. Just shoot the casters as fast as you can and the group will take a lot less damage from spells. After a while the casting mob will get tired of your arrows and charge you. Switch to your shield and 1H weapon and fight as you usually do.

Where should you put your training points

Max shield all the way up to lvl 42. That gives you the coveted slam shield style which really rocks!

Max blades till you get the lvl 6 taunt style which is important for a tank, after that you divide the rest of your points evenly between parry and blades till they reach lvl 35.

When you reach skill lvl 35 in blades/parry somewhere in your 40s I recommend that you start putting points into Celtic Spear. You'll be too weak in RvR if you don't. With this you'll end up with my hybrid template. Very useful in both PvE and RvR. My choice if I could not respec.


If you reach lvl 40 before the 1.52 patch is installed I would recommend you follow my defensive template instead. Keep maxing your shield to lvl 48. Stop putting points into blades when it reaches lvl 35 and put the rest in parry. This will give you a very strong defensive hero that can take pain from the highest mobs ( well not the dragon and Legion ) for longer than any other class. This will make you an invaluable asset for hunting down the strongest enemies. You will have problems taking out enemies in RvR with this template though.


If you plan to solo with your hero at times or if you want to be a perfect RvR hero when you reach the high levels you should follow the offensive template. . And then I'd recommend following the left template. Quickly get 6 points in blades so you can taunt. Max shield all the way to 42 and park shield skill there. Max parry till you get it to 39 and use spare points after this in Celtic Spear. Its better for your group exping to wait with Celtic Spear. If you plan to solo the low levels you should max Spear and Parry to begin with and do the Shield/Blade later.

7. The hero skills explained


If you press the sprint button you will get an extra running speed bonus until you turn it off or your endurance runs out. It is very useful when you need that extra speed, i.e. when you solo and pull more than 1 mob you turn around and hit the sprint button. Or when a monster turns and runs for your healer or nuker, you push sprint to overtake it and pull aggro back where it belongs. Also useful in RvR when you sprint to overtake a fleeing invader!


This is a passive skill and thus you don't have to do anything to parry an attack. Some sources claim that parry has a 25% + 0.5% per skill level in parry. If this is correct it is probably the skill to parry against a yellow con enemy and thus you get a lower chance to parry against higher mobs. Parry only works against one attacker at a time and thus you won't parry attacks from mobs other than the one you are hitting. Parry helps a lot, as with high lvl mobs you'll welcome any attacks that don't land and when you are wielding your spear it's the only defence you have.

Shield block

Your shield is your best friend as a tank and the most important skill you have. Your shield lets you block attacks from one or more attackers and lets you attack and stun mobs. The shield block is a passive skill that is on all the time you carry a shield, you don’t even have to be in combat mode for this skill to work. A blocked attack won’t damage you or the person you are guarding at all. It will even let you block attacks with arrows and magic bolts ( a blocked bolt does half damage ).

You start out with the ability to use small shields, at level 5 you can use medium shields and at level 10 you can use the large shields. Following is a list of shield types and their stats.

Round Shield Small Defends 1 attacker 2.8 Atk Speed Damage Rank 4th (last)

Kite Shield Med Defends 2 attackers 4.3 Atk Speed Damage Rank 2nd

Tower Shield Large Defends 3 attackers 4.5 Atk Speed Damage Rank 1st (best)

Heater Shield Large Defends 3 attackers 3.8 Atk Speed Damage Rank 3rd

What you really need is two shields. You should invest in the best heater shield you can find. You’ll be using this one most of the time. When fighting in groups it will defend you, and the person you are guarding, from three attackers at once, and it has a nice attack speed ( more is slower ). Attack speed is important when you use your shield especially for the stun attacks when you want to incapacitate the enemy. A tower shield is to slow for this purpose so it's not worth using even if it does more damage (remember, your main task is not to deal damage but to play defence). The heater shield is also the shield to use when you go RvR as there you have to defend as many attackers as possible.

A very good round shield is important when you are fighting only one mob and you don’t have to defend people, i.e. when you are going solo or when at higher lvls your group has crowd control so you only have to fight one mob at a time. The higher speed lets you use your shield more effectively in this case.

Shield attack

You can also use your shield to attack your opponents. They do some blunt damage but the main benefit of the shield attacks is that they stun and slow your enemies. The shield 42 level skill is very, very strong as it stuns your opponent for 9 seconds. The opponent is stunned even if you keep attacking and it works on invaders in RvR combat as well. Use at all times when you get this skill. For other shield attacks see the weapon style chapter.


Evade is another passive skill based on your dexterity and quickness. You can't train in evade. An attack that you evade is rendered harmless. This skill is the main reason you chose a Celt over a Firbolg. Remember, defence is everything!


Guard is a great skill and a real life saver. You should activate it 100% of the time when you are grouping. It lets you block attacks towards one member in your group, thus rendering that attack completely harmless! You use guard on a member of your group by selecting that member and then hitting guard ( have it on a quickbar that is easy to access ) while wearing a shield. A little green icon lights up at the top of the screen showing that guard is active and both you and the person guarded will get a text-message that guard is activated. From that point you will guard that person as long as you are in the same group if you are close enough to do so. If you are close enough to trade items you should be close enough. You can only guard one person and you can only be guarded by one and only one person.

You should use guard on someone standing next to you taking hits from the enemy. ( usually another tank). This will work great at defending weaker tanks ( all non shield hero tanks), Blademasters, 2h wielders, Rangers, Nightshades and Champions etc.

The best defensive combination available is to have 2 or 3 shield heroes guarding each other! Just imagine the array of defences the enemy has to pass. You can evade or parry the attack, you also have a high chance to block the attack and even against multiple attackers. In addition, you have your groupmates guarding you giving a chance to block the attack. If all these fail you have your strong armour and superior constitution to save you! Add to this a Warden, Bard and Druid to buff, heal, bubble and shield you and you get a hero that can withstand almost anything Hibernia can throw at you!

This is a tremendously powerful skill!


As you have guard to save your fellow tanks you get protect to save healers/nukers in the group and it is just as valuable! You protect a member by selecting him and then hitting the protect button. You can only protect one member of your team. You don't need a shield to use protect.

To understand protect you need to understand how "aggro" works in the game. Aggro is a term used to describe and measure how much a monster hates someone, and thus, comes after them. There are many things that can aggro a monster: Hurting it with spells or weapons, healing people whom the monster doesn't like (aggro'd on), and debuffing the monster. You can think of it as a list of people the monster doesn't like. The more you make the monster angry, the higher you go on its list. If you are at the top of the monster's list, then it will come after you. ( thank you to Jarkas Trolltosser for this great definition! )

The job you have to do as a tank is to keep the monsters mad at you ( pull aggro ) as you have the best defence and hit points. Nukers and healers will pull aggro by healing you and nuking the mob. If they heal or nuke enough they'll get to the top of the aggro list, the monster will go after them and kill them quickly. This will often lead to a total group wipeout. No healer will get the tanks killed for obvious reasons, no nuker will also get the tanks killed as it will take a lot longer to kill the monster and thus the healers may run out of power ( getting the tanks killed ). If the tanks die, the rest of the group soon dies to.

