Alvarus's Leggings (Alb) (chain)  

Trials of Atlantis expansion Required
Requires Skill: Armor: Chain
(Armsman, Cleric, Mercenary, Minstrel, Paladin, Reaver)
Armor Factor:102
Armor Absorb:27
Magical Bonuses:
  Cold Resist: 5%
  Heat Resist: 5%
Item Bonuses:
  Constitution attribute cap: 4
Armor Modifiers:
  Base Factor: 102
  Absorption: 27%
  Quality: 100%
  Condition: 100%
Starting Condition:100%
Starting Duration:100%
Default Bonus:35%
Weight:0.50 lbs

Levels of Use:50 - 50
Level Req:50
Last Updated: Jan 6 14:07:14 2006

This item can be attained from quests:
Found in:

Per patch 1.68:
- Players will now be able to earn experience from RvR for every artifact. The PvE requirements will still work, allowing players to choose whether to continue following the PvE requirement or to engage in RvR. None of the changes involving the addition of RvR requirements to the artifacts will have any effect on Gaheris players.

Per Patch 1.81:
- Alvarus' Leggings now have 36 hit points and 4 Constitution Cap in addition to it's prior stats.

(Earns exp: Slaying many types of plant-like enemies)
Artifact also levels from RvR and mobs in ToA Dungeons, as per patch 1.71.

Item description once the Alvarus's Leggings has been activated with the scrolls:

Current level: 0
0% exp earned toward level 1
(Earns exp: Slaying many types of plant like enemies)
Artifact will gain new abilities at level 1

Can use item every: 15:0 Min
Cannot be traded to other players.
Cannot be sold to merchants.

(Earns exp: Slaying many types of plant-like enemies)
Artifact will gain new abilities at level 1

lvl 1 adds: body resist: 5%
lvl 2: nothing
lvl 3: spirit resist: 5%
lvl 4: nothing
lvl 5: Magical Ability:
    Function: Water Breathing

    Target can breathe underwater.
    The target may also be able to move faster
    than normal swim speed, depending on the

    Speed: 200%
    Target: Self
    Duration: 20:0 min
    Casting time: instant
lvl 6: Thrust Resist: 5%
lvl 7: nothing
lvl 8: Bonus to hit points bonus cap: 36
lvl 9: nothing
lvl 10: Magical Ability:
    Function: Illusion

    Target has been shapechanged.
    (you become a shark)

    Target: Self
    Duration: 20:0 min
    Casting time: instant

    -Also casts:
    Wather Breathing Speed: 200%

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# Nov 20 2003 at 7:32 PM Rating: Default
Do you need to get actual pants or can u combine the 3 scrolls?!??
RE: Info
# May 09 2004 at 7:33 PM Rating: Decent
As with all artifacts, you need to get the artifact, find the scrolls, and then send them to the proper scholar. The scholar will activate your artifact in return for the knowledge contained within the scrolls.

At least, I think so.
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