This is where protect comes in. By protecting a member of your group you make sure that person won't pull aggro from the mob you are fighting. After protecting someone it's a passive skill. Each time the person you are protecting does something that would make the monster angry at him ( healing, nuking, debuffing etc ) you'll see a message that you distract the monster's attention while your group member does his thing.

Often you end up protecting your main healer. There is no way the healer can stop healing you if you take a lot of damage. Nukers can hold back nuking when entering a fight until you have established your position at the top of the aggro list. Try protecting the main healer. If another person in your team gets a lot of aggro you can try swapping protect.

There are some rules to protect. The person you protect cant be engaging the monster in combat. Therefore it won't work on other tanks, Blademasters, Nightshades or Rangers ( arrows seem to count as engaging the enemy! ). Also, protect only works for the monster you are fighting.

Sometimes all this isn't enough and you have to instruct healers to use smaller heals and nukers to wait before blasting the mobs with their nukes, thus pulling less aggro.


This is a defence mechanism that really will hurt you! But it can save the life of a healer/nuker if used right. Activate intercept by selecting a member in your group and hit the intercept button. Intercept will then be active until it triggers and you have to reset it. If the person you intercept for gets attacked there is a chance (risk?) that you’ll throw yourself in front of the blow and thus absorb the damage. This only works if the person you are intercepting for is quite close and I think you have to be turned towards the person. You also take rather a lot of damage yourself as you get defensive penalties for doing this and the evade/parry/block won’t help you.

Intercept can be a real lifesaver. I'd sugest you use it on your PBAoE nuker or other nukers that get in trouble often. Healers/druids can often take a hit or 2, a nuker can get killed in one blow. If the PBAoE nuker gets attacked and you make sure you always turn towards him you will save his life if he is attacked. For the ranged nuker you must see if he gets attacked and run towards him to intercept. This will be much faster than trying to pull aggro from the attacking mob.

Good use of this skill separates the truly great tanks from the good ones. Intercept takes a minute to refresh each time it is triggered.


This is a seldom-used skill, but can be useful under some circumstances. It is a shield skill you use against monsters by selecting the monster and hitting the engage button. This will cause you to use all your energy on blocking every attack from that monster without getting hurt yourself. You will sacrifice the ability to attack the monster, furthermore no one else can attack it, debuff it or heal you. You must also engage the monster before anyone else attacks it for this to work properly. If you make it work your just standing there blocking all attacks. Now what good is that you might ask?

Well it is a limited form of crowd control if you don’t have a bard (or a low-level bard) to mezz your monsters. If you get more monsters than you can handle, you can engage one monster while the rest of the group finish the other/others off. Useful if you get a high con add while fighting a mob you barely can handle and the extra monster would kill you.

There are some rules to this of course:

1) You can only engage a monster that is trying to attack YOU. So make sure you get its attention before trying to engage.

2) If the monster you engage is being attacked or cast upon by any in the group it will not work. If the monster is attacked it will be able to hit you a couple of times before engage starts working. If you plan to use this skill make sure the group knows how it works and tell them you're about to engage the add.

3) You’ll lose endurance for each attack the monster does, but the loss is not very large.

4) You must have a shield equipped to engage an enemy.

5) The monster can still aggro other people. I think it even can aggro people that don’t heal you or attack that monster. If the monster breaks to attack someone else you can forget about engage and try to save the day by taunting and pulling aggro the normal way.

6) Best thing is to hit engage from non combat mode. If your in combat mode you will probably hit the monster before engage kicks in and thus give the monster free attacks.

Spirit of the hunt

This is a skill that only the hero has. If you use it you will shapeshift into a stag for 30 seconds and you will get a HP bonus. The bonus depends on the level of the skill with 20% hp bonus for Initiate the Hunt (lvl 15), 30% for Member of the Hunt (lvl 25), 40% for Leader of the Hunt (lvl 35), and 50% for Master of the Hunt (lvl 45). Use this as a last resort when both you and the monster are very close to dying. This can give you the edge that saves the day. Don't waste it though, only use it when you think it will help. If you'll die anyway better leave it and save it for another time. The skill takes 30 minutes to recharge and it doesn't reset if you die.

8. Important commands explained


This command lets you do a macro and put on your quickbar. Use it like this "/macro Name Command" i.e "/macro Stick /Stick".

/Stick or /Follow

This is an extremely useful command. If you have a character or mob selected and type this command you will stick to it, i.e. go where he/she/it goes. This is a command that you must put on a macro and place on the quickbar. A tank should always use /stick on the mob he is fighting. If someone in your group manages to pull aggro and the mob turns to run for that groupmember you will be on the mobs tail immediately. If you then hit sprint and your taunt style ( two other musts on the quickbar ) you have a good chance to overtake the mob and pull aggro before he hurts your fragile casters/healers.

This is also very useful when the group moves from the meeting place to the hunting grounds. Someone leads the way, the others /stick to that person. The rule here is to always stick to the bard ( as he has the speed ). But beware, if the person you follow runs up stairs, steep hills or into a forest, you risk getting unstuck and lost.

/Stick and /Follow have a limited range. You need to be fairly close to the person for this to work.


If you select a member in your group and type /assist, you will acquire that person's target. This is very useful when you fight in crowd control groups ( see below ) and you must make sure to hit the main tank's target. You can make a macro that lets you acquire a named person's target, i.e. if the main tank's name is Bedroc do your macro like this "/macro Assist /Assist Bedroc", and put it on your quickbar. When the mobs charge you and Bedroc attacks one of them you just hit your Assist macro, giving you Bedroc's target, and then press /stick. This will glue you to the right target and you can start chipping away on it.

Another use for /assist is to do the /assist somebody macro for your pbae nuker. If he gets hurt you can hit your macro button and thus target the monster hurting your nuker. Assist seems to have a built in delay which makes it hard to use at times.


This is a very useful command in RvR when casters or rangers hurt you from a distance. This will face you towards the target attacking you. You can then press /sprint, /stick and start fighting. The /face command has a long range so it works where /stick will not. Can also be useful in PvE in some rare instances. There are poachers ( kind of rangers that stealth ) in Cursed Forest. These can be very hard to find and target if you don't use /face.


This command lets you list persons online that are not anonymous. This helps when you try to make a group. The syntax is "/Who String Level" , where String is part of a name or class. Say that you are 7 people in your group around lvl 32 but you are missing a druid. You can do a "/who druid 32" and see those who are online, then you can send a message and politely ask if the person is interested in joining your group. You also see their location and can thus send to people near you.


Lets you send a message to a person. "/send target text" will send the text message to the player whose character's name is the target.


If you are stuck ingame there are nice people who are willing to help out. If you type this command you will get a list of all the advisors online. You can then send them a message asking them for help. You see their level and class and this can help you select the most suitable person to answer your question.

9. Weapon styles

Key for reading the style tables:

Fat. : Fatigue Cost
Dm. : Bonus Damage
Hit : Bonus to Hit
Def. : Defence Modifier
L : Low
M : Medium
H : High
V : Very High
L- : Low Penalty
L+ : Low Bonus
M- : Medium Penalty
M+ : Medium Bonus
H- : High Penalty
H+ : High Bonus

Use anytime.


Here is the complete blade style list. The one you’ll use most often is the taunting blade as it helps you pull aggro. The first chain that starts with returning blade is also nice.

Lvl Style Name: Fat Dm Hit Def Usage Restriction: Special:
2 Shining Blade H M - - Anytime -
4 Return Blade L M M - Use After Blocking Target Minor Attack Speed Buff
6 Taunting Blade M L - M- Anytime Taunts Target
8 Enervating Blade M - - M+ Anytime Detaunts Target
10 Glowing Blade M M M - Use From Beside Target Medium Duration Snare
12 Lunging Blade M H M L+ Use after Return Blade Short Duration Bleed
15 Auroric Blade L M M - Use after Glowing Blade Minor Attack Speed Buff
18 Fire Blade H M L L- Anytime -
21 Horizon Blade L M M L+ Use After Blocking Target Short Duration Stun
25 Kinetic Blade M H M - Use After Lunging Blade -
29 Dancing Blade L M H - Use After Horizon Blade Medium Duration Bleed
34 Revenging Blade M M M M- Use From Behind Target -
39 Spectrum Blade M M L M+ Use After Fire Blade Major Attack Speed Buff
44 Prismatic Blade L H M - Use After Dancing Blade -
50 Brilliant Blade M H V - Use After Revenging Blade -


The lvl 8 slam taunt style is really great! It's the only taunting 1H move that gives a bonus to hit, and that helps when you are fighting high lvl mobs. The bruiser-> Impact gives a little extra damage, but the others are not very useful.

Lvl Style Name: Fat Dm Hit Def Usage Restriction: Special:
2 Contusions H M - - Anytime -
4 Bruiser L M M - Use After Blocking Target Short Duration Stun
6 Blunt Trauma M - - M+ Anytime Detaunt
8 Slam M L M M- Anytime Taunt
10 Side Bash M M L - Use from Beside Target Minor Attack Speed Buff
12 Impact L M M L- Use After Bruiser Short Duration Bleed
15 Recovery L M H L+ Use After Fumble Medium Duration Stun
18 Force of Might H M L - Anytime -
21 Unstoppable Force M M M L+ User After Side Bash Medium Length Snare
25 Back Crush M H M M- Use From Behind Target -
29 Bone Crusher L M M L+ Use After Recovery Medium Duration Bleed
34 Mauler M H M M+ Use After Unstp. Force -
39 Stunning Blow L M M L+ Use After Parry Major Attack Speed Buff
44 Crushing Blow M M V L+ Use After Back Crush -
50 Devastating Blow M M M - Use After Stunning Blow Long Duration Stun

Celtic Spears

Celtic spear has many useful styles and chains. If you go PvE with your spear you'll use Forest Spear a lot as its the taunting move. The behind chain starting at lvl 6 with Hunter's Boon is very useful when you fight uber mobs where you are not the main tank and thus can get behind the monster. It does a lot of extra damage and gives a nice high bonus to hit. The Eagle Talon is very useful in RvR as it gives nice extra damage!

If you respec to a full offensive hero after you reach lvl 50 then the Dragon Talon and Cuchulainn's Revenge is very useful when you fight epic mobs for drops. You have a fair chance to stand beside the mob and the medium to high addition to hitting the target helps a lot.

Lvl Style Name: Fat Dm Hit Def Usage Restriction: Special:
2 Hunter's Spear H M - - Anytime -
4 Entrap L M M - Use After Evading Target Short Duration Bleed
6 Hunter's Boon M M M M- Use From Behind Target Short Duration Snare
8 Hunter's Barb M - - H+ Anytime Detaunts Target
10 Forest Spear M L M M- Anytime Taunts Target
12 Hunter's Largess M M M L- Use After Entrap Med. Attack Speed Buff
15 Hunter's Lance H M M M- Anytime -
18 Javelin M M M - Use After Hunter's Boon Med. Duration Bleed
21 Tracking Spear L M M L+ Use After Parrying Target Med. Duration Stun
25 Hunter's Gift M M H L+ Use After Javelin Med. Attack Speed Buff
29 Hawk's Talon M - L L+ Use After Tracking Spear -
34 Eagle Talon H M L - Anytime -
39 Wyvern Talon M M M - Use After Hawk's Talon Long Duration Bleed
44 Dragon Talon M L M - Use From Beside Target -
50 Cuchulainn's Rvng. M M H - Use After Dragon Talon Long Duration Bleed

Large weapons

I'm not really that updated on large weapon styles. But the Celtic Fury taunt style will come in handy for PvE of course. The other chains are difficult to start due to the usage restrictions. If you get lvl 50 in large weapons I imagine that the lvl 50 style used from behind target is very useful! Very high to hit chance and a long duration stun! WOW!

Lvl Style Name: Fat Dm Hit Def Usage Restriction: Special:
2 Celtic Might H M - - Anytime -
4 Celtic Rage L H M L+ Use After Parrying Target -
6 Celtic Fury M L M M- Anytime Taunts Target
8 Hibernian Wrath M - - H+ Anytime Detaunts Target
10 Hibernian Force M M M L- Use From Beside Target Short Duration Bleed
12 Hibernian Vigor M M M L+ Use After Celtic Rage Short Duration Stun
15 Domination H M L L- Anytime -
18 Obliteration M M M - Use After Hibernian Force Med. Attack Speed Buff
21 Frontal Assault H M M - Use From Front of Target Med. Duration Snare
25 Gigantic Blow L V H - Use After Hibernian Vigor -
29 Ultimate Recovery M H M L- Use After You're Parried Med. Duration Stun
34 Demolish M M H M+ Use After Obliteration -
39 Shatter M M M L+ Use After You're Blocked Long Duration Bleed
44 Devastate L M M H+ Use After Ult. Recovery Heavy Attack Speed Buff
50 Annihilation M M V M- Use From Behind Target Long Duration Stun


The Bumblebee's Sting is your most important skill. Use it to pull aggro from the mobs. The chain lvl 12,18,34,39 is also very nice! Nice damage and defensive bonus!

Lvl Style Name: Fat Dm Hit Def Usage Restriction: Special:
2 Dragonfly H M - - Anytime -
4 Wasp's Sting L M M - Use From Behind Target Short Duration Bleed
6 Bumblebee's Sting M L M H- Anytime Taunts Target
8 Hornet's Sting M M M - Use After Wasp's Sting Small Attack Speed Buff
10 Scorpion M - - M+ Anytime Detaunts Target
12 Black Widow H M L L- Anytime -
15 Tarantula L M M L+ Use After Trgt. is Blocked Med. Duration Bleed
18 Sidewinder M M M - Use After Black Widow -
21 Copperhead M M M L- Use From Beside Target Med. Duration Snare
25 Diamondback L M M M+ Use After Evading Target Med. Duration Stun
29 Viper's Bite M H M M+ Use After Copperhead -
34 Asp's Bite L M V M+ Use After Sidewinder Med. Duration Snare
39 Cobra's Bite L H H L+ Use After Asp's Bite -
44 Dragonspider M M M - Use After Diamondback Long Duration Bleed
50 Wyvern's Bite M V H L+ Use After Dragonspider Long Duration Bleed


The shield styles are very useful, but I tended to only use Slam style when I got it at lvl 42. The lvl 8 Stun, lvl 18 Incapacitate and the lvl 29 Bash are also useful as they will stun the targets. If you get the lvl 50 shield skill you can use the Brutalize skill a lot, as you’ll block a lot of attacks!

Lvl Style Name: Fat Dm Def Usage Restriction: Stun Length:
3 Numb M M - Anytime Short
8 Stun M M - Use After Blocking Target Short
13 Disable M M - Use From Beside Target Medium
18 Incapacitate H M M+ Use After Blocking Target Medium
23 Paralyze M M - Use From Behind Target Long
29 Bash M M - Use After Blocking Target Medium
35 Mangle M M - Use From Beside Target Long
42 Slam V M - Anytime Long
50 Brutalize L M   Use After Blocking Target Long

10. Your equipment


To have good equipment is vital for a tank. Thus tanking can be expensive. You need to keep your armour, shield and weapon at high quality and the right con for you.

Con colour

If you click on equipment you’ll get a con colour much like you’ll get for monsters. Best to use is Yellow con equipment. If you use higher con ( orange, red or purple ) you won't use it's full potential and you will wear it down much faster than if you use yellow con items. Likewise if you use lower con armour ( blue, green, gray ) you won't have the best equipment you can, meaning you can get armour that protects you better, weapons that will hit harder, shields that will do more damage.

In the lower levels ( 1-20 ) you can wear orange equipment as you will rise in level so quickly that the wear doesn’t have time to become a serious problem, but be sure to use yellow con when you are at the higher levels.


The most important quality after the con colour is the quality of the item. A dagger with 80% quality will only do 80% of the damage that a 100% quality dagger does. The same is true for armour and shields. You will often get the best quality from crafters. Ask around in the crafting areas ( Tir Na Nog ) and you will find someone to make you the equipment you need. Be prepared to pay extra for that extra quality you want. Aim for 98-100%.

Monster dropped and merchant bought equipment is almost always of lower quality. Monster drops can have other magical properties though, such as stat or skill bonuses which makes them worth wearing.

All crafted and merchant bought items (other than very low lvl items), as well as some monster drops can be enchanted. This will raise its stats with 5-35% depending on the level of the object. Always enchant all your equipment if you can afford it.

Quality comes into account after cap. So if you are lvl 30 and use an AF90, 89% Quality armour, you will only get effective AF=(AF cap = 60)*(89% Quality) = 53.4. You'd be better off using an AF55armour with 100% Quality.

Condition and durability

Each item has a condition value. This explains how damaged it is from using it. This falls rapidly if you use red or purple con items. If the condition gets to low you risk destroying the object totally. Visit a smith as soon as the condition falls below 100%. Condition affects AF for armour and Dps for weapons the same way quality does. So if a lvl 30 use an AF60, 100% Quality, 95% Condition armour, the effective AF = AF 60 * 100% Quality * 95% Condition = AF 57. Also, when Con drops below 80% on a magic item, you won't get the bonuses on the item until you repair it.

Each time you repair an item there is a risk that the durability will drop. I think the durability drop is lower if you repair in smaller amounts ( i.e. when the object is at 99% Condition instead of 70% Condition ). When the durability reaches zero the object will be destroyed. Some items ( quest rewards and such ) can have durability over 100% ( i.e. 120%. ) The display will only show 100% but the item will lose durability from its higher value. When it reaches 100% it will start degrading like an ordinary item.

Special properties

Monster dropped items and quest items can have special properties. Find out by selecting the object and then press Shift-I. Special properties can be very useful and give you a bonus to stats ( e.g. + to strength, constitution) and skills ( e.g. + to shield or blades skill ), or have other special properties ( such as ranged magical damage ).


Heroes can wear scale armour from level 15. Scale armour is the best available in Hibernia.

AF ( armour factor ) and Absorb are the defining properties of armour. The higher the better. Just remember that quality and con colour adjust the amour stats. AF60 armour with a Quality of 89% is not as good as an AF55 armour with a Quality of 97%. Further if you wear orange con armour you are not skilled/experienced enough to benefit fully from the piece and thus it will lower the AF value.

Try to select the highest quality armour you can buy instead of selecting monster dropped armour with bonuses. You are often better off with better protection that with a point or two of extra strength. Always have your armour enchanted as that will lower the risk of getting hit in combat and reduce the damage taken when you are hit.

The best armour you can find is usually quest rewards. Especially the Hero epic quests you get from your trainer. Visit if you need help with your quests.

Your armour covers different parts of your body. When you get hit by a monster you see where the blow lands, e.g. on your legs. At that time it is only the leg armour factor (AF) that determines how much damage you will take from the blow. The total AF that is displayed on your character sheet is therefore not relevant. It's only the AF that covers the part of you that gets hit. The majority of the blows will hit your torso or legs so keep this AF as high as possible ( with high quality and condition ). If you want to get stat benefits from a piece of armour you can use lower AF but higher stat bonus pieces on your hands, feet, arms and head if you want, but focus on highest possible AF on torso and legs.

All armor except cloth gets capped at AF = your level * 2. i.e. if you are level 30 your armour cap is AF 60. Even if you wear an AF 90 piece you’ll only use AF60 in reality.


I often tend to use quest weapons or dropped weapons. These often have lower quality which will lessen the amount of damage you can deal with them. I still tend to use them as you often get bonuses that are nice on weapons. The lower damage you deal is not that important as your not there to deal damage primarilly.

A weapons strength is determined by its dps ( damage per second ). Higher value means more damage per second. Lower value means lower damage per second ( I know it sound strange but its true). The speed of the weapon does not change this. Two weapons with different speed but with the same dps will deal the same amount of damage over 5 minutes. The only difference beeing that the slower weapon will hit more seldom for a higher amount. Faster weapons is better for taunting as you’ll taunt more often ( WHAM blinding flash of the obvious. Sorry to bother you with this useless details.. )

Your dps cap is computed with the following formula : max usable dps = 1.2 + ( your level * 0.3 ). I.e lvl 50 dps cap = 1.2+50*0.3 = 16.2

Special after patch 1.52 is that lvl 50 and RR5 gives dps cap = 16.5

Epic armour

At level 43 you can start your epic armour quest. Here is a list of the armour you get as a teaser. It's worth getting there.

           Hero Epic 50 Reward

Which gives a grand total of:

Crafting equipment

One way to get really good armour and weapons is to have them crafted. You often get it cheaper than from merchants and quality is often much higher. This is often a very good choice for armour covering your torso and legs as its very important with the quality of the armour to reduce the damage you take. Order your armour from crafters you find around the forges in game or from this link :

Other uber drops for a lvl 50 hero

Read about the drops on

6. Fighting strategies

Solo fighting

When fighting solo its important to select mobs that don't baf and that you can pull one at a time. You often have to stalk close to a monster camp to find the best spot to pull from. Pull monsters in the outskirts of the area. If 2 or more come, your only option is to turn around and sprint away at full speed. Make sure you pull from a spot where monsters won't spawn nearby and where you can back up without running into another monster camp. Always pull using your bow! Buy flight arrows for that extra range. Pull from the bow's range limit, and as soon as the mob comes after you, switch to shield/blade and back up, getting ready for the onslaught.

You also benefit a lot from selecting mobs that are weak against your attacks and weak against your armour. You can find this out by visiting the DAoC Catacombs beastiary : If you want this information presented in a more readable way go to :

Be sure to be fully rested, and pull only blue or yellow mobs that are weak against your attacks. Conserve your endurance but use all of it in one fight. Endurance regenerates fast so there is no point in saving it up. You have to rest to regain your HP anyway. You gain valuable time if you stun the monster with your shield at the beginning of the fight. Use high damage styles that give a bonus to hit. Then rest and repeat!

If you have the lvl 42 shield slam you can begin with this to get a few free hits on the mob. If you are close to being killed by a monster you can use the Spirit of the Hunt skill which will give you a HP bonus. Running very very seldom saves the day when you are fighting. If you happen to pull 2 mobs instead of 1 you can turn around and sprint away but you have to be quick about it to pull this off.

Preparing for a group fight

Before you start fighting in a group there are some things you need to do. Discuss how the tanks will use the guard skill. It's best if you guard each other if you have two shield tanks, or guard in a circle if you have three tanks. Set your protects. Make sure that the tanks protect different team mates. Also select the team member that you will intercept for and set that as well.

The bards/druids/wardens will now buff you. This will strengthen you and can be a lot of help.

Sort out who is the main tank, and who pulls the mobs. Many groups have perished when two tanks pull at the same time.

Pulling mobs

As main tank you often end up pulling mobs to your group. There are some things to remember to make this work well.

  1. Always use a bow to pull monsters. If you run within their aggro range you don't have time to pull back before you get hit by the monsters, = waste of HP and time. Use flight arrows that give you extra range and always pull from the extreme range of the bow.
  2. When you have pulled the monster run back to where you are about to fight. Stand a little bit away from healers, ranged nukers and rangers. The other tanks should be standing ready for you when you come.
  3. Change back to your shield/blade while running back to the fight spot. Do this by clicking the shield and blade icons that you dragged on to your quickbar.
  4. Select the style you want to use when the mob meets you! This should be your taunting style.

You have to practice to get this work like it's supposed to. If you are going to pull just one mob you have to select the one you choose carefully if there is a risk that it will BAF ( Bring a Friend, more than one will join the attack ). Choose a mob on the outskirts of the enemy camp, preferably away from the camp. Shoot it and run back.

Sometimes you want to pull 2-3 mobs as this gives you more exp. Be sure to attack a mob standing close to 1-2 other monsters for this to succeed. That increases the chance that they are linked and you'll get the group bonus you are after. Be careful when running back to the fight site that you don't run within aggro range of yet another monster as that might bring you more than you can handle.

If the monsters overtake you while you run back you have to use the sprint skill. This will eat away your endurance but it is important to reach your group without getting damaged.

If you are at a spot where you easily kill the mobs you pull you can get nice experience with speed pulling. This works as follows. The puller pulls a monster, the group attacks it and the main tank pulls aggro. Then when the monster is down to 20% health, the puller breaks from the fight to pull another monster. Time this right and you'll keep monsters coming in a nice and steady pace. Rest when healer and nuker mana gets low. Best is to try keeping power and endurance over 50% as it regenerates faster in the top half.

Pulling aggro

Pulling monster aggro is the most important task you have in your group. If you don't manage to get the mobs angry at you, the entire group risks being killed. There are some main rules of thumb to follow:

  1. It's nice if you pull the mob with your bow. Thus they aggro you from the beginning.
  2. Hit the monster 2-3 times with your taunting move! That is often enough to last you the entire battle. Save some endurance if you need to do another taunt later.
  3. Stick to the monster at all time. Do a macro ( /macro Stick /stick ) and use that as soon as you select the monster. Thus you will always stay close to it and you are able to attack. If you don't use /stick then you risk losing it and that can get your group killed.
  4. Turn around using sidestep ( Q and W ) while sticking to the mob so you can see the rest of your group. This is important for the next step.
  5. If your monster breaks for a nuker/healer in your group you must be ready to use your taunting styles again! Use sprint to overtake the monster and hit the taunt style to make him aggro you again.

In some groups you get nukers/healers that are to eager and thus pull aggro to often. Try to kindly advise the nukers to wait a few seconds longer before they start nuking and thus letting you get a firm hold of you place at the top of the aggro list. Likewise the healers might have to use smaller heals and wait a few seconds longer before casting them.

Fighting monsters that cast spells

If you fight a monster that cast spells on the group you can often use your bow to great advantage. If all the tanks/rangers/wardens shower the casters in arrows they will be interrupted and thus wont cast very many spells on the group. This also has the desireble effect of pulling the casters close so you can melee them. When the caster gets tired of taking your arrows hell stop his casting and run towards you. Time to swap bow for your shiled and weapon.

Crowd control groups

When you are in crowd control groups you pull several mobs and have a bard or druid that mezzes or roots adds so you can fight them off one at the time. The thing to remember here is to never ever break mezz when your not supposed to.

The bard will try to cast a mezz spell on the adds. You'll see that a target is mezzed as it won't move. As the bard casts his spell you'll also see "ZZZzzzZZZ" over the monster's head. This won't always succeed and he may have to try several times. Don't "help" the bard by attacking his target before he shouts for help or you see him get damaged. If you do this you risk hitting the mob just as it got mezzed and you have a two front battle on your hands. Often this leads to dead people, so take it easy and try to see if the target is mezzed before you attack it.

You must also make sure that everyone attacks the same target. Make someone your main tank and let that character choose and attack the first monster to take down. Then everyone else attacks his target. You have the option of using the /assist command here. If the main tanks name is Gank, you can attain his target by typing ( or using a macro ) /assist Gank. This will make his target yours and you won't risk attacking the wrong mob.

Best is if one of the tanks watches the bard/druid to see if they succeed in mezzing the adds. If this fails he should rush to help out. If mezz works all right he'll help kill the main tank's target.

When the first target is killed you move on to the next and finish this one off. Make the move the same way you choose the first target. The main tank attacks a mezzed mob and the other tanks follow. When you fight a monster and have mezzed the adds, then sooner or later the mezzed mobs will break free and attack ( usually ) the bard. This often happens when you are fighting the second monster. Give the bard a chance to remezz but be ready to intercept and pull his aggro should he need that.

When fighting mobs always use the sidestep ( Q and W ) commands after you stick to the monster. Turn around him this way until you have a clear view of the rest of the group. This way you have an idea of what is happening and if you need to run and intercept an attack on someone in the group.

AoE and PBAoE groups

You often get your fastest exp in AoE and PBAoE groups. AoE stands for Area of Effect and is a nuker spell that does damage to all the mobs in a large area. PBAoE stands for Point Blank Area of Effect, and is a nuke that mana Eldritches and mana Enchanters get. The blast is cast on the nuker himself and gets weaker the further away from the nuker the monsters are. PBAoE is stronger than the AoE nuke but has the drawback that the nuker must stand right next to the mobs to hurt them and thus is very vulnerable.

The strategy in PBAoE groups is quite different from area control groups. Here you kill all the monsters at the same time for the fastest experience. You need one tank for each monster you will pull. So three monsters per pull means three tanks. It works like this. Main puller pulls three mobs and attacks his target. The other 2 tanks take one add each and pull its aggro. Then the tanks manoeuvre the mobs so they stand on the same spot! Now the nukers start blasting them, the PBAoE runs into the mob and starts blasting right next to them, the AoE nuker stands behind and throws his nukes from a distance. Each blast will hurt all the monsters equally as they are on the same spot.

Its VERY important that each tank hold his aggro and select different targets. If 2 tanks go for the same monster you will have one monster that can aggro the nuker and kill him. This is a bad thing. There are some ways to make it easier to get different targets.

  1. Main tank pulls the mobs. He meets the first monster with his 1h weapon and starts pulling him back, making sure he taunts all the time!
  2. 2nd tank stands off to the right. This is so he gets a better view of the charging monsters. He early selects one of the adds and runs to it. Quickly he uses stick and starts taunting the monster. When he has got aggro and the monster turns towards him he backs away and turns until he lands the second monster on the same spot as the first one.
  3. The 3rd tank stands off to the left. When he sees what monsters the main and 2nd tanks go for he selects the 3rd monster and goes for it. Pull aggro quickly and then move it back to stand on top of the other 2 monsters.

Sometimes you see all the three mobs to begin with and are 100% sure that those are the mobs you are about to pull. Then the tanks can select a target each before pulling. Then you don't risk selecting different targets, i.e. main tank takes middle mob, 2nd tank takes right mob, 3rd tank takes left mob. Then you pull! This works very nicely in the Azure Valley in Sheeroe Hills, i.e. where the monsters stand still in groups of 3 around campfires.

In PBAoE groups the monsters often die so fast that Wardens, Nightshades and Rangers can tank without a problem.

Fighting epic mobs

When fighting epic mobs there are some special considerations. These mobs hit you very, very hard. Thus you need to increase your resistances and constitution as much as you can. Try to figure out which kind of damage the monster does. Often a Warden or Druid can buff you with resists to this kind of damage. You can also select armour with a bonus to that kind of damage. You will also need a warden autobuble, and all the dex, con, quickness buffs you can get.

When fighting these mobs you will often get hurt a lot. You need to have several strong tanks that can alternate pulling aggro. No single tank will survive for very long on his own. When the main tank gets hurt too much he should start using detaunt styles while the 2nd tank use his taunt styles. This will make the monster change target and the main tank will have time to get healed.

It is also important to use debuffs. Champions are masters of this but even other classes have debuff spells. This will make the monster weaker and easier to kill.

When you fight this kind of mob you have the choice of attacking him in the back if you're not the main tank. Then you should take full advantage of your "behind position" attacks which often give bonuses to hit. Also try to use styles that cause bleeding damage if you have piercers. Be ready with the Spirit of the Hunt skill if things get close. Some extreme mobs will kill the strongest tanks in one hit and you need to enter the fight shapeshifted into a stag. You might also ask the healers to time small heals so you get healed immediately.

These often get to be very long fights. If you have the RA ability tireless or regeneration it will make the difference at times.

The dragon.. Well this is a whole different chapter that I wont include in this guide.

Camping the healers

When all things go wrong and you are about to die you have to make sure you can get resurrected. The tanks will stay and take their death. Shout CAMP NOW! Or something you agree upon. Then the healers should disband and run away from the fight. The tanks keep taunting to pull aggro. Then when you die you have a healer nearby that can resurrect you. This saves time and gold as you don't need to /release and visit a healer.

Nice groups for a tank

There are many group configurations that work very well when fighting. Its much more dependent on who plays the characters and if they know their job, than on which classes and levels you invite. Try many configurations. Who knows, you might end up having a great time!

Crowd control group: Bard, Druid, Tank x 2 or 3, damage dealers. Warden is important when you're higher in level. The damage dealers can be nukers or Rangers. Blademasters and Nightshades fall in between tanks and damage dealers. Never turn down a Nightshade or Ranger that asks to join you. First you will need them in RvR, secondly they'll do a lot of damage to the mobs.

PBAoE groups: Bard, Druid, Tank x 3, PBAoE nuker x 2 or 3. You might need Wardens here as well if you're high level. In a PBAoE group you can have Wardens, Nightshades with shield and Rangers as tanks as the mobs drop so fast.

Other groups: Don't be afraid to try different kind of groups. You might be surprised. I often group with many kinds of characters and get surprised how fun and rewarding that can be, e.g. Tank, Druid, 6xRangers/Nightshades is a great group if you hunt solo mobs! Great fun and fast exp! I've also done 2 person groups with mentalists with great success. They can even heal you some.

Short description of the other classes

Bard Bard is your endurance and mana battery. They reduce downtime a lot and can provide some healing and buffs as well. The bard can ressurect you when you die. The bard can often be lower level than the rest of the group and you still have a nice group.
Druid Your healer! He heals and buffs you. A hero always needs his druid. He can also resurrect you when all things go wrong. He can take a hit or two but needs your protection. Can often be lower level than the others in the group and still do his job well.
Warden Wardens have autobubble! It works as a damage shield that stops attacks towards you. Very important at the higher levels. He can resurrect you when you die, and heal you like the bard.
Nuker. Has AoE or PBAoE nukes depending on his spec. Very very easy to kill. So don't let the monsters reach these ones.
Enchanter Nuker. Has AoE or PBAoE nukes depending on his spec. Very very easy to kill. So don't let the monsters reach these ones.
Nuker, also has regenerate mana buffs that often is superior to the bard's mana song. A mentalist reduces downtime a lot in nuker heavy groups. Can heal but not resurrect. Very very easy to kill. So don't let the monsters reach these ones.
A very nice damage dealer. Never runs out of mana! Hurts the monsters a lot and not as fragile as nukers. A good addition to any crowd control group. Rangers also rock in RvR as they can snipe nukers and healers from a distance. Always take a ranger into your group if you can!
The perfect RvR character. Can see stealthed invaders that would otherwise kill you. They can do a lot of damage in PvE combat as well. Help the nightshades of Hibernia. They often have a hard time getting groups. You'll make a nightshade happy and have a friend that can guard your back when you go RvR. Always bring a nightshade in your groups.
A tank much like the hero. Not as strong, not the same shield styles. Has a nice pull spell and can debuff uber mobs. Very useful if they carry a shield. Often needs to be among the highest level in the group to do well.
The best tank around, if he wears a shield, that is. Bring one or 2 or 3 if you can. Often needs to be among the highest level in the group to do well.
Blademaster A very fragile tank that can inflict massive amounts of damage on monsters. They cant take as much damage as Champions and Heroes though. They can be a great asset in a group if played by a skilled person. They can be a real healer mana drain if not.

12. RvR Combat

Realm skills

When you fight invaders in Realm versus Realm (RvR) combat you will gain Realm Points. Higher Realm Points will increase your Realm Rank. To begin with you have Realm Rank 1. At 7200 realm points you get Realm Rank 2. It is ( theoretically ) possible to reach Realm Rank 11. For each new Realm Rank you acquire you will gain one extra skill point to each skill you have, even the ones you have not trained.

RvR strategies

In RvR combat you will have very little use of your 1H weapon unless you maxed that skill ( which I don’t recommend! ). Your shield and your Celtic Spear are your friends here. You’ll understand later how to combine these 2 seemingly incompatible items!

In RvR I suggest you always fight in groups. A lone hero is an easy target for mezzers/nukers.

There are some guidelines you need to follow to be successful in RvR combat:

Protect your key team members: As in PvE your main task is to keep the key team members alive. The most valued team member in RvR is the Bard. He has the ability to mezz the invaders and give you time to finish them off. Protect the Bard at all cost. You also need to protect the nukers. They are ( as always ) your main damage dealers. Keep them alive and you’ll get nice RP for the whole group. So check if there are any stealthers or tanks attacking your Bard/Druid/nuker before thinking about attacking an invader!

Stick to the Bard: The Bard is your most important team member early in the fight. Stick to him and use guard/intercept/protect on him. Stay on his tail until he throws his area mezz. To do this the Bard has to be in front of the group and he is vulnerable to attacks. Pay special care for stealthers. Infiltrators and Shadowblades may unstealth in front of the Bard and try to kill him. In these situations your intercept will take the first blow and then you quickly shield slam the assassin and finish him off! If a tank rushes your Bard you just step in front of the Bard and slam the charging tank.

Play main assist if you get skilled in RvR combat. This means that the nukers/rangers/tanks /assist you so all hit your target. It's your job to hunt down all the mobs that are not mezzed after the Bard did his magic. Hunt them down, slam them with your shield to stun them( taunt to pull aggro wont work). Your team members will help finish of the invaders. When the unmezzed ones are down you start picking the mezzed ones.

Break mezz with a shield slam! Every single time!! No exceptions! Slam the mezzed invader. That gives your team 9 seconds to kill him ( more than enough! )

Pay attention: Try to always pay attention to what is happening around you. Scouts or stealthers can show up on your flanks to go for your nukers. You must take these out fast.

Dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee: Use the sidestep buttons ( Q and W ) to dance around the invader you are fighting. This will make his attacks fail regulary as his attack will fail due to :"target out of sight". Try to stay behind the invader at all times.

Wear a round shield: Some heroes wear round shields with their guild emblem. This is to draw attention to themselves. You look like a Druid with a round shield. That will draw attention from archers. An archer arrow can break your mezz if you are lucky. It will also take the heat off your team mates. Round shields are faster so you can slam enemies more quickly. Other heroes wear a large shield though as that will block hits from more enemies.

Wear your shield! You should wear your shield most of the time. As soon as you're done with your spear, equip the shield again so you are ready to block arrows, bolts and melee, ready to slam invaders and to guard nukers/Bard.

Disguise yourself: Wear a hooded cloak. Dye your armour in bleached or black. This makes you look more like a druid. Anything that makes it more difficult for invaders to determine your class or realm is a good thing.

Call stealthers: If you see a stealther, try to call the direction ( north/west/south/east ) in your chat group so your archers can take him down.

Wear a fast 1 hander: Wear a fast speed ( 2.2 or so ) one handed weapon with your shield. This makes you auto-attack enemies when you target/stick to them.

Maximize your resists: Try to get 25% crush/slash resist. That makes a lot of difference when running through enemy melee. Try to max your spirit/body resists as well as this increases the chance of mezz not sticking to you. Wardens with a high nurture can give you spirit/body buffs.

Show respect to the fallen invaders: i.e Don’t dance or jump on their bodies! Bow or salute if you get the chance. Perhaps even before the battle if possible.

Realm abilities

Following is a list of the Realm abilities you can buy from your Realm Rank points. I have added my thoughts on the usefulness of these skills. This is all pure theory though as I haven't spent my points yet. The text below is based on having 20 points to spend ( Reached Realm Rank 3 )

Name Type Reuse Cost lvl 1-5 Prereq skill Description My Comment
Augmented Strength P - 1,3,6,10,14 - Increases your character’s Strength by 6 per level. Not that valuable. Heroes are strong as it is, especially Firbys and the bonus is not very large. The cost is low though. So no harm spending one point if you want to do a little extra damage. You need three levels of this to get Mastery of Arms which sounds quite expensive.
Augmented Dexterity P - 1,3,6,10,14 - Increases your character’s Dexterity by 6 per level. This one I'll take as I can see the benefit with this. Two levels in this gives you the ability to use three of the "master of" abilities below. It also lets you evade better and will affect damage with piercers. It might affect chance to hit, block and parry ( not sure about this though).
Augmented Constitution P - 1,3,6,10,14 - Increases your character’s Constitution by 6 per level Not worth it. Very small increase and gives low HP addition. You get a high Con with buffs and armour anyway.
Augmented Quickness P - 1,3,6,10,14 - Increases your character’s Quickness by 6 per level. This one is for me. As a slow firby with a CS in RvR I need all the quickness I can get.
Long Wind P - 1 3 6 10 14 - Your character can sprint for a longer period of time. Doesn't seem to be worth it. In RvR you often have a Bard for this. Not best use of a point IMHO.
Tireless P - 1 3 6 10 14 - Your character regenerates endurance in combat. This is more interesting. Especially for those long item/exp hunts you get into. To have the endurance regenerate while fighting will speed up things and lets your Bard play his mana song instead. Gets one of my points.
Regeneration P - 1 3 6 10 14 - Your hit points regenerate faster than normal. This might be very interesting for the same reason as Tireless above. Is probably worth a point. When you fight Epic mobs the healers often run out of power.
Toughness P - 1 3 6 10 14 - A Increases maximum hit points by 3% per level of this ability. Not sure if this is worth it. To me the increase is rather low. 3% if you have 1400 hp at lvl 50 equals 42 HP, which is not that impressive.
Mastery of Water P - 1 3 6 10 14 - Increases swim speed by 3% per level of this ability. What for? Fleeing from mobs through a lake? and only 3%? you got to be kidding me. No one will spend points on this!
Avoidance of Magic P - 1 3 6 10 14 - Increases resistance to all damage types of magic by 3% per level of this ability. Ahhh much more interesting. I'll put two lvls into this skill which gives me a 6% bonus for each and every resistance.. Nukes, mezz, everything but blades and blunts :-)
Lifter P - 1 3 6 10 14 - 20% additional maximum carrying capacity per level. No. You are strong enough as it is. You can lift your share of siege equipment and ammo as it is. Not worth it. A large increase though.
Veil Recovery P - 1 3 6 10 14 - Reduces duration of resurrection sickness by 10% per level. Nope, not interested.
Mastery of Blocking P - 1 3 6 10 14 Aug Dex 2 Increases chance to block by 3% per level Interesting. If you spread your skill points so you don't get 50 in blocking this should help. 3% equals six skill levels in shield. I only put one point here as I think 3 is too expensive. It requires two levels in Aug Dex which makes it a little expensive though.
Mastery of Parrying P - 1 3 6 10 14 Aug Dex 2 Increases chance to parry by 3% per level. Also interesting especially after they make parry work in RvR again. Will help for the same reasons and amounts as above. Gets one of my points.
Mastery of Pain P - 1 3 6 10 14 Aug Dex 2 Increases chance to critical with melee attacks by 5% per level. Every 20th hit you'll get a crit. hit extra and that is quite often. Crit can do massive amounts of damage. Useful at all times. Will probably pick this for RvR.
Mastery of Arms P - 1 3 6 10 14 Aug Str 3 Additional 3% per level attack speed with melee weapons. Please note that the minimum allowed combat attack timer is 1.5 seconds – this ability will not allow you to go below this hard cap. It will, however, reduce the attack speed of slower weapons, which do more damage per hit. Would like this one but it requires three levels in Aug Str which I don't want to get. So it'll have to go.
Determination P - 1 3 6 10 14 - Decreases duration of mesmerize, stun, and snare effects by 15% per level of this ability. Very interesting ability. I have problems in deciding between 2-3 levels in this and the Purge ability below. One of these would be very useful in RvR as you often get mezzed as a tank.
First Aid A 15 min 3 6 10 0 0 - Self heal that heals approximately 30% hit points per level gained in the ability. It cannot be used in combat. Please note that this ability will heal a different amount of hit points based on what class your character is. Not very useful as it can't be used in combat. Only thing it would do is to lower downtime a little while exping if healer mana is what you lack ( which it seldom is, it's nuker mana that gets drained. ) or if you play solo ( which is a VERY boring way to exp in the high 40s. Don't waste any points on this.
Trip A 15 min 10 0 0 0 0 - Point-blank radius snare that reduces the movement of all enemies in the area by 30% for 12 seconds. Would be nice for hunting down fleeing invaders in RvR. Its quite expensive though.. mmm if I get lots of points perhaps. Or get this one first, which will give me lots of points.. and then the rest.. ohhh decisions, decisions..
Grapple A 30 min 14 0 0 0 0 Trip 1 Point-blank radius root that immobilizes the movement of all enemies in the area for 12 seconds. A tank with this ability would be very dangerous indeed on the RvR battlefield. Its VERY expensive though as it demands Trip 1 and thus will cost you 24 points… tooo much.
Avoid Pain A 15 min 3 6 10 0 0 Aug Con 3 60 second boost to physical damage absorption, 10% per level per level of this ability. This could be very useful for hunting epic mobs that hit UBER hard. But its very expensive as you have to put 10 points into Aug Constitution first. Mmm doubt if it is worth it. Perhaps if you aim your tank to be a pure defensive marvel.
Armor of Faith A 15 min 3 6 10 0 0 Aug Con 3 60 second 150 boost to armor factor. Could be interesting for the epic mob main tank specialist. But it starts to get very expensive. 10 pts in Aug Con. And then this..
Hail of Blows A 15 min 3 6 10 0 0 Aug Dex 3 5% per level boosted attack speed for 60 seconds. This ability is currently affected by the haste cap, and thus has less benefit on faster weapons. This is a very very NOT interesting ability. 5% every 15 mins, and it only last for a minute.. no. too expensive also as you have to drop 10 points in Aug Dex as well. Sure you would land a few more blows with your CS but only for a minute.. nahh…
Second Wind A 15 min 10 0 0 0 0 Aug Con 3 Completely restores your character’s endurance. Not worth it. Period! 20 points total ( 10 into Aug Con 3 ) and it saves you from sitting down a few seconds between mobs. HA!
Battle Yell A 15 min 3 6 10 0 0 Aug Con 3 Point-blank radius taunt; does no damage but draws monster aggression for all enemy monsters in affected area. Very expensive and not really useful at the levels you'll be when you get the 13 points needed for this. Aggro pull doesn't work in RvR and the PvE mobs you fight at high 40 you can hold aggro from with your weapon without this help.
Ignore Pain A 30 min 14 0 0 0 0 First Aid 2 Self heal that heals 100% of the user's health, and can be used in combat. Sure… I can see how this would help… But 9 points in First aid and 14 in Ignore pain… wheuuu! 23 points to get a heal every half hour… Think this is not worth my points.
Rain of Fire A 15 min 3 6 10 0 0 - Adds a 10% per level heat damage-add to non-magical attacks Mmm For RvR this can help a lot when attacking invaders. 10% is quite a lot and you get another damage type. Not very expensive either.. Problem is it's only a minute every quarter hour… So I probably won't spend points here.
Rain of Ice A 15 min 3 6 10 0 0 - Adds a 10% per level cold damage-add to non-magical attacks. See above. Nice one.
Rain of Annihilation A 15 min 3 6 10 0 0 - Adds a 10% per level spirit damage-add to non-magical attacks. See above.
The Empty Mind A 30 min 6 10 14 0 0 - 10% per level boost to all magic resistances for 60 seconds. Too short time, too seldom, too low resistance boost and much too expensive to be worth it I think.
Purge A 30 min 10 0 0 0 0 - Dispel all negative spell effects from your character, such as rez sickness, DOTs, poisons, mesmerization, stun, etc. First look at this is very promising.. Rid yourself of those pesky mezzes that get cast on you all the time in RvR.. But you get one shot every half hour.. Don't know if you can get mezzed again if you do this. Your group is probably still mezzed and you cant do all that much on your own towards a group. Think it's a bit to expensive for what you get.
Razorback style A 10 min 10 0 0 0 0 - Combat Style: Opening: None Weapon type: Any Fatigue cost: None Damage: Very high Attack Bonus: Very high Defense bonus: Medium Nah! Once every 10 min you can hit a little harder for 10 pts? I've used mine better methinks.

Type : P = Passive, A = Active ( means you have to trigger it and it has a duration after this )

The more I study this the less sure I am on how to spend my own points... Do I go offensive or defensive? RvR or PvE? Spread the points or focus on one area? I'm just not sure. Hope my discussion helps a little though.

To play around with your options you can use either of these 2 realm ability configurators:

13. Hotkeys and macros

You must have taunt, /stick and sprint on your Quickbars (QB). I place taunt on #1, sprint on #7 and /stick on #8 of every QB so I always have these. After that you can configure them as you want to.

I always have my main taunt style on slot 1, the shield bash on slot 2, /stick on slot 8 and sprint on slot 7. On every single quickbar. This to always have these ready. Then I will always be ready for a surprise attack. If I hear fighting I quickly push F8 for the target, then /stick, slam, taunt. ( now I check if it was my groups mob hehe ). My problem is that I have this behaviour even on my alts. This backbone reaction pattern have killed my nightshade more times than anything else.

Have different QBs for different uses. One where you place Guard, Protect, Intercept, Engage and Spirit of the Hunt, for easy use.

Do one QB for when you are the puller. Here you need the Bow, Shield and 1H weapon so you can swap between them + your taunt style and your shield slam.

Have one for RvR. Where you have your Shield, Spear, the /face command and the highest weapon style for your spear. Also keep shield slam on this QB when you have reached lvl 42.

Do one QB for when you're not the main tank. Here you can have the behind weapon chain style for that extra damage.

Make sure you learn your styles and have the right QB up!

14. Links

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13. Thanks to


Legends of Camelot, for a great job proofreading the document and correcting all my stupid mistakes.


Legends of Camelot, for the mob hunting list and for hosting the guide!!


our Grand Master for hosting our site, posting all my silly guides, and giving us support and friendship.

Kirstena's DAoC atlas ( for many nice maps.

Unknown researcher : for the list of cycles when getting kill tasks.

Classes of Camelot : for class information and style tables.

Slayn Fintaine for his very useful Hero RvR combat guide :

Merbos, Ranger, for information on cap and con colour.

14. Disclaimer

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